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    Just being honest. That was indeed my perspective. Since I'm not here to make friends per se, I can push the envelope more than those who are here to make real friends or false friends. That means I can be more honest and play fewer games.

    Your research into his personal history and background. Instead of evaluating his message, you decided to evaluate his background. Peter was a musician (often narcissistic) . A stock market day-trader (selfish, greedy). Worked in advertising (deceptive, manipulative). I thought this indicated a bias on your part to discredit or at least question the motives of the messenger, rather than consider the pros and cons of his anti-capitalist message. Did you have other reasons for throwing out these "tidbits", besides a bias to question Joseph's personal motives?

    Note that I think there is nothing wrong with questioning Joseph' motives. It was just your priority to do so when it appeared you preferred to dismiss his message that caught my attention.
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    I got lazy with this one and didn't take notes, but there is some discussion from Peter about his background, motives, and anti-capitalist viewpoint in this interview.

    Peter Joseph and Cenk Uygur: The Zeitgeist Movement Interview TYT
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    Its an interesting dilemna: Most societies have historically had some form of property rights.
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    Poor Doo Doo....Trying so desperately to shit up a thread, yet sociopathology just isn't doing it. yes Doo Doo its all because of the mean sociopaths ok lol.
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    Could it be that a majority of human cultures have some sense of property rights after we were hunter and gatherers? Ohhhh those sociopaths they got everywhere!
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    Nope. Chic is a sociopath. He has to control others...in this case its not dropping bodies, or threats, it is with the power of entitlement. He is entitled to shit on all threads with his same limited understanding whereby its all about the sociopaths. It would be one thing if he said it and agreed to such a disagreement, but this is more than an opinion for Chick, it is a means of control. Remember that Rose. We all have opinions, we don't all have to dominate every thread with our opinions....One is a form of discourse, vis a vis having opinions, the other is a means of control...coopting the group with said opinions..

    Besides Chick is a hypocrite. he was quick to hit the ban hammer when it suited him and quick to use sock puppets as well... sociopaths often have one set of rule for oneself and another for others.
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    When we talk about human nature and private property, the idea of a capitolist is not necessarily part of the same belief system. For example, consider an island where one side has apples the other coconuts and the two sides have unlimited supply, each of one of the fruit. But trade cannot commence until the two sides figure out a way to exchange apples to coconuts.... This situation is often used to illustrate how our consciousness is programmed: Anyone not part of a capitolist system would no doubt say "You don't need a system of exchange, there is unlimited fruit on both sides, just let people take what they want."

    I just bring this point up because when we discuss any economic theory or thinker, its important to remember that there are many methods by which people have owned property and resources. Not all ownership is part of the capitolist enterprise per se.
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    You came into the forum claiming you were a sociopath, David. Your posts (two examples: 1 2 ) clearly confirmed that claim. I finally conceded, based on the evidence you provided, that you do indeed appear to be a sociopath. Since I made that concession, you have now resorted to accusing me of being a sociopath. All sociopaths I expose do this, it is known as accusing your opponents of your own malfeasance. It is one of the quite reliable indicators of the sociopathic mindset.

    So, simply by voicing his opinion, Chico gains unfair power and control over others. Is that your claim, David? Do you not voice your opinion as well? Why is it not appropriate for each of us to enjoy the same access to free speech? Could it be that you lie, whereas I don't?

    Sociopaths are indeed hypocrites, and they do indeed have one set of rules for themselves and another for others. Why don't you provide evidence for your two claims? Show us how Chico:

    1. is "quick to hit the ban hammer when it suited him", and
    2. "quick to use sock puppets as well"
    I provide evidence for all my claims. Let's see you do the same. "Just saying so does not make it so." Or could it be you that is the hypocrite?
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    You banned at least two people on your forum, thats a fact. You had aliases on Ryan's site when you were banned...thats a fact. Am I lying Chico? Better watch what you say! I already know the answers lol.

    I always accused you of being a sociopath...you are one, just a beta thats all. I have been consistent with my behavior and never remotely displayed signs of socipathology lol. because you don't know what a sociopath is, and because it has become a way for you to act as a type of inquisitor, I doubt you would even know if a sociopath was truly around... Therefore whether i am a sociopath or not, you would hardly be the one to judge.

    What you are is amusing. But even though you amuse me your presence is often detrimental to the progress of meaningful dialogue...you have a need to create a false dichotomy, black and white situation where people and events are either controllers or being controlled. Instead of voicing this opinion you use it as a crutch for your antisocial (uwww another trait!) behavior. When people react emotionally to your Bullshit and protest you play the victim...hence a member like Brook who truly does interesting research, was put off posting here. Posters like Gypsy who does legitimate research and is truly bright and gifted in this department would not be seen on any forum where you are sprouting your same tired horseshit. Even Zook has some intelligent things to say.

    You on the other hand are not progressive, interesting, thoughtful or insightful. You occasionally veer off your tirade only to come back to it time and time again...in an attempt to gain control. Those who must control others do not have self control Doo Doo. Anyhow, back to posting on subject, thank you for the amusement. I must be psychic predicting how you would inevitably label me a sociopath huh? lol. In another life Doo Doo you were a Spanish inquisitor making those convert or torturing them... but I might prefer the iron maiden to having to look at some of the BS you type!

    your favorite sociopath David to his dearest friend Chick the righteous one!

    PS: Hey Chicky how many sociopaths does it take to change a lightbulb?
    This is my light socket and I have a flashlight so whats the problem?
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    You are very clever, David, like a skilled sociopath. No, you are not lying here. I did ban "at least two people" (yourself and Gypsy Woman) at United People, much like Rose banned "at least two people" at Inphinet (sociopaths Stephen and Rhiannon). There are rare times when a ban is necessary, but that is not the same as "quick to hit the ban hammer when it suited him". That's where you lied. Likewise, posting at a forum under an "alias" is normal. "Gypsy Woman" is an alias, as is "dsimon3387", your alias at United People. Where you lied is "quick to use sock puppets as well". I've never used sock puppets. Gypsy Woman used sock puppets at United People, having multiple accounts using different aliases, primarily so that she could skew the UP voting polls for her benefit.

    So now we have two more examples of how you lie, David. Sociopaths always expose themselves, if you know what to look for. Sociopaths can't help but expose themselves, because clever lying is their calling card.