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    I can't help but see the influence of Bill Ryan in that statement. We saw him say this kind of thing so many times at Avalon, always justifying his "editing" (which included banning members) as necessary for our own protection and benefit. I know you believe you make your own decisions and think independently, and I like to think that about myself as well, but the influences of our past are powerful, and we tend to copy those influences without realizing it.

    You underestimate the value and importance of provocation, in my opinion. I don't want to be protected from provocations directed at me from others. I find these provocations incredibly valuable and important. For one, they remind me to self-reflect, which Shezbeth claims to appreciate. They also reveal important characteristics about the provoking party. I would not be able to identify sociopaths as easily if I could not observe the methods they use to push other people's "buttons", including mine. Sociopaths are deceivers and manipulators. I prefer to see them behaving "naturally", according to their inherent psychology, without the constraints that society or "editors" place on them. In that way, they become much more visible to us all.

    At the macrocosm level, the bigger picture is that the rules we put in place to protect ourselves against sociopaths often serve to make the sociopaths more effective against us. They adapt to the "rules of the game" (which is how they see our laws) and simply become more sophisticated at circumventing them. Bill Clinton in front of the Grand Jury is a classic example. Shezbeth provides the example at the microcosm level. He was planning to "sanitize" this thread of my "interruptions" and I exposed him. He denied any such plans with "plausible deniability" and I exposed him again. Now he is embracing the concept of no censorship, a complete reversal of his prior plan. He is also planning to reverse his defense against being "vilified" by playing the villain! Amazing stuff, and if you were to enforce a policy of "no provocation", all this sociopathic game-playing would be less visible to us all. But I maintain that we really need to see it.

    This used to be called "drama" back at Avalon, and it probably still is. Many people there were dead set against drama. Do you know why? Because, for far too many people, ignorance is bliss.
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    I heartily beg to differ with this statement, Shez.

    There is no "General Theme" stated or implied at InPHInet.

    InPHInet as a publication house containing or eventually containing:

    Various articles/discussions/programs/art of interest by various independent authors and artists.

    Nothing more or less. NO unified theme.

    NO reason for one author to adjust their personal focus because of another author's thread.

    But, it is your choice whether or not to do so.


    At this time, I am the editor of InPHInet.
    I will make editorial decisions when required. It is my hope authors here will not provoke each other. Chico graciously left your thread when asked to do so. I am not aware of your previous history with him and do not find that relevant. Many of us have had issues in the past and have chosen to forgive, forget, and begin anew.
    I specifically invited Chico to join InPHInet.
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  3. Shezbeth

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    Ladies and gentlemen!

    I am pleased to announce a new chapter in the ongoing dynamic of metaphysical illustration. To begin this chapter, I'll make the following statements.

    1. I am changing the dynamic of this thread. My purpose - to provide an outline/primer of conducive metaphysical operation – is complete, and I thank Chicodoodoo for providing the impetus for this realization.

      While I am often want to wax idiotic – far beyond necessity – I am also loathe to repeat myself, and absent interruption I would invariably do both, incurring my own contempt. There will be (nor ever was there to be) any form of revision, modification, or cleaning, in spite of the many undesirable interjections which were intermixed in the flow. Life is what it is, and I am not one to attempt to take life on anything but life's terms; to do otherwise is a fool's errand and an exercise in futility, and my hope is that this salient point is appreciated – if not embraced outright – by the reader/audience.

    2. Since I have been (and will no doubt continue to be) vilified, I shall do what I have found is a most apt response; I will play the villain! My hope is that by way of doing so, one can readily come to terms with the true nature of the villain as pertains to the potentiation/emergence of whomever deems themselves the 'hero'. To reiterate a point made in the radio show test:

    1. (supposed to be 3 and 4, but the bullet editor is shit and so is my internet tonight so just pretend) The general theme of Inphinet is evidently shifting toward the confrontation and opposition of Sociopaths, and I find this is most appropriate, having been subjected to several in my own experience and recognizing the prevalence of such in contemporary society. One need only look at Chicodoodoo to see how emotionally damaging interaction with a sociopath can be. I would have that anyone/everyone be suitably armed and prepared for such interactions, that they can avoid ending up such a paranoid and insufferable mess.

