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  1. very observant
    that is somewhat part of the storyline
    but not the plot itself

    in the old world

    two brothers
    called AUN and AUF
    were running through the dense foliage

    in those times
    the climate was different
    and men could travel freely
    from sea to sea
    without crossing any sand

    the young brothers knew this
    and pushed each other
    to venture deeper
    and deeper
    into the unknown

    where the leaves at the tops of the trees
    become so prevalent
    the sunlight fails to reach the earth

    it was during one of these meanderings
    AUN and AUF pushed each other
    to an area of the land
    where high noon became midnight

    absolute darkness

    but there was light

    where there should not be

    "my brother,
    let us see what is letting in such light".
    stated AUN
    as he pulled the arm of his brother
    toward the unknown

    "but if this light,
    is something we do not know,
    we will not know if it will harm us".
    replied AUF

    "or help us".
    quipped AUN

    being the dominate brother
    got his way
    and the two began walking closer
    and closer
    to the light
    emanating where it should not be

    this light was not static
    it was moving
    like the flickering of a star
    or the dancing of flames

    the brothers walked
    to the light

    until they saw it




    turn away from this light,
    it is living,
    it is not a thing,
    or an accident,
    it is aware of itself,
    and may soon be aware of us".
    pleaded AUF
    as the two brothers peered into
    the tangle of small, small shadows
    and a haphazard arrangement
    of even smaller fires

    AUF was the philosopher of the family

    he studied the maps and scrolls
    his grandfather studied
    and applied the parables of his people's religion
    to the consequences of his actions
    or lack thereof

    the religion of the land
    was a simple religion

    it was not a religion
    as we now know religion to be

    but an understanding
    of not understanding
    the shadows

    shadows can be changed
    because they are not solid
    but a reflection of something solid

    and the appearance of a shadow

    is dependent on the medium
    that supports it

    this was a dangerous thing to do

    to provoke that which is solid

    the people of JERICHO knew
    they lived in the world of shadows

    AUF reminded his brother
    of the religion
    of their people

    and AUN agreed to honor their religion
    but to still proceed

    if we do not push that of which is solid,
    the shadows will not hear the music,
    which makes us dance".
    replied AUN
    smiling the way he does
    when he knows he is right

    "and how will we do this"?
    asked AUF

    AUN had in his rucksack
    a flat and reflective stone

    "with this stone,
    my brother,
    we will watch the shadow of the shadows,
    through this stone,
    the illumination of their fires,
    will carry the small unknowns' reflection,
    and cast it onto the flat surface,
    of this stone".
    theorized AUN

    the two brothers walked closer
    slowing each nearing step

    until they could hear the rustle
    of the small unknowns
    but not hear the words they spoke

    the brothers set the stone
    at an angle
    until the stone did bear an image
    of the small unknowns

    the brothers observed in horror

    they thought

    the small unknowns
    now known
    by the light they reflect

    wearing no clothes
    and idolizing the fire
    that supported them
    oblivious of the sun
    and the sky
    and the stars
    and the heavens

    these small unknowns

    were alone

    and living in darkness

    "we must give these unknowns,
    the knowledge of our fathers"!
    said AUN

    but AUF felt otherwise

    what would a group of small unknowns,
    who have no knowledge of the sun above,
    do with understandings,
    of which they have no framework to support"?
    reasoned AUF

    "but if we leave them,
    they will never know".
    said AUN

    "and if we do not,
    they still will never know"!
    repled AUF

    AUN asked his brother
    if we cannot interact with these small unknowns,
    what do you propose we do"?

    AUF answered his brother's query
    "i propose we observe the shadows of the shadows,
    so that which is solid is not moved,
    and in our observation,
    that which is solid to us,
    is moved,
    so we may,
    one day,
    hold an answer more powerful,
    than an action,
    or inaction,
    that may be used at a moment,
    more opportune than now".

    AUN agreed to his brother's logic

    the brothers were in awe of the sight
    of the small unknowns
    living in darkness
    blissfully unaware
    of the knowledge behind the eyes
    that observe their reflection


    for many years

    but not carefully enough

    the brothers returned one day
    to the dark site of the small unknowns
    to find
    no more than twenty paces forward
    a small fire

    but the sight of the small fire
    carried a thought
    the brothers could feel

    a heavy thought
    that pushed forward

    an envelope to be opened

    a fire to be stomped out

    AUN said
    the small unknowns know of us,
    do they not"?

    AUF replied
    "you are right,
    they know of us,
    but the small unknowns,
    they do not know us".

    the brothers set in place
    their viewing stone
    and watched the reflections
    of the small unknowns

    but something was different now

    the dances around the fire
    were more theatrical
    and animated
    as if the dancers
    were dancing
    to impress an audience
    they know is watching

    but who is in the audience
    and what dances do they like

    the dancers were furious to find out

    AUN said
    "this is a sin,
    to the small unknowns,
    they will deify us,
    they will become what they are not"!

    the brothers thought heavy thoughts
    pressing thoughts
    no different than the fire
    twenty paces ahead

    and at that moment
    the small unknown
    who was beating the largest drum
    that maintained the rhythm of the dancers
    silenced his playing

    he picked up his head
    tilted it to the right
    and peered outward

    directly to where the brothers sat

    and the brothers
    very still now

    observed the small observer
    through their stone

    the small unknown looked to the people below him
    dancing to the rhythm he set
    still dancing as if the rhythm continued

    and the small unknown
    he played his drum again
    in the same beat as before

    "what have we done"?
    asked AUN

    the brothers knew what they witnessed
    they felt the sly smile
    of the drummer
    through his reflected light
    onto their viewing stone

    "we have to put an end to this,
    how can we end this,
    so the small unknowns,
    are no longer under our sin"?
    frustratedly asked AUN

    his brother replied
    "the small unknowns,
    are under the sin of their nature,
    the drummer's sin,
    within them all,
    when they find themselves,
    seated at the big drum,
    leading the others below in dance,
    what power such an unknown now has,
    to listen to two separate voices,
    and act on either,

    AUN was not satisfied
    he was still frustrated
    and curious

    such a potent mixture of emotions

    AUN picked up the viewing stone
    placed it in his rucksack
    stood up
    and LOOKED
    at the small unknowns

    now the brothers wait
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    I really like this one @georgeohwell.
    When reading it a few thoughts occurred to me: The damage is done, Now they're something else, Sad for the loss but interested in the outcome,
    and last,
    Are we playing by the rules of someone else's religion?
  4. Houdini

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    Answer her George , with the rest.
  5. I understand it to be such

    maybe a string of religions
    with a common source

    but i wouldn't know that
    i'm just waiting with the small unknowns
    dancing around the fire
    to all the different drummers
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  6. Danielle

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    What are the small unknowns dancing and waiting for?
    It seems like a deadlock staring contest to me.
  7. so

    now we wait
    us small unknowns

    with angst
    we cannot show

    like children
    while their parents are out to dinner

    a vase comes crashing down from the mantle

    now in a million pieces on the floor

    checking and waiting
    looking out the window

    checking and waiting
    for mother to come home

    what just happened
    who did it
    you did it
    we did it
    someone else did it

    it's never father we fear
    a belt to the behind hurts
    but compassion burns and burns
    when it is realized

    and that's what mother is good at
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