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    Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court will meet behind closed doors on Friday to discuss a mystery case related to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

    The discussion is slated to occur during the justices' regularly scheduled conference where the justices will also consider pending petitions on blockbuster issues such as DACA, the ban on transgender people in the military, abortion and the Second Amendment.

    The case concerns an unnamed foreign government-owned corporation that is fighting a subpoena request from a DC-based grand jury. Lower courts have ruled that the company must turn over the information and imposed fines for every day it failed to do so.

    Last week the Supreme Court denied an emergency request from the company to freeze the financial penalty, pending appeal. Now, lawyers for the company are asking if they can file their appeal with the Supreme Court under seal. The justices are not -- at this juncture -- considering the merits of the appeal, only if the papers can be filed under seal accompanied with a redacted report for public release.

    In ruling against the company, the appeals court said the request fell within an exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act that limits foreign governments from being sued in US courts. The court also held that the company had not shown that its own country's law bar compliance.

    One of the firms involved in the challenge is Alston & Bird, CNN has reported, a firm that has previously represented Russian interests, including working for a Russian oligarch and a contractor of the Russian government. Grand jury matters in the federal court system are typically kept secret, unless a witness decides to speak about the subpoenas they receive or their experience testifying.

    Law firm that represented Russian interests part of mystery Mueller subpoena case

    However, the case has still been one of the most secretive in years to progress through the court system.
    It apparently included two face-offs between special counsel office prosecutors and the unnamed company's private attorneys.

    After losing at the trial level, the DC Circuit Court closed a floor of the courthouse during appellate arguments to keep the identities of the arguing attorneys completely under wraps. The company has kept nearly all its filings secret -- with the exception of a log of when it submits information to the appeals courts. Though the Supreme Court allows for cases like this to be secret in their early requests, the high court has never heard a known case where all parties and arguments stayed confidential.
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    A fire Sunday morning in Northwest Washington, D.C., damaged studios for Fox News, C-SPAN and MSNBC, and forced "Fox News Sunday" to relocate its broadcast to a local affiliate's studio.

    D.C. Fire and EMS tweeted that an electrical fire broke out in the 8th floor television studio but nobody was injured.

    Steve Scully, the political editor for C-SPAN, tweeted shortly after 7 a.m. that the Fox News and C-SPAN studios sustained "extensive damage," and MSNBC's studio took on "extensive smoke and water damage."

    Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace addressed the fire at the outset of Sunday's program.

    "If things look a little bit different here today that’s because of the fact that we had a fire — yes, a fire — in our building on North Capitol Street, and so we’re over at our wonderful affiliate WTTG," Wallace said.

    "We may not have a lot of the bells and whistles we normally have, but just take a little time travel and pretend you’re back in the 1950s and you’ll feel very comfortable about that," he joked.

    Wallace noted the shift in venue multiple times throughout the broadcast. He thanked Vice President Pence for accommodating the change in location for his interview, and noted at one point that they did not have a video clip of Pence's remarks last week about ISIS.

    C-SPAN tweeted about 11 a.m. that it had returned to normal operations.

    In a note to staffers, NBC News Washington bureau chief Ken Strickland said all of the network's operations in the building will be relocated to its Washington, D.C., bureau for the next few days as a result of damage from the fire.

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    Venezuela Military Helping Guaido :)

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    Our new Ambassador to the UN :)
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