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    BEST KEPT SECRET - Chapter 1: The Beast

    In Chapter 1 of the 6 part docuseries from Sean Stone (the former host of Buzzsaw), we are introduced to a hidden reality of conspiracies and deep state actors protecting political paedophiles, as typified by the Franklin Scandal.
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    Exposing The World's Most DANGEROUS LIES w/ Max Igan, David Icke & Glenn Beck

    "It's Been Their Plan All Along - and you ABSOLUTELY will NOT want to believe what it is - so you have GOT TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT'S COMING!" In this EYE-BULGING and HEART-POUNDING compilation featuring none other than Max Igan, David Icke & Glenn Beck, you will FINALLY learn some of THE MOST HIDDEN SECRETS regarding the COVID-19 SCAMdemic - and how it has changed EVERYTHING - and what their FUTURE PLANS hold for the Citizens of the WORLD!

    From the way we live our lives and how we operate our businesses, to how we see each other, NOTHING IS SAFE NOR SACRED, and NOTHING is off limits to these Demonic Disease Spreaders! What's more is that the FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED FREAK-SHOW PUPPET BIDEN REGIME now running our federal government is sinking its tentacles even deeper into us and our entire society (and the world), threatening the very fabric not only of our bodily autonomy, but of our Great Republic. If you think things are bad NOW, just wait until some of the details revealed in this EPIC DOCUMENTARY are unleashed upon your brain: UNDENIABLE documents and federal contracts tell a DARK AND DEMONIC STORY that seems as though it's being read straight out of the Book of Revelations!

    This is JUST THE BEGINNING, Patriots, because their future plans reveal that they will continue dominating our lives and threatening our very continued existence IN AN ALL OUT ATTEMPT AT MASS GLOABAL DEPOPULATION & CONTROL! It’s time we cast a BLINDING LIGHT on the SHOCKING AND UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH found in this EPIC video! Because only with the UNCENSORED TRUTH will we emerge from the DARKNESS of this “SCAMdemic” and take back the life and liberty that has been so openly stolen from us.

    This is THE most pivotal time in our lives, Patriots - and THIS is the most IMPORTANT video of our current time. Pray right now, my Fellow Patriots & Christian Brothers and Sisters - NOW more than EVER. If there's people out there that you TRULY care about, please share this video with them, they will forever be grateful to you for you having done so. And remember, above all, WWG1WGA! There is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS & KNOWLEDGE!

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    [​IMG] Friar Alexis Bugnolo is an American-born Franciscan priest living in Rome who is spearheading a campaign to unseat Pope Francis. I always find him to be very intelligent, articulate and genuine.

    Bugnolo says that this is it, we’re in the Apocalypse and he estimates some 2 billion people will die from what he calls the “Death Vaxx”.

    He says that over the next few months, the immune systems of those who’ve been injected will progressively degrade, with symptoms mimicking AIDS and he cautions people not to live with or be in close contact with those who are vaccinated, to avoid infection with the deadly spike proteins and genetically-modified hydras, which can be transmitted via shedding from saliva, for example.

    He says the vaxx is not only to kill those injected and is not just to reduce the world population, “But to select those who will live through it and to suppress their natural immunity, so they can be genetically re-engineered, while alive by the Globalists, using dose after dose of the vaccine and eventually, some sort of 5G or cellphone technology.”

    He says it appears the Plandemic has been in the works for about 40 years, without anyone realizing what they were up to. “They basically want to totally re-engineer, biologically the human being and and they want to exterminate the natural human beings.

    “Now, we can see what the real meaning of the ‘New World Order’ is. It isn’t just the super-wealthy owning everything that’s not human, the New World Order is to take…humanity itself, as a natural resource, in the sense of making it an object of economic activity.

    “This is way beyond slavery. They want to make human beings properties, laboratories, factories. Your own body will be used for what they want it to be used for, whether it’s sex, creating medicines, being their slave, growing organ parts for their children.

