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    It was interesting that Q said when he returned Nancy Pelosi had somehow been responsible for the long absence. I wondered if it was a legal snag. Do you have any idea what that was all about?

    The return of POTUS acknowlegements of Q is a great sign everything is falling smoothly into place now. Loved the Q baby acknowledgement at the last rally.

    Just noticed the Body Language video you mentioned you were anxious to see :).

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    And another, tag:

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    I imagine you already have this, but I thought I would post it here for convenience.

    From CodeMonkeyZ (Ron) on the 8CHAN Status: "We are using the downtime now to scale 8chan's servers, networking, and software to be stronger for when we come back online."

    I find that I feel very calm and relaxed these days.

    I'm not worried about the situation with 8 Chan being down.

    I wondered about this and think that maybe it's because we've all been psychologically prepared in the event this would happen. Tons of people have archived the Q posts off line. And we already have a massive amount of information from what has already been shared.

    Code Monkey and his team are working diligently to get everything back up and running.
    And I feel confident they will be able to pull this off beautifully.
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    Symbolism will be their downfall ...
    Maddow Blog owl, Symbology, 20190927.png
    Rachel Maddow's Blog twitter account, Owl ... symbolism?
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    Rose Φ

    So good to hear from you, tag, my friend!

    Maddow's owl is appropo. Codemonkey's post is comforting. What other news do you have from the inside?

    Waiting for the truth has turned into a tremendous marathon, hasn't it? I am reminded of the Shakespeare in the park extravaganza the left staged early on portraying Trump as Caesar receiving his death by all his court stabbing him. It has been so brutal. But unlike Caesar, Trump will withstand their treachery and emerge victorious. It is going to be such a grand day when it finally happens and these liars get what they deserve.

    Did you see the news conference today? He really let it roll!
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    I think Trump is holding his own.
    Here's a link to the White House response to Pelosi...
    Code Monkey left a message on his Twitter account that he is now beta testing the new site for 8Chan, and the 8Chan twitter account shared this video

    I'm confident that once 8Chan is up and running that Q will start posting again.
    When I think about this process, I also think about the process of grief.
    The stages that people go through when they've had their world view completely challenged.
    I think those stages apply to the awakening process, as well.
    When I read the text in this image, I went to Qpub and found the post that was quoted in the text. It's post #3038
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    I imagine that what I'm sharing in this post may seem to have nothing to do with Q.
    However, I suspect it may, especially in the context of events much larger than we can presently imagine.
    I watched a movie a few years ago, that's been on my mind a LOT these past few weeks.
    It's the concept of a non-linear language, expressed in circles, and how language affects how we think.
    Arrival ...

    In August I discovered that a song that I love was associated with the movie. The two are combined in the above video.
    And just now, I watched this video discussing language, meaning, and understanding.
    To do the work that understanding requires ...

    This has the felt sense of watching a sky across a vast horizon.
    Or a dark night sky brimming with stars.
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    Tom Luongo has said, Trump is not neutered by this impeachment, if anything it is emboldening him.
    I don't normally watch the Trump Rally's but I was curious about how tonight's rally in Minneapolis would go, so I watched it.
    Tom is spot on... Trump is bolder than ever!

    And all of the red T-shirts at the rally ... Red October. hmmmm
    With the next IG Report coming out on the 18th, and the increased nervousness by the DC ruling class, it seems that at the collective consciousness level, things are stirring.

    Why were people not up-in-arms with what Biden was doing as Vice-President?
    I think it's because it was business as usual in DC.
    Enriching themselves at the expense of the American People.
    The latest I heard is that Nancy Pelosi is worth $233,000,000.00.

    In considering Amazing Polly's video below, her research on the connection of George Soros to Ukraine,... I often tell people that for George Soros, his philanthropy isn't charity; it's his business model.
    And the money he "gives" to others isn't his own, it's ours, the American tax payers.
    I tend to take in bit and pieces of information from a wide range of sources, and observe how it all plays out.

    Including the Q posts:
    Biden Q Posts
    Nancy Pelosi Q Posts
    George Soros Q Posts

    oh, and BTW, #UnsealEpstein is still a thing, that issue hasn't gone away, even if it's not in the current news cycle.

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