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    Kevin Spacey ~ Ari Behn


    “It’s with great sorrow in our hearts that we, those closest to Ari Behn, must report that he took his own life today. We ask for respect for our private lives in the time to come,” Geir Håkonsund, Behn’s manager, said in a statement to PEOPLE. “The family has asked me to convey that they are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support and all the condolences they have received during this tough time. It’s really good to see that Ari has meant so much to so many people.”

    Behn was married to Princess Martha Louise of Norway, 48, for 14 years before officially divorcing in 2016. They share three daughters: Maud Angelica, 16, Leah Isadora, 14, and Emma Tallulah, 11.

    In a statement issued Wednesday, Princess Martha Louise’s parents, King Harald and Queen Sonja, said Behn was “an important part of our family for many years, and we carry warm, fond memories of him,” according to The Independent.

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    Kevin Spacey 2019 Christmas Video
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    Organizations directly funded by Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF)
    Click for List of 199 Organizations:
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    Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globe Awards and during his opening monologue he lambasted the degenerate culture that is Hollywood.

    A lot of what he said has been obvious to the general public for years, but will the actors listen to an insider?

    Probably not, but they will have to pay attention to a lack of money as ticket sales dwindle.

    A great many Americans are fed up with famous actors who lecture us on social issues, climate change, and how we should lead our lives while they lead a life of decadence in Hollywood.

    Fame is not necessarily synonymous with intelligence.

    Anthony Hopkins knows this. He recently said actors are ‘pretty stupid’ and should avoid talking about politics and other issues.

    Globe winner Michelle Williams did not heed Hopkin’s advice and talked about her abortion and how she had no regrets about it. Is that what people want to hear from an actor giving an acceptance speech?

    Such a speech may attract far left ticket buyers, but what about the rest of America? It’s the same with De Niro. Many liked his acting before he opened up his trap and began yelling obscenities at the president. De Niro in particular needs to listen to Hopkins.

    Kudos to Ricky Gervais for speaking truth to Hollywood.

    —Ben Garrison

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