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  1. I understand it to be such

    maybe a string of religions
    with a common source

    but i wouldn't know that
    i'm just waiting with the small unknowns
    dancing around the fire
    to all the different drummers
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  2. Answer her George , with the rest.
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    I really like this one @georgeohwell.
    When reading it a few thoughts occurred to me: The damage is done, Now they're something else, Sad for the loss but interested in the outcome,
    and last,
    Are we playing by the rules of someone else's religion?

    in the old world

    two brothers
    called AUN and AUF
    were running through the dense foliage

    in those times
    the climate was different
    and men could travel freely
    from sea to sea
    without crossing any sand

    the young brothers knew this
    and pushed each other
    to venture deeper
    and deeper
    into the unknown

    where the leaves at the tops of the trees
    become so prevalent
    the sunlight fails to reach the earth

    it was during one of these meanderings
    AUN and AUF pushed each other
    to an area of the land
    where high noon became midnight

    absolute darkness

    but there was light

    where there should not be

    "my brother,
    let us see what is letting in such light".
    stated AUN
    as he pulled the arm of his brother
    toward the unknown

    "but if this light,
    is something we do not know,
    we will not know if it will harm us".
    replied AUF

    "or help us".
    quipped AUN

    being the dominate brother
    got his way
    and the two began walking closer
    and closer
    to the light
    emanating where it should not be

    this light was not static
    it was moving
    like the flickering of a star
    or the dancing of flames

    the brothers walked
    to the light

    until they saw it




    turn away from this light,
    it is living,
    it is not a thing,
    or an accident,
    it is aware of itself,
    and may soon be aware of us".
    pleaded AUF
    as the two brothers peered into
    the tangle of small, small shadows
    and a haphazard arrangement
    of even smaller fires

    AUF was the philosopher of the family

    he studied the maps and scrolls
    his grandfather studied
    and applied the parables of his people's religion
    to the consequences of his actions
    or lack thereof

    the religion of the land
    was a simple religion

    it was not a religion
    as we now know religion to be

    but an understanding
    of not understanding
    the shadows

    shadows can be changed
    because they are not solid
    but a reflection of something solid

    and the appearance of a shadow

    is dependent on the medium
    that supports it

    this was a dangerous thing to do

    to provoke that which is solid

    the people of JERICHO knew
    they lived in the world of shadows

    AUF reminded his brother
    of the religion
    of their people

    and AUN agreed to honor their religion
    but to still proceed

    if we do not push that of which is solid,
    the shadows will not hear the music,
    which makes us dance".
    replied AUN
    smiling the way he does
    when he knows he is right

    "and how will we do this"?
    asked AUF

    AUN had in his rucksack
    a flat and reflective stone

    "with this stone,
    my brother,
    we will watch the shadow of the shadows,
    through this stone,
    the illumination of their fires,
    will carry the small unknowns' reflection,
    and cast it onto the flat surface,
    of this stone".
    theorized AUN

    the two brothers walked closer
    slowing each nearing step

    until they could hear the rustle
    of the small unknowns
    but not hear the words they spoke

    the brothers set the stone
    at an angle
    until the stone did bear an image
    of the small unknowns

    the brothers observed in horror

    they thought

    the small unknowns
    now known
    by the light they reflect

    wearing no clothes
    and idolizing the fire
    that supported them
    oblivious of the sun
    and the sky
    and the stars
    and the heavens

    these small unknowns

    were alone

    and living in darkness

    "we must give these unknowns,
    the knowledge of our fathers"!
    said AUN

    but AUF felt otherwise

    what would a group of small unknowns,
    who have no knowledge of the sun above,
    do with understandings,
    of which they have no framework to support"?
    reasoned AUF

    "but if we leave them,
    they will never know".
    said AUN

    "and if we do not,
    they still will never know"!
    repled AUF

    AUN asked his brother
    if we cannot interact with these small unknowns,
    what do you propose we do"?

    AUF answered his brother's query
    "i propose we observe the shadows of the shadows,
    so that which is solid is not moved,
    and in our observation,
    that which is solid to us,
    is moved,
    so we may,
    one day,
    hold an answer more powerful,
    than an action,
    or inaction,
    that may be used at a moment,
    more opportune than now".

