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    David Writes:
    Hi guys I wanted to make some contribution to Rose's efforts. I feel as though she is well intentioned and at the end of the day that counts for a lot. I have been very busy trying to figure out a way to deal with the conspiracy that would have Hillary Clinton become the next president of this country. Let me state that I am an anarchist who believes very strongly that our votes do not count...I am saddened, but happy, that this fact is now known to anyone with any common sense. yes...that is what the Super Delegates are! and that is why there is massive election fraud.

    One of the tasks of which I am engaged is writing about this conspiracy. I have two sons and I also consider all children to be, by extension, my children in the sense that they deserve the same love, respect and sanity that my family deserves. If the forum is interested I will share some of the pieces I have written and am writing.

    Let me also address some internal speculation. I am very proud to be a friend of Gypsy. It is also humerous, to say the least, that Chick thinks his actions have any affect on my decisions to act lol. It is a characteristic of most sociopaths to have an exxagerated opinion of the power they weld, and Chick is no exception to that rule. he cowardly waited until the coast was clear and then made a mad rush for power when Rose was vulnerable. That behavior is exactly what a dumb sociopath would do....a smart one would not be so transparent lol. But Chick is right in one way and one way alone...this includes him not even knowing what a sociopath is after studying the matter for how many years?! He has managed to make this forum difficult to contribute to with all his cockamamee ideas and personal vendettas. He makes Zook look positively well adjusted!

    I do not intend to battle Chick... An idiot will pull you down to their level and drown you every time. So let me declare for all to hear "I am a sociopath!! thats correct!! The very vile creature that Chick has warned you about!! beware Beware! I keep the company of Gypsies and wondered why Brook, an intelligent poster, had to be driven off the site...wait a minute isn't that kind of splitting characteristic of a socio____ never mind, she must have had it coming.

    If there is an interest I can share some of the writing I am doing. I have tried to keep my word to Rose and did not intend on relying on this work, but frankly I could not find much to jump into. If there is no interest just let me know I don't take it personally. I have been researching the epistemology of truth statements now for around ten years, with the objective of trying to figure out when people with special claims are telling the truth. I have thus far established that there are many whistle blowers and assorted others who often think they are telling the truth. The Clinton conspiracy is a watershed in this process because we know she is lying. This gives insight into the process of how people are led to believe a lie, vis a vis, follow a liar (not the same thing actually). I can share insights into my research if people have an interest.

    Hope this wasn't jarring but I have no patience for when I see someone whom I believe is doing the right thing, manipulated by sociopaths with splitting tendencies. And as a New Yorker I call em as I see em!! If I am too crass, simply let me know...I respect virtually all the members of this site that I recall from other boards and the older site here. My ultimate motivation is to establish that there are indeed extraordinary claims that are true, with no caveats.

    With affection
    David the bastardly sociopath.
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  3. Chicodoodoo

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    Sorry, I thought we were still talking about this accusation that you made. My mistake.
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    Here comes Chico again! I knew he wouldn't quit on me lol. I figured he would have to hash this again because he was exposed so blatently, he can never let this go now lol. See heres the problem Chico. Some of us KNOW how sociopaths behave, and... while i would not say this lightly... you are a sociopath in so far as you exhibit the behavior. Unfortunately this means that to someone who knows what a sociopath is, your behavior can be pointed out.

    Im far from the only person to have done this I would imagine, but its all there in that sociopath thread (ouch)... Frankly its pretty damning, but given how many people you have accused you deserve it. I can't say it gives me pleasure. I actually don't enjoy putting the cabash down, but you really needed that bro. You play way to loose and fast with a term that you don't understand. Its nice you use your imagination and all, but call it a "chicohater" or something, don't misuse a term that has a real meaning and implications.

    Your right you don't owe any one an apology...but heres the thing that sociopaths don't get. The currency of social obligations which we all owe Chico... Even you! You owe others the right not to be fucked with. You owe others the right to pursue their self interest without having to answer to you and your ridiculous assertions. You owe people basic courtesy. And you cannot demand things of people either, who the fuck made you king?

