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    Did they mention Feinstein's involvment in "Evil Men who Rig our Elections", tag? Maybe they did and I forgot that part. I apologize if so. I do have too many things going through my brain at once lately. A lot of it is similar, but I don't remember hearing about Feinstein. It sounds like the same guys talking.

    (Video Blurb: "Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben are at it again – giving you truth that the propaganda will never do because they are all tongue-tied by AVID.")

    These are excerpts from the linked article about Feinstein's connection, and what they spoke of in the video. She is the largest stockholder in Avid Technology mentioned in your chart. Secrets she learned from her membership in Judiciary and Intelligence committees have been going out in collaboration with Malloch-Brown, Romney and Soros through the Avid-Leader plus software as propaganda talking points.
    • "Sen. Diane G.B. Feinstein and her husband, venture capitalist Richard C. Blum, hold more than 10% of the stock in AVID Technologies, Inc.AVID Technology, Inc. Such a large holding in a public company gives them effective control of the company since no move would be made by the board of directors without consulting with such a large shareholder. See theFeinstein/2016 Financial Disclosure. See also Lord Mark Malloch-Brown owns Investec 1 Limited. One of the 377 Investec 1 subsidiaries is ISIS Management Company Ltd. ISIS financed a project at Avid corporation, maker of TV and radio production equipment, called the Avid ISIS Client Guide and the Avid LeaderPlus Election Night Headache Relief. This system enables Malloch-Brown, Romney, Soros and the Senior Executive Service (SES) to push out a common propaganda narrative to control "perception management" on election night. "Perception management" is a Deep State shadow government mind control term for brain washing. It enables them to trigger their unthinking minions with emotional memes and programmed response triggers."
    • "British Privy Counselor Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a director of Investec Plc which has over 400 subsidiaries spread around the world. One of those companies is ISIS Management Limited. ISIS developed the AVID ISIS System for pushing video files used in newsrooms. AVID LeaderPlus and AVID ISIS together give Feinstein and Malloch-Brown the ability to push censored news and false stories to all subscribed newsrooms at the same time. The AVID ISIS LeaderPlus product specializes in pushing election night stories right to a news reader’s teleprompter and supporting video content. They don’t even have to think. They just read whatever Feinstein and Malloch-Brown want."
    • "Feinstein has a long history of Senior Executive Service (SES) affiliation. In fact, in 1979, as mayor of San Francisco, she was one of the first big city mayors to invite the SES to takeover management of city services.
    • "Senator Feinstein is privy to our nation’s most top secrets in her memberships on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees. She and her husband Richard C. Blum have clearly been trading on that information to make her the second richest Senator in Congress at $94 million.
    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    I have seen this before. I think a Qanon post. Placing it here for reference.
    The Rachel Maddows of this world are even given cues when to cry!
    "Avid Newsroom Suite" software​
    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    The Avid Technologies was new to me, too. I hope to take some time over the next several days to look deeper into the video and articles you shared. To me, it's a huge breakthrough in information! :)

    Avid Technologies not referenced in the two China censorship Project Dragonfly articles I linked above.

    It seems to me that there is a cognitive disconnect among Google employees that they want to protest the censorship of the Dragonfly Project, and yet do no seem to notice similar technological censorship here in the US.

    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    It is referenced in the chart with your video, but no mention of Feinstein until the next video.
    I thought they had just made the connection.

    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    I just watched this video and I feel like I've found a new, fresh and interesting voice.
    As I listened to her raise questions and voice frustration, I thought of how this has been a concern for me for some time now.
    It's helpful to step outside of ourselves some times, and try to imagine what it must be like for others, in this case, what it's like coming of age in this crazy-making media environment.
    Can you imagine, not knowing your countries basic history? Not knowing about WW1 or WW2?


    (Originally posted 25 Aug 2018)
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    This is too funny. I am presently being educated by my niece who is a civics/social studies teacher in Texas that yes, indeed, students in public school ARE educated about the World Wars, US History, how the free market economy works and how government works, (I asked her about the last one.)
    I'm really proud of my niece, she's a great teacher.
    That said, way too many young people feel the way this young woman in the video does.
    (I wondered then, what state is she from, do all states teach what Texas teaches?)

