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    "The company earlier Tuesday filed a request with the high court to hear the dispute on the legal merits.
    That request is still pending with the court..."

    The Supreme Court has rejected an emergency appeal from an unknown foreign corporation over a pending federal subpoena believed linked to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

    The justices issued an unsigned order Tuesday, refusing to dismiss a contempt citation issued by a federal judge for failure to comply.

    The unnamed company -- listed cryptically in court records as owned by "Country A" -- had challenged a subpoena from a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., including daily fines, after its refusal to turn over requested documents to U.S. investigators.


    Chief Justice John Roberts last week had put the pending compliance order on temporary hold, while he and his eight colleagues considered the corporation's stay request.

    The company had cited the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in its refusal to comply, saying to do so would violate the laws of its home country.


    The company earlier Tuesday filed a request with the high court to hear the dispute on the legal merits. That request is still pending with the court, and it is unclear if this new appeal means those documents can still be withheld temporarily, while the case is litigated.

    Nearly all details of the dispute remain under seal.

    A federal appeals court last month held closed-door oral arguments over the dispute, and reporters and the public were removed from the entire courthouse floor where the case was heard.

    This is believed to be the first Mueller-related appeal to reach the Supreme Court.

    It remains uncertain if the justices would be asked in coming weeks to take on the broader legal questions raised by this issue, and how that might impact the special counsel's investigation.
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    Barr's testimony on how he will handle Mueller Report:

    Feinstein states she will not vote for Barr
    if he does not agree to ignore regulations
    and make Mueller's entire report public:

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    Washington (CNN)Marci Whitaker, the wife of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, sent an email to a reporter pushing back on an article and said the special counsel investigation was by all accounts "wrapping up."

    Whitaker's email came in response to an article Mark Joseph Stern co-authored at Slate arguing that the Senate should not confirm William Barr, President Donald Trump's choice to lead the Justice Department, just to remove Whitaker as a threat to the special counsel probe led by Robert Mueller.

    Whitaker sent the email to Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern, who published it after saying the outlet's technology director "confirmed that the email originated from mail servers operated by her company." On the special counsel probe, Whitaker wrote, "It isn't really or shouldn't be that controversial to state that the Mueller investigation should stay within the parameters given. Particularly when that is said more than a year prior as the investigation is just beginning. Why would a person need to recuse oneself for that mild statement?

    "If abundance of caution is the standard, anyone who ever spent 5 minutes contemplating the topic would need to do so. And by all means, assume that a person who speculated on a hypothetical scenario would then put some dark plan into motion, when by all accounts, the investigation is wrapping up and they [sic] eyes of the nation are upon them."

    She ended her email with a postscript asking Stern not to use her work email address and phone number "in any ill manner," noting the effects of the ongoing government shutdown. The Justice Department is among the portions of government operating without new funding until an agreement is reached. "I like my job and I need to continue to earn a living, particularly in light of this shutdown," she concluded.

    The Justice Department declined to comment. A source close to the acting attorney general confirmed to CNN that the email came from Whitaker's wife. Trump chose Matthew Whitaker to lead the Justice Department after he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions last November, and the appointment immediately came under fire due to Whitaker's past criticism of the Mueller probe and legal questions about his own past.

    CNN reported recently that Mueller had begun writing parts of the report laying out the investigation's findings.
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    More Fake Evidence

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