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    Oh you thought I was done? Hardly, I just had to get up early today to mow my lawn. ^_~

    Shia Lebouf made a motivational video that has become something of a meme. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

    While it is a little on the cheesy side, I find it to be absolutely brilliant.

    Carlos Castaneda described (sorry if this is a repeat) two types of individuals, a line where all peoples can be separated into two categories.

    I. The first are the immortals; those who are going to live forever. You can tell these by the manner in which they waste their time, fixate on non-conducive practices and habits, and are generally reticent to engage in anything particularly laborious or involved.

    These are individuals who have all the time in the world – to use or to waste – because they aren't going to die. No its true, they are going to live on perennially without concern for age, depreciation of their bodies, etc.

    II. The second group consists of those who are going to die. You can tell these by the degree to which they commit themselves to tasks, pursuits, development, etc. Here are individuals who recognize that their bodies are ever-so gradually degrading, aging, and becoming less viable. In observance of the eventual cessation of operation of their body, they spend their time with worthwhile (ish) pursuits, goals, and challenges.

    Having reached a point where – and not to a paranoid or obsessive degree – they recognize the finite nature of existence in an individuated form, they operate from a position of fruitfully pursuing necessary, viable, or conducive practices and pursuits.

    The previous post was primarily dedicated to the immortals. For the dying,... nobody said it was going to be easy, but that's not a principle concern. Ease is irrelevant; oh sure its nice when the time is right, but it is not something to be hounded or pursued.

    Incidentally, I've been meaning to ask: Who doesn't do the washing up? Sorry, that one's been festering for some time now. Anyhow,....

    So back to working hard. Let's put this into proper perspective shall we?

    Without taking sides or promoting one idea over the other, we can all agree that there are appreciable and depreciable aspects to the world yes? There are parts we would keep and parts we would see undergo a transition/emergence yes?

    Is there anyone laboring under the delusion that any transition/emergence would be either easy, or absent a whole lot of hard work? Seriously?

    What is baffling to me – and I'm in the camp of 'things could stand some improvement' – is how individuals (re: the Alt Community) seem particularly quick and apt to rant, rave, posit, and theorize about 'what can/should be done',... but from a desire to inspire someone (someoneS by my estimation) to do the work for them. Oh, they don't sell it like that, but look at the causes, effects, and product.

    Look, “Get Others to do the Work For you...” is one of the 48 Laws, but that is not an excuse for inaction. Moreover, it should be increasingly apparent that I am particularly critical of individuals who's actions lack the conviction of their words.

    Don't you worry, I'll be spieling about 'online identities/personas' before too long. ^_~

    Anyhow, if one is in confusion as to why I am going on and on about 'doing it', etc., the answer is very simple.

    Action is the purview of the body. An individual who's conscious mind presents one story/idea and their body/actions present another, this is clear evidence to me of an individual who's mind and body are divided against themselves and are largely (if not entirely) operating with an absent/defunct resolve.

    Simply put, these individuals' 3 faculties are operating in enmity to one another. If I can impress only ONE thing on the reader (or the world for that matter) – in fact the whole over-arching pursuit of this thread above all is to impress ideas, strategies, positions, philosophies, etc. geared toward this: uniting/harmonizing the 3 faculties; in opposition to the idea of enmity is that of affinity.

    To try and change the world without changing/refining the self is putting the cart before the horse; good luck with that.
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    There's a curious dispositional commonality I observe on a consistent and reliable basis when interacting with individuals on a personal, casual, or professional level.

    People just plain don't want to work.

    I'm not talking about a job, I'm talking about doing shit.

    I'm talking about putting forth the effort – and by 'effort' I mean to an exceeding or exceptional capacity – that is required to make a significant change, progression, or result.

    There is this curious perception amongst individuals that “If I just keep doing what I've been doing, everything will come to me/go my way/work out for me.”

    I won't go into great detail, but that's the definition of insanity.

    Before I even begin to cross reference the idea with major topics, lets look at a simple one; I'll use a real-world example for this.

    My employer is situated in the southern-central part of a small town. The town is about 3 miles in diameter with a lake situated right in the middle.

    Curiously (well not really) I am the only person who rides a bike to work. I take it back, there's one other guy,... but he lives 2 blocks from the plant. I live 3 miles from the plant (outside city limits).

    In the time I've worked for this company, I have observed numerous individuals 'decide' to start riding a bike to work,... but except for that guy I mentioned, there's nobody anymore.

    Did people think it was going to be easy? Did they think that it was going to be 'just like driving'? One guy, a slightly overweight fellow who had expressed an interest in getting into better shape, quit after 2 weeks because “he didn't want to be tired when he got to work”.


    Quick segue – While I am quite the proponent of stretching and calisthenics, there is another crucial aspect to physical fitness, development, and emergence.

    The warm-up. Back to topic.

    So, what is tiring and/or exhausting to one guy (who lacks resolve) is a warm-up for the guy who has resolve. Mind you, we do the same job.

    Here's another example. Quite frequently I hear anecdotes and mentions of state/federal benefits, programs, and largesse. Food stamps, WIC (not sure what it stands for, but its something like Food Stamps, except not quite),... everyone seems perfectly willing to accept 'free money'.

    I'll assume the reader is fully versed on the bullshit-nature of the money system. Continuing,....

    How does an individual expect to get ahead – or even advance – while taking handouts? Oh sure, they don't have to work for it,... but that's the problem.

    These are people who can't wait to get the next gadget, TV, game console, phone, etc. etc. etc.,... but they can only do that (did I mention these people have kids?) by signing up for the 'free lunch'.

    There's a Law of Power about that,... in fact it is my very favorite one.

    So having said, I would strongly advise anyone reading this,....

    Work harder. Not because you have to, not because it is required of you, not even in observance of the benefits of doing so,....

    … do it 'cuz you can.

    Everyone can.

    But so very few actually do.
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Think of it this way if you care to. Every culture that has ever had a god, goddess, angel, demon, sprite, fairy, etc. is potentially a member of your audience. Every fusion center employee who glances at surveillance or web-traffic is potentially a member; every roving extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional,... and that list is anything but exhaustive.

    So to further reiterate, put some style into whatever it is you do. Challenge, drive, and motivate yourself to accomplish new things in new areas. The universe of archetypes is full of athletes and warriors who will gladly cheer you on with physical pursuits, likewise intellects and sages who will follow along for the puzzles, mind-games, and intrigue. The various personages are themselves a testament to creative potential and all have a thing or two to say – implicitly or explicitly – about resolve, will, and spirit.

    And yes, there are assholes in the audience who either couldn't give a shit, or they literally want you to lose. It is what it is.

    And when the audience is essentially all intrigued,... well allow me to suggest that curious chains of phenomenon and otherwise 'impossible' odds become quite commonplace. Why? Because even those assholes who want to see you lose still want you to become better at losing. Stagnation is boring, and for the entities which are simply aware of what is, it pays to keep it interesting.

    I know how ridiculous this all may sound, but I am quite sincere about what I am expressing. Consider it a theory.

    In any case, if you haven't been previously introduced; you, this is your audience. ^_^

    (there used to be a movie on Netflix that did a brilliant job of introducing this concept,... alas I can't locate it)
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    LOL, no gods here (that I'm aware of), but a prescient collection of atoms, molecules, and ever increasing-size organisms?

    I'm so stealing that picture btw. ^_~
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  5. Omnipresent being , yeah right....god , realy.
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    Much of the reason I prescribe, insist, even harp on about the importance of philosophy, disposition, etc. is to do with how one interrelates to everything outside of their individuation. In addition to all the known interactions and affects one causes are the unknown causes one has on unseen, unrecognized, or unknown observers.

    For example, if an individual's 'private' outburst were to be witnessed by a small child, that outburst could have an interesting effect on the child's conditioning! In a similar manner, allow me to suggest that there are and always will be an undetectable presence of non-corporeal observers at all times.

    Basically, one is always being watched, in a manner of speaking.

