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    Geopolitics & Empire - James Poulos

    The Race By Governments to Terraform Their Citizens & How to Stay Human Forever

    James Poulos talks about his new book "Human Forever" and the undeclared digital war of intelligence and databases against databases where civilization states are racing to figure out how to maintain power as we transition to the Digital Age. The U.S. regime is one which has consolidated its power (e.g. government, finance, media) over the past few decades, convinced that these digital entities would consummate their benevolent global rule and allow them to terraform the deplorables of society. Though China and the U.S. have Social Credit Systems up and running, the people in charge in the West believe in a cyborg future where the doors to transhumanism are open and this Gnostic obsession with immortality is what China finds so terrible. The best way to do something about this is to return to ordinary people the ability to use the most powerful technologies that we have. If you do not have a data center and are not computing, then you are being computed!

    - or -

    A youtube version
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    Do you want to live in Virtual Reality in the name of Sustainable Development? I show you what the insane Cybernetics / Transhumanists are building.
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    Elana Freeland: Synthetic Biology, Our Current Crisis & Staying Human
    May 31st, 2020


    Elana came of age in the eye of the Sixties maelstrom

    [ errr . . what if Melinda Gates is Bill's handler ( as opposed to the innocent disappointed wife they are presenting her as ), and the divorce is her retreat away, with as much cash as possible, before he's sacrificed . Elana said she saw a photo of Melinda wearing a subtly inverted cross ]
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    The Highwire with Del Bigtree - YOUTUBE EXPANDS BAN ON ‘MISINFORMATION’

    Show notes
    After YouTube’s sweeping announcement to censor conversation and open discussion around ANY vaccine, the Ron Paul Institute’s YouTube channel was removed. Though shortly after their channel was restored, countless other videos and channels have been removed without warning, or reason.​
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    Klaus Schwab - "You will own nothing and be happy"

    Gordon White - The Cyberpunk Endgame, The Dream Of Control, & Your Desire

    This is a calm and intelligent take on the very serious situation the world is in.

    It starts off not sounding particulary poignant but stick with it, it's one of the most important links I've posted here so far.

    Pay particular attention to how he thinks the cabal of globalist crooks are likely to attempt to completely remove our private ownership of property ! . . . . . but there are many illuminating nuggets in this conversation.​
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    Juan O Savin On China's Unrestricted War With America

    Juan O Savin joins James Grundvig at American Media Periscope with what may be vital information about our current situation and imminent future, as well as many interesting tidbits along the way.

    He talks about the infiltration of the US Federal Government by intelligence assets who have been trained at facilities like Camp Peary, which is known as “The Farm”. He refers to the exponents of this subversion as “Farm products” and “corn”. He says that examples of corn include Barack Obama, his “mother” and both of her parents.

    Juan tells us that when Soviets did mass surveillance on the phone conversations of Americans, they found that 80% of what Americans discussed related to things they had seen and heard from the Mainstream Media (entertainment and news). They thus realized that the way to gain influence over Americans was via the Mainstream Media, to the point where today, the Communists have infiltrated all of Hollywood and they financially control all the major talent agencies and studios.

    Juan says the CIA also sought to infiltrate the entertainment industry at places like Laurel Canyon and he says that Marilyn Monroe had a Top Secret security clearance because she had been trained to be a “star” there since she was a teenager. She went on to become the first covergirl of Playboy magazine, which was founded with startup funds from the CIA. The Playboy mansion and the Playboy Clubs were used for CIA honeypot operations.

    Juan says that Barack Obama’s “supposed grandfather”, Stanley Dunham was an FBI asset who was monitoring Frank Marshall Davis, due to his Communist activities. He says:

    “When Obama talks about all the stuff he learned from Frank, he was the cover for Grandpa to be able to have that contact. And by the way, Obama’s mother…it’s been widely published all over the internet, as a teenager, 16 and 17 years old – not 18, 19, 20 – 16 and 17, she was in Frank Marshall Davis’ magazine that was a BDSM magazine. Pretty rough stuff for that era, in the early ’60s, late ’50s.

    “And by the way, where did the money for Frank Marshall Davis’ BDSM magazine come from? That was money sifted over to him behind the scenes – again, CIA, through their people and they were getting information from him. He was honeypotting on his side, he was being helped. The same people that financed Playboy with Hugh Hefner were financing Frank Marshall Davis.

    “And his mother – Obama’s supposed mother, which she isn’t, she just carried him around, she didn’t birth him – Obama’s mother is there as a teenager, because grandpa is a grifter for the intelligence agencies and even uses hs own daughter, as a young teenager to sell the deal.

    “And what was Obama’s grandmother? She was the banker for the Marcoses out of the Philippines…Why do we have to have control of Marcos and his money? Because it’s a strategic location. CIA was managing him, had his money. When he left the Philippines as an exile, he went to Hawaii. Who’s managing the accounts? Obama’s grandmother.

    “That’s corn. That makes Grandpa Corn, Grandma Corn, Momma Corn. Obama Corn. Election 2020 = MAGA to the third power over Corn.

    “We have all of these people hiding in plain sight, as though they came up through the ranks and made their own future and their own lives and then we’re subject to what they’re doing. These are Black Hat operations to manage and control America.

