Michael Trimm IMO the most credible analyzer out there.

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    I have come to virtually the same conclusions Trimm has...All the way up through the idea that election fraud initially started a new level of control. Big picture thinkers are a real danger to the power elite because we are not distracted... This guy figured things out and has been threatened since then. It took him a while to connect the dots, but he is absolutely correct. LISTEN TO HIM!!
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    So how did the Clintons rise to fame? Its an interesting story actually. If you look at this country you will see a grid of supply lines. You have the oceans, the ports which are covered pretty damn well. One could pay to play but, it gets pretty complex and people will have a great idea about your resources. Then there are the roads, most of which are major, guarded by small town police departments looking for a handout... Not an ideal situation to say the least.

    1920's Louisiana, a strange crazy man is making the rounds, making lots of noise...But he has his supporters, some of whom will tell you after Jesus, pray for the Kingfish, Huey P Long. Huey claims he wants to build roads and bring Louisiana into the twentieth century. From the Bayou outwards, roads are built eventually culminating in the interstate system going in all directions. Many outlying areas benefit from these roads. Perhaps one of the most ass backwards of these places was Arkansas. A true backwater! These backwaters are part of a transformation, places like Washington Louisiana that were a stop off on the Mississippi are now eclipsed by the roads, and many of these places are forgotten.

    Alas, where Angels fear to tread Devils freely mingle. The Bayous become a place where a smattering of Cajun families live off the land, the kids often leave school early, they must be home to help skin a gator for cookin'...these Cajuns are laughed at, called "coon asses" for speaking French. Enter a nice day circa the year 2000 or so, David is with the family on a drive to Baton Rouge Louisiana from Opelousas when the car has a problem. Tow truck driver arrives with what looks like a small hand grenade launcher in the back of his truck, bullet holes seem to dot the exterior of the vehicle. David, having grown up in New York understands the concept of preparing for shit... Many of his Puerto Rican friends when visiting a white girl friend would carry a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it...they didn't want to get jumped by the Irish boys after all...But what exactly is the threat in the Bayou? I can't imagine.

    Tow truck driver looks at us and says, "Ista good thang yal didn't walk on into town, you know where ya at? This here Whiskey Bay!" Well shit why didn't he say so... what is Whiskey bay again? It turns out the Bayous are a place where contraband is run, where ranger stations are all shot out shells that cannot be manned and where gun battles happen all hours of the night. This driver, to even go about his business has to engage motor boats taking shots at him. If anyone happens to be around they risk their life. The ranger stations have not been manned for years, as the law was chased out of the Bayous long ago... These Bayous that extend a good 60-70 miles from Baton Rouge up through Lafayette. And this does not include the Bayou communities up North from Port Barrie to Washington Louisiana, the whole damn Gulf is made up of these waterways and they are uninhabitable unless you grew up around them...there are no Google maps to navigate folks.

    What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Enter the kingdom of Arkanastan. Just a backwater state (Arkansas) a stone throw from the Bayou, another throw from the regulated part of the Gulf near Houston (the Bayou city), and with a unique central location to most of the greater Eastern Seaboard via back, Secondary, tertiary Roads...and the Interstate. Geography can be destiny. Human trafficking, running drugs, weapons, is not easily accomplished in the ports of a first world nation. Yet mention Whiskey Bay, or the part of the Bayou that stretches from Baton Rouge...a bit towards New Orleans, and all the way to Lafayette/Washington Louisiana and people are oblivious. These waterways are not only impossible to cover, but are dangerous beyond comprehension.

    The Clintons and the evil factions which make up their enterprise know this. Bill Clinton and family was able to launder and traffic because of Arkansas location to the Bayous. This is how his influence grew. This is how many victims of human trafficking made their way to the capital, this is how so many more drugs come into the country, than the interstate 95 corridor where local police departments patrol looking for fines and arrests.

    This location allowed Clinton to make it rain for so many, and to bring in massive amounts of illegal contraband into Arkansas, to be distributed nationwide. One needs to step back and think like Michael Trimm, a big picture thinker to understand this. The media will give the illusion of glamor...Spanish gangs in Columbia running Coca, with beautiful wet dream chicas in Miami dancing to the beat! While the truth is the real shit is on speed boats running through the water ways of the Bayou, up a few choice roads in Louisiana and Arkansas where the Sheriffs are paid real well. The proof of this is in what the tow truck driver told me...everything in that area is full of bullet holes, any federal presence is overrun by force. narco-Terrorism at its most pronounced.