    AUN agreed to his brother's logic

    the brothers were in awe of the sight
    of the small unknowns
    living in darkness
    blissfully unaware
    of the knowledge behind the eyes
    that observe their reflection


    for many years

    but not carefully enough

    the brothers returned one day
    to the dark site of the small unknowns
    to find
    no more than twenty paces forward
    a small fire

    but the sight of the small fire
    carried a thought
    the brothers could feel

    a heavy thought
    that pushed forward

    an envelope to be opened

    a fire to be stomped out

    AUN said
    the small unknowns know of us,
    do they not"?

    AUF replied
    "you are right,
    they know of us,
    but the small unknowns,
    they do not know us".

    the brothers set in place
    their viewing stone
    and watched the reflections
    of the small unknowns

    but something was different now

    the dances around the fire
    were more theatrical
    and animated
    as if the dancers
    were dancing
    to impress an audience
    they know is watching

    but who is in the audience
    and what dances do they like

    the dancers were furious to find out

    AUN said
    "this is a sin,
    to the small unknowns,
    they will deify us,
    they will become what they are not"!

    the brothers thought heavy thoughts
    pressing thoughts
    no different than the fire
    twenty paces ahead

    and at that moment
    the small unknown
    who was beating the largest drum
    that maintained the rhythm of the dancers
    silenced his playing

    he picked up his head
    tilted it to the right
    and peered outward

    directly to where the brothers sat

    and the brothers
    very still now

    observed the small observer
    through their stone

    the small unknown looked to the people below him
    dancing to the rhythm he set
    still dancing as if the rhythm continued

    and the small unknown
    he played his drum again
    in the same beat as before

    "what have we done"?
    asked AUN

    the brothers knew what they witnessed
    they felt the sly smile
    of the drummer
    through his reflected light
    onto their viewing stone

    "we have to put an end to this,
    how can we end this,
    so the small unknowns,
    are no longer under our sin"?
    frustratedly asked AUN

    his brother replied
    "the small unknowns,
    are under the sin of their nature,
    the drummer's sin,
    within them all,
    when they find themselves,
    seated at the big drum,
    leading the others below in dance,
    what power such an unknown now has,
    to listen to two separate voices,
    and act on either,

    AUN was not satisfied
    he was still frustrated
    and curious

    such a potent mixture of emotions

    AUN picked up the viewing stone
    placed it in his rucksack
    stood up
    and LOOKED
    at the small unknowns

    now the brothers wait
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  5. very observant
    that is somewhat part of the storyline
    but not the plot itself
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    Is this partly about the trigger words in language that influence our genetic memory and how it can be read left to right with the space between the letters creating the word?
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  7. GENE carried on
    as he does so well

    after an afternoon
    of training the men who will sell saddles
    to the shops across the river
    GENE found himself wandering the workshop

    the workshop was a place he could always go
    once the laborers left
    to feel at complete peace
    with his thoughts
    his ambitions
    his effects

    the smell of tanned leather

    the familiar spread of dust and scrap
    across the chipped flooring

    it was his quiet place
    all men have such a retreat

    but today
    GENE felt something different
    the dusty air felt humid upon each inhale

    there was a weight to the air
    an ominous pressure the tree feels before it falls
    a moment of vitality
    and impermanence

    GENE loved
    and loathed
    this feeling

    he loved security
    and variety

    but the two were coexisting
    right now

    he filed through his mind
    memory by memory
    as the feeling was so familiar
    but so fleeting

    and he recalled
    the very old man
    and the word

    this was the heaviness he felt
    while in the presence of the very old man

    GENE wondered
    of the age of the old man
    should he be inside the workshop

    but the heaviness was also different
    it tasted bitter

    the taste you have in your mouth
    while recalling an appalling aroma

    this heaviness was different

    GENE silenced each step with the heel of his boot
    and made his way to the side exit

    it was a time to fight
    or flee

    but the opportunity would not be had

    the sliding door to which employees enter the workshop
    was thrown open

    a show of force

    appearing atop the threshold
    was a young man
    with a thin face
    and thick greased hair

    his build was no different than that of GENE
    but he used his strength differently
    as displayed by his walk

    his slow prideful walk
    toward GENE
    uninterrupted by the tools and debris across the ground

    he paused several paces short of GENE
    and smiled

    the smile a man from a big family
    in a big city
    with a big life
    would show to a man he felt was lesser

    "i am taking what i deserve today".

