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  1. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    It is my belief that everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if it is me they don't like.

    It is my belief that protesting too much, needing to defend oneself too viciously and voraciously is taking another's opinion too personally, and oneself too seriously.

    If you feel someone is an idiot, ok. I say, allow them their idiotic opinions.

    Ignore them (Even put them on "automatic" ignore so you don't have to be bothered with it), and go about your own business.

    Others will determine the truth for themselves without your instruction.

    Let others base their opinions about you on your own merits, not your protestations and instructions.

    They will anyway.

    Live and let live.


    This type of policing, immediately running off everyone we disagree with in a power play, was the method of choice for staff at Agora, Atticus1, and InPHInet v1.

    This is the type of behavior prized and sought after by Atticus and Rhiannon.

    I regret my participation with them in that behavior here.

    There is enough digital space at InPHInet to hold everyone and their opinions.

    We don't have to like everything, or everybody, or participate in everything.

    Everyone here does not have to like us.

    If you don't like the author of a thread, their content, how they run their thread: Just don't go to it.

    Take what you want and leave the rest.

    If we are more tolerant, we may find with time, our initial opinions about a person change.

    It does happen!

    If we don't take ourselves so seriously, it doesn't matter what other people say, especially if it is wrong.

    Truth will eventually prevail.
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  2. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Zook, you are right on cue!

    I didn't call Shadowself a sociopath, I pointed out her sociopathic behaviors, i.e. I offered evidence. I've done the same thing with you for years at UP, which is why you've seen this opportunity to return here in pursuit of your plan to discredit my assessment of you being a sociopath. That was the reason you came to this forum, and that was the reason for your "Is Hitler a sociopath" thread, too, to somehow convince people that I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to sociopaths, which you think will clear your name. And now it's the reason you have popped up once again, to join forces with Shadowself and try to take down Chico again. You simply continue to expose your own sociopathic behavior by your actions, and now you are couching it in lectures to Rose about empathy. The irony is simply incredible. You might fool a lot of people who don't know much about sociopathy, but you aren't fooling me. You just continue to confirm in spades how right I have been all along.

    But I still love you, Zook! You continue to be a great aid in my learning about sociopaths, and I know you will continue until your dying breath. Andywight took the smart way out (he vanished), as did Shezbeth (he vanished), but not you. I predict Shadowself will be happy to align with you in pursuit of your common goal to destroy your common enemy. It's the way of organized sociopaths, doncha know...

    Why don't you lecture me some more about how it's the organization that's to blame, and not the sociopaths. facepalm
  3. UncleZook

    UncleZook Member

    I thought I was being empathetic, Rose, when I took the Hitler discussion back to United People since you appeared to have discomfort with it. It's unfortunate that you choose to frame my departure as something less than empathy and more akin to a boy walking away with his football because he wasn't allowed to play quarterback. Perhaps part of the problem resides in your own psychology and the way you react to empaths, and to sociopaths.

    I've been reading this forum regularly (even as I stopped posting) just because I wanted to see just how much patience the remaining members here would show before turning against Chico for his obvious trolling behavior. Chico has a track record of trolling other forums.

    To Shadowself's credit, she identified Chico's trolling sooner than later, and even identified it as PPD, e.g. paranoid personality disorder. I identify it differently as fifth column behavior (which is necessarily a form of conditioned sociopathy). In the end, we both identify it correctly as trolling. By contrast, while the trolling has been quite flagrant, you continue to enable it by ignoring the damage it is doing to the discussion of ideas not to mention its negative effect on the membership (which has dwindled to a trickle).

    Any objective person can see that Chico has essentially scuttled the discussion on pyramids (merit notwithstanding) by initiating an unprovoked messenger attack against Shadowself by calling her a sociopath. This is his modus operandi. He attacks the messenger when limited by his own knowledgebase or otherwise has no valid arguments to make.

