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    You are mixing apples and oranges here if your response had anything to do with my response? In my example the "plumber" and the "tap owner" are two functional areas of ONE human mind. So, YES, they must, by design, engage and agree since one determines the other. This is not a spiritual matter. It is a matter of how the human mind functions and why Joseph's propaganda-esque hypno-speak appeal is flawed. His suggestion is first that society is a disease, then that the reader as a being with a human mind, cannot possibly be objective. This is classic neurolinguistic programming designed to lull a listener into an agreeing receptive state to accept his anti-capitalistic message. I have seldom read any more blatant propagandized approach. Joseph is a master at it. Of course, no one wants starvation, war, and homelessness, but not wanting those things do not go hand in hand with Joseph's solution.
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    Painting others who disagree with ideas as individuals with old school ideaologies and an inability to understand "new" concepts, etc. etc. etc, is at the top of the list of propaganda tactics. Although Joseph's socioeconomic ideals are packaged beautifully futuristically, nationalization (or now internationalization?) of resources is far from a new concept.
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    David: "... I don't understand a lot of things and I don't need to have an explanation today. For example I have dreams that inevitably will display something the next day that was part of the dream...Is it just me being hyper vigilant? maybe? are dreams a portal, a view of the same present from a present future perspective? Maybe, do they tell me the future? I don't know."

    I found this interesting. We share this trait, David. What I refer to as "Vivid" dreams seldom steer wrong, although they may take weeks to become relevant.

    ~Forewarned is Forearmed~
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    My response was not personally directed at yours Rose - when I write my posts my minds conceptualization usually defaults to generalization - my bad, I should have made this clear.

    I am not familiar with neurolinguistic programming, apart from having heard the term over the years and a quick google search. Can you illuminate me more on this and if, as you say, Joseph is a master at it for propaganda do you not view his intentions as noble? Or do you just disagree with his solutions? I'm confused as to why Joseph's research would be categorized as propaganda and for what purpose?

    I am personally biased against capitalism in our current climate as I do not believe the "personal owners/controllers" of our resources are doing a very good job determining what resources are to be extracted and/or created, and how they are distributed/used. I also don't believe our system of government is equipped to make those decisions either when heavily influenced by capitalist stakeholders. Which is why my bias leans toward creating a new system which primarily deals with sustainable equality first, followed by individual sovereignty to choose to develop one's own "wealth" - wealth taking on a whole new meaning of course in this paradigm rather than being the coveting of resources.

    Of course, no one wants starvation, war, and homelessness, but not wanting those things do not go hand in hand with Joseph's solution.

    If that were true then we wouldn't have starvation, war, and homelessness when we have abundant resources, technology, and intelligence as a humanity to resolve these problems. Which is why the psychology of those in power that do want starvation, war and homelessness needs to be challenged as the proof is on the table and has been for a very long time.
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    ??? I'm confused again here Rose re "propaganda tactics"?? My statement was a generalization and in all fairness could well have been viewed as being harsh when I look back on it. Harsh because there are actually amazing NEW concepts, innovations and inventions out there for replacing the old and contemporary, but due to our controlling capitalist influence they don't see the light of day. For example, alternative power, vehicles, transport systems, housing, etc, as well as social systems.

    What I was attempting to highlight was the difficult task of turning off everything we have been taught and conditioned with, blank slating the palette in front of us, then recreating a new design. Being a visionary this is how my mind works because I am constantly in a state of flux between the portal of my vision/imagination and now. This makes it difficult for me to communicate at times, but I am aware of this and so do try my best to clarify.
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    I have absolutely no clue as to what you are trying to say here David? Could you please enlighten my cluelessness with a clearer approach.
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    ok, you quoted my post , and replied, " Yes, this is a sensitive ...." so I thought you were responding to me :):
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    Maybe not. Consider this:

    Suppose for thousands of years, human civilization has been led by sociopaths. Suppose those ruling sociopaths had an influence tens or hundreds of times greater than their proportion in the population (witness just the genetic influence of Genghis Khan). Suppose as a result, human society itself took on the characteristics of those sociopathic leaders. Suppose, due to their skills of deception, manipulation, secrecy, and control, the sociopaths influenced our collective minds to such an extent that we thought all this malaise and greed and domination and violence and tyranny and slavery was normal.

    I suggest we don't even need to "suppose". I suggest this scenario is the truth.

    That would mean society is indeed diseased. That would mean we have been brainwashed, mind controlled, and programmed. As such, we would not have the foundation to be objective.

    Speaking for myself, I can clearly see how I have been brainwashed, mind controlled, and programmed from the moment I was born. I can see how it took a dozen years for me to ease away from that comfortable and rewarded position. I can see that my learned objectivity was not objective at all, but heavily corrupted by society itself. And I can see how society is diseased because of the past and current effects of the ruling sociopaths.

    Can you see how modern capitalism itself is a corruption by ruling sociopaths of what was once a cooperative transaction among empathetic people?

    I don't think Peter Joseph is trying to deceive and manipulate us in a selfish pursuit of power and control. I think he is genuine. I can be fooled, of course, and if you think he is fooling us, I would love to hear your supporting evidence.
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