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  1. Rose

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    InPHInet Lurkers
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  2. Hello InPHInetians. "I" am the world renowned Reverend Red Aghast. I also, am awesome!!!!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I feel your admiration.

    My middle earth associate, and dear friend Aragorn, has informed me members here are desperately in need of spiritual guidance.

    We both hope you may soon begin to better understand the Gaia you tread upon.

    And, by doing so, we continue our quest to save the world.

    I am proud to present here for the first time ever my latest video...

    No thanks are necessary, please just enjoy and learn!

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  3. Houdini

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    Already been done son, blow it out ya arse luv...lol
    You really need to get out more sweety..
    Glad to see your gettin on with the interwebs, your about to be deleted , LOL.microdickian.
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  4. Rose

    Rose Φ

    Who let him in???
  5. Houdini

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    Lol....Mother Earth.
  6. Rose

    Rose Φ

    Yes Mother Earth loves the Reverend.
    He is a Mother Earth type of fellow.
    Are you aware of that old Babelonian scandal?
    The good reverend published some of his earlier photos a bit scantily clad?
    The photos are still quite available if one googles for them.
    I was very puzzed why the good reverend would do this in such a public venue....

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  7. Houdini

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    There was no need for such a big leaf , lol ...
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  8. Rose

    Rose Φ

    loooooool blushy
  9. Rose

    Rose Φ

    I asked a Psychiatrist friend of mine what could possibly be the motivation for many of the Reverend's actions....
    Narcissism, Narcissism, Narcissism was his reply as he shook his head sadly.
  10. Houdini

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  11. Be Warned. I have just cast my wizzard spell on In PHI net!!!

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