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Discussion in 'Φ POLITICS' started by Rose, Oct 10, 2020.

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  1. Rose

    Rose Φ Unknown Presence

    I am posting these messages for our new member Nicole until she has time to devote to acclimating to the site.
    We look forward to your participation here.

    Hello Rose,

    When I landed on your site, it was as a result of a search on JFK Jr, as you know.

    Alas, I’'m currently overwhelmed with work and don't think I'll be able to move around your site for several days.

    But I'm very anxious about JFK Jr: after seeing so many videos about him, I would bet at least 70% that he's alive! Remember that he was running against Clinton for a senatorial seat, which he probably would have won; but learning that he had a killer contract against him, I'm not surprised that he gave up, feeling too vulnerable at the time.

    Now, apart from the effect of surprise and joy of this‘almost ‘supernatural’ come back, imagine what he’s going to tell the Americans about his vanishin for 20 years ! That it was because of the Deep State! Imagine the reaction of the Americans, who will ALL understand that Trump was right, that the crimes of the DS go very far!

    On the other hand, DT has never disproved these rumors and he knows what a disappointment it would be if all this thriller was bogus !

    I really think (and I hope so, I must confess it honestly) that JFK Jr is alive, that he comes back topping off DT success : Would’not he be ‘’The best is to come !’’ ?

    So you know, a full success for Trump would be a boon for all of us in Europe, because the domino effect would bring down our own DS (very deep, very stinky, I must tell you)

    Poor France, ''Elder daughter of the Church'', now Pedoland!

    Things are going very badly here, Rose, and we have alerts that give us extremely worrying information: next civil war (with hyper armed and heavily armed arabized suburbs), a reconfinement that we are announced for the end of the month and for some months (!), with instructions to make (big) reserves!

    You may, if you wish, integrate this message on your site.

    I will contact you later to find out how best to use your site.

    Thank you very much for your offer of help. I will be sure to ask you for it if I need it.

    Good evening, Rose. Here, in Brittany, it’s nearly midnight.

    Long live Trump! May God help us in these times of ‘Apocalypse’ when even the pope belongs to the DS !!! (I'm a practicing Catholic, and that's a big hassle too! But GOD WINS !).
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  2. Rose

    Rose Φ Unknown Presence

    Q Post 4885 today explains the reason behind the JFK JR (and other) erroneous "Qanon" stories, Nicole.
    Q answered the "Is JFK Jr. alive?" question back on December 12, 2018.
    I agree it would have been wonderful, if true. But, sadly, it is not.



    Hope to hear from you again.
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  3. Rose

    Rose Φ Unknown Presence

    Of course, Rose, what I told you in the last message about a possible civil war, reconfinement, food restrictions, was given to us here in France by a whistleblower (but a very safe man). Who received this information from high-ranking government officials, but of course, in a 'confidential' manner. So it is not 'official' news. Thank you for integrating this message on the site in case you have integrated the first one.

    PS: here in France, many groups have spoken out against the aberrant and iniquitous decisions of our damn government, but there is such corruption that it is difficult to succeed!
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