Was Hitler a sociopath?

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Was Hitler a sociopath?

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  1. UncleZook

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    I was wondering about people's opinions regarding Hitler's psychological nature. I've been having a protracted debate with a self-proclaimed expert on sociopathy, on another forum. Our expert has stated - without batting an eyelid - that Hitler was not a sociopath ... that he was just being portrayed as such by the Allied media so that they could demonize him in advance of attacking Nazi Germany.

    I'm also kind of curious about the criteria for detecting sociopathy. My debate opponent - the selfProclaimed expert - has not been very helpful in establishing objective criteria.

    His determinations are basically subjective. Along the lines of "I know pornography when I see it" ... but apparently, he's not the type that watches porn, so how does he know?

    Please help me out here. It's getting a bit tiresome being a sociopath on Chico's ... erm, the expert's ... subjective strings.

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  2. Rose

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    Around minute 30 if you ever happen to see this Chico....

    Maybe catch the rest of it, too.​
  3. Rose

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    And, yet they don't want to teach both sides of other issues...
    Covid, Trump, Election Fraud, what have you...
    But, THEY, like the other side of this issue.

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  4. norman

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    CARING CORRUPTED - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich
  5. Rose

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  6. david

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    Indeed he does Zook Indeed he does! But fear not any one with a smithereen of judgement, intelligence and common sense can see right through Chico. If anything this thread will show how misled and dangerous he would be if he had half a brain cell...a virtual Bill Ryan, and not above using the ban hammer when it suits him I may add!

    Hitler was the very textbook definition of a sociopath lol. it appears that Chico is also an antisemite, no suprise there. People often ask how many people were taken in by circumstances in Germany...well if one simply reads the tenants of National Socialism, it becomes quite clear that it is a sociopath's wetdream! the government comes to the ivory tower, which is rife with wonder about how to pay salaries and the government official with a smile asks the Martin Heidegger's of the faculty "what if your government supported you financially and was proactive about making sure your work was part of the nationalistic program to strengthen our citizens?" Well academics are not street fighters...."wow!! government support and concern? wow!" Only later do people realize what they have signed up for.

    Hitler, a man who did not have the resources of the academics knew exactly what he was doing with national socialism. He also knew that educated Jews in the Ghettos were taking care of their own and were therefore a great scapegoat.... The Jews of Europe had a host of methods for ensuring the education of their citizenry, including gifted students being fed as a condition of studying the texts and doing Mishra (sp?). But this must infuriate Chic because he is apparently an antisemite as well.

    The actual extent of the Holocaust may be debatable. To say it never happened is similar to Flat Earther logic. So the man who claims to know sociopathology once again shows a total misunderstanding of the term and what it designates oh what a suprise. Truthfully Zook I have to give it to you, you patiently unravelled Doo Doo's innane assertions while he name called and yes, tried to repeat the term...much like scientologists do when attempting to employ NLP, or whatever they call it lol. Chic becomes quite bold and his true agenda flies out of him when he is challenged lol.
  7. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    If the Holocaust was a massive lie, then practically all of the evil attributed to Hitler vanishes, and instead finds a new home in the hearts and minds of sociopathic Jewish interests orchestrating events from the shadows. Sociopaths accuse their opponents of their own malfeasance. You will note that for the last 68 years the Israeli leaders have treated the Palestinians very much along the lines of how they accused Hitler of treating the Jews in Nazi Germany. This would suggest the sociopaths are in Israel, and were not in Nazi Germany.

    So a critical key to evaluating the psychological state of Hitler is to understand the truth of the Holocaust. This is not a simple task, as laws have been written and are exercised to punish those who would investigate that truth. This is clearly an enormous red flag, as the truth does not require the protection of the law. Right from the start, something is very fishy.

    It was from deep investigation into the official Holocaust story that I began to wonder if Hitler had been framed by the rewriting of history, something the victors are consistently accused of doing -- "History is written by the victors."

    The question of whether Hitler was a sociopath or not hangs foremost on the veracity of the Holocaust story about 6 million Jews being gassed to death in extermination camps. And that story has been shown to be a deliberately constructed lie about actual war-time events that were twisted completely out of proportion.

  8. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Keep in mind that my "feeling" is just my informed opinion. I do give some evidence for it, pointing out that psychopaths are not going to select a lie that has little chance of working. However, this evidence is circumstantial, based on a familiarity with observed sociopathic behavior combined with logical deduction. Nevertheless, contrary to popular misconceptions, circumstantial evidence is valid.