    the young man took another step toward GENE

    "and what is it that you deserve"?
    asked GENE
    but unsettled
    his effort to mask this internal turmoil was spending his strength

    the bitter heavy air around this young man
    was enough to drain GENE of his breath

    but he carried on
    as he does

    a word fight
    is better than a fight of any other kind

    and words
    are what GENE knows best

    "your workshop and your products,
    they are rightfully mine".
    the young man was out of his usual parameters

    he was waving the scythe
    but the corn continued to stand

    GENE could detect this

    he could taste the sweetness of his victory
    but knew it would not be without pain
    of some sort
    he could taste that
    as well

    "my men are waiting at the hotel,
    they will be here within the hour,
    to give me time to do what i need to".
    stated the young man

    GENE heard the words of a young man
    not much younger than himself
    who loved the thrill of a fight
    but hated soreness of the punch

    a young man who was empty inside
    and needed the euphoria uncertainty brings

    thought GENE
    certainty is what the young man will now receive
    and with such certainty
    he will pull the sails
    a sudden reaction
    to steer the ship into vague waters

    "i don't wish to fight with you,
    or your men,
    i need only leave freely with my documents,
    you may have my workshop,
    and employ all the men who work for me,
    in return,
    i wish to leave this workshop in peace".
    negotiated GENE
    with a slight hunch to his posture

    GENE knew the intruder
    had not thought through
    a single moment of this altercation

    beyond the pursuit

    the cat tires of the mouse
    when the mouse is under his paw

    so he can either release the mouse
    and hope it runs

    or bat at the mouse with his paw
    to provoke the intended reaction

    GENE knew his only chance at maintaining his stature
    and profession
    was to convince
    the intruder
    that he need not exercise his bravado
    or claim what he feels is his

    the intruder pointed his chin upward
    to look down on his victim
    over the crook of his narrow nose

    he wasn't feeling the rush of the pursuit any longer
    his men would arrive disappointed
    he would leave with what his father wanted

    but not what he wanted

    he wanted the euphoria attached to
    the risk of losing the mouse

    the intruder smiled the smile again

    such a smile made GENE feel pale
    but also clever
    because of what the smile was represented by
    in the intruder's mind

    "now, listen to me,
    i have an offer for you,
    because you are so fight less,
    and i want to see you sweat".
    said the intruder
    speaking with more force
    as his words progressed

    the intruder
    although he wished to make GENE sweat
    began himself to sweat

    an awful sweat, it was
    a sweat that accompanied a flushed face
    no different than a crazed man
    who just put down the value of his farm
    on the card table
    over a game of chance

    the intruder was reveling in his own mind

    "if you guess correctly my name,
    i will walk from your workshop,
    and leave you to your business,
    but if you fail,
    my men will chase you from this building,
    to the river,
    straight to the river"!
    shouted the intruder
    letting escape labored breaths between each sentence

    GENE felt a moment of panic
    beginning to develop in his stomach
    the young man before him was an addict
    an unstable pursuer of the intangible
    the reaction
    was worth more
    to him

    GENE stood calm for a moment
    but the intruder caught his initial fright
    and let loose a partial laugh
    equal in size to the fear he sought

    the boy
    the man
    was empty of thought

    his face twitching

    he shouted the first word that came to mind
    the only word that came to mind

    the very small word the old man gave to him
    all those years ago

    he shouted it again

    and again

    and once more

    louder each time
    his face now pink

    but the intruder
    instead of reacting in an affirming manner
    or condemning manner
    stood silently

    for an uncomfortable moment

    the ends of his mouth began to spread apart
    in a smile
    but a different smile
    a natural smile
    the way a child smiles on Christmas morning

    a deep smile you cannot hide
    when you feel an equally deep joy

    but just as his smile began to show
    his eyes widened
    and his face contorted
    to a wrinkled
    and he weeped with much the same effort

    tear after tear

    GENE realized
    while the young man stood alone
    the meaning of the word
    the very small
    unnatural word
    that sounded like no other word
    and did not fit in the company of any other word

    this word was the most powerful word
    to GENE
    just as the old man said
    because this word
    would define the remainder of his life

    the intruder
    whom GENE now knew his name
    continued to cry
    kneeling now
    where he stood