    That there could exist consciousnesses – embodied or dis-embodied – that surpass our human biological and technological capability to detect is all-but axiomatic IMO. One must always account for the threshold of impossibility for human expression and/or detection. Therefore, it stands to reason that at least one type of species has figured out how to operate and or preside unknown to humanity. This satisfies the 'If'' qualifier to follow, that while being unknown it is within the threshold of possibility.

    IF there is/are witnesses to everything one does, then one should give them a show. ^_~

    Let me tell you what I know about the audience.

    First of all, they are fickle. They are not dissimilar to a human audience for a movie. There are sycophantic fan-boys/girls, there are hecklers, so on, so on. The whole gamut of archetypal expression/definition is in attendance, so to speak.

    Come on now, we're talking about theoretical entities for which awareness is an infinite commodity; they can 'watch more than one show at the same time'. If you thought Tivo was good,....

    Think about it. If you talk, then any device or being capable of listening is an observer. Laptops, cellphones, recording devices,... I'm not getting paranoid and saying “They're listening to you live man!”, I'm saying that there is the chance that recording or whatever is to be reviewed. In that, you have potential observers. There is the additional likelihood that theoretical entities are in some way listening in.

    So, instead of speaking, you think something,.... Yet, there are a wealth of accounts around the internet of thought-receptive technology. I'm not saying yea or nay, but that's within the threshold of potential, and then there's still the TE (theoretical entities).

    Basically, I'm saying that anything one does physically, mentally, spiritually, is detectable, recordable, and reviewable by something/someone now and/or forever; Big Brother didn't have collective omnipresence.

    So if someone is watching, give 'em a fucking show goddamn it!

    First off they don't want to see any sissy bitch-shit. Whether you're a male or a female, they want a respectable hero/-ine. Or sure, there are sections that dig scandal and dubious shit, but the majority are about conviction, perseverance, etc. What's the phrase? “If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything”?

    Before I continue, you may be wondering; “why does the impression of the audience matter?”

    Simple: quantum manifestation. Where there is an awareness, there is quantum influence. One could liken quantum manifestation as the results of a voting ballot of all available awarenesses as to the outcome of any particular circumstance. The more 'voters', the more aggregated the outcome, and the fewer voters the more specialized (potentially).

    Non-physical entities in particular know things about manifestation that humans do not. Things are more possible to them that to us would be outstanding and/or unheard-of.

    Now, by that last I'm not saying one should pander to the audience; QUITE the contrary. Personally, I maintain a practice of 'chucking aces' (throwing up both middle-fingers) to the audience.

    My inaugural metaphysical act was to serve notice to all observers of my own sovereignty and the dissolution of any contracts or agreements. Since then I have been certain to maintain a lack of doubt as to my maintained disposition.

    Realize that no matter how you slice it, if humanity got their shit together everyone wins. Humanity wins, the animals win, the environment/planet stabilizes, inter-stellar beings can interact positively, extra-dimensional dynamics harmonize,...

    … but I digress (Xp).

    Anyway, the point I was trying to make/get-to earlier is that from your position of being you, imagine that there is more than just you aware of your position. Imagine that there are other,... you's (for simplicity) watching you be you make your you decisions. Imagine that those other you's know what you could do and could not do, and that they're cheering you on. They want you to be you – the best possible you – as much if not moreso than you do.

    In addition to not wanting any sissy bitch-shit, they want a hero that evolves or develops over time. Obviously some of that development is going to be a result of outside forces, but much will have to be self-motivated. I go on about that for personal reasons, but they like to see it too.

    Talk to yourself. Not all entities are mind-readers, and it helps your audience understand your position better if your discuss it with yourself.

    Above all, seek to be good at what you do; half-assed is boring to watch over time.

    There are circles that advocate a "searching and fearless moral inventory"; while I'm more of a moral relativist, I find this is a useful practice when one simply views 'moral' as a scale and not an authoritative concept. The point is to know one's strengths, weaknesses, resources/assets, and defeceits/requirements.
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Just a quick follow up, here's my overall disposition about fighting and physical conflict, not to be confused with combat.

    Unless someone's life and/or health is being threatened there is nothing to be gained by fighting to resolve conflict.

    So saying, the most effective self-defense tools one possesses is their mouth and their legs. Their mouth can be used to defuse the situation (when facing an aggressor) and the legs can be used to escape them. I'm not one of those who thinks it is cowardly to escape an unnecessary or baseless conflict.

    However, I always keep no less than 1 (and usually 3) weapons on me at all times; a kusari fundo, a tanto, and a collapse-able baton. One thing I stress to some is that if one is suddenly and without warning, facing an opponent that can be neither reasoned with nor escaped, one's response should come (as per the reference of martial training mentioned previously) without thought or consideration. Per the Zonbi Nindo: if a zombie suddenly appears, it is a poor ninja who thinks "Where did I put that,....", or even "I need to grab....". The only acceptable response (and again, assuming escape is impossible) is to - without hesitation - produce the weapon most effective for the circumstances.

    Having said, I will admit that it has been many years since I practiced hand-to-hand physical combat, and I am in no hurry to begin again. The methods I practice have only 2 stages; threat avoidance/escape, and threat elimination,... 'fighting' need not apply.
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Neither legal or illegal ATM, though one of my coworkers is an amateur MMA fighter and I've been thinking of sparring and/or fighting with him,... my grapelling is week tho, so I'm not so sure about it 'til I get my game on a bit tighter. Personally, I am of the mind that there are two types of apt physical confrontations: those that are necessary (for defense, in which case all the 'red-line' techniques are fair game), and those that are recreational (sparring, boxing, etc. for personal development). The problem I keep coming up to is that after my formal martial arts training, I focused on lethal techniques, which are not appreciable in a sportsmanlike exchange. Plus, I practice more with personal weapons than unarmed, again alluding to the 'necessity' preparation.

    I used to have a Thai kickboxer friend who taught me alot about disposition. He'd spar with his friends and they'd get all excited if they managed a 'tap-out' choke hold or whatever, until I told them "You guys are just playing. If this were a real struggle, he'd have tenderized your face out of proportion". Necessity and all that,....

    I have not witnessed any humans die, though scores of animals, some under duress and some under 'natural' circumstances. To that end, I have experienced that when an animal (who one is focused on) passes, there's is a detectable 'shift'. Its subtle - like a tick of a clock - but when it occurs (the first time I wasn't sure but in later experiences I've confirmed the experience) there is something finite that - aside from vital signs - can be observed to occur without any outward indication. Its a curious phenomenon, and unlike anything I could attempt to compare it to.

    Cats,... well that's a tricky one. I used to be (grew up as) a dog lover (still am, but they're more irritating to me now), and my appreciation for cats is largely to do with the disposition and conditioning of my spouse. Having said, there are a wealth of appreciable aspects to cats which I'll be happy to detail. The first being discretion; cats are not known for making a ruckus or being overly noisy. Additionally, cats are particularly intelligent animals, quite capable of finding the 'gaps' in human domineering thinking; if a person is hypocritical about their discipline, guidelines, rules/regulations, etc. a cat will be more than happy to detect and exploit it.

    Cats, as far as domestic animals are concerned, are a bit along the 'pessimist/realist' line of operation. They don't ask permission, and they don't respond submissively when found to be 'out of line', in observance of the fact that humans (despite all want to see things that way) aren't in control of everything, aware of everything, or in a position to dictate to the world.
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  9. We'll , I'm not sure I'll add to your eclectic scope...but I may add to your thought process.

    First of all I obviously concur with the fit body mind etc...not meaning to over simplify..

    So questions.

    Have you fought in a professional fight legal or illegal and been paid money for it.
    Yes or no , no specifics needed.

    Have you witnessed some "one" die under duress...

    Why do you like cats

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  10. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Absolutely, and don't pull any punches. ^_~

    Seriously, I can tend to harp on a bit and alot of my inspiration is circumstantial, so I appreciate and welcome input, inquiries, comments, etc. It helps me to maintain more of an eclectic scope. ^_^
  11. At this stage , could I intervene and ask some qualifying but awkward questions , lol.
    You know me.

    If it is an inopportune moment I shall refrain until a later date .
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    So how is your body doing? Rather, what kind of stretching routine have you developed?