    I hope you grow and learn from this Chico. The ball is in your court bro... You will say I am twisting things, that I am a liar, and try to affirm I am socially maladaptive...but there is no proof of any of those things.
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    Hi Rose

    This cook book for my boy is taking a little longer, I have not forgotten you and Shadow regarding the Laurel Canyon situation.
  6. Rose

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    No worries, Chico. I don't care if you apologize, or not. I can forgive and forget.
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    You requested the information from David, not me, Chico:
  8. Chicodoodoo

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    It should be your assignment, Rose, since you made the accusation, but I can see why you might need to enlist David's help (he's a skilled liar). While I have been patiently waiting, neither of you have produced any evidence to support your admittedly sketchy accusation.

    Your "facts" are getting mighty suspect, Rose. I simply don't owe you any apology, no matter how hard David tries to force one out of me.
  9. david

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    Captain Video reporting for duty!!! Assignment received ready to report for duty....helmet please!
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  10. Rose

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    Oh, sorry, I see you dropped out of that class, too.
    He can't apologize when he should, and that is a fact.
  11. Rose

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    You have received your assignment, David. Get straight to work on it post haste. Chico is impatient and demands detailed evidence to conpensate for his lack of self reflection. Don't we all live for the opportunity of spending hours out of our lives sorting through useless data to complile proofs he can then obfuscate? Get right on that assignment now and don't be tardy!
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    Your lies are in the threads that you partcipate in. You want example of hypocracy? You asked for me to be banned for doing what you do, except on one of my threads as opposed to another individials, there is your proof. I should emphasize, this is one example of many.

    Your lie was when you claimed that Shadow wanted you gone before you started to destroy her thread Chico...You were called out by Rose. Your making this too easy!!

    I have provided these examples over and over again, next time you need them just cut and paste ok sociopath? Thanks!!

    It won't work Chic. You cannot hope to obfiscate and claim to expose me. You have learned the ruse of the internet troll: keep saying something and it will come true. Its sort of like propoganda Chic. You want some examples of this ruse on YouTube? Watch this idiot beg for birthday money and then claim he is rich beyond belief. Propoganda, just keep saying it over and over again right Chic?

    The truth is you have provided no proof of anything except that you are guilty of the same behavior you accuse others of engaging in. This idiot above has mental problems. He is also a rascist, and believes the world is out to get him....that is until he wants a donation. You and him bare more than a few similarities, so I thought he would be a good example to illustrate the workings of an antisocial personality that cannot function. You are probably more polished than Mr Sneed, though he comes from good stock lol... But his behavior is essentially the same.
  13. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    You have presented no proof at all. Zook did the exact same thing, always claiming the UP archives hold the evidence of my alleged hypocrisy, but he somehow could never show us any valid evidence! So the hypocrisy was really his, just as it is really yours.

    Because you can't. You don't have any legs to stand on.

    And what "lie" would that be, David? I notice you don't even identify this so-called lie. Why is that, David? Is it because you are falsely accusing (lying) once again?

    Put up or shut up, David. Expose my lies by presenting your evidence. That's how I exposed your lies, which you couldn't even deny. I have no fear of your accusations, because I know you have nothing. It is all just sociopathic bluster and posturing, precisely as your psychology would predict. You are truly pathetic, David. Sociopaths always are, like Clinton, Ryan, Stephen, and GW. And like David.
  14. david

    david Member

    You do virtually everything you accuse others of doing. You try to twist people's words, You insinuate things that are ridiculous, you act out antisocial impulses. Sorry Chico people see through it. You can try to twist away but all one has to do is look at your history, your hypocracy, your lack of empathy, your extreme rage post against people like Zook, thats the proof.

