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    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi loves money. That’s why she spends so much of her time fundraising. She is good at hitting up large corporations and wealthy donors.

    As for her constituents? She spouts off the usual blue city leftist rhetoric to keep them placated. She represents California’s 12th congressional district, which mostly consists of the city of San Francisco. That city has degenerated under her rule. Its streets are littered with human feces and drug needles. The homeless don’t have money, so they don’t appear on Nancy’s radar.

    Pelosi caters to the rich, limousine liberals who can afford to live there. She knows money is power and her wealth bought her a lot of influence in the Democratic Party. Just like Hillary did with her corrupt Clinton Foundation, Pelosi has amassed vast wealth as a politician—she’s worth well over $100 million. Some estimate her wealth is much greater than that. She made sure her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., got paid off, too. Like Hunter Biden, he was involved in kickbacks and Ukraine corruption.

    Pelosi is growing very old. She will turn 80 next spring and she’s known for her moments of mumbling, confusion, and forgetfulness. Will she retire? Nah. She loves money and power too much for that. Nancy is a good argument for term limits.

    It remains to be seen what Pelosi will do in 2020 to help thwart Trump’s reelection. Her Trump Derangement Syndrome will not be cured any time soon and her endless thirst for money will remain unquenched.

    Happy New Year!

    —Ben Garrison
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    Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who testified against President Trump during the House Impeachment hearings, was fired. Naturally the anti-Trump mass media was outraged, but that was to be expected. They’re perma-outraged by Trump no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

    What Vindman did was outside of his authority. That is, he stepped out of the chain of command and contacted the CIA to aid in the whistleblower complaint. Such as man thinks he’s better than the president. After all, Ukraine offered him a job as their Defense Minister for some reason.

    His twin brother Yevgeny, who also worked as a lieutenant colonel for the U.S. Army, was allegedly escorted out at the same time.

    Vindman sowed the wind and he reaped the whirlwind.

    Bonus: You’re Fired!

    Ambassador to the European Union Gordan Sondland announced Friday that he was being recalled from his post by President Donald Trump.


    —The GrrrTeam
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    Rachel Maddow’s Russia Russia Russia! conspiracy claptrap is now behind her. Instead of owning up to her humiliation, she’s instead moved on to a fresh outrage. That is, Trump’s critical tweet about Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation.

    Maddow dramatically labeled the situation a ‘crisis.’ Eric Swalwell said Trump was injecting a ‘virus of corruption’ into the DOJ and suggested another impeachment process. Various Democrat ‘analysts’ (many are former Obama officials) on MSNBC and other fake news media continue to call Trump a ‘threat to our Democracy.’ Marxists see Democracy as being the road to socialism.

    The Democrats are now breathlessly saying Trump is retaliating against witnesses. The Democrats attack Trump for the very things they have done. Obama and his fellow Democrats helped corrupt the DOJ, the IRS, and the security agencies and used them to harass and spy on their enemies. The Democrats made justice a partisan issue.

    The problem is there are too many Obama holdovers who continue to pull levers of power. They were installed to help Hillary further Obama’s destruction of America, but now these insiders, leakers, and bureaucrats are determined to use their power to destroy President Trump.

    The Russia collusion witch-hunt was a gigantic lie, but the Democrats learned nothing from their failure and humiliation. They continue to create fresh hysterics in order to discredit the president. Roger Stone’s case should be thrown out since he had nothing to do with the Russia conspiracy theory—now thoroughly disproven. Instead, Obama’s functionaries still in government want him to do serious time based on concocted and ridiculous ‘process crimes.’

    We are glad Trump is sweeping out the Obama holdovers. They belong in the gutter.

    —Ben Garrison

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    Watch as 60 Minutes calls out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her conflict of interest.

    According to 60 Minutes, Pelosi and her husband have participated in at least 8 IPO’s. 60 Minutes reports that the Pelosis purchased 5,000 shares of Visa Stock at $44 per share. Two days later it was trading at $64. Legislature to block these types of things never made it to the floor of the House.