    What follows is per my own personal guidelines.

    If you answered with anything other than “I don't have a routine, but I stretch what needs stretching,” you didn't get top marks.

    The sort of awareness of body that I advocate is not satisfied with a simple stretching routine. Personally, I spend about 20-30 minutes stretching, and while there are observable consistencies to the moves I incorporate, how and what I stretch is determined by what needs stretching first and what could use stretching second.

    Many of the stretches I incorporate are among the 'do not do this type' list, because they incorporate precise muscle resistance and support to perform. One slight mis-move or mis-calculation and I could end up tearing muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

    The thing about stretching is that – absent a good massage – there isn't a more effective method of reducing/eliminating muscle strain, fatigue, as well as boost recovery from exertion,... plus it increases the circulation of cerebro-spinal fluid to the brain, increases muscular/tissue respiration,... there's a whole slough of benefits (many of them unknown by science,... look into “prana” while realizing one's whole body breathes).

    I'll include a graphical diagram (eventually, I am lazy with some things,... just ask Sooz ^_~) of the stretches I incorporate for particular muscles depending on the level of fatigue.

    Anyhow, the body is an expression of the Resolve acting through Reason amidst a given context (genetics, DNA, the whole individuated works). While there are finite limits (the unachievable; I won't be jumping 100m vertically in the air anytime to my anticipation) there are always and ever will be thresholds of performance which surpass previous expressions (read: personal best).

    You should be seeking to expand that at every available opportunity IMO. Keeping your 'machine' well tuned (diet, exercise, etc.; I'm not talking obsessive-compulsive level, but to an emergent and progressive degree) is what I'd do.
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  13. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    I keep finding myself confronted with opponents. This is neither unexpected or unforseen, in fact it is the basis of my personal ideology and strategy. Still, opposition, conflict and resolution, etc. has been on my mind increasingly of late. And so,....

    I've said before that no matter what one chooses to do – or not to do – one will ALWAYS be opposed. That opposition is not always direct, specific, or even intentional, but that does nothing to diminish the fact that there is/always-will-be an opponent.

    As such, one must could do worse than be prepared to wage opposition the moment it presents its self. Just as with chess, it is possible to win with a willy-nilly, unplanned or spur of the moment strategy,... but one shouldn't count on it.

    For the record, any time I say 'must' I mean 'could do worse than'. I'd hate for the reader to intuit a degree of unquestion-ability from the following.

    If one truly wants (read: is resolved) to win, it takes time, preparation, and practice. Martial artists don't practice moves so that they can look good when they practice them, they do so so that when the situation presents its self they don't even have to think about their response; muscle memory, conditioning, discipline, etc. all kick in and the rest works its self out.

    Social conflict (esp. professional) however, requires more finesse and planning.

    First off, in any such conflict one must ABSOLUTELY know where they stand and by virtue what they can and can't say. Many conflicts are either lost or thrown due to one party saying something off the cuff and essentially forfeiting any legitimacy. Further, exp. when working in a chain-of-command or another form of hierarchy, there are a variety of considerations to observe.

    Secondly, one must be in control of their emotions; rash impulses may feel good, but they malign the individual in several ways (both immediate and long-term). There's a Law about that by the way (#39, there's a great story of Napoleon losing his cool). ^_~

    Quick segue – For the record, no I don't absolutely follow every law to the letter (there's also the 33 Strategies of War, the Art of War, etc). In fact, this whole thread is in direct violation of Law #31, so though I harp on about the Laws, don't misinterpret that I am saying that they are absolute, 100% viable, or that there aren't exceptions.

    And finally, the person needs 3 things. What are they? Oh come on, you walked right into that one.

    Resolve, Reason, and Action.

    Establish the resolve, focus and direct the reason, and facilitate action that is in keeping with the course of the resolve and reason.

    I did say it takes practice,... but its worth it seeing the look on people's faces. ^_~

    Here is the thing about Metaphysics. When one begins operating on a conducive metaphysical level, they tend to draw attention. Not literal attention from individuals in their surroundings, but 'other' forms of attention.

    Uhm,... without going into detail, let's just assume for the moment that there are varieties of sentient intelligences in the aggregate which are well outside the conventional perception of life, entities, etc. Put more simply,... humans are the 'new guy' on the block of creation, and though they don't see their neighbors, that doesn't mean there aren't any.

    So I was saying. Among the more significant causes and effects are that wasteful and/or non-conducive behaviors and practices become increasingly less prominent (leading toward renunciation of whatever behavior). This produces and causes an increase in the individual's energy levels. I have no way of quantifying that, other than to say that when one is working with a machine and inefficiency is worked out, the job becomes easier right?

    Well, allow me to suggest that humanity's neighbors (some at least) are particularly keen observers of energy levels and the surrounding behaviors. Individuals who display an increasing awareness of this and other things tend to 'stand out' in a manner of speaking from other humans.

    Remember how I said humanity is the 'new guy'? Not every neighbor appreciates it when individuals start standing out, and for some it is quite displeasing.

    When I first began to actively (in practice) pursue metaphysics, the reception I received was not exactly welcoming. I don't mean a bunch of funny aliens showed up on my doorstep, the effect was much more subtle (anyone wishing to write me off as a nutter – assuming they haven't already! – pay attention).

    Humans are quite fickle. Prone to emotions, ego bias, and a whole slough of other, lets call them defects for the moment.

    Now amongst the multitude of humans there are naturally those who are less aware of their surroundings, let alone their consciousness. Such individuals are easy to recognize with their absolute absence of attention span or cohesive thought process. In a sense, such are not thinking for themselves, they are responding to whatever stimuli is regularly input. Such will base an entire routine out of subconsciously itemizing each stimulus in a preferred sequence.

    Imagine for a moment, that the aforementioned neighbors possess the ability to communicate but not through speech (oh, they probably could,....). Imagine they could share thoughts, images, and ideas.

    Imagine for a moment now what would happen if one of the thought-absent individuals I mentioned were to have a thought or idea shared with them from one of these entities. Do you think they would detect the outside-nature of the thought/idea, or would they think it was their own?

    Without going into the multitude of reasons an outside entity might plant thoughts into one of the humans I've been referring to, allow me to suggest that precisely this happens all the goddamn time.

    Seriously, I'm not even joking.

    I watch people walk around all day in a haze simply responding to the signs, comments, food and merchandise (oh god, the merchandise ~_~), etc. One could call them 'consumers', but that would be an exercise in minimization IMO.

    So ANYhow, the point I'm getting at by all this is to say that 'sleeping' individuals are regularly and deliberately manipulated, and if I were in Vegas my money would be on “The Overwhelming Majority”.

    Before I continue, I have already spent countless hours pondering the 'mind-control' paradox, where a person can be mind-controlled into thinking that they are not being mind-controlled. THAT is an oubliette I would just as soon avoid, given that there is no way to be certain one way or the other.

    K, what a round-about. The whole over-arching purpose to this spiel is to assert that when one begins their metaphysical emergence, there will be literal opponents and agencies which have a vested interest in obstructing this pursuit, and there are ever so many ways that an individual can be obstructed.

    And, the principle method of obstructing an individual? Inter-social conflict, administered through one or more individuals who are otherwise asleep! This is why I am so on about conflict management, strategy, etc. It is not a coincidence that society continues to push the idea that conflict is uncivilized, because conflict is a most necessary aspect of existence! When you break it down, that's what REASON is, an internal intellectual conflict!

    Conflict (in a manner of speaking) is the job of the mind. Again, I'm not saying that one should revel in conflict (I do, but that's me), but neither should a person flee or fear conflict off hand.

    As always, more to come. ^_^
  14. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    For today's intro, I would like to focus on the 48 Laws. I feel I've done a rudimentary job outlining the Resolve, the Reason, and the Body, but to summarize them simply; the body acts upon the physical, the reason categorizes and quantifies the physical, and the resolve is responsible for manifesting from among the physical.

    These three things comprise all that is; whether from the perspective of the individual, the universe, etc. The laws supplement the workings and activities those three by outlining a process – an observable set of considerations that can cause success or failure depending on the degree they are adhered to.