    “You, personally, not just your tissues grown in a laboratory, you personally will be their slave, their robot, their organ-harvesting plant…

    “They’ll be farming you and they’ll be able to change your genetics at will, on a daily basis and this is the objective they have. Now, most people will not live through this experiment. Most of the 3 billion who have taken it are obviously going to die. Whether you’ve gotten one dose of the real vaxxine, or you’ve gotten 7 doses, you’re most likely dead. You’re walking dead. It’s only a matter of time, you will be dead.

    “If you’ve only taken a placebo and you haven’t taken any more, you’re still in the game. And if you haven’t taken the vaxx, you intelligent person, you’re the last refuge of humanity. You are one of the few who will carry on the human race until the end of time.

    “The death-vaxxed will not be able to have human children; their children will be genetically-modified and able to be controlled, so we are at a great parting, here: Humanity goes in one direction, the way it’s always been, by God’s will and design and those who allowed themselves to be fooled by the Globalists have been eternally imprisoned already, biologically.

    “I don’t see, from the number of evil things that are in this that it’s possible to save someone.”

    He says doctors and experts have examined the contents of the vials and discovered unbelievably diabolical things. “There’s the hydras, who are genetically-modified so they can live in your blood and in your lymph fluids and meld with your cells and change your genes and they’ll just go on multiplying, unless someone can figure out a medicine that will kill hydras in your bloodstream without killing you and this is why the graphene oxide is in there, because these hydras, in the presence of graphene oxide multiply enormously.

    “Then, you have the fact that this thing turns off your natural gene that suppresses cancer, so cancer is going to start growing all over the place. It turns off certain genes your body uses to protect itself from being genetically-modified and there’s all kinds of other technologies in there; gold nanobots, things like that, to aid in the genetic reengineering of those who have been vaccinated.

    “So the Globalists, yes, will kill 2 or 3 billion but that’s not their only objective. They want to kill off the people who are not compatible through new technology. The New World Order means that humanity now is the new economic frontier. They have abandoned all human morality and…they now look at you as something lower than a milk cow, because at least a milk cow, at least you want the genes to be nice and good and healthy, so you get nice and healthy milk. But these people don’t even want that. They want you to be their genetically-engineered robot or not – they don’t want you to exist anymore.

    “So this is beyond any measure of psychopathy of any novel ever written that I know if and this is so malign and so intelligent and so well-planned and so controlled that I believe everyone, like it or not has to recognize that Satan is behind this.

    “An extremely evil spirit is behind this; someone who hates the world as it is, who hates Creation as it is and who not only wants to own things in Creation, which is the old manner of possession the Globalists used to get their power but they now want to take possession and control, in its very essence living things and weld them to their wheel, bend them to their will and to destroy what exists naturally, so that they can reign as gods on Earth…

    “We’ve clearly moved from reality to the Twilight Zone. This is no metaphor. We are in Armageddon. This is the apocalyptic battle that St. John the Apostle wrote about in the Book of Revelations, the last book of the Bible.

    “Because this level of wickedness makes Hitler look like a saint. This makes Mao Zedong and Pol Pot look honest. I say that with a certain rhetorical flourish because they were horrible murderers and very wicked men but this is way beyond that. This is taking evil to a level that we have never seen in the history of humanity, that no human mind would have ever contemplated. That’s why I say it’s clearly from Satan.

    “These Globalists must have Satanic priests somewhere or some cult somewhere or someone who’s possessed by demons who are giving them instructions. I don’t see how you could humanly come up with such a project and contemplate it and then execute it. It’s beyond anything…

    “There’s been a lot of talk of us, who are not vaxxed being put in concentration camps but I think that’s less likely to be the case, because the vaxxed will be dead before they’ll be able to execute it. It’s not like they’re going to use unvaxxed people to put unvaxxed in concentration camps. They will use vaxxed people and these people only have about another six months, maybe 12 months to live…

    “Our position, those of us who are not vaxxed is much stronger. I have to say now, I’m a bit more confident, because this death vaxx is going to be so horrible for most of them. However, those who are death-vaxxed and decide to give their loyalty over to the Globalists are going to become extremists, because they’re going to realize that unless they serve the Globalists totally, they won’t get their added boosters of immunity.

