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    Klaus Schwab opens 2023 WEF annual meeting with call to ‘master the future’

    Gee, that doesn’t sound ominous at all!

    The World Economic Forum is currently meeting in Davos, Switzerland. There is a two-mile wide barrier to keep out media. We aren’t allowed to know what they’re saying there, but we already have a good idea: They want to complete their ‘Great Reset,’ which leads to their total control of humanity.

    We didn’t vote for the control freaks who want to tell us all how things are going to be, but that doesn’t matter. They control many politicians and Deep State operatives, who run the Davos agenda by means of mandates, ‘agreements’ and ‘treaties.’ None of it is constitutional, but as long as they control politicians such as Biden, Ardern, Macron, and Trudeau they don’t care. Voting also gets rigged in favor of the WEF.

    George Soros, who mysteriously bowed out of this year’s meeting, buys out DAs in big cities across the USA, and they let criminals go to create havoc and destruction. Soros wants this. He and his friends at Davos want America’s destruction so they can remake it as they see fit. In other words, voters are circumvented and the central bankers, the mega billionaires, and powerful corporate leaders get what they want.

    And what is it they want? They want a new form of feudalism where everyone owns nothing and are dependent on their ‘lords’—the rulers at the WEF. The lords will completely control their subjects. It starts with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and a social credit system. China has already implemented this and the Chicoms have praised the WEF. Coincidence? Once they have total control of our money they can determine what we can and cannot buy. How far we can travel, what we can eat, and even what we can type on social media. Say the wrong thing and money gets deducted in the form of a fine.

    It’s even darker than that. The people running the world are demonic. They hate Christianity and worship abortion. The Demons of Davos want us all to worship them, not God. Bill-zebub Gates wants us all to like him as he vaccinates us to death and cuts off our food supply. It is said that Switzerland has deployed 5,000 troops to protect the Davos attendees. This is not surprising because the vast majority of people on the planet do not want to pay carbon taxes, have their fossil fuels stripped away from them, or eat bugs. A lot of folks want to give Gates more than a cream pie to the face.

    There are still those out there who say we are conspiracy theorists simply because we believe the big wigs at Davos do not have the best interest of humanity in mind. We believe the WEF wants to see humanity whittled down to 500,000,000, in perpetual balance with nature.

    Just enough people on Earth to service the Demons at Davos.

    A lot of people owe Alex Jones an apology. Despite constant ridicule, Jones has long been warning us about the dire situation now being imposed upon us all.

    — Ben Garrison
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    Members of the Centers for Disease Control have voted to validate the mRNA Covid jabs as being legitimate and worthy.

    Apparently we’re back to the ‘safe and effective’ malarky again despite warnings of death and serious side effects from hundreds of expert scientists and doctors. Have you noticed the stories about all the young people coming down with myocarditis and a legion of other stories about people suddenly dropping dead? People are beginning to suspect it’s due to the clot shots. The Covid vaccines have been shown NOT to stop the vaccinated from getting the virus. It does not stop the vaccinated from dying of Covid. The jabs do not prevent the transmission of Covid.

    To protect Big Pharma and combat this ‘wrong think,’ the CDC is officially backing the dangerous Covid vaccines.

    The CDC is expected to approve the vaccines for the childhood immunization schedule. It means many school systems won’t allow the enrollment of children who were not injected with the dangerous Covid vaccines. The tyrant Gavin Newsom is already pushing for this in California.

    The tyrannical system enforces their medical mandates by taking away our freedoms. They then offer to restore those freedoms only if we go along with their orders. Want your free speech? Agree with the medical establishment authoritarians and your opinion won’t get deleted. Want to travel? Forget it unless you get poked. What to keep your job? You must get the jabs. Do you want your Medicare and Social Security? Get the shots (It’s coming). Want to spend the government’s new digital currency? You guessed it—you must first be vaccinated. People will be forced to accept the poisoned needles despite misgivings. Want you kids to go to school? They too must take the experimental and under-tested gene therapy injections.

    The FDA was supposed to protect us from harm and they never approved the Covid vaccines, but now they are rubber stamping them anyway. Could that be due to the fact that Big Pharma populates the government’s medical agencies with its functionaries? Fauci made an additional $5 million while pushing the Covid vaccines. Coincidence?