    I don't care about trying to catch you in one of your coccamamee insinuations. You can't apologize to Rose for hurting her feelings, thats a fact. You had to be destructive on Shadow's thread, thats a fact...and who got caught in a lie regarding that thread? It was you Chico! lol! Who tried to play it off like Shadow had a previous grudge? it was you Chico and then you were shut down when the truth came out... Shadow was in fact reacting to your behavoir after all....she had no devious trap to set lol!

    No suprise there you have lied before... I guess in your mind when Chico has to lie its justified, unlike for the little people huh chico? You and Hillary are similar birds of a feather after all! Clinton felt she has the right to do what she wants, and with Chico when he was kicked off Billy Boy's forum he had the right to become a sock puppet! And while Billy Boy is a bad banner...Chick has his reasons why David should be banned... hypocrite!!!

    So I don't care about your various retorts....I care about your actions and how you use sociopathology to justify them. You see Chico I realize that what you say and what you do are two very different things!
  15. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Is that Shadowself talking now? It's like you have multiple personalities, David. But you claim to "have always posted in the same voice"? Even when I pointed out that you were not? Are you having trouble keeping track of your lies, "David"?

    You haven't been paying attention, David. My retort to Rose was "You're highly empathetic." My retort to Sam was "You're not a sociopath." My retort to Gemma was "You're very observant." My retort to David, who came in actually declaring he was a sociopath, was silence. I thought it best to observe you, to see what you were made of. You did end up displaying most of the characteristics of a sociopath, repeatedly and consistently, and I finally had to agree with your self-evaluation.

    Oh, wait, if you are truly a sociopath, then it's not that you haven't been paying attention, it's that you are deliberately lying! But of course, that's what sociopaths do, and we caught you again, David!
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    I have a friend in San Francisco, his name is chuck. He is around 90 years old these days...He started going to the community college about 5 years ago to take some classes, and one of the classes asked people why they were in the class to study the subject at hand, I think Chuck said that this was a history class. When it was his turn to speak he looked out at the class and teacher and said (this is what he told me he said) "I am going to school to see what I want to be when I grow up."
  17. david

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    Couldn't be that those who disagree with you have a point Chico? Your criteria for calling someone a sociopath always seemse to involve a disagreement, what a coincidence.

    If you are not in a power struggle why should you care if doing the right thing shuts me up? So? Is this a power game for you? Actually watching your treatment of Zook I can understand why you might be concerned.... No chico not everyone has to be an asshole, like you were to Zook. You can't do it because you play games. It has to be a problem Rose has...it can't be a problem you have can it?

    Poor Rose, in the garden with all the serpents who want things from her if only she knew that chico was right. Yet you would be hard pressed to find any of the "sociopaths" listed that demand anything of Rose. You wanted Rose to ban me....What if I asked Rose to ban you? wouldn't that make me a sociopath of sorts according to your definition (whatever that is lol)? I never asked Rose to ban you. I also, at cost to myself BTW, was totally transparent about my situation when I joined here. When you heard I was posting you started the old mess up....it sure looked like I started things though didn't it?

    Your not the only one with standards of consistancy Chico. I laid out all my issues on my first post to see if my participation was desired....notice on that first post that I dropped the issue and posted as I said I was going to do? and Rose can bare witness that I did exactly as I said I would: It took me a while longer and I apologized to her, but I had said I would post on the forum to say hello to some of the members who had been part of the old site. Then I posted material I said I would post. So I have been very predictable. If I am trying to power grab something...it must be something very hidden and I must be incredibly deceptive!

    Chico there is an old Japanese expression: the most deceptive man is one with an open heart. People can't deal with total transparency...it often looks like a person is hiding something. I have always gone to bat for people who I respected on these forums, its a pattern that repeats itself. I have always posted in the same voice, and generally on the same topics.

    Again, your retort is always the same: that the person is a sociopath. That isn't working anymore and it bothers you. You drive people away from the site with your witch hunt, and yes....that gets my attention your damn right. You have no right to do that. You assume that when someone sees things differently than you, they have a problem. Grow up Chico, its never too late.
  18. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Nice deception and manipulation, David -- if I do what you say, it will shut you up. But of course. You sound just like Stephen.

