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    For any out there who do not understand what inPHInet is, I will offer this explanation. It is a members only forum. There have been three eras of this forum, v.1, v.2, and this v.3. Back in the v.1 days of Atticus/Stephen, who was formerly "Charles" at Avalon in 2011, there were quite a few participating members. Many of us went our separate ways. At this time, I am the only member actively participating. I have been the owner/operator of this site since it's inception.

    Member permissions allow one to start a thread as their own blog area or topical discussion threads. Members may moderate their own threads and have editing privileges. Member threads may have their own dedicated link on the Features page. Members may also post content and comments in the PUB area. At this time, Guests may also post comments in the PUB area. There are also Members Only threads that are not public. And, a personal message area where members may converse privately with each other.

    Registering for membership does not guarantee approval. If your membership has been approved you will notice your name and an inbox in the upper right hand portion of the home page when you are logged in. If you have applied for membership and are not yet approved, post a comment in the PUB. A record of too much spam might have prevented approval.
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