    "how did you know my name,
    the word i cherish more than anything,
    the only artifact of my youth,
    how did you know it,
    how did you know it,
    when men twice your age,
    call me by my father's name"?
    begged the intruder
    his face nearly a shade of violet

    this word
    this name
    was a relic from a troubled young man's childhood
    a beloved gift
    from someone
    the last piece of mind
    he could hold
    and call his own

    this word represented to him the inner fire that reduced itself
    to embers

    but now
    as he wept

    the embers grew warmer

    an uncertain moment
    though undesired to such a depth
    provoked by vulnerability

    repeating and repeating


    GENE stood still
    and carried on
    as he does

    observing the weeping man
    and the emotions he was projecting

    but the air changed
    the bitter taste was fading

    the charge to the air
    was prompting memories of the very old man
    this feeling
    was no different now
    than what was felt in the company of the old man

    the boy
    the man
    the collector of words

    carried a word

    a very small word
    in his very big mind
    for a very long time
    for a very old man

    GENE knelt beside the weeping intruder
    turned his head rather slightly

    and began forming a response in his mind's eye

    a young man who established
    to overtake another young man's efforts
    for reasons unknown
    foolhardy in attempt
    now emptied of his emotions on the dusty ground
    insignificant and vulnerable
    beside the young man
    of which he felt superior to
    over a small word of some vast importance
    to both parties

    a small word that was obviously planned
    to live out such a fate

    but what to say

    "i knew your name because i've been carrying it,
    all my life,
    since my youth,
    it was given to me by a very old man,
    in a most unusual manner,
    and i have had no opportunity,
    to understand such a name,
    until this day".
    GENE stated
    quite emotionless
    but not unsympathetic
    as if recalling a precursor to a shared memory

    GENE wondered who the old man could be
    a relation
    of sorts
    he hypothesized

    to be in the presence of both men
    would feel entirely similar

    a relation
    who this intruder shared with a bond
    in an otherwise calcified family

    and it was such a family
    thought GENE
    that caused the intruder
    to become
    what broke into the workshop today

    and it was such a relation
    thought GENE
    that caused the intruder
    to still carry inside an ember
    of what was once a roaring fire

    and it was a relation
    thought GENE
    that knew the only way to rekindle a flame
    that would one day weaken to a near nothing
    was to wait

    until the flame inevitably is reduced to embers
    and reignite it
    in only a way such a relation could

    long after his demise

    "may i ask what your name is"?
    inquired the intruder
    wiping his tears away
    with his soiled hands

    "i am a man called GENE,
    my name being signed,
    as the head of a crane,
    looking downward toward the ground that supports him,
    triangulated by the neck of another crane,
    facing the west,
    i was named by my father's father,
    with the approval of my mother's mother,
    i live in a small house,
    with a small family,
    in a small town,
    in a small county,
    of a small state,
    in a large country,
    and i oversee the production of horse riding tack,
    as you now well know".

    the intruder
    still hysterical
    but fighting for composure
    looked to GENE
    the man
    and said a peculiar thing
    before walking off
    in the direction in which he came
    and never returned from

    he said to GENE this
    "our names are different,
    but signed the same,
    only the perception of our signatures,
    must be inverted laterally,
    at the same time,
    then one of the cranes who looks west,
    must choose to look east,
    moving with him,
    the crane who honors the ground of which supports him".
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  8. the idea came to him quietly one night
    as if it were a falling seed from a scattered dandelion head
    drifting slowly

    the young man was a distinguished equestrian
    even at his age
    and equipped his horses with only the finest tack

    a well made and fitted saddle
    made his ride comfortable

    the workshop that makes the saddles
    that the young man purchases
    is centered in this town

    the saddles are fabricated and warehoused
    in this town
    and shipped elsewhere
    via the railway that connects the town
    to larger towns
    and the city

    the man who oversees the work
    is no horseman
    or craftsman
    for that matter

    what he is, though, is a logician
    self made
    a young man
    who avoids the impatience of crowds
    and instead tends to his aging parents

    a young man who earned his title
    through effort
    non physical
    but still effort
    he has the ability to make men work for him
    and respect him

    and this is everything the visitor wanted

    he knew this opportunity would be fleeting
    a moment's grab

    and he knew he would succeed
    he had no doubts

    fifty thousand dollars will buy the time of many men
    fightening men to a logician

    but the young man loved a game
    the thrill of the bet
    chasing the water to the ocean
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  9. the boy called GENE
    was no longer a boy

    or so he felt

    his superiors called him such
    but the innocent qualities that made him a boy
    he no longer held

    the curiosity, yes
    but the nativity, no

    he was at the age, where, depending on the circumstances
    he could be referred to as a boy or a man

