Hopkins Study on Psilocybin and nicotine addiction 80% success rate unprecedented

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    I have has two experiences that were life changing one while living in a Buddhist Monastery the other on Shrooms...both involved the Buddha lol! I can only say the profound respect and love I have for a proper psychedelic experience goes beyond words... LSD has yielded similar results with alcoholics, good for Hopkins!

    We talk about Laurel Canyon in other threads and cannot help but describe something unspeakably evil... But people forget how the culture taught us in the name of Bakti to take the plunge... Life changing always! Heres a story I heard on the radio once that brought me back to some of my realizations, to a place where one can laugh about this life and what we think of as important....

    So this individual was lamenting about something some here may have experienced. It seems this individual along with friends had gone to a Grateful Dead Show and decided to drop acid. In doing so after a while nothing seemed to be happening (uh oh!) so the guy took some more, then some more, etc...Suddenly he realized his friends and him had become separated and he is tripping very hard, "my god how much did I take? This is his first trip...so it starts, "will I go insane?" the world is melting!" He is beyond scared now holding the universe together with the duct tape of his consciousness, and he hears it creaking and groaning, what lies beyond insanity? he asks himself for he is surely never to come back to here from there, or was it from there to here?

    suddenly he sees a deadhead. He immediately sees the words forming in his mind telling him "this deadhead has tripped before, you have to connect with him! the very fabric of the universe, your sanity is at stake!!" So tentatively, as the riffs are playing he walks towards the deadhead, coming to within range, trying to form a discourse, a narrative, a question, a way to scream help me...but before he is even able to speak, the deadhead turns around, eyes encased in Shiva's flames, smiling and yells at the guy "Hang on!" And that was all it took. And he did! the guru had done his task, like Bodhi Dharma hearing the tortured scream of the monk asking "Pacify my mind!" Where upon Bodhi Dharma caused instant enlightenment, when he famously responded "bring it to me and I shall."

    When I heard this story I had to pull over because it reminded me of my second experience, when I was seeing diamond shaped Buddhas in color as the fabric of time space, and the sound and smell of the food cooking in the microwave (I will never forget this thank you!) became something incredible. My friends had visited from the special forces in the army (they had LSD I was on shrooms) and I guess I knew I was somewhere else when they all looked like GI Joe dolls. I was lost until a veteran tripper, much like mr "Hang on" took me aside where upon to say things took a turn for the better, would be like saying, starving yesterday and winning the lottery today made things a little better.

    When I hear that any person is exposed to the mushroom spirit I can only reflect on how happy I am for them...I have had similar times with others but the mushroom spirits showed me something so special. Go Hopkins!! The theme seems to be that when one approaches the trip suddenly it becomes ridiculous to smoke...and they just never do again...they never crave it, never want it. 80%!! and I bet out of the 20% at least some of the time the trip was not intense enough. Thats an opinion and did I say I was biased?
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    Good Morning David!

    I got a kick out of this post/thread. I haven't been able to post much the last few weeks due to a VERY heavy work schedule....but I did get one thing out of it...I personally hit a record production I think very few will be able to touch. It's funny too...because I'm not that young but I can still run circles around these youngsters! So there! Hahaha

    Anyhow due to my job I can't partake in anything of this sort because if I should get hurt at work the first thing they do is drug test you. I really need this job because there is very little else out here and it pays the bills. Operating four separate computer programs while overseeing two monster robot/machines. I am also on the emergency response team so I'd better have my shit together. This has taken away from some of the things I like to do best. One of those things is creative writing and research. Combining the two is the ultimate in reward for me. That being said of course I, being from the counter culture and smack dab in the middle of such enterprise partook often enough and while the Buddha was not in my view....being a musician I often got lost in the music! The most memorable time as a young woman in such partaking, I remember well having tea with the tillerman amidst the hobbits!....my favorite album cover! Enjoy!


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    Thanks for sharing Shadow. I totally understand, I get bogged with work at times, even though its my enterprise it is still very much...work lol.
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    I, also, understand. In addition to fascinating nocturnal delving expeditions into CTMU, a admittedly, in the scheme of things, small yearly quota I have neglected to focus upon since April, would stop nagging me if I just focused upon it until it was met. Thus, I also have somewhat sadly been away and will be until the practical task is accomplished.
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    Humphf! Thats the problem with You and Shadow Rose, you both need to focus on what is important in life ya know? last time I got distracted from my employment responsibilites to tackle such trivial matters as the basis for Reality versus reality in the Universe, or "what happens when we die" I gave myself a swat on the rear!