Vincent Fusca?

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  1. Rose

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    Ok. Up until this point I have been staying away from the Vincent Fusca Material...
    Lately, though I have been opening the door of my mind to peep in.

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  2. Rose

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    Just been looking around 107 Daily.
    I was surprised to find Jennifer Mac's video site contains JFK / Vincent Fusca video posts from early Jan 22.


  3. Rose

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    Why would JFK Jr and his wife possibly decide to drop out of sight completely and live an incognito life? If your father had been assassinated by bullet blowing his head off, would you be ok with 24 hour paparazzi surveillance such as this?

    Would he have US intelligence agency connections to pull off something like a fake plane crash to acheive his protection if his life was in danger? He was also the stepson of Aristotle Onassis one of the richest and most famous men in the world. The family has a lot of power in Greece. John and Caroline spent some of their early years there when Jackie was married to Aristotle. This is Greek island owned by his relatives. I am sure they have many other residences as well and a lot of pull to accomplish secrecy. They always had that ability. Such great wealth can purchase anything.

    "A Little Bit Of History: Skorpios (ΣΚΟΡΠΙΟΣ) is a private island near Lefkada bought by Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis. Administratively it's a part of municipality of Meganisi. The island is forested. It features over 200 varieties of trees, which was almost all imported by Onassis. He also imported sand for East Beach from Salamis Island. There's also another famous beach where former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed nude. At Skorpios (ΣΚΟΡΠΙΟΣ) Island Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy were married. When Onassis died, island was passed to his daughter Christina, and then after her death it passed to her daughter Athina Roussel. Onassis, his son Alexander, and his daughter Christina are all buried on the island."
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    Still nothing new from Qanon... So, I am following on with this theory. I moved the Vincent Fusco theory posts to a dedicated thread because this information does not relate to current Q drops. At least, I am not aware of it if it does.

    My question today is: What would JFK, jr look like at 58 years old, without the hat, without the glasses and with a clean shave? I am factoring in the fact that he would have all the wealth necessary to maintain his appearance. My brother is 57 years old. He still has thick dark curly hair with a little gray as a genetic trait. (My father had a full head of hair when he passed at 85, so it is possible.) The Kennedy's appear to be the same. What would he look like?

    So far, I found this photo of his cousin Chris Lawford at 57 taken in 2005. He just died very recently at 63. Not many wrinkles at that age except a few around the eyes.

    chris lawford.JPG
    It is within the realm of possibility he might look something like this?​
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    Not saying it is.
    Still considering.
    But, this person in the front row of the rally tonight?
    Couldn't help taking clips...

    As I do this I just heard Trump say:
    "I guess we have the magic wand" again.
    He is in the front row.
    Just thinking....
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  7. Rose

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    But, before the rally started I was watching and thought
    I saw someone from a distance that looked like Fusco.
    He was in the dark suit, white shirt, tie and hat.
    He was waving signs.
    I have located a clip.
    The man to his right is dressed the same
    In a light blue suit as in the above video clip.
    See them circled in the uppermost row
    Under the red stripe of the flag?
    And the man to their right is sitting in a dark suit.
    I will keep looking for something more clear...


    The above clip is 9:57 in this C-Span Video of rally tonight.

    Still from Cordicon above:
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    ??? @ .15
    I am searching though other rally versions to confirm or deny ...
    Nope haven't found another video version?
    I see the same people in the background but the camera did not pan up.
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  9. Rose

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    Am I remembering correctly: The story was that Fusca and "Caroline" were visible near the front of the crowd when Trump was sworn in? If so, possibly visible to Michelle when Melania would have gifted her with the blue Tiffany box? If any of this were true (as originally a military intelligence protection intervention for them, perhaps), would it be known to former presidents?

    I remember near the time of the crash, I was feeling so sorry for John Jr and Caroline because there was a webcam locked in on the doorway to their apartment and beyond. They were being live streamed wherever they went by paparazzi or someone crazy, who knew? I thought how frightening that must have be for a man who had seen his father assassinated from a upper story window as a small boy and his young wife. It was not long after having that thought we were told by the media of the airplane crash. And I did feel there was something "off" about the story then.

    Even so, I am not saying I am behind this story at this at this time, but I know that Q once said he respected Cordicon. Have you seen JFK Jr's tattoo, tag? You can see it at about 10:00 of this Cordicon video and the clip lasts only for seconds. I rarely ever post comments for videos, but I posted one here about a fleeting impression I had when I saw the segment. I will post my comment after the video:

    My comment about the tattoo:

    I will get back to more concrete topics soon.
    I just find this idea fascinating.​
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