    I will be writing these out from memory and understanding, with absolutely no review. To begin,....

    Law #1 – Never Outshine the Master

    The world is full of bigger fish, some of whom can stomp and/or eat you with the greatest of ease. A fish – in particular one that is committed to growth in size and means – is best suited to giving those bigger fish neither the opportunity, nor particularly the want to thus make with the squishing. Let the one fish's expressions, displays, and accomplishments threaten neither the literal nor ego-biased efforts of the larger fish, else the attention that is paid will be with teeth.

    Law #2 – Do Not Put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn to Use Your Enemies

    As a fish will grow and develop, it will naturally develop associations. There will always be competent fish competing for the same food, as well as complimentary relationships along the same lines.

    Just as a larger fish can make short work of a smaller fish, so too can two smaller fish make short work of one. Fish that are familiar can establish good relationships, and they can fall victim to bad ones. Recognize that one's associates are growing fish too, and never potentiate a situation where one's enemies or one's friends have either the opportunity nor the cause to have you for dinner. After all, who knows one's weaknesses better than those in their closest circles of intimacy?

    Law #3 – Conceal Your Intentions

    Recognize that for a fish to achieve increasing growth and development this will naturally put them at odds with certain other fish, as well as make them meal targets of larger fish. It behooves a fish to – if not outright make secret of – generally avoid disclosing the majority of their plans/intentions. If nothing else, this avoids telling one's predators where to find them, and additionally will apply to further Laws.

    The general spirit of this and other related mentions is the idea of artistic expression and absence. One cannot live in this world and avoid some form of banter, and individuals will be particularly keen to probe current events, experiences, and plans. An effort paid to speak highly of small and meager intentions while avoiding comment on larger ones just might pay off in the long run.

    Law #4 – Always Say Less Than Necessary

    First off, it is better to avoid saying something stupid through silence than to venture saying something brilliant through chance. What did Ghandi say? Something like:

    … meaning STFU unless you have something to say.

    Beyond that, it is better to playfully leave questions (deliberate and/or implicit) unanswered, or playfully danced around. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous Law in that the less that is known the better; if the less known the better, then the less said the better.

    To Be Continued (with the Laws that is),....

    On a regular and consistent basis I observe, perceive, receive, or pay ear to individuals among my immediate area expressing one or more forms of surprise, astonishment, and a lack of comprehension as to how I achieve what I do.

    I'm not tooting my own horn - I live a rather humble life - but even in that I experience continuous emergence, development, and achievement.

    The secret is that there is no secret. Surely you've seen Kung Fu Panda, haven't you?

    I live a life of sequential and deliberate emergence precisely because of the two route words of the operant words; sequence and deliberate.

    Professionally I am constantly experiencing the consequences (consequence in the sense of con- sequence, rather than the 'adverse reaction' ideology) of earlier investments of time, creativity (read: authority), and strategy.

    Do you see what I'm getting at? Hopefully,.... I have been - and will continue to be - vague and open ended in my illustrations (and not just in observance of the Laws) so as to allow the reader to supply their own 'ingredients' rather than rely on my own lies (read: simplified descriptions or summaries which omit nuance, context, and a fair percent of the necessary actionable details).

    As Above, So Below

    Deliberate, Sequence, Emergence

    Excellence is a habit,....

    etc. etc.

    You've got to want it,... whatever 'it' may be. Part of wanting something involves comprehending what is required to realize it manifested, another part involves comprehending what is required to maintain its manifested presence; both are involved and included in the umbrella of 'ownership'.

    After all, there's a reason the phrase is 'carve out a life for yourself'.

    Meticulous secular deliberation equals meticulous microscopic deliberation equals meticulous macroscopic deliberation. What one's being is convicted to their cells are convicted to, etc. For more on that, one can skip ahead by watching the anime series: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

    The whole series. ^_~
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    ϟ... Member

  16. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    Hoe lee shit, has it been one helluva week! Don't worry, I will spare any details that do not directly relate to the subject matter, other than providing background. Having said, there are many details which do pertain, and which will serve to illustrate in the direction I am seeking to illustrate.

    The simplified version is that there was property damage, attempts at intimidation, verbal abuse, etc. I lost a cell-phone and a variety o f useful and/or necessary items.

    Yet – in spite of said losses – I'm the one saying “Checkmate”.

    When one engages along metaphysical lines (and/or secular ones) there are only two outcomes: either one is the victim or one is the victor. This is an important distinction as it relates to the resolve.

    In every struggle there are only two outcomes; one either wins or one loses. Which of the two manifests is resultant of the resolve.

    This will be long, but I do hope you stick around for the denouement.

    Over this past week, my property has been willfully vandalized on more than one occasion including deprivation (not theft, but deliberate removal). I've been subject to verbal assaults, intimidation attempts, and a whole slough of insufferability. To all this I have replied with cheek, jovial dismissal, and an absence of aggression.

    The individual in question feels entitled to tamper with and/or vandalize said property based on a misguided interpretation of nautical law, as well as a double-portion of hubris.

    Simply: He feels he has ownership of areas of the lake, and is ignorant (read: willfully ignoring) any follow-up or source which might invalidate his perception, including multiple visits and corroboration enacted by individuals with shiny badges.

    The Metaphysics of the situation can be observed in the macroscopic and microscopic relations between his actions and the situation. Don't worry I'll be happy to illustrate, but before I do I'll also point out that this circumstance ties into my earlier assertion that no matter how studiously, responsibly, or conducively one chooses to act one will always find (even if not immediately) one who is particularly opposed to their choice of action, regardless of the legality.

    My response to this challenge is thus (and I would prescribe this disposition to anyone who experiences unwarranted adversity): “Bring it on, I'll crush you like a bug” (Law 25).

    Now before I continue, I can already (pretentiously) feel at least a few cringing at that last. This is an important point to cover, as it is one which is readily presented to any who operate in kind with the manner I would prescribe.

    There is no fault or harm in avoiding conflict (mostly), but there will always occur conflicts which cannot be avoided. As such, when conflict appears one must possess the resolve to unreservedly respond, the reason to identify a conducive course of action, and a body capable of realizing the conclusions of the reason.

    There are definite times in which surrender, retreat, or otherwise avoiding conflict (Law 22), and indeed those avenues are pragmatically considered and assessed. Having said, when conflict is both imminent and unavoidable, IMO one 'could do worse than' (read: 'ought') not only confront the situation.

    In this case – by virtue of shrewd and strategic reaction and response – I am told that I have a 'slam dunk' of a civil suit, should I be so inclined to pursue it. Having outlined all that, allow me to use that series of circumstances to illustrate the salient point of this post.

    With few exceptions, one cannot expect to manifest anything conducive through haphazard or accidental means. Just as cooking has a definitive process and strategy (the recipe), so it is with manifestation. Long-range-pimpin is a deliberate act wrought of a particular type of recipe, not some thoughtless occurrence.

    When one seeks to realize a particular type of circumstance and/or outcome there are ingredients which need to be included, and which first must be identified; this is a job for the reason. Those ingredients are potentiated by way of the actions of the body, and experienced by way of the resolve.

    The 'formula' from Revolver comes into play, as – in observance of conflict – one must choose whether to be the victor or the victim, and that choice is played out by their actions. This formula is mirrored by Law 29 and indicates that as mentioned there is a metaphorical – if not literal – 'recipe' involved.

    In the previous story, all of the above (and then some) were put into use, for I had resolved to surpass my opponent and would leave nothing to chance. My opponent made my job a little easy for me (though no less adverse) by his behavior, though had he been of a reasonable mindset there'd not have been a conflict in the first place. Reasonability aside, had he been of a focused and realized resolve he would have been sure to make damn sure that he was in possession of the requisite permits and authorizations by governing bodies.

    Simply: If he had been focused on being the victor, he would have adequately seen to it and made certain his position was unassailable. He would have contacted various agencies himself (he did cherry pick a section of codes, but failed – likely deliberately – to include the follow-up which indicated the various ways he was in err) rather than arguing a false perception to law enforcement. He'd have fact checked rather than verbally assault anyone who disagreed with him.