    Indeed, Chico uses spurious reasoning by suggesting that Shadowself is using her son's death to manipulate the discourse. I don't know about you, Rose, but I didn't feel manipulated. I felt normal empathy for a mother who is still coping with a recent loss of a son. Real empathy is about giving space to those in grief ... about allowing those dealing with grief more latitude in emotions than we would normally allow to others.

    Didn't you detect even a bit of sociopathy in Chico when he made his unprovoked attack on Shadowself? I'd bet teh farm that everyone else who has been reading the exchanges detected Chico's sociopathic response to Shadowself.

    Like I said, you appear to be susceptible to enabling sociopaths, Rose. Which is perhaps why you found yourself entangled in Charles/Houdini's web of deceit. And now you seem to be caught up in Chico's web of deceit, for you certainly are reacting more against Shadowself's contributions than is merited ... and less against Chico's contributions than is warranted. You've already framed my own empathetic departure as something less than empathetic.

    It's a shame, really ... but it does underscore our collective plight in 2016 as we deal with Hamlet's Denmark ... a plight delivered not in small part because we allow the sociopaths in our midsts more leeway to operate than we do the empaths.

    Shadowself was defending herself after Chico initiated unmitigated bullshit calling Shadowself a sociopath ... and she made her self-defense comments in the commentary thread which is the proper venue. I don't remember seeing you express similar disappointment with Chico each time he has initiated a character attack against members like Shezbeth, myself, and now Shadowself.

    Which then invites the suggestion that perhaps you need to look at how you deal with demonstrable genetic and conditioned sociopaths (Charles and Chico) who have been exposed by their own behavior ... and how you deal with the rest of us who are allegedly being exposed by Chico's decrees and sociopath detector.

    I offer my criticisms with no ill-intent ... and I apologize in advance if you feel offended by them.

  4. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I have not updated the State of InPHInet since February 20...

    What has happened?

    Well Zook left. Apparently, because I made a comment that I could not participate in his "Was Hitler a Sociopath" thread at this time. My participation in a thread is not that important. I do not expect him to participate in a recipe thread, for instance.

    Shadowself returned and started several beautiful threads, including the controversial, "A fabled Pyramid in Russia ~ Time ~ Chaos ~ Ubiquitous Frequency Oscillation". Initially she stated all comments were welcome in the thread. Chico began commenting often in disagreement with her findings and expressed an opinion that Brook had sociopathic tendencies. Brook felt unable to maintain the flow of her ideas between the constant interruptive posts. Brooks threads are always extremely well thought out and beautifully presented.

    I moved commentary on Brook and her ideas to a separate thread: "Pyramid Thread Sidebar Discussion" to allow both an uninterupted flow of her information and the freedom of expression to comment on her ideas, whatever that opinion might be. I requested this separation of information from commentary publicly when the thread was created.

    For a short time, Brook continued the posting of her information (which I was enjoying very much) and, immediately, Chico responded in her thread, instead of the designated commentary thread. Since I have not been present here as often as I would like to be lately, I gave Brook an additional privilege allowing her to remove from public view any comment she felt disruptive in her thread. It has always been my position InPHInet threads may be self-moderated by the author at their request. I thought any removed comments could be moved to the commentary thread later. This seemed to me to be an equitable solution for all concerned. Chico began placing his comments in the sidebar thread. I hoped that Brook would continue on with her thread undisturbed by unwanted comments.

    Rather, than this happening, Brook immediately went into Chico's commentary thread and attacked him and his ideas with even more gusto than he had attacked her. I was disappointed by this. Eventually, she decided she would say no more to him, and I told her I liked the way she was handling the situation. I thought perhaps we might continue and coexist as unique members here entitled to express our opinions as long as we do not disrupt the threads of others.

    I now find that neither party was happy with my attempted solution. A replay of Shezbeth's "Either he/she goes or I do seems to be occurring. I will vote no one off the island here. My concluding problem with Brook at Agora was due to her insistence that everyone vote Bashi out. I refused to vote. I will not be placed in that position. I want everyone to have the right to their opinions and for us to learn to coexist unless a member is doing something violent or illegal.