    Many countries in Europe are outlawing the Covid vaccines outright. Children have an extremely small chance of contracting Covid. Kids also have the highest survival rates. The chances of a child dying from Covid is vanishingly small. Yet in America the vicious assault by its Malthusian medical ‘authorities’ on children is ramping up. The globalist left wants to kill as many unborn babies as possible. (Some even say abortion can help lower inflation!). Kids are getting groomed in schools with pornographic books and drag queen presentations. They are being told they can choose their own sex. After the children are thoroughly confused, the medical establishment wants to drug them with hormones and even sexually mutilate them! If anyone objects, they are attacked and smeared and their free speech gets deleted.

    Remember how hospitals were executing Covid patients with Fauci’s ‘Remdesivir’ and respirators? Apparently hospitals are becoming centers of death and mutilation. Eustace Mullins explained the tyranny behind the medical industry in his 1988 book, “Murder By Injection.” He exposed the medical conspiracy against America and now it’s here and stepping on our toes. THEY will tell us what we must put into our bodies. We will have no choice. We must all speak out against this now!

    Even on the left, some are objecting. If California mandates Covid injections for its citizens, Bill Maher said he’d be moving to Florida. Instead of moving, we need to fight back. We can begin by protecting our children from harm. That means loudly complaining at school board meetings and to the politicians. If that doesn’t work, run for the school board and replace them. If that’s impossible due to election rigging then we must home school them or seek alternative schools that won’t mandate the injection of deadly substances.

    Ultimately it might come down to brute force. If medical vans go door to door to make sure the unwilling are injected by force, well….that’s what the Second Amendment is for.

    — Ben Garrison
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    I personally think NWO is positioning her as a spoiler.

    I noticed Clif is on board and promoting Tulsi.
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    This includes Tulsi Gabbard, by the way...
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    Today we were permanently kicked off of Facebook.

    For over ten years we had a cartoon page on Facebook with many thousands of followers. We post all our cartoons on our site of course, but we used social media to get noticed as well. Twitter banned us the same time they banned Trump in January of 2021. We received no clear explanation. We certainly didn’t violate their ‘community standards’ but we were caught up in a wave of anti-conservative censorship there, so that was that.

    Our main verified cartoon page was banned permanently by Facebook two years ago, but we had a backup page with far less followers, so we continued to used that. Over the past two years we faced numerous bans and deletions of cartoons that the Facebook censors found objectionable. Now they have banned our backup page permanently. Surprisingly, it wasn’t due to a cartoon that questioned Big Pharma’s ineffective and unsafe Covid ‘vaccines.’ Instead, Tina had posted a 10 year-old cartoon I drew that explained the dangers of fluoridated water. I guess we are no longer allowed to question fluoride in our public water supply, even though many scientists continue to question it! Apparently we were spreading so called ‘misinformation,’ even though my cartoon was accurate.

    What, we can no longer question any so-called ‘authority’ now? They act as if they have science locked up and we can only trust their version of it. That attitude is spreading. An example is a doctor who expressed his outrage because his granddaughter was in danger of getting an extra cavity because someone at the water department was not putting in enough fluoride:

    “Fluoride, again, is one of the most successful and important public health measures that has ever been undertaken in this country. The reduction in dental disease is just inarguable. You don’t establish safety based on one person’s opinion or one study or this or that.” — Dr. Allen Knowles

    Story here

    Who says we can’t argue about it? I certainly will! Yet this is the attitude of those who pretend they have science locked up and put in their back pockets. He doesn’t want to be bothered to listen to ‘this or that,’ so we must silence the this or thatters! Is that the approach to science we have these days? Apparently so!

    Sodium fluoride is more water soluble than calcium fluoride and it just so happens that it’s the waste product dumped into our water supply by heavy industry. Sodium fluoride is a poison and they had to pay to get it disposed of, but then they brilliantly thought of getting taxpayers to pay them to dump it in our water! All it took was to bribe a few people who regulated the dental industry. As a result, you are getting forced medication whether you like it or not or voted for it or not. Maybe you don’t even have teeth—you might wear dentures. You get the medication anyway! Anyone who bathes are showers gets fluoride absorbed into the skin. Some say fluoride helps aluminum get deposited into brains and that contributes to the increased rate of dementia. This could be true—there have been no adequate studies! We do know fluorosis damages teeth and bones and lowers the IQ of children. So yes, Dr. Knowles, it IS arguable and we have a First Amendment right to argue about it in public forums! No longer on Facebook, though.

