Michael Trimm IMO the most credible analyzer out there.

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    "What would happen if a language was so expressive that it contained every piece of information on the thing it wishes to describe to the highest resolution possible?..."


    Can't help thinking "In the beginning was the word..."
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    Lol. You get a lot of exotic words in philosophy for sure. Sometimes people are convinced it is window dressing, and sometimes it makes sense when explained. When I was studying Martin Heidegger my teacher was fluent in German and told me this story: He went to a philosophy convention in Germany, to read a passage from Seine un Zeindt (can't spell the German) or what is known in English as Being and Time.... Heidegger's defining piece of work. Heidegger like Kant was notorious for being cryptic and at that time was not widely read for political reasons primarily.

    When he finished the passage the ever polite German audience clapped and later he was approached and asked "what language he had spoken at the podium." he was then asked if he studied German with a German speaker, etc. Heidegger's work is so filled with descriptive terms that it does not even sound proper in his native tongue! Actually Hatsumi sensei of the Bujinkan has also been accused of speaking in perfectly fluent medieval Japanese! And lets not forget the North Koreans who also apparently sound like the equivalent of a European speaking English during the 1400's, in Korean.
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    Its all opinions and looking for correlations. We are starting to get solid proof of Clinton's intentions, and the conspiracy underlining these acts. But what I tend to do is look at what happens and what whistle blowers knew of it and how they knew of it. So lets talk Trimm:

    There is a Japanese concept whereby one knows what a higher up is saying, even when the higher up seems to say the opposite. For example, a board meeting at Toyota and a pesky individual asks a big wig if they could fire a division in the company to satisfy consumers...the bigwig grunts out "yes" and looks up at the group. The bigwigs assistant comes out and is asked if anyone is being fired and says "No, Okimono san does not want anyone fired."

    The FRacking is imo a diversion, a red herring thrown out there for somebody, I doubt Trimm believes it. he tells us he has to play ball so we are warned right? He also is very much like "Okimono San" because when he tells us "to be happy" he is really saying to be careful." He may be saying also, that we should not be consumed by this, but thats not his profile is it? this is not a guy who tells us about better living and health, he is a big picture thinker who connects the dots and does so well enough that he got called on the carpet in our "free" society.

    Heres the piece of info that correlates imo....And when I say correlates I mean, we have a great source at Reddit 4 Chan who imo is very credible

    We have numerous sources that also say the same thing, from CIA, FBI, etc etc

    We now have Trimms saying the same thing.

    We have physical evidence that our president, the Justice Department, and parts of the FBI are conspiring... We have evidence that materials have been destroyed, election activity rigged, etc in the name of this conspiracy. And...an often overlooked piece of data is that we have seen that the state department is evidently NOT part of the conspiracy at large, because they were honest about Clinton's activities.

    So what do all these sources say? They all say that this conspiracy is virtually our entire government. it reminds me of the Boys Town scandal in the eighties where people started to die in plane crashes, threats were made, as people got to see how sick the power mongers where.

    So that is where we are at imo. If the information came out about the extent of what the Clinton faction, Bush faction, Obama faction did, there would probably be formal declarations of war against this country.
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    I returned to this thread to find the Clinton Foundation Case posted here because I was investigating my previous question in TAG thread: "Who is Bill Browder? I found he is in tight with HSBC. Coincidentally, I had been investigating HSBC last week because they emailed a statement and I realized I had a forgotten account there. I wondered if I should close the account. In checking around about the bank, I happened upon the video with a whistleblower who told the story about how HSBC had used depositor information to open accounts in Russia and around the world to launder money for the Clinton Foundation while James Comey was on Board of Directors.

    So, as I said, I returned to this thread looking for the copy of the Clinton Foundation case wondering if Browder was a part of the case, then got to wondering what Michael Trimm was up to. My search led me to the Walkaway video he posted just today.

    On top of that I had a very vivid symbolic dream last night in which: (I don't know why I am mentioning this here, forgive me if I shouldn't.) A person was with a group of people who were at some type of an event. It seemed like a campus, or some such place. People were sitting around in groups outside seemingly viewing movies on large screens. The person (I never know anything about the appearance of the person I experience in dreams because I am experiencing through their eyes) was sitting in a row with one group and decided a preference after the movie ended to walk alone to another area to watch a different movie than the next one to be presented in that location.

    On the way to the other area across the campus-like place, the person took a short cut between a building and some large hedges. The opening between the hedges narrowed. The hedges became taller than at first and closer to the building. There was no way to turn around. The person got stuck. There was a sudden bolt of thunder as a strong storm was progressing rapidly nearer. The person feared getting stuck there, unable to move, in the hedges and drowning. But, a woman could be seen inside a window working in an office on the second floor across from the situation. She saw the person stuck and in peril. The person could see the woman gathering others, phoning for help and rescue was on the way.

    What did it mean? Please ignore, reader, if it means nothing to you.
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    Plan to watch this Trimm video next...

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