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  5. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    It's worth very little. I approve of your picture and the philosophy behind it. It is not foolish at all. It is, in fact, genuine. What is foolish is that we should feel obliged to explain why we have stepped out of line, when we should be demanding why we must be in line in the first place!
  6. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Some of you may wonder why anyone would be so foolish to would post an avatar photo wearing an old t-shirt and no makeup? It certainly wasn't an easy thing to do. I probably won't leave it up long. But,it is my hope that we may get real here without the necessity of pretenses. Games can be found everywhere. Places of truth and friendship are few and far between. If we must pretend who we are and watch what we say, what is it worth?
  7. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

  8. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I have no doubt that is the case.

    The good news is, that's perfectly normal for a non-sociopath! Shame is part of what makes us great, and helps us self-correct. Sociopaths don't feel shame, which is why they were called the morally insane, and why they should never be allowed to occupy positions of power and control, and why the world is in such an insane mess! I can't tell you how many times I would have been ashamed if I had been in Zook's shoes, but he never feels ashamed, which is why he can't self-correct. It's also why I can't ever correct him! He always knows better, which he mistakenly attributes to his superior discernment. Sociopathy is truly fascinating stuff! It makes me appreciate how amazing normal human behavior is. The difference that empathy makes just astounds me. It really seems to be the key to understanding the difference between good and evil, and that's huge.

    Sociopaths are always motivated to make others serve them. They want us to be their slaves. That's what the pursuit of power and control over others is for, in their twisted minds. Their ultimate goal is to enslave others.

    To work for their cause, you mean. The window dressing they create says "good" cause, but their true hidden intentions say "our" cause, where "our" does not include anyone outside their private club of sociopaths.

    Well done. I find it keeps things focused, prevents confusion, and helps us communicate with fewer misunderstandings. Unlike Zook, I am not into obfuscation. His word play is deliberately designed to impress you and make your head spin. My posts are meant to be simple and clear. I don't always succeed, but I really do just want to share what I've learned as clearly as possible.

    There is a historian I've been following recently, Vincent Reynouard, who also does the same thing. He exposes the outrageous lies of World War II that we have all been taught to believe without question, "facts" like the Holocaust and the evil of Nazi Germany. His communication and reasoning skills are as sharp as a razor's edge. He is one of the most exciting minds I've ever discovered, but most of what he presents is in French only! Imagine my frustration at wanting to share his amazing insights with others who don't speak his language! So when I see Zook or Shezbeth use the English language to deceive and manipulate, instead of raise our understanding of the lies we've been fed by the ruling sociopaths, I feel that same frustration.
  9. zorro

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  10. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Yes, I did notice his constant habit of extreme self agrandisement.


    I will testify a Horse With No Name far from has an aversion to conflict, a trait of his polish gypsy blood. I think he may just have just become aware of an open opportunity to practice his teacher "chops" and ran with it for a lark. He has a bare minimal understanding of forum dynamics such as moderating, as he has never participated in any with the exceptions of InPHInet before Stephen arrived and after he was removed. Horse just does his own thing.

    I am unsure of the scope of his reasoning due to what took place behind the scenes.

    My comment was tongue in cheek. I was not really at all surprised. :) But, I agree.


    I agree with this too, with the exception of puzzlement regarding Shez. There may be more to it than that. I received a slap in the face followed by a threat. Q."Did you remove me from Skype". A. Yup. Followed by: "And that is just the beginning." The subterfuge may go even further than your thinking.

    I do feel bad, extremely embarrassed, ashamed of myself, for going along with everything Stephen and Rhi wanted to do. When you pulled out Iambic's Razor, my enthusiastic rating of Rhi's post, even though I was upset with it for several reasons at that time, nauseated me. They changed "member" to "writer" here without consulting me. And, they were behind the scenes giving "writers" schedules for posting without my knowledge. I believe I stated before, I now feel their motivation at InPHInet was to use it as a means to recruit assistants for Stephen's business schemes. So many times, within various projects, the impetus, in retrospect, appears to have been free labor. I learned even more about this recently. I now have a tendency to believe faux philanthropic motivators were thrown into their efforts in order to attract empathetic souls to work for a good cause. The number of wasted hours is astounding.