    “So we are at a Great Parting, where humanity goes one way, the death vaxxed go another and I think once people realize what’s going on, we’re going to see a lot more civil strife, considering that these death vaxxes have genetically-modified hydras in them that can seep through fluids – I don’t know if they can come out of your lymph fluids and your blood into your sweat or your saliva or other fluids of that sort, I would strongly recommend not touching anyone who’s vaxxed, not having any physical contact with them and I would strongly suggest you stop living in a house with them, because you could pick up their saliva from a fork, a knife, a cup and who knows what the result would be. It’d probably be your death.

    “Exercise extreme caution and try to do what you can to accept psychologically what’s now going to happen, because it’s much worse than I thought back in June…

    “We, who are not vaxxed have to survive. Those of you who are married or marriageable, you need to have children, because humanity, itself is under such an existential threat.

    “I think the governments that are pushing this are going to collapse. I don’t see how the Globalists plan to maintain control while all their allies die.

    “As I’ve said many times before: you not only have to flee to the countryside and arm yourself, you need to start making friendships with other people who are not vaxxed and be prepared to take over the civil control of your local area, because it’s going to go down quick, now.

    “I think we’re on a roller coaster ride and we’re on that steep [slope] and now through Christmas might be the last months of normality in the West. Nations, like in Africa who were smart enough not to start vaxxinating people, they’re going to end up the ones that outlive this, whereas foolish nations, like Ireland and Scandinavia, who have 90% vaxxination, they will be annihilated. ‘Various nations will be annihilated,’ said Our Lady at Fátima…

    “And if you are associating with clergy who are pushing the vaxx, I strongly recommend you stop going to their churches. All you have to do is get a little bit of that vaxxed saliva on the host.

    “And don’t expect Christ is going to protect you from infection, because you won’t separate from the wicked.

    “He’s told us, throughout scripture that at the End of Times, we must separate from the wicked. We must leave Babylon.

    “And if you think Bergoglio is the head of the Church, you’re blaspheming God.

    “And now, this is something you have to do for your safety, it’s not just your religious duty, it’s also a biologic duty, you can’t live with people who are vaxxed. You end up with your health destroyed. Because these things are just going to start oozing out of them.

    “I hate to say it, because it is the consequence of what this Death Vaxx does. It’s going to destroy a lot of human society. Husbands are going to have to leave their wives and children their parents and if you are Death Vaxxed, don’t kiss your kids! You’re going to spread all that to them and even if they’re not Death-Vaxxed, they’ll end up dying.

    “You are a walking bag of horrible technological and infectious agents and I hate to say this, but this is what the Globalists have done to you and this is what you’ve done to yourself by taking that thing.

    “And don’t blame us for being prejudiced. I mean, this is a plague now. What’s in the vaxx is the Plague of Plagues, because it’s not just something that kills you, it destroys humanity and could end up destroying all of humanity if it spreads to the whole world.

    “So I sure hope that these genetically-modified hydras can’t spread from person-to-person. But until the doctors come out and tell us seriously what we have to fear from them, we should exercise extreme caution – extreme caution to these people, as if they’re carrying the most dangerous and horrible plague.

    “And this also makes it difficult for us, who go to stores and buy things. You’re buying vegetables and fruits from people who’ve been Death-Vaxxed? They’ve touched it with their hands? Don’t eat any raw vegetables would be my advice.

    “So start thinking about all the consequences. They’re horrible. And if you don’t recognize this new reality, you will be dead.”

    Alexandra Bruce
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    This is heart wrenching
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    Dr. David Martin joins Stew Peters to talk about how we can end this nightmare called COVID-19.

    David has been spending the past year and a half fighting to unravel what he says is the global criminal conspiracy of coronavirus. Parties include the American and Chinese governments, the International Monetary Fund and Blackrock. David says these groups are guilty of terrorism.