    2. The proclivity to oppose sociopaths – and opponents in general – should not occur without a thorough and ceaseless self-reflection, else one is doomed to become that which they would oppose. As such, I will also be advocating the other side of the sociopathic dynamic, that of the co-dependent enabler, and the manner in which 'victims' actively participate in their 'victimization'; for a quick overview of that, refer to the Wedding/Neuro-peptide scene of “What the Bleep Do We Know”. Whatever one does do, I enjoin the importance of pointing an equal number of fingers inwards as outward; the individual is equally – if not moreso – responsible for the circumstances they potentiate and find themselves in. This is not a popular position, but it is strategically, dispositionally, and objectively true.

    Four is a good number; I'll stick to that.

    In closing I hope that my efforts have been enlightening, educational, perhaps aesthetically pleasing, and above all,...

    ...what do I care, I'm supposed to be the villain, right? Let's get started!
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    Alright. Fish allegories aside, I would like to review the Laws, namely law # 9.

    Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument

    In the book, the author details a story of Leonardo de Vinci and the sculpting of a particular piece of marble. The contract was assigned by some dood who's name is largely irrelevant, but let us just establish that this dude knew nothing of sculpting, art, or perspective.

    When the statue Leonardo was sculpting was finished, the dood showed up to see the product. He was immediately dissatisfied with the work and expressed it to Leonardo. The statue was a person (I forget who, I'm going from memory here) and the dood complained that the statue's proportions were off and that the work - and the marble piece - were ruined. Leonardo immediately set to console the man, had him stand clear of the structure, scaled to the top and worked at it for a bit with his chisel. After he came down, the dood was now satisfied with the work, and retracted all objection.

    What REALLY happened is that Leonardo adequately and rightly assessed that the dood was in fact, a n0oB. The 'standing the guy clear' maneuver (duplicity <gasp>) was to give him the proper angle to view the piece from. Since the statue was in Leo's studio with all manner of light casting numerous shadows in different directions (and not the final place the statue would be erected), one could not get an adequate perspective of the piece. When he scaled to work with his chisel, he tapped gingerly on the face with the back of the chisel and sprinkled down bits of stone and dust that he had grabbed from the floor. This illusory and deceptive move accomplished the following:

    1. He allowed the n0oB to think that he was right, and so avoid offending him (he was an influential n0oB, and Leo had a reputation and career to see to).
    2. He maintained the piece in its correct appearance; Leo - after all - was the expert on such things.

    In this scenario, Leo realized that if he were to argue his case - that the piece was fine/correct - he would only incite further opposition from one who was not want to recognize that he lacked the authority (true authority, that of the craftsman) to adequately judge the piece. Rather than risk a pyrrhic victory (or worse, an outright loss of reputation and position) he opted to allow the n0oB the opportunity to avoid being faced with their own incompetence, while maintaining his status (increasing actually, the n0oB was impressed by Leo's willingness to accommodate).

    It was not for Leo to try and 'change' the n0oB - if that WERE to occur, the onus was on the n0oB - but given the consequences and/or benefits (gasp! selfishness!), he acted in a matter that was both scient, decorous, and above all: wise.

    P.S. There's also a story of a guy who didn't; a roman scientist and engineer, who's name (but not his account) escapes the history books because he - in his authority - dared to inform the roman consul that he was 'wrong'.
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    Now, while the above videos are useful in a certain sense, make no illusions; those are for training and disciplinary purpose. 'Real' interactions (physical) are not (never?) like that. If one wishes to strengthen themselves by way of actual combat training, here's just one of the resources I have come across.

    "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog." (Resolve, much?)

    Check the video at 0:54,... notice that after the initial exchange, the defender escapes the situation?

    Let me reiterate, there is a fine line between training techniques - which develop form, discipline, and an understanding of how the body works and can be manipulated - and combative techniques. Training techniques CAN work in certain scenarios and contexts, but combative techniques are designed to operate from a more eclectic and adaptable situation, where one can abandon their process as additional considerations become apparent or even potential.
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    Basic Ninjutsu

    Obviously I have a penchant for martial arts, specifically Ninjutsu. There's a philosophical element that I'll detail in another post, but for now I would like to offer some basic and introductory videos, should the individual be interested in simple examples.

    Two of the Youtube groups I find particularly authoritative and informative - both trained in the Bujinkan style - are those of Jon Haas (channel name), and Mark Roemke (of Ninjutsu Bujinkan AND Ninja Training TV). Here are a couple of videos from both. Please note, these are introductory videos only, and there are a wealth of additional resources, channels/videos that incorporate displays/instruction of more advanced material.