    Also keep in mind that James Fallon's assessment is also informed opinion. He hasn't given us any evidence to support why he believes Hitler was not a psychopath. His is basically an argument from authority at this juncture. My point here is that most arguments in favor of Hitler being a psychopath are also either arguments from authority presented without any real evidence or premised on commonly believed "facts" that are nothing but wartime propaganda. UncleZook is guilty of both of these methods.
  9. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I'm not the only one that says Hitler was NOT a sociopath. I actually thought I was, but I just decided to investigate, and I already found someone who agrees with me. There are not many who take that position, but that's because the propaganda and brainwashing regarding Hitler are pervasive, extensive, and unrelenting. Few people actually investigate the issue with any seriousness or expertise. When you've been taught that Hitler was the epitome of evil, responsible for starting World War II (false) and for gassing 6 million defenseless Jews (another completely orchestrated lie), who would even think of questioning what everyone is taught to accept without question?

    And here too, Hannah Arendt is under the spell of the propaganda and the brainwashing, not to mention being firmly entrenched in the Zionist camp herself. The Nazi leaders were "doing their job" like George Washington and his ragtag army were "doing their job" at Valley Forge. Both were fighting for their freedom and their survival! The story often depends on how the storyteller wants to spin it.

    But this particular assessment by Fallon is interesting in itself:

    A psychopath who studies the psychopathic brain says Hitler was not a psychopath! I have a feeling he's telling the truth, because when psychopaths lie, they don't choose a lie that almost no one will believe. That is just not effective for purposes of manipulation.
  10. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    To find the real solution, you must know the real truth. The history we have been taught about Hitler and the Holocaust is not the truth. But the truth is out there. You just have to work hard to uncover it. If your state of being is too fragile to allow that, then that is understandable.
  11. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I would not put anything past the insidious propaganda machine that has been steadily running throughout our entire lifetimes. But, personally, I am in too fragile a state at the moment to place focus on research as disturbing as Hitler and the Holocaust are to me at this time. I must look forward towards some type of solution, rather than reinterpret world war history in order to recover my state of well being.
  12. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    So what are you saying? That the public perception of Hitler being the epitome of evil is the unvarnished truth? I understand how easy it is to believe this, as I was raised to believe it too, and of course I did believe it. But that changed when I noticed how a lot of leaders that oppose the U.S. empire are smeared, like Chavez, Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad, and Putin. When I did my own research into these people, I discovered massive propaganda directed at us to discredit these men, much like massive propaganda is directed at us to build up Eisenhower, Kissinger, Bush, and Obama into heros. The pattern of slandering our opponents also held with HItler, only it was much worse. The Hitler propaganda is over-the-top, exaggerated beyond belief, yet curiously enough, most people believe it. And why wouldn't they? They only know what they are taught.
  13. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    Dudes and Dudettes!

    Hitler is the poster child for just about every violent hate group out there! Skinheads revere is name for crying out loud! KKK cherish his words and actions!

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out 1 + 1 = 2
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  14. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I want to make sure people understand Zook's above deception, which he uses as a foundation for claiming Hitler must be a sociopath. It is very important to Zook to convince everyone that Hitler is a sociopath, because I have presented evidence at United People that:

    1. Hitler was not a sociopath, and
    2. UncleZook is a sociopath

    Zook believes that if he can show that I am wrong about Hitler being a non-sociopath, then that will also show I am wrong about Zook being a sociopath. I know it's wacky logic, but this is how Zook sees things from his game-playing sociopathic perspective. His ultimate goal is to convince people that he is not a sociopath, thereby negating all the evidence I have brought to bear that says he is indeed a sociopath.

    Zook is relying on your ignorance of the Haavara agreement to sell his con. He pushes the Haavara agreement as a "dastardly evil" that can never be erased from Hitler's record, and that it is clearly the act of an uncaring sociopath determined to "displace an entire peoples". The assumption is that these people have done nothing to merit being expelled, and that the expulsion was forced. Both of these assumptions are false. While it is true that Hitler wanted Germany to finally be free of Jewish domination (Jews represented less than 1% of the German population yet dominated in government, finance, business, media, and porn), he was providing Jews incentives to emigrate, not threats or violence. There were indeed threats and violence from ordinary Germans towards Jews, because they had watched Jews destroy their nation for several decades and were fed up, but Hitler was clearly not going down that path.