    David says the plot goes all the way back to 1984, when Anthony Fauci took over at NIAID, “And two years later, railroaded the first step in a global conspiracy to actually create a human dependency on vaccines.

    “It is important to realize that the 1986 Act, which famously gave vaccine manufacturers immunity from liability and put that liability on the shoulders of the American People, was in fact the first step in a very long march to this moment in time and the fact of the matter is, every single pathogen that has come out from 1986 until the present has unfortunately yielded a public that still is dubious about vaccines.

    “And as Peter Daszak said in his very famous quote from the National Academy of Sciences in February of 2016, the issue is “We must create ‘hype’ to get the public to buy off on what now is a gene therapy being illegally marketed as a vaccine so that the human race becomes dependent forever on the modified genetics created by a vaccine industry out of control.

    “This is, without question a financial racketeering domestic terrorism case, which has international implications and violates at least 7 criminal felony laws in the United States…We’ve got to be really clear on the fact that this was not a public health emergency, this was a criminal conspiracy to create a domestic terrorism event, pure and simple…

    “There’s no question that it is a bioweapon. In 1998, Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill perfected what was called an ‘infectious replication-defective clone of coronavirus, specifically amplifying the spike protein so that it targeted human lung- and cardiac epithelial and endothelial tissue.

    “This was from a decade-long research he had done into using coronavirus to amplify cardiomyopathy in rabbits. In other words, picking a thing that was known to kill animals and amplifying it so that it would actually target humans.

    “Anthony Fauci funded research in 1998 that was ultimately patented by University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2002 – and you heard that date correctly – 2002, a year before we ever heard the word ‘SARS’ anywhere in the world – a year earlier, UNC Chapel Hill patented the coronavirus recombinant condition that actually made an infectious replication-defective clone of coronavirus specifically to target human tissue.”

    Stew notes that Fauci has testified before Congress three times and that no criminal referrals have ever been made. He says Ron Johnson has that authority, Rand Paul has that authority and yet neither have made them.


    According to David, the felonies committed are:

    18 USC §2339Cet seq. – Funding and conspiring acts of terror. Punishable by 99 years in prison and up to $100 million in fines if it involves corporations. Funding and conspiring to commit acts of terror is something Anthony Fauci and his criminal conspirators have been doing since 2002, when we knew that there was, in fact a successful NIAID platform, which was to essentially weaponize. coronavirus.

    18 USC §2331 §§802 – Acts of domestic terrorism resulting in deaths of American citizens (The Patriot Act). Anything that is designed to coerce the public or governments into taking actions that they would not otherwise take is considered domestic terrorism. He says, “The reason why I’m actually careful with this one is because there is a published document for Pfizer that says that they have an ‘acceptable death rate’…for their vaccines. That means there’s pre-meditation loss of life. And we either have a Civil Action about Wrongful Death or a Criminal Action of Reckless Homicide or Murder, which is actually associated with any company that says that we have an ‘acceptable death rate’ for the products that are produced.”

    18 USC §1001 – Lying to Congress. “Is not just the theater that Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci engage in but more insidiously, Stew and this one goes to the heart of the Racketeering Conspiracy: When Congress or the Congressional Budget Office, in the Fall of 2020 asked for an accounting from NIH on the patents and commercial interests that they owned in the proposed therapeutic interventions, including the vaccines and including other drugs, they failed to disclosed any – and listen carefully to what I’m saying – they failed to disclose any of NIH, NIAID or its affiliated financial organizations’ financial interests in anything doing with coronavirus. That includes all of the mRNA platforms, that includes remdesivir and that includes Merck’s most recent announcement, that in partnership with Ridgeback Pharmaceuticals, they are, in fact rolling out their new drug, which is like a remdesevir 2.0…none of those were disclosed in the published, audited report that was given to Congress in October of 2020.