    First I'll start with Jon Haas; his more recent videos have taken on a Vlog style, and I haven't watched most of them, but his ~2012 videos are GREAT beginning resources. I recommend watching them at 1.5 speed tho, cuz his measure is unnecessarily slow IMO.

    Bokken (Rods)

    Kusari Fundo (chains)
    Plz note, he's using a ROPE (no chain OR weight) fundo; the Zonbi Ninshu does not typically utilize 'training' weapons, but the ideas are the same.

    Now Jon does not incorporate sword/blade videos, rather he has the bokken (and other) videos, however in the Zonbi Ninshu the Bokken is a stand-alone weapon, rather than a 'training' weapon.

    In addition to techniques and training videos, he has alot of muscular and strength training videos that might be worth a gander too.

    Next up is Mark Roemke; don't hold it against him that he can't pronounce Kusari Fundo properly,... he's among a significant percentage,... its "Koo-sah-ree Foon-Doh", not Kisura, not Kasura, not Kasuri, and its not a "Fun" do,... n0oBs,... anyway.

    Kusari Fundo



    One thing to note; the techniques to do with the Kusari Fundo are the 'traditional' techniques. If one wants to get funky with their fundo, I recommend looking into fire-spinning. ^_~
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  7. Shezbeth

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    One thing I feel I should clarify:

    While I make no apologies or (for the most part ^_~) illusion of the fact that I use deception and illusion, I should indicate that while there are individuals online whom I have engaged and likely more over time, the overwhelming majority who I DO engage are in real life. While there is evidence of overt (selfish) falseness in the Alt, I find a greater prevalence of selfish duplicity (whether conscious or self-deceptively based) among the aggregate,... especially amongst the 'religious'.

    Personally, I like religious types 'cuz they entertain me - especially the LDS church 'cuz they come to me ^_~ - but I often leave them with a 'bad taste'. Take this example; an individual in my immediate surroundings (a baptist, this one) is under the distinct impression (God knows why, ha!) that because he shows up to church every week, he's entitled to A. not maintain a job (his wife does that, he's collecting unemployment for going on a year now), B. do absolutely NO chores (nor his two testicular secretions boys) 'cuz that's "woman's work" (he claims the Bible told him so), and C. (and here's the kicker, just recent) can spend $1500 on Black Friday, borrow $500 from a single mother of two who works THREE jobs, and then NOT PAY HER BACK.

    What is it about christians? I'll probably post about that too.

    He's in my cross-hairs; he doesn't know it yet,.... And make no mistake, it's not a matter of morality or anything; the single mother in question (who, I have indicated should NOT have jeopardized her rent and situation for THIS testicular secretion dude) is the closest friend of my spouse and a valuable ally to the both of us. Basically (in a technically not-appropriate 'possessive' sense) I count her as among 'mine', and am want to act on her behalf.

    Now, before anyone accuses me of having a savior complex, its not about saving or 'fighting the good fight' or any such nonsense; all it is is that he has opted to deliberately and duplicitously (both through disposition and action) malign someone who has done right by me, and whom I am willing to - without being asked - operate on behalf of. That, and good ol' entertainment of course.

    Having said, there are aspects to physical/geographical interaction that are not available to an online interaction. I don't have the liberty of observing facial cues, body language, tone inflection, etc., so I opt to take 'shortcuts', and those shortcuts involve duplicity.

    Please recognize, at no point has any of this been meant to excuse, rationalize, or justify. There IS no justification, but neither IMO is justification necessary. What I have observed is that deceptive individuals aren't going to admit to their deceptions, EVEN WHEN CAUGHT IN THE ACT. The only recourse (for expedited observance) is to spin a bit of a tale/illusion.

    Besides, I'm not trying to screw/ruin/fleece anyone, and the only losses incurred are to do with Pride, and appearances (namely, the false ones). So, to anyone out there (assuming!) that finds themselves going "He's lying!",... deal with it. If the individuals I inevitably cross paths with were not readily engaged in lying to themselves AND others, I would GLADLY desist.

    Until then,....

    Good video (off topic) but he makes my point at 1:34

    EDIT: P.S. I'm pleased to mention that the douche I mentioned toward the top of this post has reluctantly but finally complied with his obligation to my associate, and is therefore being taken off my 'to do' list (but irrevocably remains on my 'to avoid/advise against' list).
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  8. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zombie Ninja

    It never ceases to amaze me the degree of self-deception individuals are want to engage in.

