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    That book is your bible Shezbeth.???

    I have just read the table of contents...


    Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy

    Get others to do your work for you...

    Court attention at all costs.

    Conceal your intentions...

    etc. etc. etc.
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  3. Shezbeth

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    I don't recall that part of the conversation; I must not have thought it was significant, sorry.

    Edit: I take that back, I think I do recall that part. Wasn't it something to do with not taking offense, about how an individual's expression - and the recipient's subsequent reception to the expression - are both wrought of their individual biases which may be operating on tentative, conditioned, or otherwise non-conducive conviction?

    Something like that IIRC. Anyhow, that bit is coming next. ^_~

    Anything one wishes to post is entirely up to them and is otherwise unlikely to be either objected to or censured; I'm not trying to maintain a mystique throughout the thread,... though I will evoke a mystique in some of my posts,... artistic license and all that. ^_~
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  4. We had a convo in person the other day , I said to you " offence , how offended are , we are offended beyond belief as we reach for a digestive from the plate next to the coffee cup" you laughed , is this qualifying as non decor ?

    If I say rude things in jest are they unwelcome , do they change the energy , or do nothing.

    I'm gonna fink about wot u said dere...
  5. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu


    Learn it

    Live it

    Love it

    Understand and/or overstand (to quote Dr. Phil Valentine) this idea, and you may stop reading, for you have already learned the lesson; you may relax and observe or participate, as you wish.

    For those of us who are constantly emerging and seeking new sources of inspiration from others - and in doing so express our inspiration to others - I offer the following opinion.

    A simple definition of the term is as follows;

    Decorum (Day - Core - Uhm)

    1. dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress, etc.
    2. the quality or state of being decorous, or exhibiting such dignified propriety; orderliness; regularity.
    3. Usually, decorums. an observance or requirement of polite society.

    This definition - while effective and accurate - is far too simplistic for my taste. Having read a multitude of older/newer dictionaries over the years, here is my expounded definition.

    Decorum - a learned or expressed sense of observable quality, dignity, and etiquette especially as pertains to behavior and presentation ; class ; propriety - not out of a sense of obligation or external/social requirement - but for sake of propriety ; adhering to a standard of conduct beyond expectation ; responsible and aesthetic performance of whatever action or inaction.

    It is derived from the same latin origins as the word decor, implying and sharing a commonality of artistry, perhaps even finesse; the '-um' suffix operating on the french 'decor' in an equivalent manner as the '-do' or 'philosophy/way/art' found in asian culture and practices.

    What follows does not represent the opinion of a goddamn/blessed individuated human expression other than the dude punching it out on his laptop.

    Disparate expressions and opinions are welcome to likewise express themselves in response, but I would also like to pre-emptively emphasize (since I can Xp) that while all opinions are thereunto entitled their originating expression they can also fuck off.

    Simply, if you disagree I don't give a shit. For the rest, enjoy.


    Ha! You heard a drum-roll for a second didn't you! Where'd that come from?

    Now that I have your attention for just this instant,....

    Do Your Best

        • Do, as in make a practice of, produce through behavior, or cause to quantum manifest
        • Your, as in associated to the previous term in a possessive sense where the action is tied to the subject
        • Best, as in highest expression of quality, most pro-active and/or conducive result as is potentiated unto the individual

    There is a general consensus that one's best is beyond reproach. Note: One is not beyond correction, but they are beyond reproach.

    When one has done their best they cannot be expected to have done more; there is an eventual limit to what one can accomplish.

    One's best can often exceed one's own expectations; one should always try to surpass their expectations, but I'll get into that.

    One's best may be insufficient for the task at hand, yet even in insufficiency one's best is the most that can yet be expected.

    When one does their best, over time they will learn newer and more interesting ways of/by which to do their best.

    As one absorbs and enjoys new experiences their preceding experiences become incrementally more difficult to consciously recall, so the more one habituates themselves toward doing their best, the greater quantum potential that:

    A. their ability to produce their best would become more consistent. As Aristotle is credited with saying: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


    B. their ability in producing their best would gradually increase; they would have additional experience to apply to this 'particular' expression of their best, and would thereby have refined their 'technique' ever so much. When one pushes themselves in weight-lifting or physical exertion, their muscle grows stonger faster.

    This topic and concept – in my opinion – is the keystone concept behind any conducive secular OR metaphysical experience. It will be referenced and cross-referenced at great length and frequency as time goes on, with additional elements and facets to be included.

    Suggested Reading - The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene

    Additionally, those who wish to read at their own pace may find a wealth of resources and material here, much of which will be covered in further articles -
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  6. chikinThe channeling chicken , puts the thread back to where it was , with its , mind.
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  7. Ok, I understand.
    Maybe a start could be red green blue.
    As a thought , to put some control on the parameters of discussion(I realise it was a bit open ended)
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  8. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    I'll admit, I will have to take time to formulate an adequate response.