    (Originally posted 25 Aug 2018)
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    Hmm. I don't want to disagree with your niece, but Zeus has a degree and experience with the Texas Educational system. He does not speak of it in such glowing terms. It really depends upon who wrote the textbooks and if teachers have any particular bias what children learn, doesn't it? I am glad to hear your niece is one of the good ones.

    In Zeus' experience, for instance: During his student teaching, he noticed the students expected to be told exactly what the questions on tests would be prior to test day and for the questions to be simple multiple choice. This is the test procedure they were accustomed to with the coach/teacher of the history class and the system they demanded backed up by their full time teacher. He also noticed that a considerable number of students in that class were cheating from neighbors tests and/or walking in with the answers on their sleeves in subsequent classes.

    I was assisting Zeus at the time of his student teaching and he asked me to make up three different tests that appeared similar with answers in a different order. 15%-20% failed the test as obvious cheaters as he had expected. The students (who all had straight A's by the way) all cried and moaned it had been unfair and would ruin their perfect grade standing. The full time teacher's reaction was to curve all the grades and issue no punishments whatsoever. Zeus said you would have never guessed those particular straight A students to have been faux exemplaries because they acted and looked their parts to perfection.

    It was a win win situation for the coach/teacher. He had a record of teaching children who were making good grades and they all loved him. In addition, he sold candy for the benefit of the football team each day and a majority of students sat eating candy and drinking a cokes while attending his class.

    I attended public schools in Texas. It appears to me the educational system today is owned by the leftists. It used to be the Aspen Institute that determined what children in America learned. I have not checked lately. Do they still control textbooks and lesson plans for the country?

    (Originally posted 26 Aug 2018)
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    Posting this here to use later on...
    NYPD Chief, Anthony Weiner's laptop.jpg
    A few comments about this, I remember learning about the Weiner Laptop in October 2016.

    Remember when Comey reopened the Hillary Clinton email case? My understanding is that Comey was under pressure from within his own department. (Yes, there was a mutiny within the FBI rank and file, under Comey.) I remember there were a number of his agents that had put their letters of resignation on his desk, I think maybe 16 agents, in protest to nothing being said or done about these emails.

    I also remember that whatever was on the Anthony Weiner laptop was so bad that it made the detectives who first saw it, toughened New York cops, cry. One went into the corner to vomit. Another tried to make it out the door to the restroom, but vomited on the door on the way out, instead. The NYPD vowed to make sure the public learned about what they saw on that laptop.

    Plenty of the news sources I looked at during that time, made some mention of this laptop.

    It's sad and shocking to me, that so many people still have no idea of how seriously ugly this is.

    Mockingbird Media is complicit in the cover-up. They try to taint Trump with the very crimes they are covering up, committed in some cases by themselves, and by people they are either loyal to, blackmailed by, or were paid off to protect.
    Operation Mockingbird, Who are they mocking.jpg
    Dark to Light...

    (Originally posted 1 Sep 2018)
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    I'll probably start a thread on Obama, soonish.

    Okay, got a chance to watch this last night. Right, so I wouldn't recommend people follow this woman. This video was sent to me by someone else. And there had been a bit of a buzz about the topic.

    First off, this is a theory. The Secret Pardons Theory.
    I didn't track all the way to the original person who proposed this theory, but I was able to find a link to the diagram/post she is reading in the video.
    The person proposing this theory is using the "Punisher" image for an avatar. Possibly military? Many people is special ops have a soft spot for that image.

    [​IMG]I may talk about these 5 core principles later on because I was thinking some about them on my walk this morning.
    A lot of discussion on this in the Great Awakening chan board.

    I don't think it's necessary to dive deeper on this topic at the moment.
    Maybe just something to keep in a side pocket of your brain.

    There was a comment below this video that I thought may be interesting. Popping it here just to have easy access if I decide to follow-up on it later on.
    Tangents are fun!

    (Originally posted 1 Sep 2018)
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    Robert and Joshua above suggest people look into "Cassandra" relating to Iran.
    I read an article about this a while back. It's a long article. (Saved as 58 pages in pdf form.)

