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  1. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Of course, this is what I REALLY came back for.

    Time to trim the fat; for me, not you. But, it provides me an excellent opportunity to illustrate a multitude of principles.

    In my scrolling (very quick) I observed a post from Rose, hello Rose, thank you again, where she(you) incredulously pinkly asked if I take the 48 Laws as my Bible, and I responded affirmatively.

    I have gained a breadth of experience by which I can more effectively explain what I meant at the time, and still do. The 48 laws are NOT the fullest extent of what I would describe as a Bible (etymology considered), and yet it was at time and remains a foundational element in what I would suggest to others for guidance, if asked.

    Having said, its been what, a decade? I've got alot of shit to show you guys, and not just me either; moreover, in the past this thread gave me a vessel that unironically and greatly benefitted my emergence. I have utmost respect for this site and what it is. And, while I have no direct recollection of having done so, I apologize for anything I may have said in disrespect, contemptment (with exception), disregard, or anything approaching a lack of consideration.

    So not now, but I look forward to telling (you) abouy what has come of 10 years of being the Zombie Ninja
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  3. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    It's you, Shezbeth. It really is. Nice find. I think that's a great exit. I can see why you like it.
  4. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

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  5. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

  6. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    There is a general process in the development of an individual, with regard to dreaming. This process has developed a noticeable consensus among metaphysicists, though I can't say what the percentages or any of that are.

    First, the individual must learn to become aware while in a slumbering dream-state.

    Second, they must learn to consciously interact with the dream, aware that it is a dream.

    Third, they must learn to control the dream.

    (don't worry, that's the hard part)

    Fourth, they must become aware that they are dreaming while they are awake.

    Fifth, they must learn to consciously interact with the waking dream, aware that it is a waking dream.

    Sixth, they must learn to control the dream.

    Seventh, they must operate so as to proactively participate in - but not serve as catalyst for - the first-sixth step in others.

    There are two more. ^_^
  7. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    And, while a little on the hokey side, my point for today is nestled somewhere in this pile of straw. ^_^

    Homework Assignment! Watch the movie "Crazy As Hell".
  8. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    There is a powerful statement in the following video that I would like to share.

    For context, the dialogue is with Stefan Molyneux and a guest, who are talking about the disproportionate attention given to women's and men's rights; that part has nothing to do with my sharing of the video, nor the quality (IMO) of the sound bite. The sound bite occurs at 47:23 and begins/ends with the words: I... / ... lifetime. Its about 5-6 seconds.


  9. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    I just stumbled across this,... I thought I'd share. Oh wait, its my motherfucking thread. ^_^

  10. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Of course, you have but to ask!

    Continuing on, regarding the role of the Dungeon Master. ^_^

    The minimal responsibility of a dungeon master is to roll the dice, check tables, and follow the book(s). This method is consistent philosophically of one who is authorized to act in a given capacity, but couldn't manage a creative response if their life depended on it. These are not fun to play with IMO.

    Then there are Dungeon Masters. Artisans of theme, atmosphere, theatrics, and musical score, they craft imaginary wonders into the experience of all assembled; it is invocational magic.

    Such do not rely on bands of orcs or 'indigenous monsters a through d' to cause havoc to the protagonists,... no, only a good villain will do.

    The villain learns from the party, exploits weaknesses and tendencies, all in a plausible context; assuming the DM knows their game, of course.

    Obviously, the rules are systematically utilized, but as a set of guidelines rather than rigid constructs, and many questionable outcomes can be challenged to another die-roll. Still, the Dungeon Master takes those 'random die rolls' and sculpts the conditions into which that 'random value' are a statistic, giving form to the '4 hit point' gouges to the quadracep, giving a slight limp (decreased mobility).

    All of this is done simultaneously; the theatrical descriptions/illustrations on a white-board, the timed musical score from orchestral/movie-soundtracks, the bouncing in and out of character as the antagonist takes initiative 'in real time' and interrogates the party, the absolute villainy (read: tactics the party doesn't use) that reaffirms the party's resolve to defeat them,... that takes a genius, a creator.

    His name is Michael, and he's in the midst of a brilliant career.
  11. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Shez. Please observe the concept of timing with others?
    And, the fact the entire site is not all about you?
  12. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Interesting,... I assure you the timing of the post was in no way deliberate and not in any way directed at/toward/against Horse,... but c'mon, 'Detachable Penis' is an 80's classic!


