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    Missed this meeting today and anxious to watch it!

    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)
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    Did you see this???

    Says US Intelligence Helped Move $400,000,000 to HILLARY CAMPAIGN!

    Putin seems to be ready to name names and inject them into Mueller's investigation!!!
    Now we can see very clearly why the deep state and their minions have been
    throwing every wrench they can find into the works of cooperation with him since Hillary's loss?
    We seem to be getting very close to an area where their monetary skeletons are buried.​

    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)

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    Another bright spot for me today was this interview with Rand Paul.
    You just never know what he might say but...
    He seems to be right on with these subjects and I enjoyed hearing his take.
    Paul countered the current over the top summit hysteria,
    threw tomatoes at the behavior of our Intelligence Agencies, Brennan, Clapper,
    and provided statistics on our own meddling in foreign elections by the above.

    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)
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    This live link may not last and it is necessary to ff through commercials...

    I thought that would happen., bad link now...
    And strangely, when I went back to this live link there was a Bernie Sanders townhall???
    Please!?? Wanting to ride the coat tails of Putin, lol?
    And that camp is part of Deep State, too. - Supporters just don't get it.
    I will find a better link when available.​

    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018) (Link updated, 20 Sep 2018)
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    Here we go:

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    Hannity - Trump interview at 9:00 EST
    Should be revealing...

    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)
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    Trump: Witch hunt drove a phony wedge between US, Russia

    I posted this clip in an appropriate place in "Fake News" as response to an earlier Obama statement.
    It deserves to be posted here as well.
    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)

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    Watching this now...
    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)
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    "We are watching the manifestation of the victory"
    Thank you for that vid Anonymous Guest.
    Now on to "Q Anon for Beginners"
    Then, to peaceful slumber.
    Again, thanks for enriching the thoughts of my day.

    (Originally posted 16 Jul 2018)
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    Just watching Bombard on Trump-Putin Meeting
    Thought you would be interested.

    (Originally posted 19 Jul 2018)
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    Possibly of Pertinent Interest Current Event-wise?

    Who is Bill Browder?
    Who is involved in $400,000,000
    Funneled through Russia to Clinton Campaign?
    (Originally posted 18 Jul 2018)
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    Who is Maria Butina?
    Arrested without bail today?


    Could wiretaps be the reason for Don Jr's Separation from his wife many months ago?
    And, his present relationship with Fox News Celebrity Kimberly Guillafoile?

    This is for real, I watch Kimberley's show "The Five" on a regular basis.
    (She has been absent a lot lately when she never was before....)
    I remember when she announced their relationship.
    And, I have observed their twitter photos, and such, of the recent travels.
    In one, Don Jr, posted a photo of Mt. Rushmore being prepared for his father's granite sculpture.


    Apologize if I am taking too much space here, Tag. Just let me know, if so.

    Seems like the place current events belong...
    Addendum to PUB for longer items.
    (Originally posted 18 Jul 2018)
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    I enjoyed this much. I had wondered about his hand on the chair. The injury would make sense.

    My first thoughts when I finished watching the Helsinki Summit press conference was that Rosenstein needed to make the indictments on Friday, to ensure the media would insist on asking questions about them on Monday.

    This opened the door for Putin to publicly offer, via the treaty already in place, to interrogate with Mueller's team, the 12 indicted Russians. It also gave Trump an opportunity to ask about the missing server(s) on the world stage.

    I noticed the mention of Soros, too. And I wondered to myself, does this set a path to bring Soros to trial, as well?

    I agree with Bombard, at the end of this video. They have a plan in place and activated.

    The soccer ball exchange at the end of the conference was fun.

    (Originally posted 18 Jul 2018)

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    Remember the economic crash of Russia in the 90's? Some have referred to this as the "rape" of Russia.

    A few wealthy men from the west went to Russia after the break up of the Soviet Union to help Russia transition to a capitalist system. And basically scammed Russia out of her wealth.

    Browder is a part of that cadre. As is Soros.

    When I looked at Browder I remembered his name had come up before as someone who gave advice to Hillary Clintion. Browder and Sid Blumenthal.

    This article gives a Russian leaning perspective:

    (It was probably Robert Parry from Consortium News where I first read about Browder.)

    Interesting connections between James Comey and Bill Browder, too.
    Jim Comey was named to Bill Browder's HSBC Board of Directors, a Russian-based hedgefund scam

    (Originally posted 19 Jul 2018)
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    Guilfoyle has just parted ways with Fox to work with Team Trump...

    (Originally posted 20 Jul 2018)