    I long deleted my personal Facebook page after getting banned one time too many. Tina has deleted her page today, but it takes time for the page to go away. Our cartoon pages are gone from Facebook forever, thanks to an anti-free speech tyrant named Zuckerberg. He’s more aligned with the communist Chinese than he is real Americans. Zuckerberg is a traitor.

    We recommend everyone stop using Facebook.

    — Ben Garrison
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    Sorry Greenie, You will never be a real car

    The transition from internal combustion engines to battery-powered cars is a failure.

    The Climate Communists want to take away your freedom of movement. The Marxists in California want to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in the name of ‘climate change.’ They changed their ‘global warming’ slogan to climate change in order to make us all afraid of the changing weather, but it’s still primarily focused on ‘greenhouse’ gasses emitted by animals and humans. Never mind that carbon dioxide is beneficial to plants. The warming must stop before oceans rise along with runaway higher temperatures.

    The thing is, ‘climate change’ as the globalist tyrants present it is based on cherry-picked data. The data are distorted to fit their narrative. Real scientists have already proved that rising temperatures aren’t occurring, but they are ignored. A very small group of powerful people have captured science and they say their version is definitive. It isn’t. Climate change is bunk.

    California has an abundance of resources including oil, but nobody will pump it out. They are shutting down all carbon-based energy sources including fuel for wood stoves. In a state that led the way and defined automobile travel, they are now abandoning it in favor of ‘clean’ energy. That includes very expensive battery-powered cars.

    California’s Marxist politicians, led by Governor Gavin Newsom, ignore obvious problems. Electric cars have very limited range and that range decreases with daily use and repeated, time-consuming charges. Some easily catch fire.

    It requires an inordinate amount of energy to create a car battery. A huge amount of earth must be mined to collect enough rare metal to produce a single battery. When that battery quickly conks out and can no longer hold a charge, it becomes a menace to the Earth because it’s very toxic. It costs a fortune to replace. (Replacing a car engine is far cheaper). The expired car battery can’t simply be tossed into a landfill. By comparison, a gasoline-powered car has far less impact on the Earth. It also has far more range than a pricey electric car.

    Also, charging requires an enormous amount of electricity. Generating it often means the burning of fossil fuel. Rising electricity costs are climbing through the roof and blackouts are becoming more common throughout the country due to the ‘green transition.’ Wind and solar power are far more expensive and far less efficient than coal or natural gas-fired power plant turbines. California politicians are predicting and increase in rolling blackouts and now they predict there will be days when you won’t be allowed to charge your electric vehicle. Due to the skyrocketing electricity cost, a charge could end up costing the same as filling up the tank with gasoline, and the charging is more frequent.

    The green transition isn’t about solving the non-existent problem of climate change. It’s about controlling human beings and it doesn’t end with our freedom to travel. The micro-managing Marxist control freaks want to tell us where to live, what temperature our homes can be, what we can eat, and even what we can say. We’ve learned that the banana-republic tyrant Biden has been ordering social media to censor patriotic, MAGA-minded citizens. The IRS will have an additional 87,000 heavily-armed agents to threaten Trump supporters. The Democrats’ FBI has interfered with our election. People are dropping dead due to the mandatory and poisonous mRNA jabs, which proved useless against a quickly-mutating virus. The ‘authorities’ blame it on their boogeyman, climate change. Ultimately, controlling humans also means exterminating them and too many sheeple will do whatever the ‘authorities’ tell them to do. Apparently that includes dying.

    The climate change tyrants want to destroy small businesses. They want make us poor. They want to take away our privacy, our ability to assemble and protest, and even our ability to decide what goes into our bodies. They especially want our guns, but first they’ll try to take away our cars.

    Tell the “Climate Commies” to hit the road! If they can get the EV charged!

    — Ben Garrison
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    I refuse to call Anthony Fauci a doctor. Doctors are supposed to do no harm, but Fauci has done unimaginable harm—and it was all done intentionally.