    The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook
    An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah's billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House's desire for a nuclear deal with Iran. By Josh Meyer

    (Originally posted 4 Sep 2018)
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    I missed this from a few days ago in the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Brett Kavanaugh.
    Republican Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska says Congress too often punts its power to the executive alphabet agencies to avoid taking responsibility. He lays out 4 common sense points to consider what is broken in the legislative branch. Basic civics...
    1. In our system the Legislative Branch is supposed to be the locus of our politics.
    2. It's not. Why not? Because for the last century and increasing by the decade right now, more and more legislative authority is delegated to the Executive Branch every year. Both parties do it.
    3. This transfer of power means that people yearn for a place where politics can actually be done. And when we don't do a lot of big actual political debating here, we transfer it to the Supreme Court. And that is why the Supreme Court is increasingly a substitute political battleground in America. It is not healthy. But it is what happens. And it's something that our founders wouldn't be able to make any sense of.
    4. We badly need to restore the proper duties and the balance of power from our constitutional system.
    Senator Sasse then goes on to expand on each of the above 4 points.
    He clarifies Article1, Article 2, and Article 3 in the Constitution.
    How did the Legislature get to the point of giving away its power?

    Big point, the people don't have the power to fire the bureaucrats in the Executive Branch alphabet agencies.

    Next BIG point: When Congress neuters itself, and gives power to an unaccountable fourth branch of government, it means the people are cut out of the process. Tying it all back to respecting the Will of the People.

    On a personal note: I loved how Brett Kavanaugh pulled out his pen and pad, paid attention to Senator Sasse, and took notes. We could learn from his example.

    Constitution Article 1: https://www.archives.gov/founding-doc...
    Constitution Article 2: https://www.archives.gov/founding-doc...
    Constitution Article 3: https://www.archives.gov/founding-doc...
    Constitution (online) https://www.archives.gov/founding-doc...
    Constitution (pdf) https://www.congress.gov/content/cona...
    #Constitution #SchoolHouseRockCivics #BrettKavanaugh

    (Originally posted 10 Sep 2018)
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    Moving here interesting comments regarding the intel group, Report For The President (RFTP).
    • Rose's feeling that the Report For The President site was off (to note for the record)
    • Thomas Drake's tweets emphasizing he has nothing to do with the group
    • Robert Caron talking about Q, confirming Q (in the part of the interview before Bill Binney speaks.)
    • Bill Binney laying out a legal case for why the law requires the Declassification of the FISA documents.
    • Q's reminder that the only place Q communicates is with 8 Chan

    (Originally posted 12 Sep 2018)

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    Food thought for the day:
    I have read a lot comments from people about the Kavanaugh accuser situation, from all angles.
    But this one is thought-provoking:
    Is this true?
    Do we want our representatives to make decisions based on gossip, rumor, whisper and slander campaigns?
    Anarchy is the opposite of the Rule of Law.
    I suppose technically the comment may be true?
    But people come forward and say anything without proof, all the time.
    Is slander protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution?

    There are 2 videos I've seen in the last few years that help to clarify what Anarchism is, along with other forms of government.

    On a personal level, I learned about these forms of government when studying how The US Constitution was written about 20 or so years ago. The founders were keenly aware of the historical patterns and sought to find a solution to the persistent and consistent problems of the governmental pendulum swings between Anarchy and Tyranny.

    They, especially Thomas Jefferson, put decades of deep thought and consideration into this issue.

    The Constitutional Republic was their solution, a way to keep the balance between the extremes. It's what set the USA apart and has allowed the Sovereign Public freedom and prosperity.

    People forget that the main branch of government is "The Sovereign Public".
    We, The People are the checks and balances of the other three branches of government. And, it is We, The People who will also have to counterbalance the un-elected branch of government, aka The Deep State.

    As Q reminds: We, The People, have the Power.
    If we remember how to play. :)
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    A prepper blog comes to mind, Selco.
    I think the same can be said of Anarchy.
    One of Selco's blogs describes very well what it is like to live with the complete breakdown of the system.
    What Selco describes is Anarchy.

    (I'll probably add this to the Survival Tips blog, or start a similar one in the Lifestyle forum. I've done a lot of thinking, research, and personal prep in terms of "survival". It means different things to different people. Selco's perspective from personal experience is useful and helpful for anyone interested in the topic.

    Also note, even though I am prepared, I do not believe that the US will fall into a state of anarchy as described by Selco. To me, preparedness is prudent, like insurance. So, no fear mongering from me. :) )
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