    That is the first time I have ever taken the time to figure out how to use your answering of specific quotes method. wrighting
  11. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    As was I. It wasn't much of a rivalry, if you look back at the Avalon thread on The 48 Laws of Power. That's exactly what I had to do in order to figure out why Shezbeth knew who I was when I had no recollection of him at all. I even thought he was a woman named Beth (She's Beth!), until I saw his picture in "Me in Metaphysics" doing the ninja pose. Did you notice that thread was all about him? He didn't even want people to comment in his thread! It interrupted the flow of his self-admiration! And the "Me" in "Metaphysics" thing? Arrogant, self-centered, certain of his superiority -- all typical characteristics of the sociopath. Watch Zook do the same thing in his posts.

    It's very stressful for a sociopath when they are being exposed to the home crowd. I've seen the same thing occur with Zook in the past (and the present). When stressed, they let their mask slip.

    This aversion to conflict that many feel so strongly about is something I am really interested in, having seen it so many times across all the forums. It's the reason forums have "Moderators", to moderate or dampen the emotions of members who have trouble moderating themselves. Sure, things can get ugly without "authorities" maintaining "order", but there is great benefit in that ugliness. And that benefit is truth. We get to see "behind the mask" and learn what a person's true character is. Shezbeth just gave us an awesome example of that, and I maintain that we are better off knowing the truth about Shezbeth than maintaining false appearances that we are all one big happy family. Same with Stephen. And same with Zook, I can comfortably predict.

    He didn't. You he could manipulate. He had a problem with me. I was exposing his true face. You didn't take his side in that conflict, so you became the enemy by association. You will see that Zook also abides by the "guilty by association" rule. It is another important indicator of sociopathic thinking, much like "accusing your opponent of your own malfeasance".

    Duh! That's what I noticed with his faulty observations about chess in that exchange we had in "Me in Metaphysics". And he admitted it himself, that he was duplicitous, and proud of it! What did you think duplicity is all about? It is about hiding your bad intentions.

    I think it is an error on your part to imagine that you have sociopaths figured out after working with them in quasi-governmental agencies for years. It takes far more than simply associating with sociopaths to understand their deceptions and manipulations. Why? Because they hide their real intentions from you and everybody else. They are masters at it, and you can be fooled. So can I. I don't have any illusions about my proficiency to spot sociopaths. I'm getting better at it, but there could be plenty of them that I am blind to. And I am constantly working to address that.

    I suggest that your long association with Stephen is an indication of his success at manipulating you. Your puzzlement at Shezbeth's behavior is also another indicator of the same. Shezbeth was manipulating you, and he was well aware that Stephen was too. He even said as much on his way out the door, which I noted with interest:

    The "personality defects" Shezbeth is talking about is your proclivity to be deceived and manipulated by sociopaths. Don't feel bad, because we are all subject to their "games". What we want to do is learn to recognize them as early as possible. You could use some help in that area, just like all the rest of us, including me. It may be why the "woo woo" arranged things to have us all here.
  12. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Where to begin with these past few weeks?

    Who is who and what is what?

    So, Star, Brook, Shadowself joined and spoke of plans for a great thread.
    We had what I thought was a nice chat in the pub one evening.
    She hasn't returned since. Wonder why?

    Shezbeth was unhappy when Chicodoodoo arrived.
    I was unaware of their previous rivalry.

    Lightestson and Horse did what I thought was a great radio show.
    Shezbeth began acting progressively more and more bizarre.
    Posting massive garbage gibberish in the pub during their radio show.
    Some thought he was literally not the same "Shezbeth" he once was.