    You need only understand the basics of the Haavara agreement to see Zook's deception, and I will point to this summary from Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich by Ingrid Weckert:

    Now that's what UncleZook calls "dastardly evil". I think it more accurate to call UncleZook a dastardly con-artist.
  15. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    This argument of yours will be a good illustration of the deception you use, a deception derived directly from your sociopathic psychology.

    If I were to say it is unquestionably wrong to deprive anyone of their liberty by deliberately confining them in a small enclosure, who would disagree? Yet this is precisely the solution human society has agreed upon for dealing with dangerous criminals. When the greater good is at stake, the individual rights of criminals can be justifiably sacrificed. As Spock would say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

    The same is true for your deceptive argument. A small minority of people (less than 1%) called Jews were deliberately destroying Germany. As a group, these people were basically criminals, because their policies and directions were determined by their highly sociopathic leaders and their highly sociopathic religion, both of which Jews followed without question. Hitler rightly identified this minority as the root problem of Germany's woes, and rightly took steps to export them from the country. That Hitler acted correctly is borne out by the amazing transformation of Germany that resulted between 1933 and 1939, when Germany went from the decrepit basket-case of Europe to the envy of the entire western world in just 6 years. The German people benefited enormously by removing the Jews from positions of power and control in government and media, thereby regaining control of their country. So a "legitimate spirit" can indeed have the right to displace an entire people responsible for dastardly evil when it is done for the protection and benefit of the vast majority (99%) of the population! But the Haavara agreement didn't even do this. It didn't force any Jews to leave the country. It only offered a highly advantageous avenue for Jews to voluntarily leave Germany and take their wealth with them! And we all know how Jews feel about their money, which is why so many of them took advantage of the offer.

    So you paint a very deceptive picture of Hitler doing "dastardly evil" by agreeing with Zionist Jews to facilitate a way for Jews to leave Germany and take their money with them. This is your famous "twist and shout" strategy where you twist the facts around to your advantage and then shout your devious propaganda from the rooftops. Who does this kind of deception and manipulation? Sociopaths.
  16. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Accusing your opponent of your own malfeasance again? This is what a sociopath repeatedly does. By pointing out that you are a sociopath, I am not attacking you. I am identifying the root source of your deceptions and manipulations. By understanding your psychology, we can better understand how you lie.
    Such bold hypocrisy, Zook! You just can't help yourself, and by understanding your psychology, we can more clearly see why.

    You give us so little related to truth in your posts, Zook, but what can we expect from a sociopath. You're just running your usual con of selling yourself as a guru, while denigrating anyone that you perceive as opposition.

    Speaking of selling the con, here's what Zen Gardner had to say to Jon Rappoport about the selling of the Zika con to the public, which so reminded me of you:

    You're the same way, Zook, just like the other sociopaths. Bill Clinton wouldn't give up either, stooping to such absurdities as "That depends on what the definition of is, is."

    By the way, it's you who uses NLP. Here is an example:

    In this case, you are saying A does not imply B. That's an example of what's called a truism in NLP. It doesn't offer any real information, it just tricks people into believing you're telling the truth. Obama uses this technique often in his speeches. And so do you.

    So, what do you have as evidence that Hitler was a sociopath? Please don't give us your usual "self-evident truths" BS, or more NLP tricks. But I bet you will. You can't help yourself, and it's important that we understand why.
  17. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    The truths belittles those that deserve it. If you've been belittled, then blame your own mendacity. You cannot make a rebuttal - if you can call it that - without attacking me somewhere in the post ... sometimes at the beginning ... sometimes in the middle ... and sometimes at the end. And you have the audacity to project your behavior unto me. The archives are witness to your fifth column trolling. So be it.

    FWIW, I rarely ignore the message. When the message is weak, I usually obliterate it with facts, logic, probability clouds, and rational argument. When a weak message is iterated over and over in spite of its weakness, I usually ignore it for it wastes time and mind resources. I have the opposite reaction to strong messages. I confirm strong messages with facts, logic, probability clouds, and rational argument. And I reiterate strong messages many times over because the truth (e.g. observable reality) can never be expressed too many times.

    Which brings me to the next component, the messenger. I am guilty of attacking the messenger, true enough ... but almost always after the message has been considered sufficiently to a determination of weakness or strength. At which point, I excoriate those who still insist on supporting weak arguments, equally, rejecting strong arguments. I make no apologies in this regard. Apparently, my philosophy and method of argument has helped earned me the label of sociopath from Chico. So be it. I'm not losing sleep over setting off Chico's Radio Shack sociopath-detector, operated on ACME company batteries and heading straight for Coyote's cliff.