    15 USC §1-3 – Conspiring to criminal commercial activity. “In this one, it’s clear and simple. To get to an Emergency Use Authorization, you have to say there are no commercial alternatives. You have to disqualify every other treatment [as they have done with vitamins C and D, zinc, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide, etc.]…they have taken treatment after treatment off the table so that the only solution that could be offered are drugs and injections that are, in fact incapable of standing up to the scrutiny of genuine clinical trials and must be authorized under Emergency Use Authorization only.”

    15 USC §8 – Market manipulation and allocation. “They have manipulated the markets under three different felonies of our Antitrust laws…Over $50 million has been awarded to the criminal conspirators without competition, meaning that the Federal Government is…giving the winners money [since 2012]…that is not open and fair competition.”

    15 USC §19 – Interlocking directorates. “This is the most important one, in terms of the prima facie case…This is actually a law that’s been on the books since the Clayton Act improvement to the Sherman Act, our Antitrust laws in the United States and what it says is that you cannot allow people with commercial interlocking interests – in other words, people who should be in open competition – you cannot allow them to serve on the same board and accomplish anything, because, what will happen is they will have insider information, which makes their actions necessarily conflicted and by definition, anti-competitive…

    “These are not, by the way, crimes that require investigation. These are crimes by their own admission. Remember, that the quote that you read from Peter Daszak, from 2016…which says, ‘We need the media to create hype to get the public to accept the thing, that is, by definition coercion. That is a felony, that is domestic terrorism and we must call it what it is. This is premeditated murder.”


    David says that Ron Johnson and Rand Paul have all of this information and in fact, every single sitting member of Congress has had this information for nearly 7 months. “Not a single person to date, save Rand Paul’s one request for referral to the Department of Justice, not one sitting member of Congress has actually taken action on what we know to be prima facie.

    Since our legislators will do nothing, David says, “The key thing right now is to get attorneys general to do what they did when it was – back in the day – when the Gremlin famously used to get rear-ended and the gas tanks exploded and it took a few people to actually say, ‘Hold on a second, these cars need to get off the road and standing together, a number of AGs said, ‘We’re going to take action if the company doesn’t.’ The company took action, pulled the car off the road.

    “Just like tobacco settlements, we forget about that…That was companies that knew they were making an addictive product. And ultimately, a number of attorneys general got together and said, ‘We’re going to prosecute this. We’re going to end that criminal conspiracy.’

    “Every single time we have one of these, the only action that can be taken is a group – not one – but a group of attorneys general who actually are empowered by the people who elected them to do what they must do, which is to stand up ad uphold the Constitution of the United States and uphold the constitutions of their respective states.

    “The fact of the matter is, anyone not taking action in law enforcement right now is participating in a criminal conspiracy by omission, at least, if no commission.”

    David told an attorney general that he doubted that the Emergency Declaration that shut down the economy of his state had come out of his office and he said that of course it hasn’t. David said it would be interesting to find out who did, “And that, we can only uncover with criminal discovery [because]…we will have the ability to find out who wrote those freaking memos, because we know they start with recital that we know are false.

    “The only people who said there was a ‘novel virus’ all have undisclosed commercial interest in drugs that could only be authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization. There was not an independent member of the World Health Organization’s International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Not one! Not a single unconflicted party.

    “So you actually have the people who made the determination that we have a pathogen happen to be the financially-interested parties, who only could get their drugs approved through an EUA. That’s Racketeering, pure and simple.”

    David is optimistic that he may be able to get down the pathway of something slightly better than an attorney general action. He says that we must seize the communications of Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric, as these hold records of this criminal conspiracy, dating to at least 2005, if not 2002.

    TRUMP’S E.O.

    David is asked about Trump’s Executive Order and he says, “It’s very disturbing. On September 18th, 2019, the World Health Organization announced that it would do a worldwide exercise in the release of a respiratory pathogen so that we could get a worldwide acceptance of a vaccine…

    “The next day, within 24 hours, President Trump signed an Executive Order, which in fact laid out the pathway for this now-Warp Speed of developing alternative platforms for vaccines. The possibility that that was not coordinated is zero. That was a coordinated act. The President did not write an executive order overnight, having seen the World Health Organization publication the day before. There is no way that one day separating those two events is even theoretically possible.