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  13. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Indeed, hammered???
    I found your conduct reminiscent of the time your "move" was a big fake dick video immediately following A Horse With No Name's first written comments.
    This time, it was poo all over the Pub immediately after the radio show.
    I am contemplating the indications.
  14. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Well, he'res the funny thing about it.
    The 'off-topic' posts r On-topic, n the On-topic posts R Off-topic.

    (all ANSI keyed for ur confuzzlencence)

    Dont Worry Tho, The 'Black Knight' Always Triumphs!

    ... sorry.

    Let all comment stand, even those from the peanut gallerey.

    (FA was hammered last night)
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  15. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Shez please make a permanent decision whether you want your thread open or closed?
    I moved posts out, then back in, now you want it closed again?
    One way or another please?
    Either locked or open.
  16. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Again, your words reek of 'What losers say',... you really might consider 'winning' one of these days.

    Please note, there will be modifications to the thread from here on out to minimize interruption.

    While I wait, allow me to illustrate something:

    Silly boy, I had you beat at "Judge Claude Frolo", you simply neglected to notice. This is also why I throw many chess games, because its faster than drawing the game out until the opponent has finally experienced their final death throes (and, it engenders less malice).
  17. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Sociopaths. Yes, I know. They are consummate game-players focused on winning at all costs.

    Yes, I know. They are consummate game-players focused on winning at all costs.

    They are consummate game-players focused on... Never mind, you made my point.
  18. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    When dealing with a tyrant, opponent, or adversary, the first aspect that is required is resolve. Without the resolve, the game is lost before it is began. It is for this reason that among the most effective strategies is those which incorporate compromising the resolve at the outset,... but I'll get into those in detail at a later time.

    Without resolve, one cannot reason the strategy that will achieve victory, nor can one act in a manner which accomplishes the designs of the reason or the desires of the resolve. The mind, body. and spirit, are the active components at all times.

    The next step is to identify the conditions of the game: at what point is victory achieved and at what point is failure realized? Be particular with these conditions, for the more readily the opponent can determine the objectives, the easier it is for them to counter one's maneuvers.

    Once all that has been identified/determined, then all that matters is resolve. Resolve will change a setback into an opportunity; resolve conditions context into a sequence of victory rather than of eventual failure.

    Never underestimate the moves and designs of one's opponent, but neither allow their moves and designs to shake or upset the foundation of one's own. Its really that simple.

    Oh, and remember the saying: "Sticks and stones,...."
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    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    In my posts, I often link to sources and other relevant materials that support my arguments. Links I use can be to any website on the Internet, including forums. If I should link to information on Avalon, which I already have, or Atticus1, which I wanted to do, that does not imply any promotion on my part for Avalon or Atticus1. In fact, I have criticized both a great deal, in case you are not aware of it. I am also not looking to promote my forum, and links to posts on that forum also do not imply any endorsement for the forum on my part. It is the information I link to that is relevant, not the container.
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  20. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Still, earlier on you marveled at my interest/willingness to play the villain, and I would counter by saying it is quite natural especially to those who have experience playing as the Dungeon Master.

    In Dungeons and Dragons, the Dungeon Master is all things: the shopkeepers, the villagers, the faithful steeds, the glorious allies, and yes; the villain.

    As far as throwing chess games, it is a matter of not showing all your cards too early and playing 'possum'; as I said, it is about reserving one's wins for the rounds that have consequence. I whooped my nemesis' ass recently when there was incentive,....

    Have I missed any? By the way, you might notice that this thread - which has been restored to its entirely unmodified origins AT MY EXPRESSED INSISTENCE - still has Charles' early comments, which I would otherwise summarize and post at the Cozy Wastebin; do you have any whining objections to that Chico, before I return the thread to topic,... again?
  21. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Sorry, but that sounds like what losers say.

    By that, I mean 'individuals who are predisposed and/or preinclined to a strategy which incurs loss', not that they are in some way bad or unproductive.
  22. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Why are you posting links to previous discussions from your forum in your posts if you do not wish to promote your forum here?

    It appeared to me you were creating a means to do so.

    I thought I would assist in that process.
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  23. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    No, thank you.

    Yes, of course. Sociopaths seem unable to resist the challenge of practicing their skills against me. They even follow me around. Why do you think Zook is here? AndyWight did the same thing, following me over to the Quark forum (now defunct) to ally himself with the resident con-artist there who ran the joint. I suspect Stephen would love to be here too, given that sociopathy motivates him as well.