    LightestSon, with Shezbeth, started "Forum Warriors" an area designated for "anything goes" verbal battles.

    A Horse with No Name appealed to Shezbeth & Chico, in his way, to no avail, asking them to "Forget All About it A While".

    The 48 Laws Polls began.

    Shezbeth removed me from Skype without a word or consideration.
    I was unaware he had a problem with me.
    Had he been following Law #2 - Conceal Your Intentions"?
    Then, he posted a "Fuck All, I quit" video in his thread.

    I would appreciate understanding more about what is going on if anyone knows any more about any of this than I do.
  13. zorro

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    Episode III - Liars and Criers - Episode III

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    Episode II - Liars and Criers - Episode II
    Click Below for Tonight's Audio Post

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  15. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    There is no such thing. There are only things we find hard to accept or comprehend. Lots of things.

    How could I not agree? I'm in.
  16. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Thank you for reminding me.
    I quite liked you recent comment in Scociopaths/Psychopaths:

    For now, I will offer this.

    I hope you will not consider it to "woo woo". I remain logical about most things.
    Precognitive dreams have prevailed in my life since I was a child.
    In that way, you may say I am woo woo about future matters.

    I have a conceptual abstract vision for the future of InPHInet.
    I have consciously programmed my highest possible consciousness to reach it.
    Not facts and figures and spreadsheets, but maybe I could say, an energy signature.

    The best way I can describe the process is having set a course in sailing
    In a body of water full of wind shifts and unseen reefs

    After acquiring foundations
    Letting my "intuition" take over
    Determining the set of the sail
    The hold on the rudder

    When to make the next tack
    Helped me win actual races
    More than anything else.
    The subtleties of wind cannot be predicted.

    For instance :)

    Your son writes a recaptcha for your site.

    During the same timeframe
    Out of the blue You
    Pop into my mind

    As the next
    Number, block, step here
    In the PHI sequence

    Concurrently Out of the blue
    LightestSon places your name on the table

    It was the confirmation I needed.

    And I wind up being your first registration after your recaptcha is in place.
    I would never have been able to register without it.

    We are all in this together :)

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  17. zorro

    zorro Member

    Please click below for tonight's audio message "Sorry Dorothy"

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  18. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Rose, I read somewhere here (can't find it now) that you had a vision of what you wanted this site to be. Did you post that somewhere? Since version 2 is just getting started, it might be helpful to review that vision.
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  19. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Yep. Sociopaths probe constantly. They look for cracks, flaws, and weaknesses that they can exploit. It is second-nature for them, meaning standard operating procedure.

    Another good observation. Sociopaths quickly adapt to the medium they have in front of them to work with. They look for buttons they can push and note the reactions they produce. Then they calculate how they can use those reactions to accomplish the manipulations they desire. It is their nature.

    They do damage, for sure. Usually people can recover and be stronger from the experience.

    I wish. Just like oil cartels won't let us have zero-point energy, neither will ruling sociopaths let us have any technology that can quickly and accurately measure human psychological proclivities. It would be the end of their reign.
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  20. some people said he had mental abilities , one time he gave me the ju ju to heal me it was bs of course i never had a problem to begin with . it seemed more of a test to see if one would follow direction , and as far as the abilities i think it was more the perception of his lager then life persona that gave them their own experience ( they saw what they wanted too ) and lets not forgot he was always trying to fill the empty roles in ppls lives

    i know im damaged from it
    some one that knows how to do the things i do should not be so naive

