Featured Biased FBI and DOJ Officials Broke The Law & Tried To Decide The Election

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    Wonder how Page's closed door testimony went today?
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    I enjoyed the moments in the hearing when the calm, mild mannered, Senator Palmer completed his statements by telling Strzok he had been watching his body language throughout the day. He said it was almost as if he (Strzok) had enjoyed the process and he thinks he has a problem with hubris :).

    There is also a surprising (to me) short CNN segment at the end regarding the ramifications of Strzok being the person that changed Comey's words in the Clinton Email investigation from "grossly negligent" to an "extremely careless" non-crime. It did not seem like fake news? I haven't watched CNN since the election wasn't aware that ever happened anymore.

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    As Tom Fitton stated (Drain the Swamp thread tonight):
    DOJ Withheld More Text Messages Between Page & McCabe
    Gaetz: Potential Impeachment of Rosenstein...

    Gaetz: " Sometimes the game you are watching is not the game being played.
    Dobbs: Everyone should have triple digit IQ's?
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    2 Fascinating Minutes from Hannity-Trump Interview...
    Trump: "The 13 Angry Democrats, do you think their going to want to go? I don't think so."

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    There's a interesting Q decoder on reddit that brought up how the placement of a coke bottle by Strzok, with the name Kate, may have been an intelligence message.
    I read it and found it fascinating: Trump’s hidden message, Stzrok, Kate and the soda.
    Here's a video that Project Weeping Angel made of SerialBrain2's decode.

    SerialBrain2's decodes can sometimes seem like a "reach" for me. But the camera undoubtedly moves to include that coke bottle in the frame. An awareness that this is one way that intel agents send messages to each other is like adding a new tool in the "observation" skills toolkit.
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    That is interesting! Thank you.
    I thought I noticed some "messages" in recent photos of Don, Jr./K Guillifoyle vacation photos?

    Also, this just popped up on my radar again:
    2 Days after Rosenstein Appointed Mueller

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    Also, I will try to find video...
    Ron Paul is meeting with Trump Monday.
    He is starting process to revoke Brennan's Top Security Clearance.
    Yes! Brennan is now a rabid StopTrump media pundit and he still has Top Secret access to Everything!
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    The texts are the elephants in the room when the Clapper's of the world continue to sugar coat Mueller.
    Aren't they?

    Strzok/Page needed to: "Open the case we've have been waiting on now while Andy is acting!"
    (The evening after Comey was fired.)




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    So, 1 1/2 years ago Nune's House Intelligence Committe submitted a report with more than the 12 included in the Mueller indictments announced by Rosenstein, and FBI/DOJ redacted it.

    (Ever had someone with higher ranking in your environment submit your work as their own? - Just my words, lol)

    These aren't my words. These are Nune's words:
    "I just find the timing of this to be very hard to believe. Right? You might give them the benefit of the doubt, but why does this always happen? Every time something happens on one side, where we find out a new revelation about what appears to be real problems in the FBI and DOj with this investigation, then all the sudden they drop an indictment? It has happened time and time again, and this one is really bad." (Can't believe I am transcribing words from videos here, but this makes me mad! I like Nunes. Look at the expression on his face.)

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    Re: Rosenstein 12 Russians Indictment Announcement...

    "Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing."
    "This was a political gesture to help save his fanny."
    "Means Nothing"
    "There is no extradition treaty with Russia!"
    "He did this to help Bob Mueller look like he's doing something."
    "All of this information in this indictment was in the Nunes' report for a year and a half."
    "Why has Rosenstein refused to de-classify the House Intelligence Committee Report which had all this information? The answer is: "They didn't want to give Nunes credit."
    Once again, I'm on the same wavelength as DiGenova.
    He is always like a breath of fresh air to me.

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