    Already, we can see Chico's fifth column trolling technique in play ... for I have wasted the first part of my rebuttal defending myself against his hypocritical messenger-attacking innuendo. The archives at United People hold Chico's hypocrisy and technique in number, with bells and whistles and castanets. The archives here are slowly accumulating it.

    Another calculated deception on Chico's part. I have never used any one element in the preponderance of evidence against Hitler to establish Hitler's agency with Rothschild money. I have always relied on the entire preponderance to establish a threshold probability crowd. Of course, the conventional method of analyzing evidence (for veracity) is to analyze the elements in a preponderance one at a time. Whenever I do this, however, Chico is right there with his fifth column trolling technique (FCCT) to declare that I had used that particular element to arrive at a comprehensive determination ... and then he blows the vuvezelas of oversimplification, binary thinking, unwarranted certainty, etc. to attack both the message and the messenger. IOW, he isolates the element from the preponderance in the duty of FCCT mischief.

    As for Chico's point about the Sixth Jewish Congress in 1903 ... well that just proves my point about Hitler being a puppet in the puppetmasters' greater play. WW1 and WW2 were already being scripted long before Hitler - the handpicked puppet-antagonist in the antebellum of WW2 - was getting his strings added on. Any capable researcher can figure that out. But figuring out things as they existed is just one part of the awareness equation. The other part is to establish the research with a paper trail. Norman Dodd's exposee of the minutes of 1909, CEF, is one paper in the trail ... it is the paper that I chose to exhibit as the starting point in my dissertation against Hitler's purported independence from Rothschild money. I could easily have chosen one of the other exhibits as a starting point, but I didn't.

    I feel a sense of poetic justice, though. Chico's incompetence in evaluating the historical record is making him prop up arguments against Hitler's purported self-made leadership (as captain of the good ship Nazi Germany) ... which directly contradicts his thesis that Hitler was self-made.

    "Fee Figh Foe Fumm ... I smell the fifth column trolling acts of a Chicodumdum!"

    Yeah, I'm busted like a diamond nail whacked by a glass hammer.

    Yet another weak argument offered up by Chico. Free clue: just because the Zionist leaders were themselves sociopaths does not imply that Hitler wasn't. Hitler is a sociopath on the sum of his own merits and demerits. I reiterate, no genuine empath would ever sign an agreement such as The Ha'avara Agreement ... because no legitimate spirit has a right to displace an entire peoples (from their homes; then from their home country, then onto someone else's lands, etc.). No amount of liquid papering over the cold reality of Hitler's collusion with the Zionist agenda is going to erase his part in the dastardly evil.

    Your source has nothing to do with my arguments, here. But you may natter on at your own pleasure.

    FTR, Niall Ferguson stands indicted and convicted on his own decision to promote the ruling Zionist bankster elites' mendacity and propaganda wrt the 9/11/2001 attacks. A sentinel event in world history, largely due to the nakedness in broad delight of a dark operation. Once again, 9/11/2001 attacks event is a litmus test for integrity.

    Those who fail this test have lost their credibility to speak on any matter of any import. Ron Paul is the most obvious example of those who either pretended to be clean or tried to stay clean ... but ended up being dirty (almost entirely due to his statements on 9/11/2001). The tungsten lit up yet in that low-wattage bulb of yours that you ambitiously call a brain?

  18. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Zook, you don't have a leg to stand on! All your efforts are focused on belittling me, when I am not the issue. You attack the messenger and ignore the message, which is the usual game-playing strategy of the sociopath! You attempt to use a second-hand account of the Carnegie minutes as proof Hitler was the product of Rothschild money, when Hitler was barely out of his teenage years at that time and was a completely unknown struggling artist! The connection you deceptively try to draw is non-existent. The Zionist plans for "the great war" (World War I) and the "peace conference" (Treaty of Versailles) that would end it were already announced during the Sixth Jewish Congress in 1903, ten years before the first global war was orchestrated, and six years before the Carnegie meeting. You are just blowing hot air, as usual!

    You've been busted for that deception already, Zook. Have you no shame? We already know the answer...

    You're such a fool, Zook. The agenda to concentrate Jews into a specific area is a long-standing Zionist agenda. It's true that this agenda is the product of sociopaths (Jewish leaders), but that doesn't mean you can label Hitler as a sociopath for wanting to manage the sociopaths infecting his own country by expelling them.

    By the way, here is the info about the 1903 Sixth Jewish Congress, as well as some more info showing the Carnegie minutes were old news.