    He'd also not be imminently preparing (unbeknownst) to pay property damages, inconvenience, lost time, etc., nor would he have to see me smile and tell him “Checkmate”.

    Now if one looks around the alternative media for a moment, one might readily observe a variety of individuals and groups who – for all their intent – act in a manner that is all but certain to fail. I hate to point fingers, but Infowars' recent activity at Bilderburg definitely comes to mind.

    Make no mistake: I am no fan of the oligarchy, but neither am I a fan of actions which are particularly damaging to one's efficacy. Poor strategies are to be identified and eliminated, not wantonly put in motion. In this case, it is foolishness to chase some of the richest and most powerful individuals with a mic and a camera, acting foolishly and childishly, asking questions one knows will go unanswered (if they were, the individual might get axed in the least, and I'm not talking 'fired'!) while claiming that 'they're scared of us'; this is delusion at its finest. Moreover (and I'm deliberately not addressing the allegations that Infowars is disinfo, that's an allegation for another day) it stands in opposition to a strategy that might work. Even further (and I'm not suggesting the world would be roses if they didn't act as indicated) there is a great likelihood that such actions predispose, condition, and/or push said oligarchs toward feeling greater contempt for those outside their 'club'.

    Simply, if one of the plebians (let's face it, most of the world are plebians to these types) starts acting like a clown all up in your face, how might you respond? Favorably?

    I'm not saying one shouldn't ask hard questions, nor that such videos might serve to indicate to some what is going on behind closed doors, but the actions I observed were lacking one thing in particular: respect.

    Realize, one's opponent – aside from being an opponent – is also one's most valuable ally. Only an opponent will illustrate (the hard way) the flaws in one's strategy. As such, while one is freely encouraged to dislike their opponent, it behooves them to have a degree of respect/appreciation. Its like the saying: If one wants to get respect, they have to give it. Again, no military-industrial facilities, groups, agencies, or companies will suddenly do a 180 deg. turn in their activity (assuming that such is even possible) because they were treated 'better than previously' by some 'reporters', but I can guarantee that there were several amongst the meeting who were either moved to oppose those outside the club, or who had reaffirmed their previous resolve to do so.

    If I were in some of the shoes of the individuals in question (the reporters this time) I'd start my questions in a manner that doesn't involve insulting, badgering, molesting (it means to annoy, look it up), or otherwise predispose the interviewee to a contemptual mindset,... but that's just crazy talk I guess.

    Anyhow, back to the main theme.

    One's resolve, conviction, and determination is not just present in their conscious experience, it resonates throughout their entirety. It affects their cells, their fluids, even (according to certain studies) their DNA expression.

    One who lacks the conviction to resist adversity may find a suitable alternative, but on a cellular (etc.) level they are predisposing themselves (entirely) to a 'consolation prize' of sorts.

    Once upon a time in jail (you're shocked, I know ^_~) I had a cellmate who told me that he used to have a prison gang. Any time someone new came into the cell-block, they would beat the piss out of them and then take all their shit; no exceptions, no mercy.

    The only choice the new individual had was this: they could accept what was happening, or they could fight.

    The ones who fought – regardless of how effectively – were left alone from there on out. The ones who accepted the situation were victimized for the rest of their 'stay'. “It all came down to heart” he told me, “Those who fought had heart, and those who didn't needed to learn, so we kept trying to teach them,” he said with a wink.

    Call it heart, call it resolve, call it cotton candy if you prefer, but find it (assuming you haven't already).

    And when an opponent appears, crush them. It doesn't matter if you succeed, it only matters that you have the fight in you,... or at least, that's my opinion. Ask any cancer survivor, one cannot reason, negotiate, or otherwise avoid the fight, they must wage it and do so to win. Individuals are welcome to disagree.

    P.S. Unrelated to the story, my laptop crapped out on me (note: I wrote most of this out by hand initially, so appreciate it dammit!), so while I will continue to write, one should not be surprised if I am less regular about it for the time being.

    P.P.S. The deputies who responded to the aforementioned situation tell me I have a 'Slam Dunk' of a civil suit; time to file some paperwork!

    Until next!
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  17. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    And now, for some more fuzzy math!

    Because 1 = 2 and 1 = 3, then naturally 2 = 3. From this, any whole number can be produced from 1, and any number can be reduced to 1. For example, 7 = 1 in that 7 = 4 + 3 = (2 + 2) + 3. This all seems simplistic, I know.

    Still, the significance – especially of repeating numbers – is quite useful and adds 'flavor' or 'spice' to one's expressions and observations. Nickola Tesla spoke very highly of the relationship of 3, 6, and 9 for example.

    My use of the term spice/flavor is not at all an accident; metaphysics is largely about the recipe.

    Aleister Crowley defined Magick (he preferred a K to distinguish from 'street'/'performance' magic) as the art of causing change to occur in accordance with Will. I do not contest this definition nor the terminology inherent. Perhaps I am misinterpreting Crowley's definition as indicating that the Will is more potent than that for which the change is occurring, because this strikes me as a statement of supremacy. A metaphysicist who perceives their own supremacy is a fool IMO.

    Why? Because 1 is not greater than nor less than 1. 1 = 1 and the Metaphysicist is equal to that which is outside the Metaphysicist; no more, no less. Moreover, the principle of correspondance suggests that that which is outside (existence in its entirety) is a macroscopic expression of that which is within and microscopic. Hence 1 (the microscopic - within) = 1 (the extant - you) = 1 (the macroscopic – without) and likewise (in a certain perspective) 3, 6, 9 (but that doesn't even scratch the SURFACE of what Tesla was talking about).

    So to say, while Magick (as spoken of by Mr. Crowley - whichever name he is operating under at the time – could be said to do as he claims, I disagree with his position. Metaphysics enable one to operate under the same dynamics and manner as the universe both within and without, but in harmony. What occurs then is not a change at all, but an emergence. And, that emergence occurs within, of, and outside the individual.

    Now, the following has nothing to do with metaphysics (other than that everything has something to do with metaphysics), but I wish to get it down in copyable/written format. Thanks. ^_~

    Where I live, the city is surrounded by apple and cherry orchards. These orchards are responsible for a significant percentage of the planet's yearly harvest of these crops. Big money, and big responsibility.

    To deter birds, who stand among the farmer's greatest opponents (behind the weather of course), they have opted to rig air cannons. Every year, around this time as the cherries start to ripen they begin cycling the cannons at sparse intervals to scare away birds. The average can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes between 'shots' (they don't shoot anything of course, just a decent bang that isn't too obtrusive but can be heard from anywhere in the city), and they come from all around the city (so one shot will be at 4 o'clock and the next shot will be at 10:30, in a directional sense).

    What the high school band teacher should really consider doing – and I will be informing him of this in person in the future – is to establish contact with those orchard owners, and he has a year to do it. Why?

    Because the music department for this area is not in high repute amongst the population. As is the case across the US, music in particular and art in general has taken a back-seat to things like athletics, agriculture, and other such programs. I don't contest that those programs are in demand amongst a significant majority, but neither does that say that there is a complete disinterest in music and art.

    So then, as a project (likely to span a large percent of the school-year) the music teacher could do worse than find an arrangement of the 1812 Overture 'for Band'. And, through some careful coordination and artistry, the performance of such can be heralded and accented by literal cannon-fire, not just from up close and the immediate area, but surrounding the entire city.

    That would be epic, would be worthy of contacting the chamber of commerce, as well as music-oriented newsletters, papers, and even magazines,....

    Simply, it would increase circulation in and around the city/school and (MY endgame, personally) it would inspire young and developing musicians.

    I hope you'll permit to wax, in that my entire agenda (beyond providing for my immediate and secular means as well as those of my sworn companions) is to inspire the youth of the world to the greatest extent that I can. Allow me to explain.

    As the average reader of this forum is no doubt well aware, there are a whole lot of scandalous shenanigens being done across the planet; whether the volume of incidents is increasing or not is unknown, though it could be said to at least increase with proportion to the population,... which is increasing.