    There is no "defeating" sociopathic opponents. There is only exposing them, i.e. identifying them. Their deception and manipulation is much less effective once everyone knows what we are dealing with. So it's not at all about the WIN-LOSE scenario you describe. Yours is a duplicitous comparison, but no surprise there.
  24. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Merely desiring the inclusion of a topic here is not indicating a shift of the entire dynamics of InPHInet.
    That said, I do find it interesting how well the topics you mention seem to mesh together.
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  25. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    There is currently some wicked-level metaphysical shit afoot as we speak. David Bowie, dead at 69 from cancer; Alan Rickman, dead at 69 from cancer. Is it a pair, or is there a trio; I'm suggesting the latter and that's without looking into it.

    Anyway, if I'm right its an evocation; it is the making objective - in a manifestation sense - what is believed/perceived/desired subjectively.

    Someone 'wants' something really bad right now.
  26. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Oh Rose, how can you deny a shift toward sociopathic discussion while inviting others to participate on those grounds? Clever you,....

    And, by whatever name one uses what we are really talking about is discussion of - towards the ends of defeating - the opponent.

    Opsec involves methods and tecnniques involved in defeating digital and social opponents;
    Chico's threads involve discussion of defeating sociopathic opponents;
    This thread discusses methods of defeating energetic, strategic, and philosophical opponents;
    Even Music and Poetry can be said to work against emotional entanglements/hangups (opponents),....

    Beyond that, thank you for most beautifully illustrating the absolutely appropriate privileges you as proprietor are entitled to; as writer and thereby editor of this thread, I reserve comparable rights to this thread.


    P.S. I'm noticing some phenomenal time-stamps lately! Zook @ 11:11, Rose @ 4:44,... good form!
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  27. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Rose, I appreciate your response to my post. Would you be so kind as to dump the rest in the Cozy Waste-bin? I'd hate for allegations of censorship to tarnish, but if a neighbor's dog takes a dump in my lawn I don't think it egregious to clean it up; shout 'Sanitizing!' from the rooftops all you like but its about my aesthetic pleasure. Besides, I will read the posts, just not yet (no booze on hand Xp) ^_^

    Everything after this one:

    Oooh, post #133,... nicely played!

    Edit: Strike that, some of its not bad,... maybe the poo will fertilize the lawn! It makes for a lovely chapter break,... I can work with this!

    OOOOOOOH! Chico! You have a forum? Can I join?! ^_^
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  28. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Chico, I think I will let you have the last word on this if you wish to post again.

    I have already posted a statement, or statements explaining why I do not believe this to be true in my case.

    I am looking to different persons in publishing for my inspiration.
    Certainly not Bill Ryan, consciously or unconsciously.
    I have also stated, I do not consider InPHInet to be a forum, per se.

    I find an ongoing process of contradiction followed by restatement:
    Boring as a broken record, somewhat disrespectful, and counterproductive.

    You may now reiterate on this subject, and I will not respond.


    Chico, I am thinking of adding a node here for member websites. InPHInet Member Sites, or Friends of InPHInet, or something such as that, for members to advertise links to their sites. Would this be of interest to you?
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  29. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I know the argument. When I wrote my first private message to Bill Ryan shortly after joining Avalon, I was complaining about Bill Ryan banning plummer2009, someone I didn't even know, who simply disagreed with Ryan over the right to free speech. The reply from Bill Ryan was very similar to your reply. I'm not saying that to imply that you are an evil dictator or unfair to the forum members, like Bill Ryan is. Rather I am still observing how we are influenced by our examples and tend to copy them without realizing it. I am guilty of this myself and work constantly to break the mold. Don't forget that I am a forum administrator too, and I struggle not to follow in the footsteps of those that preceded me (Bill Ryan, Richard, Atticus, and others). Note that every one of them, even those not named, were sociopaths (especially one of those not named). Again, please don't misunderstand or jump to conclusions. I am not saying that you and I are sociopaths because we are forum administrators like our examples. But I am saying that our examples of what constitutes an administrator have been modeled by known sociopaths. We may be consciously opposed to the examples they set for us, but some amount of their influence is still there at the unconscious level. It's something to consider and not dismiss lightly.
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  30. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Regardless of what anyone here thinks about having an editor for a publication, that is what we have here. I have worked very hard for a year to create this publication as I have envisioned it, and I retain that right. InPHInet is not normal forum. It is not a democracy. That experiment was tried at Atticus1 and failed miserably. I think you will find I am very fair. I told you before, my approach is not based on Avalon or any other forum. Anyone who wishes to have a closed thread to publish a work may do so and I will honor that request. Anyone who wishes to have an open discussion thread may do so and I will honor that request. If I happen to post something I do not feel suitable for publication, I will move it to members only or delete it if I choose to. Anyone who does not wish to participate under these terms is free not to.
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