    kinda horrifying in hindsight

    i was wondering is there a good test to see what kinda psycho you are ?
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  21. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    In the end (with hindsight), all the talents I could identify in Stephen were directly employed in selling the con. So naturally I am curious to hear about his other talents, which I assume you are talking about. I was not an insider, so with your access to Stephen and your experience in dealing with sociopaths in quasi-governmental agencies, you surely have a wealth of valuable information to share. I encourage you to do so publicly. This kind of exposure, of course, is not what Stephen wants, which is why he threatens you. But what Stephen wants is only good for Stephen.
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  22. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I'm on board with the role of the Minions. Good observation.
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  23. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    And I agree with Mark. I place more than half the blame for his failures on the soft spoken manipulator. We all have priorities.
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  24. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I won't. And, my statement (perhaps more later) was not an indication I am waiting for any more information from Stephen, but that I might speak further on my experience here later. As I told, Chico, my past working for sociopaths, almost exclusively, in quasi-governmental agencies is how I lasted 5 years. Wanting to tell someone to go to hell and not doing so is a learned skill. As Shezbeth has said, associating with Stephen may be trying, but it is always an intense learning experience. I agree with that, and I am not referring to learning to deal with difficult personalities. Whatever else the man may be, he does have some interesting talents beneath the impossible personality.
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  25. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    This is all I'm going to say about that:

    As one of the former "18" I came to that site for one reason. Soon afterward I was commandeered to join the 18 for one reason. I had connections to help with the film making which ended up as Stephen wished it. A complete flop. He never wanted that "idea" to flourish. It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure this out either. He didn't want the site to be a success. I had and still have (even though my son died) a group of friends ready and willing to assist me in any endeavor I need for such things!

    How do I know this? Because every good idea that was EVER started he squashed! He also did in in such a way as to cause conflict! Like it was the people doing the work that were causing the conflict when in fact it was propagated by you know who. This in fact caused a conflict between Rose and I. It was not was not was "pushed" in a direction that would cause chaos. It was "crafted" to happen.

    One thing this guy know very well....CHAOS! If you can use it...abuse it!

    But what he never learned on the subject of Chaos is this...It may start with order...and Chaos ensues.....but order will eventually come back to fruition!

    He was also attempting a poor excuse of "mentalism"..... which anybody who has researched this subject to any degree would clearly recognize.

    Now I could go on about this and the last words he had to me were "let me die in peace" because I made a statement that he had "followers". Really? A little sympathy and tea from me? You really played that card? What?????????

    Well imagine my surprise when I discovered he was alive and kicking! LOL He said...they are not followers they are my friends!

    Really Stephen? One of your friends just ditched your ass! Along with a whole bunch more!

    Rose...try not to let this guy get to you. You've done a good job here and I commend you on a job well done. Put it in the past and a move on to something far better than he ever deserved.
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  26. my quote to reply
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  27. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Naturally. This is how sociopaths work. No surprise there.

    Naturally. Blackmail is the standard method of coercion used by sociopaths, even among themselves.

    I haven't seen them, as reading anything written by Stephen is actually repugnant to me. His thoughts are diseased.

    He did. That is standard operating procedure for sociopaths. They save everything for future blackmailing operations. GypsyWoman did this to me on our Skype chats, never revealing that we were being recorded.

    Perfect description of a sociopath.

    It always has to be ASAP. They attach false importance to everything they do with you in order to gain your confidence (because it is a con-game, con for confidence).

    Stephen will use that as a leash to jerk you around like a puppet. Don't let him. If he threatens to shout it from the rooftops, tell him to feel free. Releasing private personal information he's recorded clandestinely will only confirm his demented nature.

    That's the old "twist and shout" strategy Uncle Zook uses all the time. Sociopaths twist the real history around into something that best suits their purposes, and then they shout it from the rooftops.

    For the sociopath, it is always about having power and control.

    They can't help it. Their pursuit of power and control is essentially outside their own control. Their sociopathy drives them to be this way. It's an uncontrollable compulsion.

    That "important information" doesn't exist. He fabricates it on demand. He did this so many times as Charles at Avalon. It's just the sociopath's common ploy.

    My advice is to continue to sever all ties with him. "No Contact" (NC) is the acknowledged way at to regain your freedom and mental health when coming out of an abusive relationship. Stephen is poison, and you have already been weakened by the poison he's slipped you on so many occasions. Adhere to NC and you will recover.