    Fauci is not a doctor. He’s a diminutive government bureaucrat who is more concerned with farming out taxpayer money to his cronies than our health. He has helped install medical tyranny while stripping us of our basic rights. Throughout his nearly 50-year career, our highest-paid government employee has accumulated way too much power and developed such an incredible ego that he had the gall to refer to himself as ‘science’ itself. If anything, Fauci has weakened scientific integrity and trust in our institutions—including hospitals.


    He pushed dangerous mRNA vaccines that funneled billions of taxpayer dollars toward Big Pharma outfits such as Pfizer, which we now know is a criminal organization. He pushed the useless but very expensive Remdesivir, a dangerous drug that helped bring him and his cronies profit. The loud-mouthed napoleonic tyrant had earlier mishandled the AIDS crisis, but was able to get the government to send more funding his way.

    Fauci pushed lockdowns, which helped destroy our economy. At first he said the masks were useless (they are), then he had the gall to recommend wearing two masks. I actually saw people with two masks. Sheeple actually listened to this modern-day Mengele!


    Fauci sent US taxpayer money to the Communist Chinese so that they could achieve ‘gain of function’ on a virus to be used as a bioweapon. It worked and killed millions, but Fauci lied about it to Congress. He was not held accountable for his lie.

    Fauci lied about the efficacy of the mRNA vaccines and refused to acknowledge the effectiveness of natural immunity. He expressed contempt for nature and low-priced and effective medication such as Ivermectin. He wanted endless boosters even though it became quite clear that the vaccines did not work. At all. Everyone got Covid and many who died were fully boosted. People are still dying from the poisonous Covid jabs.

    Fauci is a control freak who values dollars over scientific integrity. He has destroyed many careers by deciding to intimidate and harass scientists who didn’t go along with Big Pharma. Others that did go along were rewarded with grants. One of those grants funded the torture of hundreds of beagles. There was no purpose to the torture other than to help sate Fauci’s sadistic proclivities.


    Was Fauci involved in the funding of the dangerous bioweapons labs throughout Ukraine? It needs to be investigated. Will Congress hold him responsible? That remains to be seen, but it may be why Fauci has chosen retirement ahead of the midterms. Still, he probably isn’t all that worried. After all, he’s allied with top globalists such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. Fauci is a member of the Deep State Swamp, and we’ve seen how its inhabitants are untouchable.

    Please Consider a small Donation to Keep Cartoons online!

    Fauci’s megalomania prohibits real retirement. The 81 year-old may step away from government employment, but he loves the limelight. He will write a book, go on tours, and continue to hector us while he enjoys his 1/2 million dollar monthly pension.

    Fauci is slime. He belongs in the slime light, not the limelight.

    — Ben Garrison
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    Tina Toon- It’s Climate Change

    As it turned out, Bill Gates was grooming Congressman Joe Manchin to go along with the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”

    West Virginia will probably get some kind of special treatment from the Microsoft mega-billionaire.

    The bill is not correctly named. Creating and spending $737 billion will only worsen inflation. Much of the money will be spent on ‘green’ projects ostensibly designed to solve the non-existent ‘climate crisis.’ Yes, it’s all a ruse to help further enslave humanity, which is the goal of Gates and his associates.

    The $80 billion spent on funding 87,000 well-armed IRS agents tells you what this is all about: Crushing the middle class and small businesses. Especially Trump supporters.

    Oh sure, they say those making less than $400,000 per year won’t be affected, but we know the Marxist Democrats are liars.

    Bill Gates has always been a sociopath, but now he has so much money that he’s even nuttier than usual. One thing for sure: He thinks there are too many people on ‘his’ Earth and he wants to eradicate most of us. Whether by means of deadly vaccines, food shortages, or war, Gates has only to say his magic panic words, ‘climate change’ to justify his genocide. Fat kids? That’s because the Earth is too hot for them to go outside and play. Global warming is driving illegal aliens across our border? Apparently they’re coming up just to cool off. People dropping dead due to his deadly vaccines? Climate change is to blame there, too. The excessive worry about climate change is stressing people out and ruining their health.

    The sociopaths at the top of the evil pyramid have no problem with war, either. Apparently not even nuclear war. Of course, they’ll all be safe in their underground luxury bunkers should such a cataclysmic event occur, but one thing is certain: Nuclear war will cause the death of billions—and it will definitely change the climate.

    — The GrrrTeam
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