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    It was interesting that Q said when he returned Nancy Pelosi had somehow been responsible for the long absence. I wondered if it was a legal snag. Do you have any idea what that was all about?

    The return of POTUS acknowlegements of Q is a great sign everything is falling smoothly into place now. Loved the Q baby acknowledgement at the last rally.

    Just noticed the Body Language video you mentioned you were anxious to see :).

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  2. Rose

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    And another, tag:

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    I imagine you already have this, but I thought I would post it here for convenience.

    From CodeMonkeyZ (Ron) on the 8CHAN Status: "We are using the downtime now to scale 8chan's servers, networking, and software to be stronger for when we come back online."

    I find that I feel very calm and relaxed these days.

    I'm not worried about the situation with 8 Chan being down.

    I wondered about this and think that maybe it's because we've all been psychologically prepared in the event this would happen. Tons of people have archived the Q posts off line. And we already have a massive amount of information from what has already been shared.

    Code Monkey and his team are working diligently to get everything back up and running.
    And I feel confident they will be able to pull this off beautifully.
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