    Inspiring the next generation – or at least individuals amongst the next generation – is IMO the most conducive act that one could engage in toward 'building a better tomorrow' or whatever. When one positively inspires and uplifts younger individuals, they not only gratify and beneficially condition the individual in whatever genre or area of specificity, but they additionally pre-condition (or increase the likelihood therein for) an individual to likewise inspire others.

    So, if I had a million dollars, let me tell you what I'd do,....

    I would buy a bus, specifically the metro-style buses like you see in larger cities with lots of hills. I would gut the seats, and modify the interior and exterior as follows:

    I'd turn it into a pirate ship. Please note, I said 'turn it into' nor 'make it look like'. All wood paneling (I do work at a lumber-mill after all), chrome and/or brass accents, heavy doses of laquer and/or stain finish,... and even the fancy molded-glass and frosted window from a really posh door as the window to the cabin (rear compartment). The roof would be the deck and would be structurally designed to hold sufficient weight, while featuring much of the molding and engraved panels of an early/mid 18th century ship.

    The masts and sails would be on a telescopic crank-system so that they could be full sail or no mast at the discretion of the captain/crew, but in either configuration it would be structured and styled so that whenever you looked at it from any angle, you saw a pirate ship definitively, as opposed to 'a modified bus' that looks like a ship.

    The interior would be heavily insulated but relatively bare. Wood-laminate floors, and a series of hooks along the walls to serve as either hammock mounts, chain-supported and collapse-able shelves, whatever. That I would fill with sacks, boxes, barrels, and cases of dry foods (rice, beans, potatos, etc.), propane, cooking rigs (the bare-bones but heavy duty 2-burner style) etc. The forward section is not designed to be either aesthetic nor cozy. Naturally there'd be a basin w/ faucet, a toilet but again, nothing swank (its piratey, not luxury). Shower curtains and setup (personally I prefer those sun-heated bags) can be attached to the outside of the ship and then dismantled, again its not designed to be fancy.

    The rear compartment would contain more comfortable elements. The components and controls for an extensive sound and lighting system (yeah, like those christmas/halloween displays), a computer/display/wifi media center, couches and chairs, a refridgerator, a safe for valuables, etc.

    Armed with said pirate ship, my crew and I (and it wouldn't be hard to get a handful of people silly enough to go off on such a trip) would tour the world's festivals, major landmarks, and the most heavily visited locations/events. There, we would set up a free kitchen, providing simple and healthy food to anyone and everyone, with the music playing and the lights accentuating. Pirate acts and shows could commence, areas that accommodate children (Burning Man comes to mind, but many others) can be collaborated with to give kids a pirate adventure, parades can be entered, etc.

    Ultimately, the idea would be to draw and connect with – even if but for a moment – as many people as possible, and to make them smile. Not just smile but to dream, and not just to dream but to dream while awake.

    Adults and children alike will be nourished, entertained, and exposed to new ideas. For, in addition to all the aforementioned, there would be the materials to assemble and dis-assemble a workshop. Alternative energy, magnetic motors, and a variety of environmental energy collection devices will be featured and prominently shown at regular intervals to respect-ful/-able individuals and groups.

    Participants/observers will be treated to extensive speaking displays involving quantum physics, philosophy, strategy, metaphysics, and many of the things which I have/will include(d) in this thread, as well as instruction in martial arts and of course, the Zonbi Nindo.

    The main point is that the entire fruit of experience as derived by the collection of experience of the crew (we're going with electrical, physical, mechanical technicians here, not just schmoes from the street) would be on display and instruction available to everyone who should cross our path, and who would likewise be encouraged/advised to do the same amidst their own families, communities, and groups (perhaps contractually so ^_~); a pot-luck of finesse, artistry, talent, and authority that could only be participated in by making a statement of sovereignty (the 'I decide' perception, not those crazy weirdos who law enforcement is on about).

    The reason we would tour festivals is because when you get to/at people when they are their most exuberant/ecstatic they are therefore more able to affect things on a quantum level, and their experiences are more significant. This affect will be covered extensively, as it is the method/impetus by which group 'masters', 'gurus', and (IMO) ultimately manipulators perpetuate the dynamics they can be observed to cultivate.

    Additionally, the festivals of the world draw both the masses and the elite; extreme diversity can be connected with and seeded.

    All in all, the pirate ship – the "Grand Gi-Duculous-Tastical Towering Giga-Naut o' Mirth" (as in 'ginormous', 'ridiculous', and 'fantastical' and also 'gigas' and 'dreadnaut') – would (in an ideal outcome) serve as a catalyst to inspire a shift in the perception of what is possible,....

    … and it would give me the chance, opportunity, and responsibility even, to tour and participate in the worlds festivals, spots, and events on a tricked-out pirate ship that can – at a moment's notice – turn into a phatty kitchen or a phatty party.

    Picture it, you're out in middle of nowhere; the forest, desert, mountains, wherever. During the day there's a bunch of pirates giving out free food and entertaining. Imagine instead that its night-time and there's a glowing light in the distance, and both hauntingly and invitingly you hear drift toward you on the wind,....

    (naturally, the light system would get freaky at the appropriate dropping of the beat ^_~).

    That's what I'd do.
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  18. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    And now for something completely different.

    <foot stomp, raspberry sound>

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  19. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    For today, I'm just going to spit what I have come to recognize as currently the most action-ably refined position with regard to metaphysics and strategy.

    Numbers represent dynamic relationships. Each digit in the number scale refers to philosophical, technical, and existential dynamics. I don't know that I can phrase it better than that; I'm not satisfied, but for the time being that will do I suppose.

    Prepare yourself for some very funny/fuzzy math. Please note, these are theoretical positions and expressions, which can be readily disproven and discounted depending on one's perspective,... but then anything can be readily disproven and/or discounted depending on one's subjective biases.

    Further, please recognize that while the following expressions defy logic, illogic is not synonymous with 'worthless'. Additionally, as a close friend of mine once said:

    I would encourage individuals who have the time to hop on over to Wikipedia and look up each number mentioned. There is a pile of additional considerations that they reference that I won't bother to mention, but if one wants to see additional examples and expressions, by all means.


    0 = <insert 'infinite' symbol here>

    The simplest way of putting this (aside from the above) is to indicate that absence is infinite. Absence cannot be quantified outside of indicating absence, and absence is thereby indeterminable.


    1 = <again, 'infinite'>

    One, as a theoretical construct, indicates an absence of 'other'. In the absence of 'other' (which previously indicated is its self infinite) that one would defy limitation and/or definition. As such, the following statement could be made:

    1 = 0

    Please note however, that though the two terms are equal (and likewise infinite) they are quite obviously not the same; One is extant while Zero is absent.


    1 = 2

    By way of the Princple of Polarity in the Kybalion, one can designate that any singular object, item, entity, or what-have-you has a corresponding operation inherent within its self; that whether physically, dynamically, fundamentally, etc. there will always be two 'parts' or 'poles'. As such any One that is will always likewise be Two; the two that comprise One and the one that are Two. This is very much similar to the relationship between One and Zero, excepting that both One and Two are both extant.


    1 = 3

    This is immediately observable with regard to the Body, Mind, and Spirit comprising the individuated experience.

    Just as with Rock-Paper-Scissors or any other 3-way conflict, there will always be dynamics where the whole is comprised of 3 equal – or proportionately equal – yet dissimilar parts. Typically (but not always) one part is more potent than another, but less potent that the other, in a cycle of correspondence. Three – by way of its defiance of the binary structure – is particularly significant in metaphysics. One cannot adequately express the idea of 1/3, outside of s fraction or an infinite decimal.


    1 = 4

    This is a progression from the statement that 1 = 2. If One is Two, then each one of those Two is likewise two, which would make Four. One can – in certain renderings (particularly older styled ones) observe that the 4 is actually a 2 laid atop a 1, yet slightly misaligned.


    To Be Continued,....
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  20. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    Today's post is brought to you in part by the insufferable ignoramuses whom I have the displeasure of working in the immediate proximity with.

    Remember a few weeks back when I advised “Shut the fuck up”? I would like to expound on that.

