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    Whoa! This video on propaganda is propaganda!

    Propaganda is never a good thing. It is always used to deceive and manipulate. Just like this video giving us a false idea of what propaganda is.

    When the German military uncovered the Katyn massacre during World War II, where over 20,000 Polish military and police officers were recovered from mass graves, still in uniform, each with a single bullet hole in the back of the skull, they told the German people and the world of the horror they had found! And you know what the Allies said? "Those Germans are relentless propagandists." Nazis were blamed for the massacre by the Russians, Nazis were tried for it at Nuremberg, and they were found guilty. But some 40+ years later, the Russians admitted that they had been responsible for the Katyn massacre! The Nazis had told the truth; the Russians, British, and Americans had lied, using propaganda!

    Peter Joseph gave us the Zeitgeist films to expose the propaganda we are suffering from! That includes the propaganda that is religion, the propaganda of 9/11, and the propaganda of the money system. All of those three are systems of control that the controllers want us to support. Joseph didn't need to use propaganda to do the job. All he had to do is tell the truth. You either lie or you tell the truth. Propaganda is a very subtle and clever way of lying.
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    Rose, you worked in the banking industry, in the heart of the capitalist system. Do you believe capitalism is the best system, one that works in the best interests of all humans?

    I don't know, and it doesn't really matter whether they see eye to eye on everything. What matters is what is true.

    At 31:27 in the Xavier Hawk interview of Jacque Fresco, Fresco says, "In order to seek the truth, you'd have to know everything. How would you know what you're seeing is true or not? You'd have to be smart beyond description. So there's no such thing as a truth-seeker." That circular logic (i.e. you must know the truth to recognize it) is completely absurd, equivalent to saying there is no truth, so why seek it. So Fresco can be an idiot, as can we all. He can also be quite astute, as can we all. So it's not about the messengers and their friendships, it's about their messages. Each message has to be evaluated for truth to the best of our ability. And unfortunately, our ability is shockingly poor.

    And therein lies the problem. Question everything, yes, but dismiss nothing. Tuning out is a form of dismissal. Have you really recognized the propaganda? Can you point to exactly where and how it is done for each example that you cite? Should the fact that you disagree with the information have anything to do with identifying it as propaganda? No, it should not. Disagreement is bias if it is done as a dismissal without considering all the evidence both pro and con.

    I am ashamed to say that I used to dismiss a lot that disagreed with what I was taught. That's really where the disagreement came from -- from my programming. It came from information I carried that others that I trusted had given me. It had nothing to do with whether the information was true or not, because in reality I didn't know what was true and what wasn't. I only knew that the information came from "experts" that I "trusted". I assumed it was true (BIG mistake). I suggest that it is the same for you, Rose. Then the question becomes, do those "experts" really know what is true and what is not, and are we wise to trust them (i.e. not question them)?
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    Yes, I know what motivates sociopaths. And I will repeat, almost anything (even those that seem for group good), anyone can have a vested interest in can be used for power and control over others.
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    I knew that part would irritate you. :)
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    Ok. I am willing to delve further into this conundrum. We watched A Culture in Decline Episode #1 earlier in Mark's post here. I am willing to grant further consideration to Culture in Decline Episode #2 "Economics 101".

    popcorn9And it begins...
    "Daunting right? Might even make you feel stupid....."
    "Very few today seem to be able to understand let alone discuss..."
    I have read every bit of possible information on earth so don't bother, just listen to me
    Prepare to be now to behold my magic and be very hyped and persuaded!

    "Overall, Joseph’s professional life before the release of the globally recognized film “Zeitgeist: The Movie”, was a combination of freelance musical collaboration, private equity trading & film production for predominantly advertising agencies in New York City." (As I said, a Propaganda Expert)


    Why does this fellow remind me of George OhWell???? hmmmm
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    shirlocYears ago?...
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    Clip from Culture in Decline "Man in the Street" Interviewer (former band mate?) - Episode #2
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    I now "smell" (so to speak) narcissistic self-entered deceptions when they are presented to me. I've taken numerous extensive "courses".
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    I just watched this, so your timing is good. The context is that financial "experts" use economic language that the public cannot understand, which Peter illustrated with several real-life examples. The public's reaction to not understanding the "experts" is that they might feel stupid and thus concede their thinking to the "experts". I agree that this happens all the time, and it is by the deliberate design of the "experts". In the forums, Zook likes to do this kind of thing. He will confuse and obfuscate to the point that people can't really follow him, so his readers figure he must know what he's talking about, which is exactly what he wants.

    This is the logical continuation of the public not understanding the "experts", so since they can't understand, they couldn't possibly have anything useful to contribute, especially if they cannot recognize how they are being fooled by the "experts"! So they let the "experts" do the thinking for them, which is the plan. Again, I agree with Peter that this is being done deliberately.

    No, you are not following, and I realize that it is not easy to follow. I have to really concentrate on his information because it is so rich and dense. Peter claimed to have read the college course work on economics from undergraduate to graduate level to try to understand if there was indeed any real substance to the economic babble he had shown us with his examples. Even after doing that, he was forced to conclude that we are being scammed by these so-called experts. It is not at all about enhancing his persuasive powers or perceived authority.

    I would expect that anyone who plans on exposing the propaganda we are subjected to had better be well versed in propaganda! Do you think I would be very good at exposing sociopaths if I was not well versed in sociopathy? I am not finding your reasoning here appropriate. Just because Peter has some background experience in propaganda does not mean he has the intent to use it against us! Rather, he is explaining to us how it is used against us by the controllers.

    Rather than attack the man, attack his message. Show us where, how, and why he is using propaganda to deceive and manipulate us.