    The S&L quasi-banks and other such institutions created by Clinton's law firm were all money laundering institutions folks! before that it was REal Estate. So lets keep this in mind when being mislead by the media who want to create numerous red herrings. Trimm was asked to stop because when one figures it out, it all makes sense.
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    And, you haven't even mentioned Mena Airport.
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    Mensa airport lol.
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    Two different worlds. I know which one I would rather hang out in lol. I wouldn't even normally touch anything political with a ten foot pole but this is serious.
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    Sorry to hear that Rose.
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    Well as I am understanding it at this point...

    If mind/abstract/implicate/the observer=reality/concrete/explicate/the observed=infocognition
    And Reality is not matter and energy. Reality is purely information.
    And Unbound Telisis is a property of Reality.
    And Conspansive Duality is a property of Reality
    So that reality has the benefit of all available past and future contingencies
    And reality is self creative....
    Why would reality chose for itself the contingency of cracked mantles and Yellowstone exploding, etc?

    I mean on an individual/local scale from our perspectives....
    I understand why we might err badly, but with all the benefit of Universal Reality?

    Have I missed something?
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    Lets look at two philosophical truths implicit in Langan's analysis: 1) Dualism. We can have monoism, Dualism or tantrism. Tantrism is degrees of real in phenominal reality hidden in dualism...so a hybrid of you will. Though Langan might take issue with the label, he is for the purposes above a dualist because you have at least two aspects of reality. You have feedback loops, purpose loops and reality which is fundamentally different from the stuff of matter and energy. I know this is simplistic but bare with me.

    Knowing this above we come to the second truth: Reality and the relationship of Telos, or purpose...How can you have reality that creates? along with fallibility? A classic question undermining virtually all doctrines that presuppose a reality creator, or a reality that in some way creates itself according to a process....Because it if does so it must be at least somewhat infallible? right?

    I have deliberately strayed outside Chris to show that as much as I love Chris' brilliant leap into the philosophical fires that claim to cook us reality itself....the issues remain the same. You either gots yer free will, er ya dont. Or do you? As a dualist Chris can certainly claim part of reality is fallible...which he in fact does when he says that our souls go where we are at. If we are evolved they go to an evolved place, if we are evil, they go to a place that is separated from the group soul activities that are evolving. Chris says as much in his questions and answers to his work...But i could tell you what I did anyway because thats how dualists get down! Whether Indian vedantists, Schopenhuer, a dualist is a dualist and not a monoist, so there are at least two places we can go (spirit, matter) (phenominal falsehood monoist truth, etc).

    Does this dualism totally explain why free will can be bifurcated? divided into a perfect evolving universe that is responsive...albeit responsive including the pure, the impure, the truth, falsehood and therefore a reality that recurses all aspects (not reflects) when it solders on, and is therefore both subject to limited free will and perfection.... But I want to throw a better argument at you.

    I may have stated this before Rose, if so I apologize. It related indirectly to Langon. I think as smart as chris is his philosophical game might be still be evolving. So God is in heaven and he builds a beautiful Gypsy cab...mint condition and all. Adam sees it and says "wow I want that." God smiles because Adam has a perfect world, a perfect destiny, a beautiful wife... "Well Adam if you were to take these car keys I could not give them to you under false pretenses. One cannot enjoy a car like this with no possibility of ending up like James Dean, or Humpty Dumpty...You would roll around going five miles an hour and frankly that shit would not look good! Not in my kingdom!

    Adam thinks and says "I want it." God says "Adam if I give you these keys I can't protect you! your on your own you know what that means? If you crash and break, you die, if you make it around the curve at 50 mph your blood pressure will rise and you will taste life like you have never tasted it!" Adam says...you guessed it. God has a tear in his eye, he hands Adam the keys hands shaking, he hugs his man close to his busom clinging to him like most fathers have wanted to do just to feel for a moment like they can prevent all harm to their sons.

    Adam chooses free will, in a universe where it is possible along with predestination. Somewhere a sadistic contract killer tells his religious mark "I will give you 5 minutes to pray to your god to strike me down,you want ten minutes?" The killer laughs, aint happened yet...Adam's choice is with us, and while it does not mean that God is not with us? The logos of God is part of God, and the Logos has spoken...Adam chooses to create and evolve his part of reality in a manner where everything is possible and the Universe absorbs those possibilities within its evolution.