    As I indicated, Miguel Ruiz advises 'Be Impeccable With Your Word'. I stand by this advice, but one does themselves a disservice if they perceive/conclude that this only means 'Be honest' or 'Communicate effectively'. Certainly those are applicable and laudable (especially the honest part!), but there is yet more to the equation, at least as far as I can tell.

    Ever notice how there are those who can wax for hours (days even!) with most benign, irrelevant, and otherwise worthless banter? It is my experience that there are two poles to this dynamic; there are those who say little and convey volumes, and there are those who say volumes but convey little.

    Impeccability of word – IMO – carries with it the responsibility/onus of quality. Allow me an example:

    When several people are sitting around in silence, allow me to suggest a lack of quality if the silence is broken by one person saying something banal like “Wow, its quiet,”, or when in semi-social environments and things like “It sure is hot,” etc.

    Not to deny a person's right to be an idiot choose to act in such a manner, but it is my opinion that uttering obvious and insubstantial comments/conversation are among the basest (and most obvious) forms of psychological predisposition. Simply, 'Captain Obvious' is so out of self-interest, or as Carlos Castaneda (nailed) coined it, self-importance.

    The term 'self-importance' is essentially synonymous with the word 'Sin' (but without the religious connotation/bias), and likewise (on the 'other' side of the word) with 'Ego'; please note I am referring to Ego as the narcissistic/selfish proclivity, not the Freudian mid-point between the Id and the Superego.

    Those activities that are – in an old-fashioned sense – described as 'sinful' are simply a categorical process/action/agenda emerging from an over-active sense of self-importance. Simply put, individuals who indulge (to excess) in any of the '7 deadly sins' are operating from an over-blown sense of self-importance,... else they would most probably avoid excess.

    One could (and IMO, rightly should) find themselves critically assessing themselves, their behavior, etc. and at regular intervals. A whole lot of adversity could be avoided if individuals would simply think things through, put them into context, and as unbiasedly a one can manage (read: with resolve, but with the recognition that absolute absence of bias is impossible), ask themselves a few questions about whatever it is. When it comes to actions there are ends and means, and I would have that a greater and increasing percentage of the population were to put even a little (more) time into both,... with a resolve toward quality.

    Just as there is the known, the unknown, and the unknowable, there is likewise the done, the undone, and the un-doable; by this I mean to say that there is a limit to the degree of quality one can apply, but as with 'Doing One's Best', one's ability increases the more often one does it.

    One of the problems that rears when individuals seek to refine themselves occurs particularly with regard to their habits. Please realize that every experience (individual and theoretical) is tied to a particular mixture of neuro-transmitters, endorphins, and other brain chemicals. Habits are evidence of an addiction to a particular mixture of such brain chemicals; this does not even assess whether such habits are conducive or not, it is simply a statement.

    Still, it stands to reason then that one can become as equally addicted to expressing quality as they can to expressing fecal matter; 'growing plants' (for example) is far more conducive than 'unlocking the Paul Walker tribute car in the latest console racing game'. I don't contest the presence of quality in/to both nor the gratification, but I suggest (again, 'quality' is a subjective concept) in the former vastly outweighs that in the latter.

    So to say by all this.

    Impeccability of Word is of prime importance. To speak is to act: a do-ing, in the purview of the body. Therefore, I would amend the concept to be Impeccability of Action. Actions are derived from the deliberations of the reason, hence the previous is subsequent to Impeccability of Thought. Thought occurs by way of the awareness, without which the experience could not occur. As such, it all comes back to Impeccability of Resolve.

    Or, one could simplify it further: Be Impeccable.

    Within reason of course, one should never be driven to excess, obsession, or dysfunction.
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  21. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Absolutely, and I'm only pointing at examples; in reality the number of examples are both legion and defy numeration.

    One of the biggest,... challenges shall we say, for an individual seeking to verse themselves among metaphysics is to defy and/or largely disregard the 'separate' perception and socialization. The world around one appears quite individualized and separate, yet this - in both my experience and opinion - is abjectly false.
  22. What he is describing in this video is just one – ONE – of the astronomical number of connections that an individual shares with their surroundings.

    You could describe it as a string of connections ,
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  23. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Please note, for a trial period I will be defining words in my own words, rather than relying on the dictionary. I'll still provide links, but I find that I put it far more eloquently and effectively than 'they' do.


    Think about this for a moment:

    What is reality? What substance is reality comprised of? Carlos Castaneda (and many, many others) refer to this world as a dream, that every stage of experience for the awareness is one form of dream or another. I find this to be a consistent and actionable referendum, but IMO I've got one better.

    Its a game.

    All games have structure and there is always an object to the game (or is there! ^_~).

    And, contrary to what you may have heard/said, it is quite fair,... though the perception of 'fairness' under which it is appreciable as being fair tends to differ from the norm.

    There ARE NO rules; there are obvious and observable consistencies – to be sure (death, taxes, etc.) – but aside from poetic phrases, nothing can be said to be certain.

    Whether there is an adjudicator or not depends on perspective; there is no unanimous consensus.

    Now, the game – despite its appearances – is entirely interconnected. There's nothing over the top about it, like killing a moth on one end of the planet will not directly affect atrocities going on in other parts of the world, but take my word for it; if one had an incalculably resourceful mind and awareness, there is no doubt in my mind that the two instances mentioned are directly connected and (though their affect and influence on one another is admittedly QUITE insubstantial) have an effect both on the context and consequences of each other.

    Take a gander at this:

    What he is describing in this video is just one – ONE – of the astronomical number of connections that an individual shares with their surroundings.

    Here's another one for you. Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the planet; the summit – the peak – is comprised of MARINE LIMESTONE.

    Now, let's look at atoms. As yourself this: do atoms have awareness?

    I posit that they could not combine with other atoms without; if the atom had no awareness – which could be as complicated as the human experience – or as simple as 'is this other atom compatible, yes/no?'.

    No matter how you slice it, an atom somehow knows (perhaps 'knows' isn't the right word) which atoms to join together with.

    In a parallel manner, one can observe awareness in molecules, cells, bacteria, etc. Again, I'm not saying that atoms, cells, molecules, etc. do have a comparable communication and interaction dynamic to humans but, I'm neither ruling it out.

    Now, let me ask you: how many aspects of the human experience, body, structure, etc. remain unrealized or are largely/entirely unknown?

    I'm not trying to 'prove' the presence/existence of metaphysics by this spiel, but I am illustrating a number of 'places' where metaphysical activity could (and does IMO) occur, below the sensory level of humans and veritably 'in the cracks' of the observable, measurable world.

    Please note, this is NOT the article I was working all weekend on. I'm still not satisfied with that,... but as I have been in discussion with individuals about the subtle connectivity of, well, everything I felt it would be a good opportunity to elucidate some of my comments that they may be useful.
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  24. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Of COURSE I'ma post some silly shit on my birthday!balllooons But it's metaphysical silly shit!

    FA's Special Pizza

    Pizza (any size)
    Sauce (red, bbq, ranch; I haven't tried it w/ pesto, but I'm sure itd be awesome too)
    Extra Cheese
    Canadian Bacon

    You'll want to dab it dry w/ a paper towel or fibreless coth, this thing puts out alot of grease and moisture, but its bomb I swear.

    Anyway, there's a coded recipe in there (the recipe); see if you can crack it. ^_~

    Edit: Don't worry, I'ma post a fatty turd of a post later.
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  25. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    By now you may be (if I have been doing my job adequately) wondering 'WTF is he going on about secular day-to-day philosophy and strategy while purporting to discuss metaphysics?'

    If you're not thinking that, pretend you are. Sod it, I'll pretend.

    I'm glad you asked! The reason for this is simple; as I indicated early in this thread, metaphysics are an ongoing constant in the world we inhabit. There is no “I'm operating metaphysically” one moment and “I'm not now” the next. One is always doing it, whether they are conscious of it or not; whether doing a dance, playing dress-up, getting lost in thought, or doing the most heinous of menial tasks, etc. (cheeky though it may seem, I'm not dismissing/besmirching dress-up – I do it too – I'm just calling a spade a spade).