    Of course I see. Lying and manipulating people is second nature to you. Naturally, because you are a sociopath.

    I leave this kind of suck-up behavior to the sociopaths, who use it to their advantage at the expense of their victims.

    Every sociopath I deal with gives me this same basic spiel: "You call everyone who disagrees with you a sociopath!" It works not because it is a true statement (it is obviously false), but because it offends the sense of fairness all people of empathy have at their core. Essentially, you use other people's empathy to your advantage. It's classic sociopathy.
  19. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    It appears your mind is made up, Rose, and that nothing I say can dissuade you from your view that I am painting you as an "unbalanced emotional woman", that I am calling you a liar, that I am accusing you of conducting a witch hunt, that I have no respect for you, that I am insulting you, etc. None of this is true, but the more I try to clarify things for you, the more you reinforce your faulty perspectives. So I will say no more about it.
  20. david

    david Member

    So Rose....Now that I am not on your shit list I want to be the chief administrator...you know, the one who wears the big "ban hat?" Whatdayasay? Oh and if my first offcial act is to ban Chico is that ok? PS don't tell Chico or the others....they may think I am a sociopath! Shhhhhhhh! not to worry as long as I get my needs met Ill be veddy good freind!
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  21. david

    david Member

    Ok so...do it then: Make a statement to Rose to the effect where you are not blaming her for being emotionally charged, lacking judgement about something, etc. Just do it and shut me up chico. It shouldn't be that difficult. Watch: "Hey Chico I apologize for calling you doo doo it was immature and not in line with how I present my point of view, it was a cheap shot, I won't call you doo doo anymore." See? Try it ok? here just cut and paste "Rose I respect your feelings and opinions with no caveats, I understand your point of view has as much meaning as anyone else in a community of diverse points of view."

    Dude youve like got most of the forum as being sociopaths...Chic if you keep this up sociopaths will be the normal and others will become the socially deviant! Jeez
  22. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    This is not true either.
    I happen to be very choosy about my friends.
    Are you trying to be insulting or is it just something you can't help now?
  23. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    You have missed the point again, Chico.
    The issue is I have no information I can provide publicly here at this time.
    As I recall, I clearly stated that?
    Not that I was too emotional to speak about it,
    You are attempting to paint me with that muddy "unbalanced emotional woman" brush again...
    Are you capable of stopping that?
  24. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    What a blatant deceiver and manipulator you are, David! Sociopaths will suck-up to their victims with the very quote you describe. They don't see it as "giving up power", but of setting the victim at ease to gain his trust. And they don't make the issue about them, certainly not in the deception stage. That comes later, after you have won the victim's trust.

    Oh, that's good, David. Another blatant deception and manipulation. Your sociopathy is so evident, you practically glow in the dark like a neon sign. You're making this easy.
  25. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    This is exactly what I did, Rose. It is precisely why I queried you for more information. This is what I always do when presented with new and interesting information -- I research it.

    OK, so now I know not to ask you about these other red flags. I now know this subject is truly an emotionally charged one for you and should not be explored. This is contrary to my natural inquisitiveness, but I can certainly respect your desire for emotional tranquillity. However, from my point of view, such a desire is misplaced in the forums. You will not find emotional tranquillity in the forums. Of course, that opinion of mine is biased by my experience -- I talk about sociopaths, and sociopaths use every trick in the book to stop me, especially emotionally charged attacks (witness David's posts). Your opinion is biased by your experience -- trying to be friends with everyone, including sociopaths like Stephen, Rhiannon, Shezbeth, Zook, Shadowself, IceCold, David, and many others. There your emotional tranquillity will be comfortably satisfied sometimes, but it is always under their control, not yours, and at their whim. Entrusting your emotional comfort into the hands of sociopaths is a dangerous mistake. It is better to suffer the discomfort non-sociopaths might cause you, knowing that they are not doing it to deceive and manipulate you, but more likely to help you grow and evolve.
  26. david

    david Member


    Sociopaths have no boundaries when it comes to things like Private/Public. All the more reason why they seem to love positions of authority, like administrator, etc. Chic has many tendencies that Mcarthy had actually. There are still some who claim Mcarthy was on to something, and lets assume he was...assume... he still went about it in a manner that showed a need to show his power first and foremost.