    The thing about colors is that there are a variety of subjective and objective differences; colors as produced by a light source operate differently than colors from a reflective/pigment source. Additionally, the reception of the individual may differ from the collective/aggregate response, and moreover there are always exceptions; an individual who is color-blind perceives things far differently than one who is not. Furthermore, the use and purpose of color will vary greatly in a given context, especially with regard to metaphysics; in one context one a more raw/pure color may be more appropriate or significant, whereas in another context a refined/combined color is more suitable.

    It is an excellent question/inquiry, and I look forward to following up with it!
  9. Could I start with a question then ?

    If so , here it is .

    Shelve it or delve it.....your choice.

    What is the periodic table of colours(colors) ....

    If I may , I will put it a few ways so you understand what I am asking , or maybe we all do , lol.

    I want to know in your opinion , the list of colours and there importance in order if this is possible..
    If it isn't , what is , what can you show us with colours that gives us a sliding scale in any way possible...
    A graph to start , the noisiest the fastest , the most used.

    Or the photonics energy scale , maybe the rate they come back to the eye...
    Just any measurement...

    You may think of what I mean and come up with the nearest equivalent..

    Colour in metaphysics , what can you tell us ...

    Please stick to your curriculum if it's jumping the gun in some way..your choice.
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  10. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Questions are welcome at any time, and new segments will simply introduce new and/or expound on existing topics in a chapter-esque manner with an easily reference-able index (and a word of the day for kicks and familiarization ^_~). Disagreements are certain to occur, and participants need not worry about ruffling one another's feathers or offending sensibilities; indeed, offended sensibilities is a particularly strong indicator of a non-conducive position! So, let's have some fun and learn from one another; we might get some bruises and bloody noses in the process (metaphorically speaking), and that too will help us to emerge.

    That's the key; emergence for all!

  11. Ok, first of all , thanks and welcome.

    This is a subject I know little of , therefore your going to take up where a clever old man left off..
    I ask questions , awkward ones.
    I won't however interrupt your posts if they are in sequence etc.

    Could you state when you are ready for a question section .......
    And stop saying "poof" when you leave , I keep thinking of John Inman, lol.(English camp actor very funny guy)
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  12. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Metaphysics is a term used to designate a realm of phenomenon that by and large stands outside humanity's socialized perception and understanding. There are nigh infinite forms and types of metaphysical activity, and it may well be that the number its self is infinite and/or unknowable.

    The purpose of the thread is for metaphysicists – be they young, old, seasoned, raw, aspiring, or accomplished – to present and share tools, ideas, and guidelines to assist one another as they endeavor to make known what is otherwise unknown, and to come to terms with, respect, and appreciate what is otherwise unknowable.

    As indicated by the title, the word literally begins with 'Me' in both word and concept; I am not referring to Myself, I am referring to the subject – the main character of the individuated experience – which in context is as equally You as it is Me. Topics and discussion will therefore focus primarily – but not exclusively – on the individual's part, role, and experience when interacting with the Metaphysical world around them.

    An admission:
    There is no individual for whom this information will be and/or is 100% viable. I'm writing the shit, and it's not 100% viable for me. Having said, I hope that one will suspend their disbelief, offense, disagreement, or other negating behaviors and enjoy what I have put together, that it may be of use today, tomorrow, etc.

    I openly welcome participation and discussion of all kinds, and My only request is that whether acting positively (positing an idea) or negatively (negating an idea) please be prepared to follow-up, source, or validate positions as well as be prepared to explain or expound on any choice of negation.

    The reader will be able to easily search and distinguish articles from discussion by the Word of the Day.

    Contents -

    DECORUM - [ ]
    AUTONOMY - [ ]
    CRITIQUE - [ ]
    HONE - [ ]
    EXTANT - [ ]
    EMERGE - [ ]
    RESOLVE - [ ]
    SYNTHESIS - [ ]
    OPPOSITE - [ ]
    AUTHOR - [ ]
    GAME - [ ]
    UNITY - [ ]
    QUALITY - [ ]
    POTENTIATE - [ ]
    DREAM - [ ]
    AUDIENCE - [ ]
    DISCIPLINE - [ ]
    PERFORM - [ ]
    VILLAIN - [ ]
    DISCERN - [ ]
    RAGE - [ ]
    AXIOM - [ ]

    Please note: There are a number of non-indexed articles, editorials, and spiels which - though less 'to a topic' than others, might still be of use, benefit, amusement, etc; I will index them in due course, but please note that this is - and shall be - a work in progress.

    FWIW, I put 111% into these, so I hope (more than anything) that 'it' is at the least, enjoyable.

    P.S. Please excuse the eminent capitals; it depends on what mood/perspective I'm in. ^_~
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  13. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Metaphysics; Meta – Physics

    Meta- : a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, with the meanings “after”, “along with”, beyond, “among”, “behind”, and productive in English on the Greek model.
    (reference; )

    Physics : the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force.
    (reference; )

    From Page 6,....

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