    Many traditions and/or figureheads prescribe all kinds of song and dance (figuratively speaking) for metaphysical 'workings' (of which there is a time and place IMO), but (seem to) fail to recognize that every moment is both an active and potential metaphysical interaction!

    As such one's disposition, philosophy, strategy, demeanor, etc. have everything to do with (IMO) conducive metaphysical interaction. For example; there is never a point in one's physiological existence where their body isn't radiating a variety of energy types, and the frequencies are directly dependent on one's disposition, etc.

    In particular, the awareness operates ecstatically; the experience of the emotions, the experience of consciousness, et al., these all add their own particular 'spice' to the 'recipe' (of 'what's going on'), and these 'spices' interact and refract off the multitude of metaphysical circumstances one is surrounded by.

    So to say, I am deliberately going over (exhaustively) – and will no doubt continue to – the more secular aspects before focusing on the 'off-the-wall' elements. I'm a fairly staunch proponent of the idea that everyone is entitled to and stands to benefit from an awareness of metaphysics, but I'm also quick to point out that a significant majority of individuals don't tend to have their basic shit together.

    And THAT is a subject I could debate, opine, rant/rave, etc. about all day long. Still, one has to start somewhere and I see no fault in more than a bit of philosophical outline and dispositional grounding.

    Suggested Viewing - Revolver w/ Jason Statham (2005, Guy Ritchie)
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  26. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    One thing of which there is neither shortage nor veritable limit to in metaphysics is archetypes and associations.

    No matter which tradition – or lack of – one ascribes to or inevitably follows there will always be a series of 'dos' and 'don'ts', with all manner of justification and validation. I am not seeking to invalidate any of these perceptions (except when done specifically ^_~), but rather to point out that all perceptions of what is conducive are based on archetypes and associations.

    For example, there are many positions that find significance and actionable dynamics in basic numbers. Numbers can be quite valid and useful in metaphysical operation, however there is no authoritative ruling on what each number means/represents. There are collections of observations as relate to numbers, but it is not so simple as things like “4 is Jupiter, 5 is Mars, and 8 is Mercury”. Again. I'm not contesting the associations themselves, but the mindset that would see these numbers as 'determined'.

    If one chooses to follow a pre-set discipline or tradition, much of the work has already been done. The dynamics and structures are likely to be quite clearly and deliberately mapped out; when one wishes to enact 'this' manifestation, one is 'best' suited to performing 'that' work/ceremony/ritual/activity. Various pantheons have already been observed, established, and carefully designated as far as it their purposes, associations, etc.

    I can readily comprehend why an individual might opt in this direction. However,....

    Allow me to suggest that a true metaphysicist operates solo. This does not mean they cannot or should not operate with others, but at all times it should be an interaction of individuals, rather than 'partners' or anything more onerous.

    The reason is simple enough, the resolve is beyond reason. Compromise, on the other hand, is a direct result of reason, especially as the individual metaphysicists may seek to compromise their working styles and preferences. They may not consciously be aware of it, but each variance that is not 'harmonized' (made to operate in harmony with each other) can have an enervating effect on both the resolve of the individual and on the efficacy of the operation in question.

    Simply put, it is my opinion that 2 cooks is 1 cook too many.

    I will go further and suggest that there is nothing that one person can do that 1000 cannot, and vice versa. There are observable effects when multiples operate together, but this is simple math – multiplication – as opposed to exponential variance.

    Ultimately, I find that any questions of efficacy or energetic potential are questions for the reason, whereas the metaphysical operation is performed (primarily and creatively) by the resolve. Hence, while groups of practitioners may convince themselves (consciously or not) of their increasing efficacy by banding together – and to a certain degree this is true – it is more from the conviction and resolve that result from being aware of the context one has placed themselves in, than from 'two heads are better than one' thinking. Simply, the perception of greater efficacy is what increases efficacy,... but there are far more effective and consistent means of accomplishing the same tasks without having to inter-mingle with the psychologies, dispositions, etc. of others.
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  27. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    As I've said before, there is the mind, the body, and the spirit. This assertion/position is the first assumption of metaphysics. This is an assumption because one's ability to detect the activity of one aspect depends on the other two, rendering the whole schema authoritatively in the realm of 'theory'. Still, theories need not be proven to be shown to corroborate with the objective results.

    For there to be harmony between the three aspects, there ought be balance individually; each in their own is best 'exercised', or otherwise allowed to develop and 'run/play'.

    Realize: perception is a function of all three aspects; the body (parts) interprets the signals, processes it through the mind first into images and then into ideas, and presents the whole set of findings to the awareness. In order for one's perception (read: discernment, critical capacity, etc.) to be functioning properly, their body, mind, and spirit need to regularly have a 'workout'.

    Moreover, one will want some degree of practiced dexterity and/or coordination if they ever want to do the dancing heebie-geebie shit. They'll need a sharp mind for the woogalie boogalie chants, and who knows what else they may come up with? ^_~

    Personally, I'm not a fan of chants or dances but I won't contest their efficacy, especially in producing an ecstatic state. Still, they amount to a surrender IMO as it involves a certain resignation; I don't buy into the 'I am made better by having done blah', and I'll not beneath myself to get all wardrobe-y and make-upy without just cause (there is one IMO).

    I agree with the presentations of Carlos Castaneda in that one should possess sufficient expertise with their awareness so as to allow instantaneous shifts in perception and intent as necessitated by their circumstances; always at the ready to shift into emergence response/mediation. It is my opinion that this is among the three most important perceptual developments, that of 'ready to respond at a moment's notice'.

    That's what I'm talking about. That's some straight ninja shit right there. <ahem>
  28. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    What I'm essentially getting at is the resolve behind communication. It is one thing to resolve to express an idea, but another thing entirely to effectively communicate it.

    The former idea involves outlining an idea per the understanding of the person expressing, where the other involves outlining an idea per the understanding of the recipient.

    It is true that the onus of comprehension lies in the hands of the recipient, but that does not excuse the person expressing from doing their due diligence.

    Perhaps one has experienced a phenomena; one will be endeavoring to accomplish a task or goal, and another individual will either be present or will come along and operate in a manner that renders moot any effort by the primary individual.

    “Ooops, I didn't mean for that to happen,” they will sometimes say.

    I – for one – have gotten on many people's bad side by quickly pointing out “Ah, but you didn't mean for that not to happen, else you would have taken steps to avoid the eventuality. The reality is that it wasn't important to you either way, so while you paid lip service, your actions lacked the conviction of your words.”

    Such examples very clearly indicate a resolve that is inconsistent with a conducive outcome.

    The thinking that will enable the manifestation of one's resolve is in many ways 'different' from 'average'/'everyday' thinking. One who engages this level does not make excuses or attempt to rationalize why something 'didn't' work. If successful, the successes will be noted and the failures (yes failures, even a successful endeavor will be riddled with failures) identified, addressed, and mediated.

    Suggested Reading: The Art of Contrary Thinking – Humphrey Neill (1954)
  29. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    A few questions if I may, and before I continue. As with previous, these questions are rhetorical and beyond their use to the individual, irrelevant.

    1. What is your body's name? I ask this in reference to the 'naming the machine' comment from earlier. By asking this question, I am neither insisting that one have a particular name for their body outside of the 'existing' ones (I personally don't), nor am I insisting that they get/make one; I am using the question to apply the same reasoning - that of developing a sense of affection for the 'machine' - to the body.

    2. Meh.

    Remember this:

    I am a douchebag. You are a douchebag (read: less-than sufficient representation of the mass of human potential, experiencing bias and other forms of conditioning and/or corruption which compromises our ability to seamlessly and efficiently respond to stimulus in a holistic and conducive manner). The first step then is to maneuver around the douchebaggery. To do this, we must fearlessly and rigorously identify and bring into conscious awareness the ways in which our douchebaggery manifests; the first plane this occurs on is that of the spoken word.

    I realize that it may seem - especially at times - that I am operating at a painfully slow velocity, but there is good reason and deliberate intention behind it, rather than arbitrary whim.

    Though, for that last you'll just have to take my word for it. ^_~
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  30. Two plus two , equals four.