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    Who is Q?

    I have only recently begun to ask myself this question...
    Due to former association here with a "viral, back of the head interviewed, supposed super connected one who knows all type", I have a tendency to throw this genre of content directly into my "probable psyop file" as if it does not exist to me.

    But now...

    I have become curious and will explore the question in this thread.

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    Ok. Here's the thing...
    I stated it at the beginning of this thread.
    I learned some very personal/real lessons via an anonymous type "insider" offering knowledge.
    And, in general, I always look at all sides of any matter.
    I must say, I am in some ways in agreement w/blackpill.
    I hesitate to project any "negative nancyness" into the possibility of Q's legitimacy.
    But , I have, and must, consider these same things:

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    Just looking around tonight and happened upon this:
    Next STORM Casualties: Rosenstein, Social Media Giants

    Was interesting and led to awareness that THIS HEARING took place on the hill today...
    Facebook, Google and Twitter: Examining the Content Filtering Practices of Social Media Giants

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    Reference to:

    Criminal referrals to Sessions, Wray, Huber for:
    Former FBI Director James Comey
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
    Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    Former Acting Director of FBI Andrew McCabe
    FBI Agent Peter Stroke and FBI Counsel Lisa Page

    So who has the server?

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