    The source I linked to has been censored, so I had to use the Google cache to get it. I don't know how long it will be available.

    Hey, look! You can single out Niall Ferguson again for a Zook smearing, because he has a tiny mention in that long quote! Are you going to attack the messenger and ignore the message again, Zook, as if you know better than everyone else? I bet you will...
  19. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    One of the behaviors of fifth column trolls (and trolls in general) ... is to keep on questioning both self-evident truths and truths established by other evidence. It does not matter if truths are self-evident or evidenced by observable facts. The fifth column troll (FCT) is never deterred by the establishment of facts, logic, probability clouds, or superior arguments, indeed, their mission is to uproot such establishments and keep things in a perpetual fog.

    How many of the good readers here are experiencing trouble witnessing Chico's incessant insinuation about my alleged sociopathy? Or having difficulty with my usage of the term NLP to describe Chico's actions?

    I don't claim to be an expert, but neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) appears pretty self-evident to me. Neuro- (related to brain activity). -Linguistic (related to language). Programming (related to design). IOW, to program the brain through language.

    Chico has failed to convince people of my alleged sociopathy through the conventional methods of exposing what is ... and we need not wonder why, because something must be before being exposed as what it is, and if it isn't, then Houston, we have a problem. Having failed to convince through arguments, Chico has resorted to plan B: a mishmash of innuendo, insinuation, suggestion, NLP techniques, etc. IOW, results through language.

    Of course, NLP is largely pseudoscience, but it does have basis in the power of suggestion which has been around for millennia, indeed, since that very first communication in that very first language used by two consenting individuals:"I like your curves, Eve."

    With bated breath ...

    An opinion is a terrible thing to waste. In any event, you make it sound like NLP is some form of rocket science ... worse, worthy of equal consideration.

    Chico reminds me of Bill Ryan, CoScientology, and the various techniques that cult members are trained with to deny reality. You can show these poor sots (ambulating about with balls of cheese for brains) all the evidence in the world on virtually any topic ... and all you'll receive is a conditioned response of "Where's the evidence?"
    So be it.

    FTR, the statement, "Hitler adored the mirror", is a poetically-licensed condensation of Hitler's vanity (for himself and his purported Aryan race). Genuine truthseekers
    appreciate the condensation and move on to meatier aspects of the discussion. By contrast, Chico sees an opportunity to create more fog by trying to analyze a self-evident statement that requires no further evidence.

    As for the preponderance, I've offered it at length over at United Chico (which he casually ignores) ... and I had started offering it in bits here at Inphinet forum starting with Exhibit A (Norman Dodd's exposee of the minutes of 1909, CEF). I'd also briefly mentioned the Ha'avara agreement on which I opined that no empath would ever sign because no legitimate spirit has a right to displace an entire peoples (from their homes; then from their home country, then onto someone else's lands, etc.). I also remarked about Lebensraum, the death trap of the Russian winter which Hitler ordered for his soldiers (pulled from the Eastern Front), and other calculated mistakes that only a sociopath would endeavor. Etc.

    Of course, before Exhibit B, C, D, E ... could be tabled (and they will be tabled when I find the time) ... Chico had already started disrupting this thread with his NLP programming and promotion of misinformation (about Hitler and Nazi Germany, including that sourced from a system scribe, Niall Ferguson, who gets his carrots from the publishing houses owned by the perpetrators of the 9/11/2001 attacks and who has no shame in promoting the false Arabian tale of a neoArabian shiek, e.g. Osama bin Laden, and a neoArabian band of murderers and ne'er'do-wells that your momma warned you about playing with, e.g. Al Qaeda). If you'll excuse me, neither mails from the suggestion box nor tales from the script ... are all that confidence-inspiring.

  20. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    What NLP, Zook? Why don't you back up your accusations with some evidence? Pointing out that your behaviors match those of a sociopath is not an NLP technique. It's done with examples, i.e. evidence, so it is much more like science. It even has the six characteristics of science:

    1. Consistency - Several scientists can repeat an experiment and the results are the same.
    2. Observability - The results or subject of an experiment can be observed by using the five senses or extensions of them.
    3. Natural - A natural cause must be used to explain why or how the naturally occurring result or experimental subject happens. Supernatural can’t be used.
    4. Predictability - Predictions can be made about the subject and can be tested.
    5. Testability - Subject can be tested using a controlled experiment.
    6. Tentativeness - Scientific theories are subject to change because of technology.

    And I put it all out in the public view so it can be criticised and peer reviewed.