    Rhiannon has my sympathies and would do well to follow that same advice.
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  28. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    No, I have not done so, Chico. This situation is still very fresh. I have received threats to remain silent.

    It was only nine days ago I received a group Skype threat that if I did not remain silent he would make public our private conversations. He subjected me to the usual threats and slander he has made to all other individuals who have fallen out with him. There is a formula to this. You might have seen many similar threats to other individuals in his Cockney Translater thread.

    He made reference to a conversation regarding a personal private matter he could have only remembered in such detail if he had recorded it. I foolishly communicated with both of them during a few times of crisis in my life over these years. Stephen is a very charming charismatic genius in his Dr. Hyde mode which was 95% of the time. No one can act more like your best of friend than such people in good times. No one can rip you apart better the other 5%.

    Rhi and Stephen were constantly requesting to speak to me asap in Skype. I do have proof of this. I often made excuses to opt out. I did not create this site in order to place myself in a position of being told what to do. In my mind we had a partnership, in theirs I was in their employ. I had been having personal difficulties, not feeling well for a time earlier this year. Rhiannon informed me many times they needed to talk to me ASAP. (Often, when they said this it was something strange or nothing really important at all.) Finally Stephen said he needed to talk ASAP. So, I went to Skype to ask what it was they needed to talk about so urgently. He claims it was in the wee hours of the morning, but it was still daytime here. I phoned thinking Rhiannon would join the conversation, as usual. I broke down from the stress I was under almost immediately. I weeped and discussed a situation I did not wish to discuss with anyone. I am certain that should be apparent for anyone listening to this recording. Now, he is painting the episode to the remaining group as if I phoned him in the wee hours of the morning out of the blue and embarrassed him with my personal revelations. In all previous situations when women leave the fold he claims they were romantically interested in him (such tremendous ego). The fact ot the matter is they embarrassed me with their iphone sexting innuendos.

    When they first came here it was for the stated purpose of a vacation or a hobby, but Stephen quickly began completely commandeering operations. If I began a project, he would thwart it, telling me they had a better idea and this was how it was going to be to suit his important associates who were watching, etc, etc. Such as my attempts with a radio station. When I began to set it up in the initial phase of testing and enlisting interested individuals, he instructed me not to discuss it with anyone because he had better plans. They insulted me by saying they wanted Phil and Jamie to do InPHInet radio because it would be very slick, they were professionals, etc, etc. After they demoralized and shut me down, it turned out Phil and Jamie had no interest whatsoever in doing it for free. Then, at a time they stated they were away for a while working on another project, I had nothing else to do so I pulled the station out again and began playing with it. I asked Shezbeth and Roger to log in to the studio and help me test. This turned into an impromptu 2 hour talk show. Lo and Behold, who scurries back quickly? Stephen, to take over the show and tell everyone how things would be in the future. We began having static and other issues when he returned from his important other work to commandeer. This show is available. I think I may re-air it today. I did not yet have my mic set up. What he never understood was that I created this site for my own creative reasons and I don't care one iota about his so called "important friends" who are watching.

    I was interested in the important information he hinted at and promised to reveal since day one. (perhaps more later)
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  29. Chicodoodoo

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    Rose, have you written down your story of InPhiNet version 1 anywhere on this forum? You mentioned there were some gory details, and you also gave us a laundry list of psychological abuse that you felt you experienced. Atticus a.k.a. Houdini was involved, and my limited understanding is that things came to a fracture point and shattered. Having interacted with Atticus on his old forum several years back, I am quite familiar with the deception and manipulation he is capable of. What schemes he ran after the Atticus1 forum con I am ignorant of. Your experience could have great educational value for others, including me, if you could share it. An historical accounting of the trials and tribulations you experienced directly from the hand of a skilled con-artist is the type of exposure they hate. They don't want us to know how they function. It takes away their power, and as you may have experienced, they are all about wielding power and control over others.
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    Stephen has hurt many people with fear.
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