    GENE, however, felt he was a man
    as he carried all the tools a man would carry
    and spoke the way a man ought to speak

    with conviction
    with wit
    with integrity

    his most important distinction, however
    was the fact he employed men

    surely, he thought, a boy could not oversee the work of men

    but regardless of his feelings
    GENE was in a position many men would betray their virtues to achieve

    and he knew this
    among other things
    and used it to his advantage
    as well as to the advantage of those he trusted

    GENE never studied at a university
    nor did he acquire an apprenticeship

    in the words of his superiors
    he "went from sweeping the floors of the warehouse,
    to sweeping the floor of his office".

    this was his trade
    an onlooker may suggest
    and he was proud to adhere to that observation

    but what defined GENE was not his profession
    it was his books

    two large bookshelves
    on either side of a mantel
    filled with leather bound notebooks

    and the notebooks were each filled

    GENE was a collector of words
    it was what made him TIC
    it was what lead him from a very small life
    to a very big life
    in a small county
    of a small state
    in a large country

    there was one word, however, that GENE cherished more than the others
    and filled entire notebooks with

    each letter scrawled slightly different than the next
    to suggest a different meaning

    but still
    the word was the word
    and not an expression of anything tangible

    in his quest for a very big life
    GENE never left his small town
    or his small home
    or his small family

    they were the reason
    after all
    that he had a chance at a very big life

    the characters that became his acquaintances knew this
    and respected this
    but those who knew nothing of him
    found him to be a recluse

    GENE gave little care to this
    and continued to excel in his industry

    that is

    until someone took notice of him

    a very wealthy family from the next county over

    they were wealthy because their grandparents were wealthy
    and they were not ashamed of this fact

    the patriarch of the family
    had three sons
    two were nearing middle age
    and held lofty titles in the railroad industry

    but one was nearly the age of GENE
    two or three winters younger
    only he was stubborn to learning

    he traded his father's coins for liquor
    and often gave gifts of exquisite jewelry
    to the unmarried daughters of wealthy men

    he was troubled
    but even more so was his father

    his father gave him an ultimatum
    to wisely invest fifty thousand dollars
    and become independently wealthy
    or scatter the monetary gift on frivolities
    and excuse himself from the family

    this made the young man anxious
    and envious of his siblings
    and every other man his age
    making a name for himself

    he acted as a man in his predicament
    with his lack of values

    though the young man was not disciplined
    he was no fool

    he knew the easiest way to gain his father's approval
    was to claim another man's work as his own
    and in the absence of witnesses
    the deed would be quite easy
    with fifty thousand dollars
    he thought
    almost too easy

    but too easy was not what he liked

    he enjoy the game
    a predictable game
    but a game none the less
    he was young

    he thought
    it would have to be the work of a man my age
    a man from another county
    a man from a small town
    where no one mingles with the men of the city
    it would have to be a labor other than railroading
    a labor where the working men do not travel far
    and do not have wages that support such travels

    the young man saddled his horse
    crossed the river
    and meandered the trails of the neighboring county

    the first town
    was barren
    tobacco farmers complained of the drought
    and bartenders kept themselves busy

    the second town was smaller than the first
    remarkable only in vastness and poverty

    but again
    no industry

    the third town
    was small
    but bustling
    a railroad connected this town to the city
    and talk traveled
    but only between larger towns and the city

    this town was a statue that no one notices
    but everyone walks past
    to get to where they are going

    this town was where a man could hide
    among the men that pass

    the young man hitched his horse to the nearest post
    and walked toward the hotel

    he knew what he would do next
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  10. a boy called GENE

    a boy called GENE walks to the square of a small town
    in a small county
    of a small state
    in a large country

    his house was small, and his family smaller
    so he wandered to pass the time
    and stretch his legs
    as it both bothered and inspired his mind

    that everything and everyone around him
    were so small

    he carried with him always a leather bound notebook
    the pages were filled with large writing


    he was not like the other children of his age
    or like the adults that watched over him

    he collected words
    and wrote them down
    letter by letter
    in his notebook

    the men in the square knew this about him
    and often made a mockery of him
    by giving him unflattering words to commit to paper
    while they chewed their tobacco
    and cat called the rich men's daughters
    passing through the square in their carriages