    Whether by hypocrisy, a lack of self-reflection, or just plain ignorance, it never takes me long to find it. The sad part is, part of me likes it otherwise I would realize at the outset/forefront and avoid such un-pleasantries; it gratifies me to some degree to be disillusioned I guess.

    I suppose its fortunate that it never takes long to source/identify. In particular, there is a particular want among the Alt to profess 'truth-seeking', 'enlightenment', 'sovereignty', etc., but then belie those claims by actions and behavior. Yet, when pressed on the issue the individuals double-down. I mean, it would be one thing to acknowledge a behavior or mindset when indicated, but to willfully ignore it when presented, that's another issue entirely.

    And so, I must do what I have made a practice of doing; I'll extricate myself from the situation, assess the pros, cons, successes, failures, etc., along with the details which contributed to all sides. If I truly desire to avoid unnecessary entanglements, the onus falls in MY lap.

    For example, one could readily and evidently criticize me for frequently engaging in duplicity. That is a fair criticism, and worthy of note. I counter that position in observance that everyone is engaged in duplicity of a sort/magnitude (though it may not be apparent initially), that my methods are a mirror of the situations I see (feel drawn to), but that's not the whole story.

    I could suggest that my strategy has been developed over time to assist in weeding/sussing out endemic false-hood. I could state that in the interest of getting to the gist/pith of a situation is largely accelerated by way of tactics and strategy. I could even argue that my choices are a learned behavior adopted by observing my surroundings and 'doing as the Romans do'. All those points are partially/largely (subjectively) true.

    The greater truth is simply that I am a liar. That is not a moral judgement, nor a critique,... it is simply evident; whether others are liars as I claim - or not - is irrelevant.

    The greater reality is the personified 'I' that I identify with and present is its SELF a lie. Again I am want to say 'oh, well everyone is/does', but again that is irrelevant.

    Or is it?

    Individuals have/do profess to want to 'change' things, whether its the dynamic in which they operate, the established structures around and in which they operate, and the functions of both. This strikes me as odd, because they themselves are a construct of both. The idea that the seed of a plant can change the plant from which it originates is base nonsense IMO.

    All a seed can do is grow, and its growth is predetermined; it is not fate, it is inevitability.

    Lies, illusion, etc. are inevitable. I suppose I should take solace/comfort in that I can at least - even to a minimal degree - be conscious of that. As said earlier (pg. 2):
    P.S. My favorite method to employ is the 'Red Herring'. ^_~
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    Shezbeth Zombie Ninja

    I emphatically insist on physical emergence - beyond the obvious benefits (which are many) - to do with the fact that, a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Bodily/mental health is dependent on FAR more than stretching, which is where diet, exercise, and indeed recreation, are essential, not to mention intellectual development and emergence.

    All these to service and develop the resolve. The resolve is a tricky thing; it cannot be proven or evidenced empirically, and yet can still be observed to exist and be present/absent.

    There are many sources that suggest that the ME depends on the stable/suitable position of both the mind and body, and I find no evidence to the contrary. Subjectively, I find a great deal of corroboration both through artistic representation (IME, Manga, but I'll get to that too), and personal experience.

    Whatever the case, I doubt I will find any detractors who will assert that a sound mind and/or resolve can come out of an unsound body, so to which I RE-REiterate (heh, re-re) the importance of physical emergence and development.

    BUT there are elements to both the body and mind that are subtle and elusive. For example, I hope one is aware that one's geographical domain is in essence a depiction of their internal condition. One who is want to engage in due diligence will readily attend to those secular matters (chores) that depict and affect their surroundings, the degree to which is emblematic.

    Conversely, one who is not want to so can be readily observed to neglect an increasing number of 'chores' as is relative to their current position. Additionally, secular life (sometimes; in my case at least) demands attention to aspects which are influenced by outside forces but which have a tangible effect on both the appearance and the 'feel' of one's environment.

    I can't but reference my current situation to depict, but in the near vicinity of my residence is a number of individuals/groups that are want to engage in illicit substance distribution. I don't know their exact location, but I do know they wander along my leased property on occasion (I seen 'em, and the previous renters left entirely BECAUSE of the drug activity), and I also know that there's a package containing a few wireless cameras that is headed my way; again, due diligence (nothing personal, just good business).

    To merge the philosophical with the literal, the 'body' can be said to represent MORE than the body, and what is good for the goose is good for the gander (the gander in this case referring to me, mine, and those I hold dear/precious).