    “Let me throw one more at you. Bill Clinton. How does he end up on the White House front lawn? Did you get to go shake hands with the President? Did you get to go out there and say, ‘I just want to be president’? No! Why? Because his real father, Winthrop Rockefeller – who was Governor of Arkansas, by the way – Winthrop Rockefeller is his real dad. That’s why Bill Clinton vacationed with the Rockefellers all of his life every summer, out there in Colorado, ’cause he’s one of the family. He’s the bastard baby of Winthrop Rockefeller. That’s how he got all of the breaks. Corn! Corn! Corn! Intelligence agency products!

    “Now, look at America. Right now, today, all of these corn, all of these Farm products from all of these intelligence agencies have captured control of the board; captured control of America. They captured control through false votes…”

    “What’s this Red October really all about? It’s now becoming clearer and clearer who these people are, where they’re taking us, what their alliances are.

    “Look, even on the Clot Shot. Who benefits if Americans aren’t able to go to work?…Who benefits if America shuts down? Who benefits if our military isn’t fully functional?

    “…We had F-22 pilots who walked off the the flight line and said, ‘I’m not gonna get this.’

    “They’re not un-American, they’re saving themselves, so they’re still viable when everybody else wakes up and realizes what the Hell is going on here.”

    “Let’s go back to President Trump – and that has a nice ring to it, by the way – he has spoken repeatedly…that we are going to go after China for $10 trillion in reparations…We are going to sue for reparations because, on multiple fronts – not just the Clot Shot – economically, militarily, China has been in an active operation to subjugate America to it…

    “That is all coming to a head right now.”
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    This is a very good laid back listen that doesn't get heated about the current situation but certainly encomapasses it, in a nice thinking and informed way that goes in smoothly like a quality wine.

    A good one to share with your smartest most thinking friends, for almost damned sure, even though it is a Daniel Liszt interview. It's pretty much both of them at their best.

    Elana Freeland: The AI Transhumanist Nanotech Invasion
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    CARING CORRUPTED - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich

    Cizik School of Nursing has created a REMI Platinum Award-winning documentary film that tells the grim cautionary tale of nurses who participated in the Holocaust and abandoned their professional ethics during the Nazi era. The 56-minute film, Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich, casts a harsh light on nurses who used their professional skills to murder the handicapped, mentally ill and infirm at the behest of the Third Reich and directly participated in genocide.

    It was more than the handicapped, mentally ill and infirm, there were child twins and people of disident groups, too.
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    Ice Age Farmer, iceagefarmer.com

    Energy Crisis becomes a Food Crisis – Grow Food and Build Local Food Systems Now
    34 minutes Posted Oct 5, 2021
    Show notes
    The energy crisis is quickly becoming a food crisis: China’s harvest is faltering without electricity. Dutch are unable to heat their greenhouses, which are empty and cold. The UK’s meat production is curtailed by a lack of CO2. The world’s food supply chains are deteriorating rapidly — but the tide is turning! People are more […]​
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    I read a heartbreaking story over the weekend about a perfectly healthy young lady with a husband and two children. Like many of us, she was adamantly opposed to taking an unproven and experimental gene therapy jab. She considered the injection worse than getting Covid.

    Her governor, Jay Inslee, mandated the shot. State employees in Washington state including those involved in education had to get the so called ‘vaccine’ in order to remain employed. The vaccine quickly killed her. Inslee has blood on his hands. The politicians and vaccine pushers such as Dr. Fauci are monsters.

    Jessica Wilson Obituary

    Twitter shamelessly labeled the obituary as ‘misinformation.’ Nobody is allowed to question the vaccine cult being pushed by the big corporations who manufacture the questionable substances now being forced into the bloodstream of millions. Shame on Jack Dorsey for having his lips firmly planted on Big Pharma’s collective butt cheeks.

    The vaccine-pushing monsters such as Inslee like to use the phrase ‘public good’ or ‘greater good’ when talking about their jabs. Here’s a recent quote from the diminutive Dr. Fauci:

    “There comes a time when you have to give up your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

    This can’t be more clear—or more sinister. The spike protein pushers want YOU to give up your say about what goes into your own body. Let the government and medical ‘authorities’ decide. Authorities such as Fauci, a known liar, genocidal maniac, and goal post mover.

    Just who decides what this ‘greater good’ is exactly? You can guess. It’s the same control freaks who deliver illegal mandates and orders that you must take endless injections to travel, work, attend public events, or even buy food. (The latter is coming soon). It’s the same authorities who want to track us with vaccine ‘passports’ and shut down our free speech.

    Any well-respected doctor or scientist who might deliver real scientific evidence about the dangers of the Covid vaccines? Whatever they say is instantly labeled as ‘misinformation’ and those truth tellers are then removed from social media. The authorities running their Covid cult feel no need to actually debate or refute evidence delivered by those outside of the Big Pharma monopoly. Instead, they simply label it as ‘misinformation.’ Naturally, the mainstream corporate media will not mention stories about people dying from the vaccine. They keep repeating it’s safe and effective in the face of growing evidence that the jabs are neither. We know 15,000 have died from the jabs in America (probably many more) and millions have suffered serious side effects.

    I’m not here to dispense medical advice. If you live in fear and insist on getting injected, that’s fine. I’m sure there will be an endless supply of shots and boosters awaiting you. Yet for those of us who refuse to be lab rats, do not lay your ‘greater good’ guilt on us. The real greater good is protecting our medical freedom from monsters who don’t bat an eye when people drop dead from their so-called Covid vaccines.

    —Ben Garrison
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