    but today was different

    as the boy arrived to the square
    he could feel a sharpness
    through each breath he drew

    the air was heavy and charged
    like the moment before a lightning bolt meets the earth

    he liked this feeling
    but was very, very afraid of it
    as a gambler loves and fears the throw of dice

    the boy walked toward a chicken
    inspecting the dusty ground for grain
    but in his approach
    he noticed a peculiar sight

    seated on a long bench beneath the train depot
    rested an old man
    but not an old man as he was accustomed to seeing

    this was an old man
    far older than any man the boy had ever seen
    the kind of old man who must have been careful with his words
    to arrive to such an advanced age

    his white hair was long and drawn back
    and his face clean shaven

    he wore deeply faded coveralls
    well kept, but lacking much of the original dye

    the boy was drawn toward the old man
    and with each progressing step
    he felt more and more burdened by the heavy air

    as the boy approached the old man
    he was startled to see that his presence was expected

    at only three paces from the bench
    the old man opened his eyes and turned to the boy
    now frozen in place

    "you're the boy who collects words, now, aren't you"?
    inquired the old man
    in a gravelly drawl

    the boy was curious of his voice
    never before had he heard a voice of this strength
    a deep, husky voice
    like that of a man who smoked tobacco for a lifetime
    but did not carry the odor of it

    "yes, i am, sir".
    stated the boy

    the old man leaned forward and to the left
    and squinted his eyes
    as to sharpen his focus on the boy

    "i am from the city, son".

    his focus turned quickly rightward toward
    the road leading to the city
    then back to the boy
    just as hastily

    "when i was a young man, i did the same as you".
    said the old man
    in a less abrasive voice

    "but now, in my old age,
    i watch my body fail me,
    and i watch as my mind begins to do the same".

    the old man's voice grew softer

    "i have for you something, dear boy,
    a word that has yet to be written".

    the boy felt less agitated by the presence of the old man
    and moved to sit beside him on the long bench

    the boy studied the old man's appearance
    noting every subtle detail
    of the old man who did not smell of tobacco
    but had a raspy voice
    who wore faded overalls
    but bore no stains or tears upon the denim
    who kept a disheveled appearance
    but managed to shave clean his face
    who sat among the beggars in the depot
    while making no effort to conceal the gold chain hanging from his pocket

    the boy asked
    "what is the word, sir"?

    the boy's demeanor tensed

    he wondered if the beggars
    and passersby
    could feel the heaviness of the air as he did

    "do you understand, child,
    that this will be the most powerful word you will ever hear,
    in your entire life"?

    "yes, sir".

    the old man leaned toward the boy seated beside him
    his long hair seemed caught in an invisible tangle
    of matter he could neither describe nor feel

    but sense, yes

    the boy could sense an emanation
    that was centered around the old man
    the weightiness of the air
    was sourced at this bench
    where the two sat

    "i am ready to hear the word".
    said the boy
    turning his ear to the old man
    as one would listen for a faint sound in the distance

    the old man
    with his peculiar hair
    and gravelly voice
    hunched his back
    making his face level with the boy's ear
    and spoke the word to him

    in one breath

    "but sir, that is not a word,
    it does not sound like a word,
    or behave like a word,
    and it does not fit with the other words i know".
    said the boy as the old man straightened his back

    "exactly right, my boy,
    it is not yet a word,
    as it is not yet written,
    and it does not fit with the words you already know,
    just as i do not fit with the people of your town,
    but does that make me any less real,
    or any less significant"?
    asked the old man to the boy

    "no, sir, it does not,
    but the word was a very small word,
    you would think a powerful word,
    would be larger than that".

    the old man smiled

    "but a very large word is easy to carry,
    by definition,
    and a very small word,
    a very small word,
    is easy to lose in such a big, big mind,
    as yours".

