What is Time???

Discussion in 'Φ Know Yourself' started by Rose, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I just finished reading David Morehouse's book, Psychic Warrior.
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    Time moves on and on...
    Billions of messages lost in bottles...
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  5. Heres another way of looking at time....
    Lets make it about the person , the persons time awake in a day.


    My skype consisted of 7692 people at its height some 5 years ago.

    I am small fry..
    I have thankfully whittled that down to around the 3000 mark on various names etc..

    This i say thankfully because much like a club or order that doesn't want you , it wont ask...

    The fact of having to ask makes you irrelevant...

    I only contact people when i want something....

    If someone contacts me i consider it unsolicited and it is treated as such..

    The reason for this on the face of it is because I have a very high opinion of myself...

    That is your prejudice..

    Not mine...
    I have struggled since having no staff to cope with my personal communications....all the ones that my friends cant see...because of other friends protection....and there's again in turn...

    These come daily , in droves , I have to answer all of them , they are friends ...
    I don't want to appear rude ....

    this is now under control due to confidence in some new honest people..

    And one that has always been there no matter what i did..

    My time is not my own...

    I struggled with it....tried to pass it off onto someone else .....but i have not found a single person i would trust to take my burden on.

    So im stuck......fuck.

    time .... is many things......make sure which time you talk of....you could end up the villain..
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  6. Rose

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  7. Rose

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    Unblocked Version of Video:
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  8. []

    Men don't ask directions
    Have you heard a man complain the toilet lid is down

    They know everything
    A problem is just removed
  9. I have never forgotten , me and my family were at the seaside , it was a popular place back then.
    My Dad was a man that hated gambling , for good reason , not the fun , that's fine , no he hated the way liqueur stores were put up in hard hit areas , how loan sharks operated with impunity , he attempted to explain gentrification to me....
    I was having trouble with it.....
    As we walked along he said does anyone want an ice-cream , we of course all said yes, as we waited for my mum and my sister to get them he explained the odds, the way......the reason the machine is plugged in the wall extracting energy to make money...
    This I understood ......well why would a man plug in a machine to make him poor , I couldn't understand , I just couldn't understand how anyone could be so foolish to be involved with such un logical behaviour , I wrestled with it all the way home in the car ...

    Many years later I was with my son, he was waiting with me for his mother and grandmother outside a well known supermarket chain...

    As we waited he asked me what the lottery was...(he was 7 years old) ... I thought for a minute and remembered my DAD , what would he say I thought..
    Then I looked at the cigarette counter, just inside the entrance..
    I said come with me , we walked up to the counter and there were two jolly ladies standing there, I asked them for a lottery ticket (a scratch card) they were one pound.
    My son looked on , he was very cute when he was little (a wolf in sheep clothing lol) they looked at him and spoke to him as ladies of an age do to cute kids ...
    I gave him the card and a pound coin...
    I said good luck....
    He looked at me with excitement...
    The ladies looked at me with a frown....lol...
    We walked over to some seats and he began to scratch....the card , lol.
    As he did , one symbol , then another , then another , yay! He won...
    He won 5 pounds ...
    He looked at me and said this is great....I said , yeah it is , free money eh!
    He said can I have it , I said of course it's yours.....you won it.....
    He said but it was your pound, very fair lad he is , even to this day.
    I said no , that was my investment in your future , lol...he laughed , he didn't know why, lol. Jus cos I did..
    I said one catch though, he looked .....what he said.....
    I said you have to use the money created by your luck only for more luck, he looked puzzled .
    I took his ticket and went back to the ladies, they said oh you won , what are you going to buy with your winnings...
    I said five more lottery tickets , again the looked could have killed me...

    He took his five lottery tickets....
    Ran back to the seat and started scratching .....

    To cut the story short will not harm it , we were there for at least forty minutes , the tote went up to twenty pounds and down to five , back up , and down , he was actually very lucky , I hadn't planned on it going this way...
    I thought I had fucked up , and I thought of my DAD , and my inadequacies as a DAD by comparison.
    Then the luck change , he ended up with his last pound..

    We took our last pound from the ladies and went back to the seat, he said , why are we not going to get the last one ....
    I said , well , I just wanted to show you how daft it all is....
    He looked and said , yeah , I said and for that you can keep the pound as wages for your efforts in finding out.
    He looked at me , screwed his face up.
    Then my family came back...
    My mum said , what you to been doing while we were shopping ,
    He piped up before I could and said , "oh we jus been wasting time"
    I knew right there this child will never be a worry , he will be ok.

    And he has been ,
    A soul to be proud of.
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  10. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey see monkey do

    Ok Danielle, I will try too- just for fun. I doubt I could compete with iambic though :D

    So what you see and what he sees are both the same yet different
    You are here but he is there on another firmament
    So let's think, what is the link?
    That holds our sight together,
    A paradox of to be or not contained within forever,
    Light is light, if that matters, it can also be quite heavy,
    If you go from a-b you have to pay the levy,
    When light is heavy it starts to stretch and the words go long,
    But in the dark -the word stays -a constant lyric in the song.
    So let me paint for you a very hollow graphic,
    Scream very loud in its jowels and wait for the echo,
    If you hear it resonate you may be telepathic.
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  11. Danielle

    Danielle Member

    "So take them where they crave to go
    And show them what they fear they know;

    We all read minds unkindly
    They'll find we,
    Are not these bumbling things
    The puppet strings
    Lead up and out
    And back, and in. and in.. and in...

    Tugged by friction with fiction,
    These superstrings feed their addiction
    To restriction

    And stupid things like
    Matter, Space and Time
    Meter 'verse and Rhyme

    And the emotion inherent in motion

    For what is time but loss?"
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  12. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey see monkey do

    Deep set roots on a tree that is able to fly,
    And the ground is still there and it holds it steadfast,
    Seen from a distance you never think to ask why,
    Why, that now is not now and the future’s the past.

    A cricket rubs his legs and the sound far travels,
    Can be seen with the heart as the light unravels.
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  13. Danielle

    Danielle Member

    Is it really all just perception? That makes me sort of sad. Not sure why. I mean it makes the most sense, but it's nicer to think that it's not our fault.
  14. NinjaPhil

    NinjaPhil Member

    The distance between thoughts
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  15. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey see monkey do

    1. finite points of change
      birth and death?
      what else?"

    cause and effect
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  16. Rose

    Rose Φ Unknown Presence

  17. Rose

    Rose Φ Unknown Presence

    Thank you for that.

    so all perceptions must be calibrated
    without numbers or words
    adding in gravity variance

    finite points of change
    birth and death?
    what else?
  18. We all labour under the "lid"
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  20. What if...

    You take the words used to describe time and throw them away....they didn't exist until fairly recently "in time"....
    then you took away the numbers......
    now time in space relative to distance and gravity...
    how long is a second....
    the way "we"perceive time is relative to us....
    my how time flys when your having fun...
    is it five o'clock yet......
    so all perceptions have to be calibrated.......to what,you don't have numbers.....or words......
    so you must now check in the gravity chip.....
    the length of an hour ,,,is ,,,,in the glass......in the form of a physicality.....sand......
    it takes a finite point at which the glass is physically turned over.....
    then a finite point at which it runs out.....

    now that depends on gravity......

    take the hours glass to space in varying heights from the surface.......hows ya "hour glass : doin?
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  21. Danielle

    Danielle Member

    What like history's rolodex?
  22. So a time capsule is something you can leave ..... The records of motion relative .

    Numbers , words.
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  23. Danielle

    Danielle Member

    "God did not create the world in time, but with time" @ 5:25
    Love it!