    It's becoming obvious that you don't even know what NLP looks like, Zook.

    So where is all this preponderance of evidence that you claim to have, Zook? You spend all your time trying to discredit me and offer no proof of anything regarding Hitler. In fact, the above statement is just you accusing me of your own malfeasance, exactly as sociopaths are want to do.

    You have to show evidence that Hitler adored the mirror, which you have not done. Hitler had visions of grandeur for his people, not for himself. His speeches and actions reflect that consistently.

    Evidence, please. Hitler did not "condemn a whole peoples to concentration camps for the crimes of a few". You are adhering to the propaganda here when you have already admitted it was not true. And the Haavara agreement of 1933 was made with the Zionist Jews, who were indeed the representatives of the Jews. It was not just Hitler and ordinary Germans that wanted the Jews out of the country. It was the Zionist Jews as well.
  21. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    NLP, Chico style ... aka ... Chico engramming.

    "Watch the ball swing back and forth ... back and forth ... back and forth. You are falling asleep. Very slowly. Deeply. Now repeat after me: Uncle Zook is a sociopath ... a deceptive sociopath ... Uncle Zook is a sociopath." - Chico (with a little help from the Poet's Licensing Agency)

    You know, Chico ... you'd be less incredible if you didn't resort to NLP at every opportunity. Virtually every post in which you invoke my name contains a direct or implied reference to my alleged sociopathy. The good readers should ask themselves, have we crossed that point where Zook is justified in grabbing the troll, scrunching him into a ball and rolling him down the lane towards the head pin of just deserts?

    Quit conflating issues. The facts of Germans adoring Hitler and of Hitler adoring the mirror, are not mutually inclusive. Hitler owned nothing if not ambitions of grandeur. A patsy-in-waiting for opportunity to seize. Clowns strut about in suits to make people laugh. Sociopaths strut about in suits to make people obey (e.g. Napoleon, Hitler, Pinochet, Mugabe, etc.).

    Nope. I believe in the preponderance of evidence. Remember, you're the one with the track record of removing items out of preponderance so you can then grandstand with arguments denuded of purpose or context. The archives at United Chico hold your game in legion.

    More NLP nincom-nattering.

    There are no significant conflicts between what is reported at your link and at my link to warrant the remark "another version". Just more gaming on your part. Then again, the preponderance as pertains to Hitler has given you no choice but to contrive an understanding as opposed to derive one from the facts. So be it.

    Hitler was sociopathic ... with or without propaganda to further demonize him. No empath would condemn a whole peoples to concentration camps for the crimes of a few (much less attempt to export them out of the country ... even less to export them to a region without consulting the regional representatives). Then again, no real empath possesses ambitions of grandeur to begin with.

  22. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    This is a quote from Adolf Hitler, taken from Mein Kampf. This is not the kind of perspective a sociopath would have.

    You may wonder where you have heard such a perspective expressed before. Let me quote it for you:

    Yes, this is a quote from Thomas Jefferson, taken from the Declaration of Independence.

    There has been a deliberate propaganda program designed to vilify Hitler as the world's most evil man. It began years before World War II, was very strong during the war, and has continued ever since with no let up. It was of Jewish origin, as exemplified in the Jewish declaration of war against Germany in 1933, six years before World War II.

    Sefton Delmer, a German Jewish propagandist working for the Allies during World War II, explains it fairly well:

    What all this means is that everything we think we know about Hitler is most likely deceptive propaganda, including any claims that he was a psychopathic madman.
  23. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Well, wouldn't the responsible thing to do be to find out? Oh, right, sociopaths do not take responsibility for their deceptive actions.

    I see German people adoring Hitler. You call that megalomania? Megalomania would be Hitler having delusions of grandeur about himself.

    You believe the first thing you find, huh Zook. You never change.

    You'll always believe anything that serves your purpose. That's how sociopaths define truth-seeking behind closed doors.

    Well there's some false modesty we rarely see from you, Zook! Been a long time since you last tried that! I guess on a new forum, all your old tricks get recycled!

    Here's another version of the relationship and suicide. I can't source it at the moment, but then your video is clearly in the "demonize Hitler" camp. So what is the truth about Hitler? It's hard to find, because every effort has been made to demonize Hitler at every opportunity, especially by the mainstream media, and this tragic episode is yet another example.

    And your second video won't play for me. Strange that it is censored in the USA by YouTube. I wonder why? I located another version here that does play for me. It's clearly in the "demonize Hitler" camp as well. Maybe it's too recognizable as propaganda.
  24. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Here's an example. I just put this together, and I'm taking the easy way out by linking to it rather than reposting it here.
  25. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    The following video is interesting.

