Mystery of McAfee's Deadman's Switch

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    Admittedly, I've not been following the McAfee affair, except for what Rose has shared here in InPHInet.
    I had however, noticed that the comment on the McAfee telegram profile had a statement that is well known in the Dune world.

    Since then, there have been many, many posts on the McAfee Afterlife telegram channel. Many of these posts seem highly coded and mean little to nothing to me. However, I suspect they are quite meaningful to others.

    John McAfee's Alleged Telegram Record for the History Books | Deadman's Switch Event

    (Go to post #2 at the bottom of the thread and read in reverse to read the posts in the order they were written.)
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    Are DJ Nicke, Mr Dez, John McAfee all on Team Ingersoll Lockwood?

    Spirit of Admetos has done a thorough tour of the Ingersoll Lockwood site. The video in the OP is also done by this channel. The audio played at the beginning of this video is the one I heard, but is no longer on the home page.

    As for the mystery ... ?​

    For now, I'm leaning toward this being a clever, creative marketing campaign focused toward people who are interested in science fiction, cyber topics, the great awakening, patriots and so on.

    That said, some of the information on this site is very informative. The link to google maps is most interesting. So, it's still a site to stay aware of, in my opinion.

    It's too soon for me to decide if the business model is legitimate, or not. And if legitimate, to what end? There are Five Stars on the sheild on the website. Is this connected in some way with the Five Star General's program?
    * * * * * * *​
    Come to think of it, I can hear some Austin Steinbart "tude" in some of the answers on this Q & A page. madddd
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    To come back full circle regarding the "Dune" question. Predictive programming, future-casting, and social engineering is often seeded into culture via books, movies, music, art.

    Whoever is behind the McAfee Telegram account and Ingersoll Lockwood site process certainly played on the "Dune" mythology and linked it with "time travel".

    In the reddit conversation linked above, someone shared some of the hidden text that had been on the home page a couple of months back.

    reddit, Ingersolllockwood site, hidden text, 20210819.png
    Frank Herbert, power magnetic to the corruptible, Chapterhouse Dune, 20210819.png
    The hidden text at the Ingersoll Lockwood site implied that a "time traveller" played a role in the origin of the Dune novels. (Visit Dune novel wikipedia page linked above.)

    Ergo, the consistent reference to
    "The sleeper must awaken"​
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    Therefore I did a general keyword search Ingersoll Lockwood McAfee (this was before I found that the McAfee account linked out to the Ingersoll Lockwood site.)

    I came across a couple of discussions that talked about some of the earlier hidden texts.

    Some, I've been able to find, others, I haven't. Some pages I read on the Ingersoll Lockwood site last Thursday, but they are now gone. I've found a few in the Wayback Archive system.

    Note Added: I just found this in the reddit thread. Probably helpful in exploring the site:
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    Before I come back to the "Dune" connections I discovered earlier, here's a link to an interesting page on Ingersoll Lockwood.

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    The Ingersoll Lockwood site is interesting. I discovered, as many others have, the various hidden texts and hidden pages. The hidden pages, hidden text aspect of the site is dynamic.

    It changes from day to day, maybe even through out the day? Early on there was hidden text related to Dune, which I will share in another post. Pages that could once be seen are not seen now. I listened to an audio file, that apparently isn't on the site today?

    I wondered if this were somehow an elaborate, albeit brilliant, marketing ploy? Perhaps exploiting the attention given to the McAfee Deadman's Switch mystery.

    Maybe even a hoax?

    Later, as I searched the McAfee AfterLife telegram channel looking for the Dune related post shared in the OP of this thread, I discovered that various countdown's shared in the McAfee AfterLife account were screen grabs of the site.

    This was the discovery I made,
    While it's possible the Deadman Switch is already activated and files discovered and made public.
    This message from McAfee, echoed on the Ingersoll Lockwood site, points toward something more happening, apparently related to 17 September.

    If you click the Ingersolllockwood link in the 3rd telegram post above you will now pull up a 404 page.
    However, when I clicked that link last Thursday, and looked for hidden text, this is what I saw.
    Ingersolllockwood, linked from McAfee Telegram, Dead Man Switch, 20210819.png
    Therefore, in the very least, the two accounts (McAfee telegram and Ingersoll site) are coordinating.
    And the Mystery of McAfee's Deadman Switch deepens.
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    I discovered on Thursday, 19 August 2021,
    This adds another curious layer to already multi-layered tapestry of the Mystery of McAfee's Deadman's Switch.

