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    As discussed earlier in this thread...
    President Trump conducting his own Press Briefing
    From the Oval Office
    Many topics ~ Very interesting.
    VP Pence w/Intel Migrant Caravan was
    Organized by Leftist Groups & Financed by Venezuela

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    Waiting for proof Soros has Funded Migrant Caravan as Midterm Dimm Political Ploy...
    Of course, we don't mind paying for it with our tax dollars, do we?



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    This is a curious little detail. Not sure where it fits yet. Could be related the Mueller Special Council, or to something completely unrelated.
    What do you think?
    Mueller Locked In Strange Legal Dispute With Mystery Grand Jury Witness
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    More on this Mystery Witness: Levin thinks the witness is Andrew Miller and Mr. Miller challenged the constitutionality of the appointment of Mueller with 'Appointments Clause' of Constitution. Probably challenging the subpoenas by challenging the constitutionality of Mueller. Grand Jury Cases pose a threat to Mueller because they can serve as vehicles to get questions of his authority and legal legitimacy before appellate judges relatively quickly. An appeal to DC Circuit Court is now in progress. Could this challenge go all the way to the Supreme Court?

    Levin appears to be reading from this article in the first half of his video.
    He, then, makes the above comments (paraphrased),
    and others, on the matter.​

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    Moving the Video here since it is no longer in promo area.
    It deserves a permanent home.
    In case there is any doubt who finances discord.

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    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 49 pages of new documents obtained from the U.S. Department of State about U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funding for George Soros’s left-wing nonprofit organizations in Albania. The documents deal primarily with the activities of Soros’ top operative in Albania, Andri Dobrushi, the director of Open Society Foundation-Albania, who was actively engaged in channeling funding to what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls Soros’ “mercenary army.” The documents show U.S. grant money flowing through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that profess to promote “civil society,” while in fact attacking traditional, pro-American groups, governments and policies.
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    Larry Ellison ~ Oracle
    Four Quite Interesting Short Videos
    With Maria Bartiromo

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    More Progress on this Story today...
    Click for Article

    DC Circuit court is deciding Miller case as to whether or not Mueller's appointment last year was legally flawed and unconstitutional. Miller and his attorneys expect to lose in front of the DC Circuit court, but think they will get a friendlier hearing in the Supreme Court after the arrival of Judge Kavanaugh.

    "The arguments Thursday marked the first public outing for members of the special counsel’s team since Democrats won future control of the House in the November midterms and Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and gave the investigators a new boss: acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

    Before the lawyers said a word, the senior member of the panel, Judge Karen Henderson, said the judges had decided to set aside Sessions’ departure — for now."

    "Miller’s attorneys have signaled they want to see this case taken all the way to the Supreme Court. Trump seemed to give tacit approval to the legal challenge in August when he told Bloomberg News that he viewed Mueller’s operation as unlawful. "I view it as an illegal investigation", he said, alluding to unnamed "great scholars" who say that "there never should have been a special counsel. "
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    New reports are revealing...
    Channels of indirect funding for migrant caravans
    point to billionaire George Soros.

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