    I don't know how much of it is Allied propaganda (e.g. to demonize Hitler) ... but certainly, we can see the megalomania - not to mention other aspects of Hitler's personality - revealing itself (which cannot be simply slagged off as Allied propaganda).

    About Hitler's claimed lack of sociopathy, we are challenged to find it. From 22:30 to 25:30. For instance, his relationship with his niece, Geli Raubal, is one of a domineering possessive controlling uncle ... so much so that the poor girl eventually committed suicide. Unless and until the classical understandings of dominance, domineeringness, and possessiveness are radically altered to observe compatibility with the empathic spirit, I'll continue to believe that such behavior is evidence of a sociopathic spirit. But hey, what do I know? I ain't got Chico's immense book-knowledge.

    More on the death of Geli Raubal:

  26. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    The answer to this question was certainly an eye-opener to me. I started out life believing the Holocaust story, and this was always the toughest question to figure out.

    It has been admitted now that the UK government was spreading rumors profusely about Nazis gassing Jews throughout the war when they knew full well it wasn't happening. When the government tells you something, you believe it, right? They sure did at that time, without question!

    Vincent Reynouard has studied the book industry related to Holocaust witness testimony. Many books have been proven to be outright fabrications. There are less than 20 authors making up this industry, and they cite each other's works all the time to support their lies. They benefit handsomely for their efforts and are richly supported by the Jewish community.

    Another big clue came from watching the Spielberg filmed interviews of Jewish survivors. They were many examples of Jews telling how they were separated from friends or family members, who they never saw again. Every time, the assumption was that they were marched off to the gas chambers for immediate execution, even though there was nothing to suggest such an absurdity! When asked if they had any evidence for this, they all had to admit that they didn't! It was just the prevalent mindset, almost a religious belief. My favorite was a Jewish woman telling about going into the showers, certain she was going to be executed with all the other naked women, and then, miracle of miracles, water came out of the shower heads! To this day, she still can't understand why that happened, so sure is she that Nazis were gassing Jews.
  27. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Strange that you will believe the mainstream media when it suits you, then rail against them when it doesn't.

    A poll where 53% believe the government was "hiding something" is not the same as knowing that the government deliberately murdered thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11. Not only is the poll deceptive, but so is your use of it.

    And you are ignoring the bulk of my argument to focus on a minor detail, as if that gets you off the hook about Hitler being a self-made man independent of Rothschild money. Very sociopathic again, Zook.

    Accusing your opponents of your own malfeasance again, Zook? Plus oversimplifying, and doing the binary thinking deception (it's either A or B) again? You just don't change, do you Zook.

    Yes, polls often lie. They are often designed from the start to do exactly that.

    Well aren't you high and mighty! Here is Zook, believing "the known facts of Hitler's bankster connections" and disputing the works of a Rothschild-friendly biographer.

    I gave you five links refuting your contention that Hitler was "made" by the Rothschilds. You took one where the author quoted from one of Niall Ferguson's many books on behind-the-scenes economic dealings, and then you proceeded to smear Niall Ferguson with only your BS opinion as evidence. And then you claim I am "guilty by association" for simply linking to an article that examines some of what Niall Ferguson wrote in one of his many books. At no time did you offer any evidence to refute the information those five links give us, namely that Hitler kicked out the Rothschild agents from Germany, which kicked off the most incredible economic renaissance the modern world has ever seen (Germany 1933-1939)!

    Zook, I know you can't see it with an ego that big, but I'll bet a lot of other people can. You expose yourself as a sociopath by repetitively using these deceptive and manipulative tactics to support your never-ending lies.
  28. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    In the end, Rose ... you'll have to use your own discernment to separate fact from fiction.

    The Holocaust Supporter (HS) industry is much larger than the Holocaust Denier (HD) industry, the HS industry having started first and enjoying the benefit of the near-total control of the mainstream media up until the mid-90s (when the world wide web opened up the discussion to include an unfiltered version of history, replete with facts that had never been allowed to reach the common masses). Ultimately, the truth lies somewhere in between the two industries.

