The Silence of the Path

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    This is for Gary after hearing his recording with Mark:

    The Silence of the Path


    Deciding which way to go?

    The Path
    Makes no real distinction between body and soul. Body simply extends into the invisible world radiating out in every direction of the Universe.

    How much can we Perceive?

    Perception/adjustment/sequence along the way

    Life on the Path is a craft, the aimless wandering of the Fool.

    The only unnumbered card; The master of the descending Path, Master of Life.


    Living the Path is finding the energies identified with. Weaving them together in a tapestry by way of the psyche and life's experience.

    The work and play of doing this is a strength and healing force. On the prowl in search of


    Work/Play engages the imagination.


    Perception by way of the deft art of the Magician


    The Silence of the Path reaches a deafening crescendo! While walking the path deciding which way to go addressing all options to achieve the stars as Shi Shen ... and ultimately the world;

    The foundation of the Path is Compassion


    Thank you Gary for the inspiration!

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    This one is for Rose as seen today:

    The Two of Wands


    How confident are you with the prospect of turning your ideas into reality? Do you feel that you have what it takes to make something manifest? Or are you still on the fence about whether you're ready to start accomplishing your goals?


    The Two of Wands speaks of believing in yourself enough to take the steps toward making something happen. It's about taking the spark of an idea (which came with the Ace of Wands) and turning it into a plan of action!

    As with all Twos, this is just one part of a much larger and more complex set of goals. You may not know yet where your plans will lead you, but you should know that the first steps require courage and initiative.

    You got this!

    What would happen if you sat on your hands and didn't take action when opportunities presented themselves? Chances are good you'd "miss the boat," or someone else would jump in and grab hold of them instead.

    The Key ~ The Ace of Wands


    Ace of Wands says you have an idea ~ Two of Wands says you better do something about it.

    There may a small window of opportunity that's before you right now, if so what are you waiting for?

    Sail on Rose... You've earned it!

    Take the Wand and Winds of opportunity; be your own Captain

    Sail your own ship!

    The Path has led you here

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    Here comes the Sun

    The Sun Gives Best Results!


    I say, it's ALL-right!


    The Sun comes to tell us that you are on path.

    All of your choices have led you to this place.


    The Sun has risen and there is a new awakening.

    The next new chapter, the past released.

    You are free to Be exactly who you are meant to be.
    All of your plans and goals are falling into place.

    Open your heart; Allow the sun to pour in.

    This is a time to look to those around you and shine like the Sun!

    Open up to new love, the sun comes to tell you that it is on the horizon of your path.
    You are free of the past and you are now ready for the Sun to shine on your parade!

    Little darling; here comes the Sun

    The long cold winter is over!

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    Holy CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! I just did a reading for myself and check out the six cards I got....Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    How you feel about yourself:
    You feel everything is a constant battle at the moment, but persevere and you will triumph in the end. Expect some good news that will help you to keep going until you achieve your goals.

    This is a time of movement and change and of conflicts ending in victory.


    What you want most right now:

    The Hermit here suggests that what you most want at this time is to know what to do, as well as companionship or a lover if you feel somewhat lonely or isolated at the moment.

    Perhaps you are feeling exhausted and in need of a rest - if you have been ill this is a time for rest and recuperation.
    (getting over a bad soar throat and chest cold)


    Your fears:

    You are feeling uneasy and insecure, something in your gut is saying "be careful, all is not as it seems" - something just doesn't feel right. Delay any decisions or actions until you have answered your concerns.


    What is going for you:

    There is help at hand, just ask for it. If you are concerned about making the right decision there is someone with the right moral fiber that can help. You can receive Wise counsel and honest advice. They are more than willing to help.


    What is going against you:

    This is a period of tension and frustrations, you feel pessimistic and fearful that your hopes will be dashed. Any bad luck you may be having is primarily down to your self-doubt and negativity. Have faith that your luck will change.


    The likely outcome:

    This is a transformation time for you. However turbulent or perhaps distressing some of the events in your life may be, endings always leave room for brand new beginnings. This is a fresh start in life for you, embrace it and live every day as though it was your last, life is for living!



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  6. Thank you, Brook.
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    The Fool's Journey

    Inspired by a song my intuitive guidance let me to the Journey once again.

    Journey's end to the fabled halls of Valhalla once traveled.

    Wonders abound the new path to find the perfect.


    "Histories of ages past
    Unenlightened shadows cast
    Down through all eternity
    The crying of humanity..."

    Start with gazing eyes upon the fresh fallen snow.
    The path is covered.

    Forage a fresh new path till the time comes
    To enter the halls of Valhalla.

    Till then the wonderment of the journey continues.
    Make it a good one.

    Observe the wonderment.

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    I think this would be a good place to give a plug for JJ's business if you you don't mind, Brook?

    JJ sent me some stones and home made bath salts for Christmas.
    The stones were all so beautiful.
    One dark blue flat heart shaped stone broke into three pieces in transit.
    She found that to be very interesting...
    Explaining that stone was Sodalite representing communications.
    She said she must send me some others to replace the broken one.
    These are those stones and her card (left to right: Sodalite, Lapis, Kyanite, Angelite):



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    Daily Card:


    You may have to show what you're made of today, finding the strength, courage and patience to deal with the challenges of the day.

    If you feel yourself getting angry or impatient then control those emotions. Open your heart and find the patience and compassion necessary to handle any emotionally fraught situations that show up.

    Do this and you'll handle things just fine, even if you do end the day feeling rather exhausted!!

    Make sure the Lion Sleeps Tonight!

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    Thought I'd revive this as the Harvest Moon did just present and represent!

    With an eclipse no less...


    Upon first seeing this card being as rocker at heart I thought of Ozzy and what he was looking for:

    Upon further reflection of this card:

    Traditionally the moon had been the repository of souls awaiting return.

    A primitive creature lobster/crayfish seeks to crawl out of the water and onto the Path.

    The creature as a symbol of the soul seeks to find it's way out of the blind predicament it's found itself in.

    It stretches it's claws, threatening two dogs that guard the potential path of escape. Further in the distance, towers stand beside the path, suggesting that the path is guarded more stringently against those who manage to pass the animals.


    In tradition Hecate, the goddess of the dead, was accompanied by two dogs so this card illustrates the pathless souls.


    Without the moons gravitational pull to slow them down, winds generated by earths rotation would blow us away at an average of 300 miles an hour. And there would be no life on earth. The moon had been often identified in the past as a symbol of a woman; birth and death...actually the key to life on earth.

    On one level the Moon represents the hopeless attempt of the pathless soul to escape it's fate. On yet another it's about death and rebirth.

    But beware, don't reject the negative and how important it is to integrate the negative side of the path into one's life.

    The harvest is also about death and rebirth...Reaping what you sow. To be continued until yet another harvest.


    The journey to the Moon is one of deeper and deeper self-involvement. and life involvement. The focus is narrower and narrower until there is nothing left but oneself. It is governed by the wandering of the Chariot, the relentless mechanics of the Wheel of Fortune and Chance, as illustrated by the great Tower being randomly struck by lightning...

    The journey of the Moon is in the descending path....but remember the descending path is also the foundation of the whole path. The cross of the tarot can also be seen as a that is rooted in death and judgement....So do not think the descending path is something to be avoided....

    On the contrary...If we are to fill ourselves with real consciousness....the path requires us to drink of real life.


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