    This, I would encourage in any who might see.
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  10. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zombie Ninja

    That's quite the delightful and appreciable position; thank you for the questions.

    The reality IMO is that chess - and life - are simply a game. Some games are fun, some games are not so, but like you indicate chess is an opportunity to learn. My current 'nemesis' in chess (literally) is a co-worker who soundly destroys me every time we play (I almost beat him recently {or did I?}, but alas), who in his youth won many tournaments and who - outside of chess - is the only individual who on a professional level can match me 'move for move' with regard to initiative, self-motivation, and overall resolve; add to that, he's only 22.

    I deliberately misrepresented my chess record, and the truth is the inverse of what I reported; a duplicitous maneuver I will readily admit, though I will not apologize for it.

    Having said, I reiterate my agreement that the overall point is what is learned, which is why my record is so 'poor'. For me - with chess and with life - it is not about the "Win", it is about the game. The first and foremost question for me is, 'are both players enjoying the game?'. I'll admit that (probably 25%) I have thrown numerous games once I knew (in light of forethought and potential) that the game was otherwise 'won' if I maintained my strategy. I care not whether my opponent knows I have 'won' once I have.

    On the other hand, life has consequences (for myself and those who rely on me) I can't ignore,... hence the above quoted position.

    Now, if you'll excuse me I would like to clear this space, that I may continue from where I left off.
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  11. Chicodoodoo

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    Interesting again. So do you see chess as a conflict, or maybe a type of battle?

    To me, chess is a puzzle. The object of the game is to try to solve the puzzle that the other player presents.

    I have lost thousands and thousands of chess games. I always told my chess class kids exactly that on day one. They usually want to know right then how many I've won. I tell them, "Probably thousands and thousands, but I don't keep count. The only one that counts is the one I'm playing, and with that one, it doesn't matter whether I win or lose. What matters is what I learn."
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  12. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zombie Ninja

    On the one hand I agree with that position. It doesn't do to pick fights, pursue conflicts, or play chess against less skilled opponents,... excepting that you might be the opponent from which they get better from the opposition of.

    However, I am not want to engage in conflicts at all,... but I will not shy away from a conflict that is brought to me either.

    FWIW, my record in chess (I've only been keeping track for about the past 5 years) is about 43w and 2l. ^_~
  13. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Interesting, but quite foreign to me. I've played chess most of my life. I taught chess to elementary school kids for 13 years, including kindergarteners. My philosophy, which I taught, was that if you are not losing at least half your games, you are playing the wrong people.

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    Shezbeth Zombie Ninja

    Happy new year!

    Not sure how well it will work, but I've attached a .PDF (below) that contains three charts of highly effective stretching practices. I personally utilize many of the stretches indicated, particularly those that pertain to the lower back, shoulders, and arms. Many of the 'conventional' stretches (those commonly known) are highly ineffective for those areas, and I encourage the reader to at least try them.

    Many people tell me that (when applicable) they have an amazing experience the first time they do a good HEAVY stretch (be it normal stretching, yoga, etc.). The reason for this is as I have indicated here and elsewhere; a disturbing number (IMO) of people haven't stretched in YEARS, some as long as grade/high school.

    IMAGINE how much muscle fatigue, not to mention minor strains, hyper-extentions/-flexions, knots, can occur over such a period of time.

    The problem is, many people operate from a misguided understanding of what a muscle strain feels like. For the most part, they're NOT debilitating, and most people can 'walk it off', or 'get back to normal' after a few days.

    They're NOT back to normal, they have just become so acclimated to the fatigue/strain that it no longer bothers them. Meanwhile, the injury persists.

    So, to start off the New Year, I enjoin anyone reading this:

    For the love of god, stretch your shit!

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  15. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zombie Ninja

    For this new years (happy new year!) I'll dispense a drink recipe I'm actively utilizing. Unfortunately, one must be in a butt-ass cold environment for it to work.

    Let's get to it!


    1 - awesomer icicle (see above)
    1 - partition of Rum (or whatever booz is preferred)
    2 - (or less) partitions of mixer (preferred: International Delight Very Vanilla Nog)

    Place the icicle in the glass, point up.
    Pour booz over the icicle, so that the booz divides over the ice.
    Pour mixer over the ice (same way).
    Grab ice and stir.
    Break ice so it all fits in the glass (Ice should be anywhere from 3" to 9" over the rim of the glass; break into 4" pieces).


    Happy new year, and STAY TUNED (if ya want) cuz its only just begun!