    With a sociopath forget the distinction of whether he/she can understand and emphasize with a need you might have to be respectfully understood....something along the lines of "Rose I disagree about my bromantic partner Peter Joseph but I can understand your point of view." Sociopaths, in fact would see this as giving up power...and they will inevitably resort to making the issue about them, how he/she has been slighted, or about a problem with how you see the situation, etc.

    Lets see if Chic has it in him to simply say to you with NO CAVEATS "Rose we have a different opinion and thats ok, I respect your understanding we can move on." If Chic can do this it would suprise me. And if he does lets see if he follows through on it and does as he says.
  27. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    This topic is not a public debate. It is not an assignment in a course you profess. From the beginning, I stated "research" would take time and was not a priority to me. Sometimes your responses make me feel as if I am tardy handing in a report. hammer1
  28. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Chico, I am not attempting to convince you or anyone else here and I will not do so. I do not know how I can make that more clear. From the start, I explained my preference to remain oblique regarding this subject. That applies unless, or until, public information provides proof. I do not intend publicizing any private conversations that might be pertinent. I am completely unconcerned with how you and Gemma, or anyone else, regard Peter Joseph. Just leave it at that. Due to the fact that Gemma has voiced her intention to post a plan at InPHInet for a Global Awareness Program involving Joseph, I expressed personal concerns only as an explanation as to why I am, at this time, uninterested in her project. I have my own methods of operation. If, and when, my personal questions are answered to my satisfaction (you probably do not even fully know what those questions are), I may feel differently. I have learned to be very cautious with trust or decisions on where to devote precious time, because from my experience situations in a certain arena are most often not what they seem on the surface. I believe I am witnessing a pattern here. All I expected of you was to accept my position with a degree of respect (or even empathy?) without berating it and accusing me of being a "witch hunter", which is not and was never the case. When I told you it was not the case, you continued on insisting it was in what appeared to be a berating manner to me. That is not something someone with any respect for another individual does. I would suggest you might just accept my concern as a possibility, keep it in mind as you proceed, and remain alert. I see other red flags as well.
  29. david

    david Member

    One amusing by product of exposing the mainstream media, is the reevaluation of many other media sources. The internet has created an egalitarian playing field regarding information. This can only be a benefit imo because the mainstream media is definitely working with a purpose and it ain't journalistic integrity! Huff Post, Slate...eveyone can pull up the latest Assange Wiki Leaks pages!

    I also like the advent of the whistle blower on forums like Reddit. We may never know how credible some of these individuals are based on deconstructing them as individuals...so naturally we look carefully at their material! What a concept. lol. There have been some very interesting appearances in this respect. Hidden Hand a supposed Illuminati insider was a fascinating read to me.... That was years ago but recently the insider on REddit regarding Clinton (I put a source up here when I mentioned it in a thread) seemed credible to me, at least from a cursory glance.
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  30. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Rose, as far as I can tell, you have nothing but tenuous suspicions linking Peter Joseph to Stephen. You have been extremely vague in your presentation of any supporting evidence linking the two, so much so that I was confused by what you were trying to do. In the misunderstanding that resulted, you found apparent justification to accuse me of calling you a liar, which I did not do, and now you are implying that I am a liar for claiming to seek the truth.

    If you truly believe George Ohwell is Peter Joseph, by all means, present your case! Make the argument clearly and succinctly for all to see. I would encourage you to do so, as it is what I would do in your shoes. I will consider your evidence with all due diligence, as I would hope everyone would. The worst that can happen is that you will be proven wrong, and that is a good thing, as it gets us all a little closer to the truth. The best that can happen is that you will be proven right, and that is a good thing, as it gets us all a little closer to the truth.