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    Yep. I got caught in a fake news twitter loop and began to steam at that story cuppaaa
    And many about Epstein today.

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    And it begins...
    Rachel at her Snittiest:
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    That's too funny, ... I don't even bother to look at Rachel Maddow.
    At some point, I think she needs to be held accountable for how much she peddles disinformation and how she frightens her audience so much.
    She's likeable, a great personality, but I feel her kind are a danger to the republic.
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    I can't possibly watch Rachel (or any others on her network for that matter) for any length of time as I find the experience nauseating. Likeable? Or, great personality? I can no longer think so. Not, for such a fake liar. I have not watched those networks since they were so completely wrong about Trump's campaign and election. I actually paid some attention to their bull*** prediction and polls prior to that. A lesson was learned and never again will I ever bother to listen to anything they say. My eyes were opened. I completely agree those disinformation peddlers are definitely a danger! Eddie Bravo describes how I feel now.


    "People are only watching short clips on line"

    My favorite genre these days.
    I like to collect them.
    Like a journal of truth timeline.
    One piece at a time:


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