    "how do i carry this word, sir"?
    asked the boy

    "son, you will carry this word in the same manner you carry the others,
    but it will be the most important,

    the boy picked up his pencil
    and scrawled the letters
    one by one
    in his leather bound notebook

    he traced over the letters
    again and again
    as he sat next to the old man
    listening to his nose whistle with every inhale

    the boy could not keep his mind from wandering
    between the old man
    and the old man's word

    as the boy's thoughts ebbed and flowed
    as the old man's eyelids grew heavier
    the rumble of a train filled the station

    before the doors opened
    and passengers shuffled
    the old man brought himself to his feet
    but with an archaic grace
    and smiled at the boy

    "run along, now,
    the depot is no place for a child".

    the old man walked as slowly as he rose
    with a shy nobility to his gait
    and boarded the railcar

    the boy called GENE
    stumbled through the crest of the traveling crowd
    keeping the old man in his gaze
    as long as he could maintain

    but after a few glances
    he lost position of him

    and as the train carried the passengers westward
    the boy couldn't help but notice
    how the once heavy air
    began to lighten

    this small word, though
    thought the boy
    this small word
    that wasn't really a word
    was now becoming such
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  11. the lion, the monkey, and the WILDEBEEST

    a lost WILDEBEEST strays from his herd and meanders into a jungle.

    a lion sees this from a distance and says with caution
    "this guy looks edible, never seen his kind before".

    so the lion starts running toward the WILDEBEEST with menace.

    the WILDEBEEST takes notice and starts to panic, but as he's about to run he sees some bones next to his hooves and gets an idea.
    he says loudly
    "mmm...that was some good lion meat!".

    the lion abruptly stops and says "oh no! this guy seems tougher then he looks! i better leave while i can"!

    over by the tree top, a monkey witnessed everything.
    evidently, the monkey realizes he can benefit from this situation by telling the lion and getting something in return.

    so the monkey proceeds to tell the lion what really happened, and the lion says angrily
    "get on my back, we'll go and get him together"!

    now, they start rushing back toward the WILDEBEEST.
    the WILDEBEEST sees them and realized what happened between the two and starts to panic again.
    he then gets another idea and shouts
    "where the hell is that monkey! i told him to bring me another lion an hour ago..."

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    monkeyman Monkey see monkey do

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  13. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Hegelian Philosophy....
    Last night, after reading the Hegel wiki
    I again recalled poignant last meetings with my father before his suicide.

    I have mentioned before our conversation was of PHI
    I have not mentioned it was also of Hegel.
    He believed his philosophy to be closest to the truth.
    He held a Hegel book with many of his sticky notes.
    and told me he told me he wanted me to have it
    But, it was not included in the box of books i picked up from my stepmother
    i think her son took the philosophy books

    Considering the Hegel wiki last night...
    i was troubled by it
    and had a dream last night my father was trying to kill me
    i think it was because i didn't want to visit him
    i will add that my Grandfather attempted to teach me Aristotle at a very young age
    this idea of a state of constant becoming...
    i certainly may not understand because i have not delved in
    But just that belief...

    Seems placement of limitation and poor auto suggestion
    ( "... an instrument that we possess at birth, and with which we play unconsciously all our life, as a baby plays with its rattle. It is however a dangerous instrument; it can wound or even kill you if you handle it imprudently and unconsciously. It can on the contrary save your life when you know how to employ it consciously." )

    must we always be
    becoming healthy, never healthy?
    becoming happy, never happy?
    becoming secure, never secure?
    etc, etc, etc
    seems like a wrench in the works
    the core of societal propaganda
    a tool for Bernays?

    looking forward to nothingness

    Would someone please tell me if i have missed the point?
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  14. And that is why I'm in your place clever lady of the womb.
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  15. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    That is interesting! Houdini...
    "Throw of the lid , you are not a flea.....
    Hegelian crows ........blood.....does not work on me.....does it"

    Link to Wiki:
  16. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Yes, that is interesting George...


    So your post provoked me
    to amuse myself at an odd moment...
    by combining radio and tesla
    whilst lost in "wondering mixomania"
    after not speaking all day...

    Which then led me to fond memories of my Hudson RC sailboat:

    Which led you to (link to study):
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  17. that is interesting !

    a study by kahneman and tversky from 1981 concerning ' FRAMING ' crossed my mind a moment ago.
    unrelated, completely.
  18. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    In 1898, Tesla demonstrated a radio-controlled boat (U.S. Patent 613,809
    Method of an Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles).
  19. a couple names to find common ground with:

    nikola tesla
    guglielmo marconi
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  20. Here an interesting product,
    I'm involved .
    And you can send a school package to a school for a set price, I suggest we do that to some places ....
    Where they wouldn't ever see such a thing..

    Back door straight to product.
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    Click to View Complete PDF:
  28. quoting rose's post above .....

    ""we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are""

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