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    An anonymous consortium of deep state liberals?
    I don't think they have a chance at this point.
    Probably put together by those who will soon be indicted.
    These Anon's are really the basement fighters without POTUS & NSA behind them.

    I thought surely they would soon fight fire with the same type of fire in the liberal propaganda war.
    If you realize the power and can't beat it with your traditional tactics...
    Create your own mirror bs version to conflate.

    I think they have shown up too late to this party.
    And, don't have a legal leg to stand on when FISA is finally is revealed.
    And the next Inspector General's report is released.

    Do you think Qanon would have held up for this long...
    Saying everything he has said...
    If POTUS and NSA were not endorsing?

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    I'd like to say I found this myself, but I didn't. It was shared and came to my attention elsewhere.
    In watching this young woman, "unpack her mind, and wave her hands about" several things come to mind.

    1. I mentioned earlier that these actions will bring to the forefront the Anti-Trust issues of the Big Tech companies, and the Internet Bill of Rights, #IBOR. Q has mentioned both in the Q-posts. This young woman isn't mentioning anti-trust, however, she is naturally raising questions about "rights". Specifically, the right for political thinking that runs counter to the controlled-media narrative. (There is a lot to said about both. I'd like to learn more about each before I decide what I think. They sound good in theory, but it's how they are implemented that will have the long term consequences. There's an uncanny feel of the problem-reaction-solution pattern happening here.)

    2. I wonder if it is more accurate to say controlled-media than Main Stream Media. And I want to point out that many in the Alt-Media are also controlled. In my mind, this includes Alex Jones. Thinking of the concept of controlled-opposition here.

    3. The level of increasingly refined discernment required with all forms of media is increasing. No one can afford to be lazy in their media/news/information consumption. This is an issue i think about a lot.
    • Is this a learnable/teachable skill set?
    • Would people be interested enough, or care enough, to actually want to learn and apply these skills?
    4. I really like this young woman's presentation style. It's relaxed, natural, thoughtful, and authentic.

    5. Rose, I think you can do something similar. :)

    WWG1WGA, Eagle.jpg
    (Originally posted 14 Aug 2018)
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    I think I may have run across something related, tag.
    New Video Today:

    (Originally posted 16 Aug 2018)
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    Sometimes, a few people in the right place, at the right time, willing to do the right thing, can make a huge difference.
    It's too early to tell if the Chinese will benefit from the actions of a group of employees within Google who are protesting the China censorship Project Dragonfly.
    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    Did they mention Feinstein's involvment in "Evil Men who Rig our Elections", tag? Maybe they did and I forgot that part. I apologize if so. I do have too many things going through my brain at once lately. A lot of it is similar, but I don't remember hearing about Feinstein. It sounds like the same guys talking.

    (Video Blurb: "Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben are at it again – giving you truth that the propaganda will never do because they are all tongue-tied by AVID.")

    These are excerpts from the linked article about Feinstein's connection, and what they spoke of in the video. She is the largest stockholder in Avid Technology mentioned in your chart. Secrets she learned from her membership in Judiciary and Intelligence committees have been going out in collaboration with Malloch-Brown, Romney and Soros through the Avid-Leader plus software as propaganda talking points.
    • "Sen. Diane G.B. Feinstein and her husband, venture capitalist Richard C. Blum, hold more than 10% of the stock in AVID Technologies, Inc.AVID Technology, Inc. Such a large holding in a public company gives them effective control of the company since no move would be made by the board of directors without consulting with such a large shareholder. See theFeinstein/2016 Financial Disclosure. See also Lord Mark Malloch-Brown owns Investec 1 Limited. One of the 377 Investec 1 subsidiaries is ISIS Management Company Ltd. ISIS financed a project at Avid corporation, maker of TV and radio production equipment, called the Avid ISIS Client Guide and the Avid LeaderPlus Election Night Headache Relief. This system enables Malloch-Brown, Romney, Soros and the Senior Executive Service (SES) to push out a common propaganda narrative to control "perception management" on election night. "Perception management" is a Deep State shadow government mind control term for brain washing. It enables them to trigger their unthinking minions with emotional memes and programmed response triggers."
    • "British Privy Counselor Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a director of Investec Plc which has over 400 subsidiaries spread around the world. One of those companies is ISIS Management Limited. ISIS developed the AVID ISIS System for pushing video files used in newsrooms. AVID LeaderPlus and AVID ISIS together give Feinstein and Malloch-Brown the ability to push censored news and false stories to all subscribed newsrooms at the same time. The AVID ISIS LeaderPlus product specializes in pushing election night stories right to a news reader’s teleprompter and supporting video content. They don’t even have to think. They just read whatever Feinstein and Malloch-Brown want."
    • "Feinstein has a long history of Senior Executive Service (SES) affiliation. In fact, in 1979, as mayor of San Francisco, she was one of the first big city mayors to invite the SES to takeover management of city services.
    • "Senator Feinstein is privy to our nation’s most top secrets in her memberships on the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees. She and her husband Richard C. Blum have clearly been trading on that information to make her the second richest Senator in Congress at $94 million.
    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    I have seen this before. I think a Qanon post. Placing it here for reference.
    The Rachel Maddows of this world are even given cues when to cry!
    "Avid Newsroom Suite" software​
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    The Avid Technologies was new to me, too. I hope to take some time over the next several days to look deeper into the video and articles you shared. To me, it's a huge breakthrough in information! :)

    Avid Technologies not referenced in the two China censorship Project Dragonfly articles I linked above.

    It seems to me that there is a cognitive disconnect among Google employees that they want to protest the censorship of the Dragonfly Project, and yet do no seem to notice similar technological censorship here in the US.

    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    It is referenced in the chart with your video, but no mention of Feinstein until the next video.
    I thought they had just made the connection.

    (Originally posted 17 Aug 2018)
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    I just watched this video and I feel like I've found a new, fresh and interesting voice.
    As I listened to her raise questions and voice frustration, I thought of how this has been a concern for me for some time now.
    It's helpful to step outside of ourselves some times, and try to imagine what it must be like for others, in this case, what it's like coming of age in this crazy-making media environment.
    Can you imagine, not knowing your countries basic history? Not knowing about WW1 or WW2?


    (Originally posted 25 Aug 2018)
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