    “And in his testimony on December the 4th, in front of Congress in 2019 – remember, this is before anyone has heard – no one has heard of coronavirus! In fact, the World Health Organization declared it ‘eradicated’. But on the 4th of December, 2019, Anthony Fauci, in front of Congress made reference to that Executive Order, stating that it authorized him to build self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines and mRNA vaccines that needed to be done through the Department of Defense.

    “This is a public admission that the administration in 2019 was manipulated and coerced into self-inflicted destruction. And I’m going to be really, really clear: You know I stick to only the facts, Stew, that’s what I’m about. But there is something that is so deeply troubling in the sequence of events, that I have to go so far as to say, if this was not acts of Treason, I am shocked, because at no point do I actually believe that on September the 19th, that somehow, Donald Trump was convinced that somehow, he should be issuing executive orders to the DOD to actually make self-assembling nanoparticles and mRNA vaccines. My guess is, he still doesn’t entirely know what those things mean.”


    Stew asks him who committed these acts of treason?

    “Well, Fauci admitted it, so we might as well put him up where he belongs, because he, in fact admitted to the same. The good news is I’m not making an allegation. When you admit to something in advance of a public health emergency, you’re actually admitting that you did it. Your fingerprints are on the gun and you’re standing over the corpse…

    “Do I think he acted alone? Absolutely not! Look at the fact that in 2016, when the UNC Chapel Hill paper was published that SARS coronavirus was “poised for human emergence”, the SARS coronavirus they were making reference to was their modification of WIV1.

    “WIV1, Stew is the Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus 1! That was 2016, people! That was not some sort of wet market, where somebody bought a bad bat in December of 2019. That was 2016 and it was called the Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus 1 because it was the COVID bioweapon that was designed from the 2013 samples taken from the six miners in China.

    “That means that biological and chemical weapons laws were violated by transferring a known pathogen from China to the United States in 2016 to weaponize a virus against humanity.”

    Stew asks him why Rand Paul is stopping short of a criminal referral, here?

    “Good fund-raising. Every time he does a smack-down with Fauci, he goes on all social media the next minute, going, “Look who’s standing up for America, look who’s holding Fauci accountable and people must know that he is actually failing to disclose the October 2014 letter from NIAID to the UNC Chapel Hill researchers, that said that their project was Gain-of-Function.

    “Rand Paul has the letter in his possession. I know he has it, because I know it was given to him. And he refuses to drop the one piece of evidence which actually puts Fauci in jail.”

    This is why we have to directly to our attorneys general. These are the documents, which David is giving to attorneys general, which he encourages us to print out and send by Certified Mail to our states’ attorneys general:

    A Timeline of Selected Federal Funding for SARS Coronavirus

    The Criminal Conspiracy of Coronavirus


    Fauci Covid 19 Dossier
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    From Royboy:

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    Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor, Speaks Up
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    JFK Assassination 58 Years of CIA Deep State Lies

    3 parts, all in one

    PART 1:
    A fascinating overview of the Deep State's role in the JFK Assassination by the man who coined the term: UC Berkeley Professor Peter Dale Scott. Scott shows the role of a Continuity of Government plays in what he calls Deep Events the change public policy and the covert forces in finance, military intelligence and media that participated in the First Deep State Revolt against the White House in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.

    PART 2:
    AGENT OSWALD - THE CIA PATSY Join Dark Journalist for his classic JFK Assassination documentary of the CIA connections of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK. Watch the assassination researchers who have uncovered the truth that Oswald was set up to take the fall by the CIA in the Deep State of power, politics and covert ops. Featuring historical commentary from DA Jim Garrison, Colonel Dan Marvin, L. Fletcher Prouty, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Governor John Connally, LBJ, Roger Craig, George de Mohrenschildt, Marina Oswald, an exclusive interview with Judyth Baker who knew Oswald in 1963 and much more.

