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    NOTE: Up until post #12 in this thread I was here by myself and writing and posting for myself... basically a personal journal. I never looked back to read what I had written until now. Last night I realized some things I have said in my threads can not be understood without taking the time and circumstances they were written into consideration. Please feel free to continue here with any comments or information on intuition you may have.
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    These type dream scenarios are a read into an intense experience of one or more individuals. The immediate night prior to an event is most often the timeframe for these type short impersonal impressions. Longer personal scenarios often project themselves much further into the future.

    Now, I hear it out there now. "What good is that? You didn't know what it meant until it happened. A stopped clock is correct twice a day, etc, etc. Give me something I can use or we must act on solely our logic and learning.

    That is why I said it is not even necessary to remember them. Even though consisted of symbolic communications perhaps not be immediately translated: If and when a dream scenario becomes personally pertinent, the gears begin to mesh, the symbology returns crystal clear, and the message speaks loudly.
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    I woke this morning understanding my precognition in the above mentioned dream:

    The dream's symbology referenced yesterday's event: The anticipated 10 page Democratic Surveillance Memo release deadline would not be met.

    Symbolized by" chips and thin wires" that needed clicking into place upon opening the 10 "pillows" were the extensive footnotes requiring intensive examination. The tedious process could not be accomplished before the deadline ran out. It would have been illegal to release 4 pages without footnotes. And, it would have been illegal to declassify the entire memo without requiring revisions to be done by the Democrats themselves.

    The museum looking place X returned to without the 10 pages with the cabinet type frames on the wall was the Capitol Building. The angry crowd were the democrats upon learning the 10 pages would not be released.

    The ten pages were most likely symbolized as "pillows" because they were padded with fluff needing redacting.
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    Had a dream last night that means nothing to me
    So I will record it here
    I know analysts all seem to say dreams are always about the dreamer
    Mine are not
    I'm writing it here in case it means anything to anyone
    Althought they are often not about me
    I usually experience all the feelings of a character
    And see through their eyes
    So here's what happened...
    I will call the person "X"
    The scene opens with X in an establishment considering a purchase
    X decides on 10 items that seemed to me to have the appearance of pillows
    X makes the purchase from two proprietors of the establishment
    Then, to my surprise X begins a process of
    opening all the packages to "assemble" them
    I found this very curious
    When X turned the pillows over
    X began a process
    Of snapping small rectangular objects with thin wires attached
    into corresponding recepticals
    in rows all over the back of the pillows
    probably electronic chips
    the process became much more time consuming
    and tedious than X expected
    X had completed the process on 4 pillows
    When the proprietors said the store was now closed
    X said X would just take X's purchase partially completed
    and sign a waiver that X would agree to accept them
    even if the incomplete pillows did not function properly
    The proprietors declined stating that was against their rules
    Then X said X would just take the 4 that were completed
    and return on Monday for the others
    The proprietors declined stating that was against their rules
    X began to panic and offered a large amount of $
    for the prorietors to remain open to let X complete the process
    The proprietors declined stating that was against the rules
    Dejected, X went home
    Where there were 10 empty pilow size cases in the walls
    looking like empty picture frame sized displays
    on museum style walls
    a group of people were gathered there waiting for X's return
    extremely angry X had not returned with the "pillow"s.
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    Dylan ~ A Series of Dreams

    Bob Dylan and the Flat Time Escalator

    Had a lengthy vivid dream one night
    wrote about it somewhere
    involved a tunnel underneath
    a highway that leads to the city
    On the way i encountered a
    flat escalator leading to other places in time
    passed it by on the way
    to an unknown area underneath the city
    where i met Dylan
    and a few traveling with him
    attempting to find an incognito automobile
    a poignant realish meeting with not a lot said
    good read into who he really is
    on the way home i took a ride on the
    flat time escalator
    next day i learned he had been in the city that night
    some are just closer to dreams
    in waking moments
    Interesting thing about dreams is
    they often act as compasses
    even if not remembered

    ~ Rose~

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    Had a dream about hammering on a chair night prior to this bubbling up in the pub.

    Happens so often, these somewhat abstract previews.
    Or, detailed scenarios to watch for.

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    Should I place this in Cottage Restoration or here? hmmmm

    For many years I put off improvements at the cottage because we definitely planned to move away when we reached retirement. The top two choices were to move to a condo on the gulf coast in Port Aransas, TX, our favorite vacation spot. Or, to move to an inherited mobile home near the beach in St. Petersburg, FL as a preliminary move. Early last year I was actively, excitedly, searching for the right condo in Port A experiencing a rare delighted anticipation that a long awaited time had finally arrived.

    Then, for some reason, completely surprising myself, I came to an abrupt conclusion, after a series of dreams, that we would not be happy either of those two places. I somewhat sadly changed direction and embarked upon the cottage restoration. Shortly afterwards, the eye of Hurricane Harvey hit as a direct bulls eye on Port Aransas. It was devastated.


    Shortly after that, Hurricane Irma slammed Puerto Rico, the Florida Key, and headed up the Florida gulf coast impacting St Pete Beach. I watched the coverage of those two hurricanes for days with empathy for those affected, thankful for whatever caused the dreams that warned me to change my plans.
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    #1 - We Can All See the box

    Who says we can all see the box?
    Why do they say we can all see the box?
    Is the box embedded in group consciousness?
    Who put it there?

    Why is it there?
    Who benefits if we see the box?
    Does it benefit us to see the box?
    How does believing the box is there make you feel?
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    I want to include this here before I begin my next post...
    How we see things can sometimes limit us.
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    NI = introverted intuitive mode...
    I usually see interpretations of the box as relative.​
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    We often feel in a trance while in intuitive mode.
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