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  1. david
    david Rose
    Rose thanks for the heads up about Chic at United.
  2. david
    david Rose
    Rose what is a good email to post you that film? sorry I can't find it in my email cue...You will see how it relates to our discussion, I am very proud of my son for this piece, it helped get him funded in college actually.
  3. Sam Hunter
    Sam Hunter Rose
    Hi, how do I start a conversation with you? I thought that was possible before, I did it with Stephen... I just can't figure out how to do so now, Sam
  4. Shadowself
    Shadowself Rose
    Hi Rose! Hay I wanted to get back in touch with you via skype when you get a chance...but I've lost your skype since the debacle back in the day...can you skype me sometime soon because I wanted to run something by you and overall just talk and get back in touch. My skype is; Socalbrook when you find time.
  5. UncleZook
    The Universe travels through me ... and it is my sacred duty not to disturb its passage.
  6. Shadowself
    Are you Sirius?
  7. Shezbeth
    's Kung fu is too strong.
  8. Shezbeth
    's Kung fu is too strong.
  9. Shezbeth
  10. Iambic Pentacost
    Iambic Pentacost
    If you eat frog legs, please don't forget what's in between.