    That means they invested $220,000 and in two days that turned into $320,000. How many of you would like to make $100,000 in two days, with the snap of a finger?

    Pelosi refused an interview with 60 minutes. Watch the special below, it’s very very good.

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    Excellent Interview
    Democrat Nominee Biden is a Swamp Creature

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    Old Saying: “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.”


    Big Government (the Deep State) claims to care about its subjects (We The People). This is obviously false.

    If government cared about is, it wouldn’t have allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS to steal the fruits of our labor. They wouldn’t allow poisonous GMOs into our food supply. It wouldn’t send young people to fight and die in pointless, endless wars based on lies. It wouldn’t allow babies and toddlers to be brutalized with an ever-growing and already long list of poisonous vaccinations that cause autism. It wouldn’t eagerly strip away our freedoms with each and every crisis.

    The coronavirus is the latest crisis and the Deep State and the Fake News media are having a grand old time fanning the flames of fear.

    Our freedom of assembly is gone. POOF! Our freedom of speech when it comes to the virus is limited. Only the corrupt CDC and even more corrupt WHO are supposed to have the say and have control of the data. We are repeatedly told not to listen to anyone else!

    We The People had better darn well shut up and do as we’re told! Lives are at stake! You don’t want anyone to die, do you? Of course you don’t! Therefore, you WILL stay in your home and watch the fear porn channels each day. Start begging for still yet another government safety net. Demand that government receives more power and authority! Demand martial law and the mobilization of the troops! Demand Bill Gates release his vaccine antidote—you know, the one that comes with a handy-dandy microchip that can be scanned at government checkpoints to make sure you got your shot.

    We need to be safe!

    Note: We are an Amazon Associate. Your purchases on Amazon via our links will support Ben and Tina’s cartoons- At no extra cost to you! Please click and send some love!
    Amazon Home Page

    Shut down the economy and cause countless millions to lose their jobs! No worries, we will all get a pittance from our generous government. Becoming dependent on handouts from our virtuous and incorruptible government masters is a wonderful solution! To hell with self-reliance. We had all better do what we’re told, too…because the government can take it away if we don’t fall in line and march lockstep according to their dictates.


    In reality it all makes me sick how easy it was for government to remove not only our freedom, but our livelihoods as well. We are no longer the home of the brave. We’re the land of the fearful.

    —Ben Garrison
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    Nancy Pelosi attacked President Trump in the middle of a pandemic affecting the nation.

    She claimed “As the President fiddles, people are dying..”

    Oh how she projects!

    Who delayed the stimulus relief bill for almost a week?


    Who packed the first version of the bill with Christmas wish list of radical progressive goodies?


    Who has looked for every chance to weaponize the COVID-19 crisis for maximum damage to President Trump?


    For her to claim the President is “fiddling” while Americans die is beyond disgusting.

    A new low for the Speaker of the house.

    Even sometime Trump ally, Lindsey Graham had enough.

    “What she said, she’s blaming the president for people dying because of the way he’s led the country. That’s the most shameful disgusting statement by any politician in modern history. Let me tell you we’ve seen the best of America from our citizens helping each other, delivering groceries, having special shopping hours for senior citizens. She’s the first politician to blame another politician for people dying.”

    Nancy has even “hinted” at opening yet ANOTHER investigation into President Trump for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

    That’s what Americans want? The latest poll shows 60% of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

    Pelosi is out of touch and only cares about power.

    She is unfit to be speaker of the house.

    Where was Pelosi when the coronavirus was raging in China in January?

    Up to her botoxed elbows in the impeachment hearings.

    Do you think Pelosi is exploiting the COVID-19 crisis for political gain?

    Let us know!

    Hang in there and stay safe Patriots-

    3 days..3 nights..Eagle eyes!

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    Delete The Elite = Drain the Swamp

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