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    This is a video that many people have shared with me, with high recommendations!
    It offers a deeper analysis of the Q posts (information/communication) from several different angles.
    Lots of food for thought in this video.

    How to prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

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    Martin Geddes, is based from London, UK.

    He's linked three articles in a pinned tweet about QAnon.
    I wondered if some readers here would find them interesting.
    He brings an artist's perspective to the topic, infusing soul into almost every thing he writes.
    Here are links to his top three articles.
    WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event in History
    The Storm: How to Prepare for a Global Corruption Purge?
    QAnon: The 4 functions of Q

    And another link to an article I've had several people send me, that offers food for thought, for anyone to use to decide for themselves what they think about Q.
    25 questions for the rational #QAnon skeptic

    I've shared a couple of posts that reference Martin Geddes previous.
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