    Secure Comms posted about the tiles behind President Trump as he signed papers at Mar-a-Lago (Spanish for "Sea-to-Lake"), aka the Winter White House. (Shared by Rose in the PHI news feed of this forum.)

    Indeed! A fascinating, intriguing find, to say the least.
    Plus Ultra, hmmmm
    While looking a bit closer at Secure Comms Telegram channel, I noticed that it consistently shared from a channel going by Mermaid_Q.

    (Side note: On 16 August, during a quiet time, I kept seeing images from the Disney movie of "The Little Mermaid." Uncanny coincidence? It did cause me to take a closer look at what Secure Comms shared from that account.)

    Mermaid_Q shared about a countdown, from ... what?!? Ingersoll Lockwood ..... "wait a minute, I thought...." loll

    Ingersoll Lockwood is the author of the Baron Trump children's novels.

    Tore of Tore Says has often mentioned a different book by an Ernest Ingersoll, Knocking Around the Rockies, that is one of her personal prized possessions. Tore also talks much about "time travelling".

    And Ingersoll showed up in many discussion surrounding the Q posts... especially related to time pieces.

    My curiosity sparked ... partree

    And off to the Ingersoll Lockwood site I went.
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    Coming back to why I started this thread.
    I wanted to respond to Rose's questions, but not in the pub.

    I took some time last night to go to the McAfee Afterlife telegram channel and finally read through most of the posts. In the process, I added in a few McAfee telegram posts into my previous comments in this thread that seem related and connected.
    There's a good summary/synopsis on the Dune (novel) wiki-pedia page. It'll give a good sense, or feel, for the Dune story line.

    Dune is rich with layer and meaning, part coming of age, part ecological study, and wholly an exploration of human political relationships and culture.

    In the story-line, Paul leads the people of Dune to fight for their freedom from an oppressive empire. The 1984 movie version line in the clip I shared in the previous comment, "Father, the sleeper has awakened." happens when Paul has awakened after being unconscious, and thought dead by those around him. (The wiki-page description below :) )
    On a personal note, it was the concept of the Kwisatz Haderach that grabbed my attention in my 20's. The "shortener of the way". It's an idea I revisit often.

    (A seed sown in the past to seal the future.)
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    Rose has shared many of the McAfee telegram channel posts.
    McAfee posts at this search link.

    I want to follow up on questions raised in the Pub about Dune and the McAfee mystery.


    Recently in the Pub, we've been discussing Ayn Rand's books "Atlas Shrugged" and "Fountainhead". I've met many people who were deeply affected by Ayn Rand's writings and philosophy. As I considered this, I thought of how I had been similarly affected by the Dune series, which I read in my 20's and again in my 40's. And am considering rereading again this winter.

    Then I remembered that about a month ago, when the new trailer for Dune came out, that I also noticed that the Official McAfee Afterlife channel had a quote that I recognized from the the 1984 movie version of Dune.

    Dune is an epic story that runs on a grand scale similar to JRR Tolkein's Lords of the Rings, and Issac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.
    And like all epics it's been very difficult to adapt to the movie screen, and TV. They simply have not, as yet, done the novel justice.

    I'll see what I can do to try to summarize the story a bit and then piece together how it's themes may reflect what we're experiencing right now.

    For now, to get us on the same page, here are a couple of relevant clips from the 1984 movie version, regarding the line, "Father, the sleeper awakens."

    This scene happens earlier in the story. The main character, Paul Atriedes, has a pivotal conversation with his father, Duke Leto of the Atriedes House.
    Dune (1984) The Sleeper Must Awaken

    Later, after Paul has a life transforming experience that is pivotal to the original Dune saga, he speaks to his now dead father, mirroring back his father's words in the first scene.

    Many fans of the Dune series consider this last scene to be powerful. They experienced a strong, visceral response to it. If the McAfee channel is geniune, it's possible that John McAfee was a Dune fan and also felt a strong response to this scene in the 1984 movie version of Dune.

    I'm gonna have to have a bit of think before I go on the next post.

    Or maybe it's about time travel of a sort?

    Spice --> LSD ??
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