    PART 3:
    X-PROTECT AEROSPACE UFO FILE ASSASSINS Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents his latest Breakthrough Documentary that uncovers startling information about an unknown group of Secret Aerospace Agents that have manipulated world-changing geopolitical events over the last 70 years to protect the secret of the UFO File. Stunning new information on Howard Hughes, Secret Aerospace Technology, Litton Industries, JFK Assassination, CIA Superspy E. Howard Hunt and his JFK confession to his friend Watergate Lawyer Douglas Caddy about Exotic Tech being the real reason President Kennedy was killed. Includes RFK Assassin Thane Eugene Cesar's connection to Lockheed Martin's ultra elite Skunkworks division, the Pascagoula UFO incident, MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments and more.
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    From financial Coup to full blown Coup d'état
    Catherine Austin Fitts

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    Joseph Stalin would be proud of Joseph Biden. The Biden Regime is using the FBI to silence political enemies just like Stalin did by using the NKVD, later known as the KGB.

    The FBI has long been politicized. The Democrat functionaries within the bureau attacked Trump and his associates over the Russia Collusion scandal. Of course, there was no collusion. They knew it was all made up by Hillary Clinton. Still, her party and the left-leaning corporate media promoted the lie throughout Trump’s term and the FBI was only too eager to go along.

    General Flynn was trapped by the FBI for forgetting a detail. He was accused of lying to the FBI and then harassed with lawfare. Obama’s man James Clapper lied to Congress and the FBI at will and was rewarded with a copious pension by the Democrats.

    Roger Stone, a peaceful man in his 60s, was the victim of a pre-dawn raid. Dozens of heavily-armed FBI agents arrested him for speaking out against Hillary and her phony Russia collusion hogwash. CNN was there too, in order to make sure Americans perceived Roger as some sort of arch criminal. Stone then had to fork over millions of dollars for his legal defense before President Trump finally pardoned him. In many ways, the FBI attack on Stone set the pattern. Dressed as a swat team or military commandos, the FBI must get a thrill out of storming homes with high-powered rifles and battering rams at the ready. They intimidate those who are perceived to be enemies of the Democrat Socialist Party. To Biden and Hillary, their enemies are domestic terrorists and therefore treated as such.

    The Biden regime now shamelessly leverages the FBI at will to silence important voices who are exposing Democrat corruption. Parents who complain to school boards about anti-American hate being taught to their children are now being threatened with pre-dawn raids by FBI bullies.

    James O’Keefe produces real journalism and his ‘Project Veritas’ organization has been a thorn in the side of Democrats. Recently, ten heavily-armed FBI agents crashed into his home and handcuffed him. One of the agents had a battering ram. They seized his papers and electronics. Why? Because he had seen Ashley Biden’s alleged diary and refused to publish it. Ashley is Joe Biden’s daughter. She wrote about being sexually abused by her father. O’Keefe’s private contacts and sources were then leaked to the New York Times. Even the ACLU denounced this abuse of power. Ashley’s diary was most likely an excuse. What the Biden Regime really wanted was O’Keefe’s sources and contacts. This is something Stalin and his KGB would do.

    The Socialist Democrats also went after Steve Bannon, who turned himself into the FBI last week. Look for Pelosi and her ilk to put the squeeze on him. They’d love to see him tossed in Washington D.C.’s version of the Lubyanka Prison and join the rest of the Trump-supporting protestors from January 6.

    Their latest target for attack was Tina Peters, a Mesa County Colorado clerk who blew the whistle on the corruption behind the Dominion voting machines. The FBI came crashing into her home with weapons drawn. They had nothing to fear from her, but they wanted to make a point. They wanted to cast fear into other potential whistleblowers.

    This abuse of power will only grow worse if there is no pushback.

    — Ben Garrison
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    The ending of this Agenda 21 clip is new to me...
    Maybe I heard it years ago...
    Sky Beam is what Space Force needs to stop?

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    I never get tired of this...

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