    This means Yellow Stone, global warming, etc. As far as these being a benefit or not? who are we too judge Rose? That sadistic killer described above? he may come back as a cute baby boy with terminal cancer...vis a vis the universe has indeed karmically incorporated him.

    hope this helps.
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    M=R (Mind=Reality) does not seem to indicate duality to me, but rather a oneness.
    And, Infocognition turns M=R into one word.
    Langan quote :

    ”What does this say about God? First, if God is real, then God inheres in the comprehensive reality syntax, and this syntax inheres in matter. Ergo, God inheres in matter, and indeed in its space-time substrate as defined on material and supramaterial levels. This amounts to pantheism, the thesis that God is omnipresent with respect to the material universe. Now, if the universe were pluralistic or reducible to its parts, this would make God, who coincides with the universe itself, a pluralistic entity with no internal cohesion. But because the mutual syntactic consistency of parts is enforced by a unitary holistic manifold with logical ascendancy over the parts themselves - because the universe is a dual-aspected monic entity consisting of essentially homogeneous, self-consistent infocognition - God retains monotheistic unity despite being distributed over reality at large. Thus, we have a new kind of theology that might be called mono-pantheism, or even more descriptively, holo-pantheism. Second, God is indeed real, for a coherent entity identified with a self-perceptual universe is self-perceptual in nature, and this endows it with various levels of self-awareness and sentience, or constructive, creative intelligence. Indeed, without a guiding Entity whose Self-awareness equates to the coherence of self-perceptual space-time, a self-perceptual universe could not coherently self-configure. Holo-pantheism is the logical, meta-theological umbrella beneath which the great religions of mankind are unknowingly situated. Why, if there exists a spiritual metalanguage in which to establish the brotherhood of man through the unity of sentience, are men perpetually at each others' throats? Unfortunately, most human brains, which comprise a particular highly-evolved subset of the set of all reality-subsystems, do not fire in strict S-isomorphism much above the object level. Where we define one aspect of "intelligence" as the amount of global structure functionally represented by a given sÎS, brains of low intelligence are generally out of accord with the global syntax D(S). This limits their capacity to form true representations of S (global reality) by syntactic autology [d(S) Éd d(S)] and make rational ethical calculations. In this sense, the vast majority of men are not well-enough equipped, conceptually speaking, to form perfectly rational worldviews and societies; they are deficient in education and intellect, albeit remediably so in most cases. This is why force has ruled in the world of man…why might has always made right, despite its marked tendency to violate the optimization of global utility derived by summing over the sentient agents of S with respect to space and time."[4] http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Christopher_Langan

    That last sentence...
    I am interpreting it to mean there is a force above the world of man and his actions:
    The sentient agents of S with respect to space and time.
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    I agree that Langan wants to posit a conditional monism, I don't think it holds up imo. lets look at the passages you describe and for the sake of "stepping out" lets look at Kashmir Tantric thought. Tantric thought because it is an example of a conditional duality which is also a Monoism. Shiva and Shakti, the divine, the feminine or, the phenominal flux of reality interwoven with that which is eternal. It becomes a matter of perspective. Chitta, or consciousness, spanda, the energy that makes up consciousness moves between the two so that in essence the world is both: dualistic in its phenominal characteristic, and monistic in its absolute sense. So this would be an example of saying reality is both all one and essentially dual.

    Holo-pantheism is a concept that to me engenders the crux of this first paragraph. Not only are we all fragments of one, but in being these fragments, we are essentially a complete facsimile of the one. A hollograph is in fact just that, when proper light comes through a prism, all parts of the whole are miniatures of the whole... In the case Langan is making the facsimiles are just not as perfect as the unity of consciousness that is the intelligence behind it all. I believe Langan states this somewhere as being the difference between the god part that is us compared to God.... Its a very interesting idea. It is indeed quite "holo-graphic in much the same way that an atom is a solar system in miniature.

    so to Langan the consciousness that pervades is in all of us, it is part of all of us, in varying degrees of perfection, like Plato's archetypical triangle versus the triangles we write. Our consciousness like the dialectic can embrace certain levels of the whole depending on capacity. Again, I have simplified the argument to work with it through clear comprehension: Langan posits the relationship as a set of objects in reality and the ability to comprehend reality, which is the supreme work of the creator, manifesting reality through space and time, forever perfecting it while the smaller subsets of reality grasp to the degree possible the perfection unfolding.

    To me this is essentially dualistic because there is always the lacuna between the imperfect and the perfect, the capacity vis a vis incapacity, The global syntex vis a vis the individual synex. I do think Langan saying that we are all versions of the same unfolding reality, where upon he seems to say one can be misled into thinking pantheonistically that there are different manifestations, perhaps different realities imagined, and that this is an illusion, is a logically consistant statement. Its Hegalanism really... it is positing a creator to bring in a consistency and purpose...But Langan does a nice job qualifying that as hollographic. Yet, there are still essentially two facsimiles at any given time as reality infolds: that of the superior Hollograph (the creator) and that of the inferior Hollograph, the relative comprehension consciousness has of itself from the perspective of the ignorant man.