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    It appears your mind is made up, Rose, and that nothing I say can dissuade you from your view that I am painting you as an "unbalanced emotional woman", that I am calling you a liar, that I am accusing you of conducting a witch hunt, that I have no respect for you, that I am insulting you, etc. None of this is true, but the more I try to clarify things for you, the more you reinforce your faulty perspectives. So I will say no more about it.
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    Nice deception and manipulation, David -- if I do what you say, it will shut you up. But of course. You sound just like Stephen.

    Of course I see. Lying and manipulating people is second nature to you. Naturally, because you are a sociopath.

    I leave this kind of suck-up behavior to the sociopaths, who use it to their advantage at the expense of their victims.

    Every sociopath I deal with gives me this same basic spiel: "You call everyone who disagrees with you a sociopath!" It works not because it is a true statement (it is obviously false), but because it offends the sense of fairness all people of empathy have at their core. Essentially, you use other people's empathy to your advantage. It's classic sociopathy.
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    Couldn't be that those who disagree with you have a point Chico? Your criteria for calling someone a sociopath always seemse to involve a disagreement, what a coincidence.

    If you are not in a power struggle why should you care if doing the right thing shuts me up? So? Is this a power game for you? Actually watching your treatment of Zook I can understand why you might be concerned.... No chico not everyone has to be an asshole, like you were to Zook. You can't do it because you play games. It has to be a problem Rose has...it can't be a problem you have can it?

    Poor Rose, in the garden with all the serpents who want things from her if only she knew that chico was right. Yet you would be hard pressed to find any of the "sociopaths" listed that demand anything of Rose. You wanted Rose to ban me....What if I asked Rose to ban you? wouldn't that make me a sociopath of sorts according to your definition (whatever that is lol)? I never asked Rose to ban you. I also, at cost to myself BTW, was totally transparent about my situation when I joined here. When you heard I was posting you started the old mess up....it sure looked like I started things though didn't it?

    Your not the only one with standards of consistancy Chico. I laid out all my issues on my first post to see if my participation was desired....notice on that first post that I dropped the issue and posted as I said I was going to do? and Rose can bare witness that I did exactly as I said I would: It took me a while longer and I apologized to her, but I had said I would post on the forum to say hello to some of the members who had been part of the old site. Then I posted material I said I would post. So I have been very predictable. If I am trying to power grab something...it must be something very hidden and I must be incredibly deceptive!

    Chico there is an old Japanese expression: the most deceptive man is one with an open heart. People can't deal with total transparency...it often looks like a person is hiding something. I have always gone to bat for people who I respected on these forums, its a pattern that repeats itself. I have always posted in the same voice, and generally on the same topics.

    Again, your retort is always the same: that the person is a sociopath. That isn't working anymore and it bothers you. You drive people away from the site with your witch hunt, and yes....that gets my attention your damn right. You have no right to do that. You assume that when someone sees things differently than you, they have a problem. Grow up Chico, its never too late.
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    I have a friend in San Francisco, his name is chuck. He is around 90 years old these days...He started going to the community college about 5 years ago to take some classes, and one of the classes asked people why they were in the class to study the subject at hand, I think Chuck said that this was a history class. When it was his turn to speak he looked out at the class and teacher and said (this is what he told me he said) "I am going to school to see what I want to be when I grow up."
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    Is that Shadowself talking now? It's like you have multiple personalities, David. But you claim to "have always posted in the same voice"? Even when I pointed out that you were not? Are you having trouble keeping track of your lies, "David"?

    You haven't been paying attention, David. My retort to Rose was "You're highly empathetic." My retort to Sam was "You're not a sociopath." My retort to Gemma was "You're very observant." My retort to David, who came in actually declaring he was a sociopath, was silence. I thought it best to observe you, to see what you were made of. You did end up displaying most of the characteristics of a sociopath, repeatedly and consistently, and I finally had to agree with your self-evaluation.

    Oh, wait, if you are truly a sociopath, then it's not that you haven't been paying attention, it's that you are deliberately lying! But of course, that's what sociopaths do, and we caught you again, David!
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    You do virtually everything you accuse others of doing. You try to twist people's words, You insinuate things that are ridiculous, you act out antisocial impulses. Sorry Chico people see through it. You can try to twist away but all one has to do is look at your history, your hypocracy, your lack of empathy, your extreme rage post against people like Zook, thats the proof.

    I don't care about trying to catch you in one of your coccamamee insinuations. You can't apologize to Rose for hurting her feelings, thats a fact. You had to be destructive on Shadow's thread, thats a fact...and who got caught in a lie regarding that thread? It was you Chico! lol! Who tried to play it off like Shadow had a previous grudge? it was you Chico and then you were shut down when the truth came out... Shadow was in fact reacting to your behavoir after all....she had no devious trap to set lol!

    No suprise there you have lied before... I guess in your mind when Chico has to lie its justified, unlike for the little people huh chico? You and Hillary are similar birds of a feather after all! Clinton felt she has the right to do what she wants, and with Chico when he was kicked off Billy Boy's forum he had the right to become a sock puppet! And while Billy Boy is a bad banner...Chick has his reasons why David should be banned... hypocrite!!!

    So I don't care about your various retorts....I care about your actions and how you use sociopathology to justify them. You see Chico I realize that what you say and what you do are two very different things!
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    You have presented no proof at all. Zook did the exact same thing, always claiming the UP archives hold the evidence of my alleged hypocrisy, but he somehow could never show us any valid evidence! So the hypocrisy was really his, just as it is really yours.

    Because you can't. You don't have any legs to stand on.

    And what "lie" would that be, David? I notice you don't even identify this so-called lie. Why is that, David? Is it because you are falsely accusing (lying) once again?

    Put up or shut up, David. Expose my lies by presenting your evidence. That's how I exposed your lies, which you couldn't even deny. I have no fear of your accusations, because I know you have nothing. It is all just sociopathic bluster and posturing, precisely as your psychology would predict. You are truly pathetic, David. Sociopaths always are, like Clinton, Ryan, Stephen, and GW. And like David.
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    Your lies are in the threads that you partcipate in. You want example of hypocracy? You asked for me to be banned for doing what you do, except on one of my threads as opposed to another individials, there is your proof. I should emphasize, this is one example of many.

    Your lie was when you claimed that Shadow wanted you gone before you started to destroy her thread Chico...You were called out by Rose. Your making this too easy!!

    I have provided these examples over and over again, next time you need them just cut and paste ok sociopath? Thanks!!

    It won't work Chic. You cannot hope to obfiscate and claim to expose me. You have learned the ruse of the internet troll: keep saying something and it will come true. Its sort of like propoganda Chic. You want some examples of this ruse on YouTube? Watch this idiot beg for birthday money and then claim he is rich beyond belief. Propoganda, just keep saying it over and over again right Chic?

    The truth is you have provided no proof of anything except that you are guilty of the same behavior you accuse others of engaging in. This idiot above has mental problems. He is also a rascist, and believes the world is out to get him....that is until he wants a donation. You and him bare more than a few similarities, so I thought he would be a good example to illustrate the workings of an antisocial personality that cannot function. You are probably more polished than Mr Sneed, though he comes from good stock lol... But his behavior is essentially the same.
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    You have received your assignment, David. Get straight to work on it post haste. Chico is impatient and demands detailed evidence to conpensate for his lack of self reflection. Don't we all live for the opportunity of spending hours out of our lives sorting through useless data to complile proofs he can then obfuscate? Get right on that assignment now and don't be tardy!
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    Oh, sorry, I see you dropped out of that class, too.
    He can't apologize when he should, and that is a fact.