Dems' Devious Den of Dimwits Report

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    The Democrats thought the ‘Russia Collusion’ scandal would lead to President Trump’s impeachment. It was smooth sailing for them.

    All they had to do is stay the course. Mueller was expected to dig up evidence to support the removal of a lawfully elected president. Instead, the Mueller Report took the wind out of their sails.

    There was no evidence. There were only lies, which were endlessly repeated by the Democrat corporate media.

    After Mueller’s dismal performance earlier this week, their hopes for impeachment have sunk, yet many Democrats don’t seem to realize it. Many continue to insist on impeachment. Some continue to talk about Russian collusion.

    Why? It’s not hard to fathom. They have terminal cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    The Democrats can talk until they’re blue in the face, but as far as impeachment goes, it’s over. Mueller ended all hopes of re-floating their boat. There will be no more salvage operations.

    —Ben Garrison
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