    With more and more research - and the introduction of previously filtered-out facts into the mix - the center of mass (of the truth) has shifted away from HS and towards HD. Indeed, it is none other than one particular descendant of Jewish survivors, Norman Finkelstein, who is perhaps the best authority on the exaggeration of the HS industry. I italicize the word, survivors, because we know that Jews (mostly nonethnic Ashkenazi Jews) were put into concentration camps by Hitler's regime, along with other so-called political enemies and so-called undesirables. These concentration camps were not unlike the US internment camps for Japanese-Americans during the same time period. The Japanese-Americans probably tell their children their own survival tales (of having suffered and survived degradation and humiliation at the hands of fellow Americans, etc.). But the US camps were better managed and less susceptible to disease and war-time bombings by enemy nations. Jump the big pond to Nazi Germany, and we have a similar situation with internment/concentration camps and the detainment of perceived enemies to Hitler's vision of the German Nation. Only, the Nazi camps were not as well-kept ... and they were right in the middle of the European war theatre. Food and medical supply lines into those camps were often being disrupted by Allied bombings ... which naturally led the Nazis to hoard whatever food and medical supplies for themselves and the German people, with less concern and diminishing returns for the health and well-being of those trapped inside the concentration camps. Starvation and disease are then rational expectations, not accidents.

    Indeed, by inspecting the evidence for and against the existence of gas chambers ... we find that the credible evidence points to Zyklon B gas being used to contain outbreaks of disease, not to execute prisoners by the thousands (as per HS industry claims).

    Here's a primer to get you started on the Holocaust industry as explained by Norman Finkelstein:

    Ask yourself one question, Rose ... are the stories told by your Jewish girlfriends (about concentration camps and Holocaust survival) framed in the narrative of internment camps? Or extermination camps? If the latter, then I submit those girls were brainwashed (not necessarily lying) about their direct and indirect experiences, for there is no credible evidence of extermination camps.

    Here are some testimonies of life in some of those camps:

    Here's an important research documentary about the so-called Holocaust: (The greatest lie ever told - The Holocaust - 2015 Documentary HD):

    Watch both videos with an open mind - neither for nor against the Holocaust story - and you will have a better grasp of the personal stories given to you by your Jewish girlfriends, Rose.

  29. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I am enjoying this debate, waiting to vote until I have considered all your viewpoints.

    I have one question. How do the holocaust deniers explain the numerous holocaust survivor stories? I happen to have to attended highschool in a, maybe, 85% Jewish neighborhood (I was one of only a handful of students left in classes during Jewish holidays so that is an estimation). In history class my schoolmates parents, and other relatives, personal survivor stories were told. I had many Jewish girlfriends. It is very difficult for me to believe all of the personal stories were lies.

    For one instance:
  30. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    80%?? Are you pulling fluffy white rabbits out of your hat again? Here's a New York Times/CBS News poll back in 2006 (about the time Loose Change came out: http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/October2006/141006poll.htm) that shows 84% against the official fairy tale of 9/11/2001 ... a Canadian poll was 85% ... CNN poll had it at 89% ... Charlie Sheen had the buzzing in at 80% against the fairy tale. That was in 2006. Much more evidence has come to the surface as of 2016 pointing to an Inside Job. In the best-case scenario for your claim, only 20% are actually sucking their thumb and holding tight to the fairy tale, not 80%. With a discrepancy that large, either you are lying, Chico ... or the polls are lying.

    That said, the "80%" that you allude to are not professional pundits, writers, historians, e.g. individuals promoted by the mainstream publishing houses ostensibly to inform future generations. Niall Ferguson is a professional writer. We should expect the quality of research of would-be historians to be of much higher quality than that of the masses-at-large. But if Ferguson's research is not up to standard on 9/11/2001 ... and it fails far short of both scientific standards and common sense standards ... then he is not qualified to be a historian on any topic.
    He would be better matched writing fiction. Indeed, when we analyze his claims about Nazi Germany - and match those claims with the known facts of Hitler's bankster connections - we find that that is exactly what he is doing, writing fiction.

    You, yourself, Chico, have determined that 9/11/2001 was an Inside Job (based on your posts at United People). Which then begs the question, why are you quick to endorse Niall Ferguson on his account of Hitler and Nazi Germany ... knowing full well that the same author is totally misinformed (at best) or lying (at worst) about another major event in world history (e.g. 9/11/2001 attacks)? Most informed people would never touch Ferguson with a 10-foot-pole again after reading his account of the 9/11/2001 attacks. The misinformed are another matter. The fifth column is yet another matter altogether.

    Yeah ... I got busted like a diamond gets busted every time its thrown against a glass wall. You gatekeeping weasels have a charm of your own, to be sure ... I mean, why else do I keep responding to the same noisy chatter about my unseemly demise?